Movie reviewing Apple's new building "Apple Park" over about a year with Drone's aerial shots

A new company announced that Apple will open for employees in April 2017Apple Park"Has a vast premises where six Tokyo Dome can enter, and various large and small buildings are built. Here, 12,000 employees of Apple work, but due to the large scale it is planned that the move work will be as long as six months. A movie that I took an aerial photograph of the Apple Park approaching completion by drone for 1 year "APPLE PARK 1 Year Recap 4K"Is on sale.

APPLE PARK 1 Year Recap 4K - YouTube

In June 2016, a ring-shaped building called "Spaceship" is being built.

Two narrow slender buildings are visible to the left of Spaceship, but this is a parking lot building only for employees.

In August 2016, the outer wall of Spaceship is gradually increasing ... ...

In October most of the walls were made.

In December, trees and structures in the surrounding area have increased.

In the footage shot in February 2017, you can see how the solar panel spread over the roof reflects sunlight.

In April, it seems that the tunnel that it continues to the parking lot has come considerably.

A roof is also installed in the parking building. Even so, there seems to be quite a distance even from Spaceship alone from the parking lot.

This time, the appearance of the auditorium (= hall) made in the premises. In the auditorium that it will be called "Steve Jobs Hall", the state that the property is piled up in May 2016.

In August, black and white block-shaped structures were completed in the surrounding area.

In November, we cover the top of the block with soil. In other words, it seems that it was built up as a foundation for making a small hill.

After that, it is included in the picture in February and May 2017, but there seems to be no big change in the auditorium itself.

Tunnel made by hitting concrete

The mountain skin made of blocks looks like a scene of "Minecraft".

The way that it covers the top of the block with soil

In February 2017, trees were planted in a hill built on the tunnel.

In May 2017, the scene where the car actually runs in the tunnel is also.

On the other hand, the R & D facility where R & D is conducted as of May 2016 looks like this. It is still under construction.

In August, the work has advanced considerably ... ...

As it moves to November, February 2017, it is gradually approaching completion.

In May 2017, almost completed R & amp; D facilities.

There is also a fitness center for employees on site.

Although it is still "construction site" still in August 2016 ... ...

In February 2017 it is quite a splendid figure. Apparently it seems that the structure on the first floor is half buried in the soil.

The mountain of soil in the place seems to be getting smaller with time.

In December 2016 the majority became flat ... ...

In May 2017, it is quite flat.

Parking lot building under construction. It is a design where a huge slope and a connecting bridge go between two buildings.

There are countless rebar in the slope, and it seems that concrete will be laying after this.

In February 2017, the roof has been installed in the parking lot and it is almost completed.

Pavement of the slope is also brand new state of pickiness.

Construction scenery of 'Atrium' made by sticking out 4 floors is as follows. The state of concrete bare in May 2016.

I feel that it is still under construction in 2016 ... ...

In 2017, you can see that the exterior walls and huge glass windows are installed and approaching completion.

In the center part of the Spaceship, it is planned to make parks etc that employees can rest. The facility is about to start full-scale operation soon.

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