Chelsea Manning, who was accused of information leakage to WikiLeaks, finally released, and for the first time publicly released a photo on Twitter

Chelsea Manning (former name: Bradley Manning), who was sentenced to 35 years imprisonment for imprisonment by a former US Army Information Analyst for leakage of confidential documents to WikiLeaks, was finally released. Mr. Manning, who began sunny and freedom and started a new life as a woman, is delivering joyful voices through Twitter.

Chelsea Manning posts 1st photo revealing new look as a woman - ABC News

Mr. Manning, who served in Iraq as an information analyst, illegally brought confidential documents, movie data, etc. including images of Baghdad's military helicopter "Apache" attacking civilians to WlikLeaks.

The situation of shooting civilians from Apache can be seen with the following movie. Because it is quite shocking content, attention is required for playback.

Iraqi civic shooting video by a helicopter helicopter three years ago, accusation net released - YouTube

Mr. Manning's leak leaked to the so-called "WikiLeaks Incident" and Mr. Manning was charged with imprisonment for 35 years imprisonment for being charged with violating the Spy Act Act Act. Confessioning that it is a sexual identity disorder on the day when the judgment was given, a civic movement asking Mr. Manning's decision to live as a woman happens, and even over the treatment of Mr. Manning, Opinions were divided.

In 2016 Mr. Manning has caused an attempted suicide incident in prison.

Manning former soldier who was sentenced to 35 years imprisoned the confidential information of the US military to Wikileaks attempted suicide - GIGAZINE

Julian Assanji, founder of WikiLeaks said, "President Obama gives Mercy to Mr. Manning, I agree to be imprisoned in an American prison," announced on Twitter, including Mr. Manning's release The size of the voice calling for never weakened.

As a result of a massive signature campaign asking former President Obama to pardon Mr. Manning and give him a commutation, former President Obama decided an amnesty for Mr. Manning in January 2017, just before the term of office ended, 2017 It was decided to be released on May 17th.

Decided to release Manning former soldiers who received imprisonment with confidential information leakage, what is Mr. Assangi's trend? - GIGAZINE

And May 17, 2017 came and Mr. Manning was bailed out. The first tweet on bail is posted with "This is the first step to freedom" with photos.

He also ate hot pizza.

Mr. Manning, who received blessing comments from many people, publishes his own figure as a woman with a photo tweet according to the request that she wish to show her energetic figure.

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