Genuine President Obama updates Guinness on the fastest follower with opening a new account on Twitter

ByThe U.S. Army

American President Barack Obama opened the official Twitter on May 18, 2015, but following the explosion, followers gathered and it was decided to Guinness as the fastest record of one million followers.

President Obama (@ POTUS) | Twitter

President Obama joins Twitter with @ POTUS account, breaks fastest million follower count record | Guinness World Records

President Obama's first tweet is a memorial.

Hello, Twitter! It is Barak (Obama). s True!
It took me six years to finally get my Twitter account.

As the president of the United States also said that the influence of the remarks is too big, persuading the aides of "official Twitter operation to refrain" and finally get a Twitter account of the pleasure of getting a Twitter account. President Obama 's Twitter account has been certified, and in the introduction column is "44th President of the United States of America", and it can be confirmed that it is a true authentic account.

President Obama's follower has surpassed one million people in just five hours from the opening of the Twitter account.Robert Downey Jr.It became the fastest record update by twinkling the 23 hours 22 minutes record of which it was officially certified as Guinness record.

President Obama has tweeted it with photos, and the appearance of inspecting the police in New Jersey province is released. Originally utilizing internet media such as SNS is supposed to be good by President Obama, and I hope that in the future I will cut out the scenery unique to the "world's most powerful person" and introduce it.

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