"Little witch academia" is like an animation scene and director Yoshinariya & Trigger president Otsuka speaks

Regarding the movie "Little Witch Accademia Magical Trick Parade" released on October 9th (Friday), the events that the president Mr. Ozuka Masahiko of Yoshinari Director · Trigger talks about "Machi ★ Asobi vol.15"It was held in. Among them, the fact that Akko witches of the hero may actually be things about animators was revealed.

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First of all, a talk event was held on the stage at the summit of Meishan.

Tomohiko Hamama Producer from Toho from the left,Yoshinori SayDirector, triggerMasahiko OtsukaPresident. Director Yoshinari was an experienced ant that came to Tokushima two years ago at the "Animation Mirai" event. Mr. Otsuka, on the other hand, is familiar with goby asobi recently.

First of all, "Little Witch Academia" is a work published as a work of "Agency Milai 2013" young animator training project of Agency for Cultural Affairs. Trigger is a company made to make "Kirakiru", but training of animators is necessary in freshly-made company. So Mr. Otsuka witnessed "Animation Mirai" which is a project that trained an animator first. Director Yoshinari who received the consultation from Mr. Otsuka also decided to make works with young people in the sense that it raises human resources towards Kilrakil. Trigger 's participation in anime firma has been decided.

So it was the producer's proposal that the witches "Little Witch Academia" were made, and the point that "the animator wants to make animation" can be replaced by a witch as it is. It seems there was an idea that. As director Yoshinari said, "There is a part like Animator that animation does not understand well", because there is an idea that "Animation can not be made simply by liking animation".

Characters which continue from the first work to "Magical gimmick parade" are Akko, Lotte, Suushi, Diana and so on. Since it is fostering newcomers, it is designed to be "a character that is not difficult as a picture, that it looks like that character even if it is not somewhat similar". Because recent animation characters sometimes disappear from the character just because the molding is slightly different, director Yoshinari said that he thought "it is important to be able to move dreams without first being concerned with molding".

Regarding casting, all the main casts of the first work are selected by the audition. Whether that criterion matched with a picture or whether the voice agrees with the play requested by the story, I was careful about the balance of "three people" and then decided on respecting the director's opinion. For example, Mushiro Murase of Suushi was decided as "this person" at the moment when I heard a voice, but it seems that Akko flew with difficulty.

The image of Akko by Yoshinari is "It is stupidly anyhow and not deftly". After the candidate was narrowed down to another one by Mr. Ban Megumi, Mr. Otsuka says, "The fresh place is attractive, it became a decisive factor," Ban decided to take charge of Akko. However, unlike at the time of audition, Mr. Ban plays an Akko role after experiencing various heroines. Because the width of the play expanded, there seems to be a slight change in the character, but it seems to be "It has rolled in a good direction".

In addition to the Akko 3 persons, a new 3 person pair appears in "Parade of Magic Devotion". The very long name of Constanze is named by Mr. Mitsuru Shimada, the script, and imagines German aristocrats. Although it is not talked clearly in the work, since the witch school is a girls' school, all the students who go through have a setting that they are rich, and Amanda who seems to be bad and the house is an asset.

Regarding the casting of these three people, the director selects a candidate "This person is nice" to some extent, and finally the producer decides. Unfortunately, two people other than Amanda did not have so many lines of dialogue, but Director Yoshinari met with Mr. Morikawa Rikko of the role of Constanze in the stage greeting that was held at Shinjuku. "For the first time in the stage greetings, Mr. Murakawa says, It seems a bit disappointing that I knew that it was a character, and if I knew it was so, I would have done more. " Mr. Murakawa said that he was working too much in the stage greeting and he said that few pictures were available for use, and he said that he wrote "Director Yoshinari wants to refer to animation movement".

Here, to the talk using the questionnaire. Acquo (35%) was the most popular character, Suushi (32%) followed by Mr. Asura (20%) slightly apart from what I heard popular characters. And Diana (8%), Lotte (5%) in that order.

Akko is a trouble maker, director Yoshinari said that it is unexpected that there is a popular scene because it is said to be single-minded even by "parade of magical gimmick". Rather, as a director, "Diana is a good scene for accusing Akko". It seems that it is impossible to make Akko so good because reflections of the creators' selfish bearers around are swaying around. On the other hand, it was Lotte who pushed Yoshinari apart from likes and dislikes of "magical gimmick parade". He told me that he might have become a bad guy because of that.

Otsuka-san seems to have thought that Akko is also No. 1. Meanwhile, as being in a position to watch the animator, he said that he might sympathize with Mr. Ashra who might be in a position. However, what I felt when making it is that it may be "Little Witch Accademia that is exactly what I am doing". Because I do not want to end Little Witch Academia this way, I was evaluating that how Acre grows from here is a hero who can endure a long story.

On the music side, Michiru Oshima is in charge of the drama. The performance was performed by the Russian National Symphony Orchestra, full orchestra composed of 80 people. Director Yoshinari said, "The image is completely defeated, it is feeling that music is quite aided by music a lot." When screening in the United States, Mr. Otsuka said that he was not listening to the image calmly because he was making work until the end, but he said he was pushing music all the time, but he was screened in front of 4000 people and was able to receive standing ovation It was.

This time the theme song on stage · "Magic Parade"Okara YukikoGave a live show.

That jacket was handed down by Yoshinari. The illustrations of the three men as if they are absent after the "magical gimmick parade" are director 's feelings of wanting to rest "...

After this, at the movie theater we held a talk show after the screening.

About the new character which was just talking about at the summit, Yoshinari cooks Yasmina and Otsuka says that Amanda is favorite. These three people have different roles in each of the initial scenarios, for example, Yasmina is the key to Lotte's recovery, and Amanda is planning to give Akko a chance to make three people break up together , It is said that it became the present shape due to the scale of the measure.

As mentioned earlier, there are overlapping parts between witches and animators, so in the middle of the work you will see something like dark side of manufacturing, "Is it ok if it can do good?" Therefore, the director says that there was an idea that "I have to frustrate Acco and learn something". Mr. Otsuka also said, "It is true that there is something that can be achieved only with selfish, but it is tough every time."

Actually, I wanted to put in love elements though it is a place where there are visitors after seeing the movie the way I wonder? When Director Yoshinari gathered their opinions, there were no people who said they wanted to see love. As for the result, the director said, "I do not want to narrow the possibilities so much, so I will take it as an opinion that there is such a consumer's voice." By the way, if you want to direct, Akko will be finally hurled and love will not be fulfilled. A boy is appearing from the first episode in "Little Witch Academia Moonlight Crown" which is currently serialized in Ribbon, and development like romance is ongoing, but what will happen?

The question and answer session with the customer who was unfolding at the end was as follows.

I was recruiting funds with Kickstarter, but how far was it before then?

I was trying to make it, but the length was planned to be shorter. When we got additional budget, we asked Kickstarter to contribute, so we asked for investment.

Was it plotted?

Since the scale has not been decided, it was supposed to do a scenario after deciding what kind of scale it will be. Just the first work was made before the real production of Kirakira was started, but the "magical gimmick parade" was a form to make a scenario behind the actual production of Kilakir.

The investor of Kickstarter was displayed on the endrol. Although I could not read many alphabetical notations, I think that there were many investors from overseas. Is there anything tried and tried to think about something for overseas?

I did not think about it at all. As I was pleased in the whole world by looking at the first work, I would not change it. Rather, it was stuffed up in Japanese style, so I changed the tempo to take a little while.

We are not so dexterous that we can not say that it is made to suit the viewer.

In the distribution for those who contributed 7 languages ​​subtitles were prepared.

I wanted to see as many people as possible, so I thought that it would be uncomfortable to reduce the number of viewers due to subtitle restrictions.

About the character. I often think that characters that talk frequently change their appearance, but I think the character that does not speak well moved. Is this conscious?

I do not have much consciousness.

Even if you are not conscious, are you thinking about how this character will work when drawing a container?

Constanze is cute as it is silent, so there is no such thing as moving in comparison with other characters. In fact I was thinking something more like fighting with Amanda. This is a comparison with Akko 3 people, it felt like I understand immediately though it fights.

Q:Although the first work was done as a young animator training project, I think that there is a part that involved the young people even in the second work. Please let me know if you recommend cutting that recommended.

I do not teach too much this time.

A rookie who has entered since the animation Mirai has been doing work, and he / she is in charge of scenes to fight with evil at first. As time, could you use the first one?

Well, the period is longer this time but because there is a scale. I thought that supervising work while doing the director was impossible.

It was very good to see tribute of old animation etc.

Mayor or something is quite old. Mr. Hiroshi Otake who is responsible for the voice is a person who is being touched like Nyarome.

That was the casting by the sound person, and we were surprised to hear the voice.

Q:This work was recruited by Kickstarter. I also make various contributions, but there are things that will be delayed. Is it difficult to produce such works like the theatrical release mentioned in Littlewich Accademia, if the ass is not decided?

It will be a nice story, but making animation costs personnel costs, so it will cost money as the production period gets longer. So, this work is actually completed considerably before the launch. After all, the staff will continue to keep hands unless there is a deadline such as on air. This time I had it raised long ago and cooperated.

Well, I want as much time as possible. Perhaps I think I will keep doing it for the rest of my life. That is also hell ... ....

It was a work that was sticking to images and sound, and although it was a short-term screening, it was that she wanted to watch it at the movie theater. Screening is scheduled for 2 weeks from Friday, October 9, so please be sure to visit the theater as soon as possible.

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