In the downtown area of ​​Fukuoka / Tenjin there is a mountain called Step Garden of Across Fukuoka

It is a free tourist attraction of Fukuoka where people who know it are to know. A green oasis that makes me forget the urban concrete jungle. The view from the rooftop was superb.

Hello,Takuya SAITO who did a round around the world by bicycle @ Charridermanis. I knew about Across Fukuoka and Step Garden as I was on a school road, but I never climbed it. It is hard to act unless we decide what we can do at any time. Since I was just back in Fukuoka, I decided to climb the step garden of ACROS Fukuoka which I had been worried so far.

◆ What is ACROS Fukuoka
Tenjin in Fukuoka is the biggest downtown area in Kyushu and is always crowded with many people. There is a building in Across Fukuoka on the east side of Watanabe street that penetrates the Tenjin south, south of Meiji Street along the subway air line, before crossing the bridge over the Nakagawa River.

The location of ACROS Fukuoka is 1-1-1 Tenjin 1 - chome Chuo - ku, Fukuoka city

Tenjin Central Park is near by. The huge building in the back is Fukuoka City Hall.

The cherry blossoms in the park were just something very attractive.

Across Fukuoka opened in 1995. It is a cultural complex with a Fukuoka Symphony Hall where classical concerts are held, an international conference hall and a multipurpose hall. It is also here that Fukuoka citizens visit by passport procedure. View from the Meiji Dori, the building with a full glass faced and high-quality exterior. The interior is also open-minded from the basement 2 floor to the 12th floor above ground. It has been over for over 20 years, but there was still a near-future atmosphere.

ACROS Fukuoka

Acros Fukuoka seen from Meiji Dori.

◆ Step Garden
Looking at this acros Fukuoka, Tenjin Central Park, it looks like a mountain. This rooftop greenery which can be said as the eyebrow of Across Fukuoka is open to the public in the name of "step garden" as well. Despite being in the middle of the city, it was a place where anyone can easily feel the trekking feeling. And it's free.

Dignity like a fortress.

Changing the angle makes it easy to understand, but the side of the building looks like a terraced field.

Entrance inside the triangle building.

The entrance to the step garden was quiet, especially noticeable.

Since it is a weekday, Gackish to the guide saying "The observation deck on the top floor is closed."

By the way, the opening time is
· Spring (March to April): 9: 00 ~ 18: 00
· Summer (May - August): 9: 00 ~ 18: 30
· Fall period (September - October): 9: 00 ~ 18: 00
· Winter season (November to February): 9: 00 ~ 17: 00
And as a note
· Top floor observation stand Height: 60 m
· Total staircase: 809 steps
· Number of planting: 37,000
· Tree species: 76 species
· Movement required time: 30 minutes
Information such as that was also posted. Also, let's look over notes such as "smoking cessation" "take away garbage" "pet ban" "no toilet". In addition, you can not enter the building from the step garden.

As I enter inside, I will climb such stairs.

"Welcome to Mount Across" a plate called. At the time of opening 76 species of tree species was 37,000, but now it is a shock that 120 species of trees have increased to 40,000. Birds and so on are carrying seeds.

Each floor is off limits and the walkable area is limited. (Although it was not confirmed because it was overlooked, there was a floor which can move two stairs besides the rooftop in the guide map)

A plant growing like descending the stairs. Is it a highneeded?

Plates on which commentaries are written in some places are stuck.

I climbed to the height of the colonnade.

If you are tired of the stairs, let 's sit down on a bench on the way and take a break.

I reached the top. The future is the observatory. Since it is a weekday, it was closed on the ground guiding street.

Observation opening day is only on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays, 10: 00-16: 00. Regrettably even though I knew.

Since it can not be helped, we decided to look at the city of Fukuoka from here.

Fukuoka city office (central) with 15 floors above the ground, the eleven-story building best electric appliance (right) on the ground was the height of the line of sight. I am climbing to high pretty high.

There is a Canal City Hakata complex shopping complex. I also care about mountains overlapping in the back.

As I looked at the scenery as it was, I got off the stairs on the other side.

The trees that grew lushly like lies on the top of the building.

It was as green as you are descending from a real mountain. Here is the middle of Fukuoka Tenjin. can not believe.

Cherry blossom trees planted along the Nakagawa River are superb.

A space where people are surrounded by greenery.

It also became a cat 's hiding place.

There is also a water field. This water ......

It falls to the ground as a falls. It was a cool breathtaking mechanism.

That's Shimoyama.

This step garden, I am taking office green award of 1995.

Because it is afternoon in weekday, people shadows are also sparsely. It was a quiet place where you can take a boat away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

◆ Challenge again on Sunday
I went to Tenjin again on Sunday, as articles were not gathered without going to the observatory. On that day, Tenjin Central Park was doing an Indian event called "Namaste Fukuoka". A venue full of hotness that seems to be somewhat nostalgic like India.

When going to the entrance of the Step Garden, the notation of the guide plate changed to "The observatory on the top floor is open from 10 am to 4 pm". There is a feeling that the closed door is opened, which is common in games, and I expect it.

I climbed the stairs once more. Is this leaf that you have seen somewhere, Momiji?

I reached the observation deck that I could not enter last time.

It was an open rooftop with a fresh blue sky spreading overhead.

You can see the seaside of Fukuoka which we could not see last time by climbing up to here. Just a large cruise ship was calling.

However, the sight along the sea looking out from the rooftop is so good that it sandwiches the facilities of the building.

Fukuoka city view from the observation deck. The cherry trees which were in full bloom three days ago were already scattered.

It was a place full of greenery that seemed to be an illusion when in a real mountain.

As it was spring, the trees were full of young green to regain vitality. In the summer, there will be a deep green forest beneath the clear blue sky. In autumn the leaves of the trees may be dyed red after the one year 's function. It was a place that seems to have a different view depending on the season.

(Sentence / photo: Takuya S. Narou Charriderman
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