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Former CEO Steve Jobs who made Apple a global company is no longer a legendary character of Silicon Valley. However, as the number of leaders imitating Jobs deifiedly increases, startups are rather adversely affected, CEO coaching will be doneCourageous GrowthCEO · Krister Ungerboeck says.

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Movie starring actor Ashton Kutcher published on August 16, 2013JOBS"Was drawn as though Apple's former CEO Steve Jobs was" a great and perfect manager "from the beginning. However, after the movie, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak said "I was disappointed with the content as much as I expected of the movie," Jobs drawn in the movie is far from the actual personality ThatI point out.

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Many episodes about Jobs' humanity are left, "I kept yelling at people for more than 30 minutes" "I fired employees in front of my colleagues at lychee time"something like, "To the space for the disabled for the carParking"The staff of the Human Resources department is mediocre, how to do meaningless work and to the personnel department stafftalkIt is known that there were numerous problems such as " That horrible thing, BUSINESS INSIDER "16 cases indicating that Steve Jobs was the worst human being"Or the article by The HustleSteve Jobs was a fucker, the biggest insults he did"As much as it can be gathered in the media.

On the other hand, the life of Jobs is legendary, and the biography "Walter Isaacson"Steve JobsHe recorded a huge hit. According to Ungerboeck, there is a tendency that as a book is read by many people, it is thought that CEOs are permitted to blow their tempera - tures to employees like Jobs. In his book, Isaacson wrote about the person who collided with Jobs "The person who collided eventually became stronger" "Those who were abused from Jobs eventually thought as" absolutely not realizable " I have accomplished "and this is" If you eventually create success, even if you say "Your work is fucking" to the employee, even if you say parking space for people with disabilities OK " It was planted in people.

As an example of Jobs' inherited negative heritage, Amazon'sCEO Jeff Bessos, "To the workplace"Toxic pattern"Uber's Travis-Calanic CEO, which executives told investors told, that all of them are present at the same time are listed.

Also, depending on the combination of the nature of the leader and the management method, the form of the influence that the employee receives will change. If you are a self-narcissist and a leader who demands much, if you work in the short term under that leader you may be able to achieve outcomes, but on the other hand you are going out with such a leader for a long term If it has to be, the story is different. According to what is written in the biography of Isaacson, Jobs' torture is ultimately the employee'sBurnout (burnout)It caused. One employee who kept 90 hours of work at Apple for 10 months, one day, quit his job when Jobs entered the office saying "Jobs are not" impressed by their actions " He seems to have gone. Wozniak says, "Some of the most creative workers working for Macintosh at Apple said they would not want to work for Jobs again and left the company." Because of the severity of Jobs' temper, Apple lost a lot of talented talent.

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Isaacson said, "Administrators trying to imitate Jobs by becoming aggressive and respectful have missed important points, Jobs was striving for perfection,"I am speakingBut, as many CEOs in the same way are also aiming for "perfection". The problem is rather that "seeking perfection" is a reason to justify abusing an employee.

Research carried out so farEven from the type of leadership that strikes employees not only motivates employees to create bullying in the office, but also depression of employees, hypertension, weight gain, substance abuse -Early deathIt is known that it is known to cause such as.

Jobs also abused employees in the presence of the public, but this is also an act of humiliating employees. Brené Brown, a researcher at the University of Houston, said, "Shame will undermine our sense of being" I can change "I am speaking. Recent research by Brown et al. Has implicated shame in human motivation, creativity and behavior, and has been found to be related to elements such as depression, alcoholism, obesity, violence, hospitalization in a mental hospital .

From this, it can be said that performance decreases as people become less valued for themselves, making better choices. As criticizing the employees as leaders, the more they lower the evaluation of them, the more badly the company is affected. It is easy to blame employees when they are disappointed and happen, but it is said that it is important to respect them, to calm down, to "awareness" themselves in order to raise the performance of their employees I will. What is necessary for the leader is not intelligence in the technical sense,Heart's IQThat's why.

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