Trigger production "Little Witch Accademia magical gimmick parade" to be released to 2015

Production was announced in July 2013 and "Little Witch Accademia 2 (Tentative)" which gained about 74 million yen contribution by Kickstarter was "Littlewitch Accademia magical gimmick parade"It is announced on the official website that it will be released to theaters in 2015 in the title of" Production is a trigger that made "Kira Rakiru" and "An extraordinary battle in the everyday system".

Film "Little Witch Academia" Official Site

"Little witch academia" was released in theaters in April 2014 "Animation Mirai 2013"Was published in July 2014 as a sequel to make" Little Witch Academia 2 (Tentative) ". Initially, a short story of about 20 minutes was scheduled, but when we decided to extend up to 40 minutes depending on the amount collected by Kickstarter, we surpassed the target amount in just 2 days. I finally succeeded in gathering 620,000 dollars (about 74 million yen at that rate).

The animation movie 'Little Witch Academy 2 (Tentative)' production plan collects over 30 million yen from volunteers of over 4000 people and double the target amount by just 2 days - GIGAZINE

After that, the production company Trigger is a TV anime "Kill rakiru"As a result of having worked on the creation of information, information about this work came out, Kickstarter came to receive voice concern from fans. Of course, the creation of this work was not canceled, and the trigger was declared in December 2014Publish part of the storyboard.

According to Valentine's Day on February 14, 2015Tiza image released.

At the moment, only the main 3 people, Akko, Lotte, Suushi, and the visual of the flying ship are open to the public. Since there is a premise that "to make a 40-minute animation," I know that the length itself is 40 minutes at the maximum, but I am looking forward to seeing what the story will look like in the future.

By the way, the following 4 works are to be released this year, "Animation Mirai" which is the project which brought up "Little Witch Academia".

·Aki's play(Director: Yohei Suzuki, Production: JC · Staff (J.C.STAFF))
·Mother robot(Director: Hiromiko Suda, Production: SynergySP)
·Music girl(Director: Kenichi Ishikura, Production: Studio Dean)
·Kumi and tulips(Director: Masao Tezuka, Producer: Tezuka Productions)

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