Takahata Isao's director's movie "The Story of Kaguya Princess" Decided on November 23

In December 2012Directed by Isao Takahata "Tales of Princess Kaguya" announced together with Director Hayao Miyazaki "Wind Standing"Will be made public on 23rd November.

The story of Kaguya's story Official website

Anime "The Story of Kaguya Hime" Revealed November 23 - Cinema News: nikkansports.com

Originally "the story of Kaguya Princess" was scheduled to be released in July 2013 along with "Wind Stay", but as of February 2013 the production situation was delayed, such as the storyboard has not been completed yet, Toho in charge of distribution isDecide open delaywas doing.

Although the original work is well known as a fairy tale in which Kaguya Princess appears as "Taketori Monogatari", catch phrase is "The crime and punishment committed by the princess.It is an irritating exciting thing like a fairy tales motif called "It's a fairy tale motif."

The trailer video that was first published was like this.

▶ [Ghibli New Works] Isao Takahata Director Kaguya's Printing Story Preorder First Open Studio Ghibli "The Tale of Princess Kaguya" Trailer - YouTube

In the trailer released after this, the figure of the princess running through the city street of the night was drawn while taking off one by one one by one.

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