Production of the sequel to the anime 'Made in Abyss' is decided

An animation sequel to “ Made in Abyss ”, a movie released from January 17, 2020 (Friday), has been announced, and a PV has been released.

Movie version 'Made in Abyss'-the dawn of a deep soul-official site

Animation 'Made in Abyss' series sequel production decision! | Anime 'Made in Abyss' Official Site

A TV animation was broadcasted in the summer of 2017 based on the manga serialized in the web comic gamma series , and the first and second parts of the omnibus version of the movie in January 2019, the new movie version `` Made in '' on January 17, 2020 (Friday) The sequel to the series 'Made in Abyss', which has released Abyss Dawn of the Soul, has been announced.

The released image board looks something like this

The sequel production decision PV is like this.

Animation `` Made in Abyss '' series sequel production decision PV-YouTube

© Akihito Tsukushi / Takeshobo / Made in Abyss 'Dawn of the Deep Soul' Production Committee

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