"Boring Company" to eliminate traffic congestion in the underground tunnel released vehicle image and laboratory facility photos

A tunnel company that began with businessman Mr. Earon Mask's tweet "The Boring Company」Has released image images of vehicles running in tunnels and photos of landscape where experiments are actually being conducted.

Media? The Boring Company

Elon musk's 'boring cars' speed through underground tunnels to skip the traffic

What is open is a type of vehicle in which humans get in and move underground. Since the electric motor is used for power, it can run automatically, so the cockpit is not equipped.

Glass and spotless boarding area covered with transparent material has enough height to allow people to ride while standing. About 10 people can ride and the atmosphere is "minibus".

The idea of ​​"Is it OK with a subway if people move underground?" Is overwhelming, but Mr. Mr. The Boring Company is aiming to use the "The Skate" carriage that carries the whole car, in the basement It is trying to resolve the traffic jam on the ground by moving in tunnel tunneled around. The minibus whose image was released this time is devised as a derivative type of it. You can see the image image that carries the car on the following article.

Image movie of "underground tunnel concept" that started from Mr. Mask 's tweets saying "dig tunnel" - GIGAZINE

The image which The Boring Company has released is as follows. It shows the situation of placing one car entirely and running through underground tunnels, but the advantage that the car itself does not run seems to be where control is easy. By placing it on a common dolly, you can control the whole system well.

The Boring Company | Tunnels - YouTube

The state of the facility that the company uses for experiments is also partly released.

People entering the tunnel. Unlike the above image, it seems to be said that development is proceeding from where the ground is paved.

Pictures of the shield machine used for excavation too.

This rig of the top part rotates with the grinding and it cuts the ground round and it makes a tunnel.

Experimental video of the truck "The Skate" that carries cars and people is also released, and you can see how you are driving in the tunnel at 125 mph (speed of about 200 km / h).(Please be careful for those who are not good as the screen appears to flash at high speed)

125 mph Speed ​​Run - YouTube

In The Instagram of The Boring Company you can see more pictures and videos.

The Boring Company (@theboringco) • Instagram photos and videos

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