Movie taken by Apple in drone with a near-future type new company "Apple Campus 2" under construction

Headquartered in Cupertino, California, USA, Apple is constructing a new building scheduled for completion in 2016. The new company under construction in the eastern part of the current office building was announced construction in 2011 by Steve Jobs before his death "Apple Campus 2"Construction is being aimed at completion aimed at completion, but a movie photographed from the air by the drone of the building construction of the new company building has been released.

Apple Campus 2 Construction Sept 2015 Update feat. Steve Jobs - YouTube

On June 7, 2011, Steve Jobs announced that it will purchase real estate in the land adjacent to the head office and build a new company "Apple Campus 2".

About 4 years since the announcement of Jobs is the state as of August 1, 2015.

The state as of September 1, 2015 is here, but at first glance it does not understand what has changed.

That's why Drone flew the construction site and reported the progress. It is a two-storey parking lot under construction in the basement part of the building that is reflected.

Compared with the photo at the time of August, the parking lot is about to be completed.

In the building behind the parking lot, there is a large white box on the roof.

An object like a white box did not exist one month ago.

Also, you can see that the new steel frame is assembled in such a way that it is caught in a white box.

Construction of the first floor part is proceeding with building of 4 stories which is also a parking lot. According to Jobs' announcement, it is said that it can accommodate about 12,000 employees, so it is necessary to have many parking lots.

The building on the right side of the image is also a parking lot building which is almost completed construction up to the 4th floor part.

A large multipurpose hall is in the midst of construction.

Even if you compare it with the state one month ago, there is not much progress so far.

You can see that there is a fan-shaped space with such a feeling when looking at the ups.

In addition, there were two entry and exit roads one month ago ......

As of September it was decreasing to one.

Huge cement manufacturing equipment.

This will be a research and development facility.

The research and development facility seems to take more time to complete, as the construction of the first floor part is under way.

In addition, looking at the planned completion, the building has a shape like a ring and it is considerably original. If you are watching a movie that reflects the construction, you will be looking forward to completion in 2016.

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