Students who infiltrated the iPhone manufacturing factory talk about "Why can not I return the iPhone manufacturing to the US?"

A student at New York University who hid and infiltrated the factory in a factory in China that manufactures the iPhone and conducted the iPhone manufacturing work as a period worker for 6 weeks, "It is impossible to regain the iPhone manufacturing site to the United States" "If we get back to the United States, the situation gets worse," he said, revealing the reasons based on real experience.

IPhone factory observer: why can not bring manufacturing jobs back

President Donald Tramp in the United States pledged to the middle class that he is "preserving the lost employment back to the United States" and has succeeded in presidential position. And, we strongly urge Apple to manufacture handsets such as iPhones to transfer production sites to the US in order to create employment in the United States.

In an interview that "President of the iPhone in the USA" and the next President Tramp reported directly to Apple's CEO Tim Cook - GIGAZINE

However, based on President Trump 's thought "American first principle", transferring the iPhone manufacturing factory to the United States has nothing to do for the workers in the US, but on the contrary it can create a more dire situation, the New York University Dejian Zeng enrolled in the master's course of the student responds to the CNBC interview. Zeng joined the ChangShuo factory in EMS PEGATRON in China using a summer vacation, worked at an iPhone manufacturing factory for 6 weeks, confessed the facts to the desk.

American graduate student who infiltrated the factory in China that manufactures iPhone confesses its working environment naked - GIGAZINE

You can see how Zeng answers CNBC's interview in the movie.

Student who worked in Chinese iPhone factory explains why manufacturing jobs are not coming back to the U.S.

Zeng, who was asked for opinions on President Trump 's intention to return the iPhone factory to the US, said, "I think it is impossible" in the light of his own experience.

Zeng got the wage at the iPhone manufacturing factory at 3000 RMB (about 49,000 yen) per month. Zeng thinks that this wage level will not be accepted in the US even if it is accepted in China.

If I really move the iPhone manufacturing factory from China to America, what kind of results are waiting? In response to the question, Mr. Zeng answers, "Robots will be introduced instead of workers." Rather than paying workers wages, this will lead to a move to develop robots that manufacture iPhones on behalf of workers, and as a result no employment will be created in the United States and will not regain employment in the United States is.

According to Zeng, the number of people working on the production line is about 200 people. Zeng thinks that she is a worker who is quietly dedicated to tasks but is "hired only because it is cheaper than the robot" at the moment "as it is at the moment. Conversely, if the cost of developing, installing, maintaining and managing the robot is low, Apple will definitely introduce a robot, not a worker.

Currently, at the iPhone factory, 3,600 iPhones are being manufactured every day. Higher pace production speed has been maintained through the introduction of not only human workers but also automated robots, and it is believed that robots that replace workers will continue to be developed in the future.

Prices are rising every year in China, which is undertaking the manufacture of the iPhone. According to that, some factories are closed and there are also movements to relocate to inland cheaper wages.

And it is becoming a situation where the manufacturing base will be moved from China to other regions where wages are cheaper. This is the history that has been repeated in the manufacturing industry, Zeng thinks it is difficult to resist this trend.

According to Zeng, the reason why the manufacture of the iPhone is not completely mechanized is that it is cheaper to hire workers than the cost of developing and maintaining a robot. If you reverse the back, the parts reversed in terms of cost are sequentially replaced by robots.

Even in China, which has been functioning as a "world factory" due to its low labor cost, the labor costs have soared, so the manufacturing base has begun to shift to places where Vietnam and Bangladesh can secure labor more cheaply. Considering the situation of such a world, it is nonsense to force Apple to transfer the manufacturing base to the US, and if the trump regime is forced, the result will be "iPhone's price hike" or " Mr. Zeng thinks that it will only become "the speed of robot introduction speed".

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