It was "chess" that saved the village rich in alcoholism and illegal gambling


A village called Malotichal in the state of Kerala, Indonesia with a population of 6,000, said that alcohol poisoning and illegal gambling had spread over 50 years ago. There, when a man tried to disseminate "chess" with malotichar, there seems to be no one who drowns in alcohol or gambling. BBC is interviewing men who saved such malotificals in chess.

BBC - Travel - The ancient game that saved a village

There is a tea shop in Malotichal, where many people are playing chess, and no one in the store watches television, wearing dust. People gathered at the bus stop opposite the tea shop, people did not take a bus, they were watching the two playing chess. In Malotchal, people in the village are crazy about chess, and about 4000 people are populating chess every day for 6000 people. In the usual Indian village, the level of less than 50 people knows the rules of chess, and Malotichal is a village where rare chess is rare in India.

Like Malonechal, like many villages in Kerala until 50 years ago, alcohol poisoning and illegal gambling were infested. Uni Krisshman, the owner of the tea shop, learned that she had decided to cherish memorizing the rules of chess when she left Maloorchi and lived in the town of Carle. Uni Krisshman who heard the problem happening at home opened home, opened a tea shop, and he began to teach chess to villagers.


As a result, the villagers became enthusiastic about chess to forget drinking and gambling, and the village was saved by an ancient game said to have originated in India in the 6th century. "Fortunately, chess was more addictive than alcohol, chess enhances concentration, forms a personality and creates a community.They are television We do not have to look at them and we will talk through chess. "

There seems to be an increase in tourists coming from the United States and Germany to the maloticar who became a village of chess from the United States and Germany. In addition, not only adults but also children are enthusiastic about chess at Malo Tchal, and there is a possibility that chess may be incorporated into the curriculum of the school. The waves of modernization have also come to such Malotichar, and it is said that they are seeing children in the village where smartphones are acquired. On the contrary, a BBC reporter asked Sea Unicryschman, "Will the malotials bear the wave of the modernization that rapidly sweeps India?", "When asked," Children are playing chess online from smartphones It is said that he answered "I am playing." A BBC reporter says, "I feel like checkmate."

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