A completely new project "MegaZone 23 XI (Tentative)" of the huge hit work "Mega Zone 23" in OVA's early period is recruited for support at the cloud funding

He served as a director at "The Super Dimension Fortress Macross"Noboru Ishiguro, Served as a character designerHaruhiko Mikumoto, I was in charge of drawing manager with Miki bookToshiki HiranoHe was a mechanical drawing directorIchiro ItanoOVA of the 1980s that they built up by rallying "Mega Zone 23", A support recruitment for a completely new project over about 30 years is being held at the Cloud Funding Platform · CAMPFIRE.

【AIC Animation Planning 3rd】 Realize the creation of a completely new work of mega zone 23 world! - CAMPFIRE (campfire)

【AIC 35th anniversary special project animation reboot project】 at CAMPFIRE Start of information disclosure of "3rd mega zone 23 Ⅺ" | unclassified | Anime International Company

"Mega Zone 23" is an OVA series in which all three works were released from 1985 to 1989. It is definitely a highly valuable work that it is a "monologue tower" attached to the bad phrase of the Blu-ray version official website, and also in the number 1, the number of VHS sales is stronger than 26,000, You can see that it was "equivalent sold OVA" even if you look at it. "Super Robot Battle DThere may be some people who know that some characters and stories have appeared.

As for the stage of the work, one of the huge spacecraft that built the whole city on the ship like the "Super Space-time Fortress Macross" - mega zone 23 (MZ 23). Synopsis of the work is "The garland that Shigeru Yahagi who had been boring days borrowed a day by chance, was a military important secret weapon, but Shogo who tried to publicize it to the public, It fell into a battle with a military unit commanded by a man called B · D. It was Shogo who ran away to acquaintance Takaka Yui, but a more horrible fact awaited ... ".

Mega zone 23 Before selling CM 15 seconds - YouTube

The second work "MegaZone 23 PART II Secret · · · · · ·" has the same era setting as the first one. "Shogo that came to be pursued as a murderer.As he turned to the world and turned himself into a runaway" trash ", he reunited with Yui for the first time in half a year. Meanwhile, the coup d'etre B · D who held control of it, continued fierce battle with invader DESERG, and EVE started searching for the shogo with the possibility to overcome this situation ... "is a synopsis.

Mega zone 23 Before selling Volume PART II CM 15 seconds - YouTube

The third work "MegaZone 23 PART III" will shift from the return of MZ 23 to hundreds of years back. "People lived in the city" Eden City "dominated by the computer system, at the bottom of which the survival of the EVE = Bahamut's operating system team emulated himself and incorporated it into the system, waiting for the awakening However, in contrast to the resurrected nature, Bahamut chose to isolate and manage human beings, those who rebelled themselves stood up as resistances themselves. "

"Blu-ray Archive BOX" is on sale in 2015 with the 30th anniversary of the work, and in 2017, a self-volume Blu-ray is on sale.

Mega Zone 23 BD-BOX Official Site

This completely new project will be advanced as "AIC Reboot Animation Planning 3rd", the tentative title of the work is "Mega Zone 23 XI (Sai)". A huge spacecraft · MZ 11 is the stage, and "mega zone 23" is a story of the land continuation. Second grade sophomore student Sakura living in a city reminiscent of the regional city of the year 2020 AD in the city I visited on a school trip, I got along on the net and met a friend Eve who made a vocal duo Explosion The accident happens and you find the garland · Lesser in the building which escaped with the pet robot · Karuya who had been entrusted from Eve .... This is a synopsis.

The ultimate goal is "New TV Animation Series Production", but for that we need about 200 million yen at 1 cool. What we aim for with crowdfunding is not to cover this whole amount, but the cost of pilot film production to gather sponsors for series production. It is said that the length is about 5 minutes.

The "mega zone 23" series is one of the features that the character designers are different at everything from the first one to the third one, but the characteristic that the atmosphere of seeing is different is also a feature, but this "mega zone 23 XI (provisional) Strange adventure Stardust Crusaders'Masahiko KominoHe is in charge of character design. In addition, the main heroine character design is known in the "story" seriesAkio Watanabe.

The course of support is divided into eleven kinds, and the return of the course which can apply yet is
3000 yen:Letter of thank-you + memorial booklet (PDF file) + video 360P (AVI file)
6000 yen:3000 yen course return + limited original T shirt + limited edition CD
¥ 10,000:6000 yen course return + limited edition DVD
30,000 yen:1 ten thousand yen course return + screening & amp; mini live + HP name description + garland Ⅺ catalog style booklet + original tote bag
50,000 yen:3 ten thousand yen course return + document collection + credit entry (small), voice voice signature colored paper
100,000 yen:30,000 yen course + Preview Participation + Preview Ceremony Souvenir + Credit (Medium) + Handshake / Handshake with Staff & Life Sign
150,000 yen:100,000 yen course return + after-record tour
¥ 200,000:150,000 yen course return + participation in Gaya during animation recording
400,000 yen:【Company Limited】 Credit notation, appearance of logo or own character (5 seconds or longer) + launch up to 2 participants
1 million yen:【Holy Land Certification Course】 Place of hope (with appraisal) appeared in play
It has become.

"Mega zone 23 XI (provisional)" is the "third bullet" of the AIC 35th anniversary special project animation reboot project, but the first bullet "Mega zone 23 sin (temporary)", 2nd bullet"Sasami 14 (temporary)"Is also planned. "Mega zone 23 sin (tentative)" is written as "remake version", it can be seen that it is a remake of the previous series. Also, "Sasami 14" is from the title, "Ojamajo Demi"The titles of novels whose elephants have grown to become 16 years old are"Ojamajo Doremi 16As it was, AIC produced "Sasami ☆ Magical girl clubIt is predicted that Sasami 's sons of 14 years old grew up, but details on these two works are unknown.

As for the cloud funding of animation production by Japanese staff, back in 2012, the impression that director Yuasa Masaaki's "Kick-Heart" project was quite early.

Production I. G begins recruitment on the Internet for female wrestler of Do S and wrestler of de M wrestler fighting animation "Kick-Heart" - GIGAZINE

The sequel movie production plan of "Little Witch Academia" which gained popularity with "Animation Mirai 2013" topped the target amount in just 2 days, and the movie "Little Witch Accademia magical gimmick parade" was released in 2015. The work has expanded further, and a new TV animation series has been broadcasted from January 2017.

The animation movie 'Little Witch Academy 2 (Tentative)' production plan collects over 30 million yen from volunteers of over 4000 people and double the target amount by just 2 days - GIGAZINE

In addition, director Koshiba Susumon 's movie "Into this corner of the world" has also been known as a great success from Cloud Funding.

Anime movie under construction "In this corner of the world", production support cloud funding achievement of 50% of target by 2 days - GIGAZINE

Other works that follow this trend are appearing one after another.

If you support, the adventure stage will be increased New animation "Red Ash - Magicicada-" STUDIO 4 ℃ to produce - GIGAZINE

Underground idol animation "CHIKA ☆ CHIKA IDOL" is looking for everyone's support, a project to explore the new style of animation - GIGAZINE

The original animation "Mecha Ude - MECHANICAL ARMS -" fighting with the third "Machine Arm" with boys and girls willingly recruiting production fee at Cloud Funding - GIGAZINE

In the immediate future, known as "Kannagi" "Fractal" "Fighting." "Wake Up, Girls!"Yamamoto HiroshiThere is a case where the animation production project of the director's original work "Teru" gathered 21 million yen against the target amount of 15 million yen.

Yamamoto Hiroshi Original work "Dragon" Animation Production Project - CAMPFIRE (Campfire)

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