Application "Gallery Guardian" that detects fishy images stored in children's smartphone and instantly informs parents

Parents do not know what kind of images they are sharing on smartphones. By checking all the images saved by the child with the aim of preventing children from being damaged by obscenity images or sexting, if you detect "fishy images" or "inappropriate images" instantly on your parent smartphone An application that notifies "Gallery Guardian"Has been developed.

Gallery Guardian Child Protection App

You can see how the Gallery Guardian works by looking at the following movie.

Gallery Guardian on Vimeo

An era where you can connect with people around the world with just one smartphone.

Pictures and information can be easily spread among children by sharing them.

There is no way for parents to know what information the child is touching.

How can we protect children from obscene images such as pornography?

The application "Gallery Guardian" was developed for parents who are concerned about it.

When I detect that an inappropriate image such as a disgusting image was saved on a child's smartphone ......

A warning will be sent to the parent's smartphone.

How to use, install Gallery Guardian on parent and child's smartphone ... ...

Just pairing.

Gallery Guardian checks all the images stored on the child's smartphone. When the application detects "fishy image" or "inappropriate image" by machine learning ...

Notification is sent to parent's smartphone.

For those who do not know how to use smartphones and Gallery Guardian ......

A special support dial will also be available.

It was London 's startup Yipo Technologies that developed Gallery Guardian. Four fathers, including a 12-year-old daughter, Daniel Scovalroski, learn that children are sharing inappropriate images,SextingI was concerned about the current situation that the victim is suffering and developed the application.

Gallery Guardian checks images contained in children's smartphones by image recognition algorithm and detects irrelevant images that are irrelevant from skin exposure, breasts, genital organs, etc. The act of transferring the image itself to the parent's terminal does not take into consideration the possibility of being a criminal act as sharing of child pornography, but simply sending an alert. Parents who have received an alert are encouraged to discuss with their children and delete the images.

BBC interviewed Mr. Sukwalloski and asked about the status of application development.

Naked selfie-detecting app Gallery Guardian tested - BBC News

Male to the right of image is Mr. Scovalrosky of Gallery Guardian developer.

When BBC tried Gallery Guardian independently, it seems that erroneous detection was seen, such as passing through obscene images to be detected, judging that mere self-taken images are disgusting.

BBC's interviewer says "How do you train?" To Mr. Sukowalsky who answers "It is difficult to train image recognition algorithms".

"It is difficult because the shape and size are various ... ..." Mr. Sukwalski of the Tsuji Tadashi. However, the algorithm is evolving day by day and it says that accuracy is increasing.

It is technically difficult to deal with applications such as Snapchat and Instagram where images disappear in a certain time. However, it seems that they think that it is possible to deal with such applications because they are often stored and shared by screenshots.

The Gallery Guardian is scheduled to be released soon, and those who await application launch will notify the release when they register on the official page below.

Gallery Guardian Child Protection App

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