The color of my son's eyes that I saw for the first time with sunglasses "EnChroma" that complement color vision abnormality

People with color vision abnormality that can not distinguish a specific color are looking at a world of color different from general color vision. Although it may be inconvenient to live a life such as difficulty in distinguishing the color of the signal, the American company EnChroma sells sunglasses using special lenses that complement color anomaly simply by multiplying . There are several uploaded movies that convey the excitement that experienced the colorful world for the first time by those who are abnormal in color sense by such EnChroma sunglasses.

Colorblind Guy Tries On Enchroma Color For The Color Blind Glasses At Sunset - YouTube

A man who gave parents EnChroma as a birthday gift. "I feel somewhat nervous," she says.

In order to confirm the power of the first EnChroma, it seems that the sunset came to the beautiful Whitehurst beach.

First of all I wear sunglasses I'm wearing. The man says, "Everything just gets dark."

And men wear EnChroma. I am losing the word, "Why ... ...."

A photographer is asked "Do you feel strange?", But the first time a man who saw a colorful world, "ah ... ..." is a precise state.

Even if asked something, "My voice trembles" and tears seeming to overflow.

Even if you look around wherever you see a completely different view the man is "surprised to be too crazy ..." I will not stop. I will try to explain the world that I can see, but suddenly the sunset of the sun shining in the sun appears in the eyes, I am touched by the trembling voice "How cool ......".

A man who asks "What is the color of the ocean?" A man who asked, "That is blue but a little green is included ..." asked, "Is that a turquoise?" Male who confidently confirms the color of his T-shirt by being told that "T-shirt you are wearing is also turquoise".

A man who saw a flower talks that "This looks pink and reddish," and you can see that EnChroma can identify the color perfectly.

By wearing EnChroma, a movie showing the reaction of his father who saw the real color of his son and daughter's eyes for the first time is also released.

Colorblind guy experiences true color for the first time with EnChroma glasses - YouTube

Dad who is giving birthday presents to children at the garden.

There was also a gift from my wife to my husband. When asked, "What do you think is contents?" When opening it with "Kanagana?" ...

Inside was EnChroma. Apparently the father seems to have a color vision abnormality.

I tried to put it on my son, I was forgotten "I can see the color!"

A father who is funny and funny.

However, when En Chhroma is applied, the appearance of a funny thing disappears and I will lose the word with the colorful world witnessing.

Telling her tears deeply while telling her with a trembling voice that the wife who is shooting "look very different? There is flowers in there" is not possible.

Dad who saw the color of her daughter's eyes for the first time when being told "Look at the eyes of a child!" ......

Unexpectedly hug.

Then call my son, stare at the eyes ... ...

I cried unintentionally.

Look at the children's coat and murmur "Purple!"

It is said that "a new world!", Just by looking at a residential area of ​​no discrimination ......

Tweeting that "It is very beautiful," again a daddy father.

While wearing and removing sunglasses, looking at flowers, "Holy Cow... (a little ... ...) "I am surprised. While talking "I'm curious as I'm thinking it is a strange person," he was constantly looking at the surrounding scenery.

When a person with color vision abnormality actually wears EnChroma, it is possible to see a male movie explaining how it looks different from the following.

Seeing color for the first time.. - YouTube

When the photographer told "I have a gift" and take out EnChroma, I am surprised that he bought it.

Try saying "Thank you so much" and try EnChroma ... ...

"I can read your T-shirt," Nikkori.

The photographer was wearing such a T-shirt with such a picture, and it was written as "FUCK THE COLOR BLIND". It looks like I could not see the letters until En Chhroma was applied.

Before looking at "What was your hair's color purple?"

There was a woman whose hair was dyed purple.

A man who was asked for impression said, "I would like to see the color of meat."

Take the car and the man will change the color of the car audio's liquid crystal.

"Really fun! If you put on a glass you can see the difference clearly", a man of great excitement.

And moved to the house. The picture is hung on the wall.

Again, when EnChroma is applied, it is possible to recognize the difference in color.

According to the man, I can not see the difference between the color of the dark night in the picture and the yellow line drawn on the tree ... ...

EnChroma has made it possible to identify "the touch of a tree is wonderful".

At the end, the man talks about colorful crayons, "This is surprising, I can not do it."

The gray and pink crayons pointed to by men are said to look exactly the same color without EnChroma. By saying EnChroma, "I can tell the difference between the two colors".

In addition, sunglasses of the "Color Blindness Glasses" series using special lenses that complement EnChroma's color vision abnormality are on sale at a price of 329.95 dollars (about 40,000 yen) to 699.95 dollars (about 84,000 yen). You can order from EnChroma 's website and also correspond to dispatch to Japan, shipping fee is about 60 dollars (about 7000 yen). With a guarantee of 30 days, with no effectReturn of sunglasses price / refundWe also respond. Determine whether there is abnormality in color visiontestCan also be done on the website, so if you are troubled with identifying colors try trying, you may be able to see the new world.

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