Foxconn announces "promptly solve the problem" illegal employment problem of high school students who assembled iPhone X up to 1,200 units per day

Foxconn promptly responded that "illegal conditions were immediately rectified" as high school students who were hired at Foxconn's Chinese factory during the period of assembling iPhone X were illegally working overtime. I made it clear.

Foxconn stops interns' illegal overtime at iPhone X factory - BBC News

Foxconn says it 'immediate' ended illegal overtime by students on iPhone X production line | 9to5Mac

The problem of illegal employment of the high school students this time is on 21st November 2017Financial TimesIt was discovered by reporting. According to the six high school students who worked at the Zhengzhou plant in Foxconn, China for a period of three months, told the Financial Times, they said that they were routinely working 11 hours a day over the prescribed working hours about. A high school student says, "I did work to incorporate up to 1,200 iPhone X camera parts a day."

High school students seem to have worked as a limited-time intern worker at the Zhengzhou factory as part of the "work experience" program, which is the condition for graduation, and according to the Labor Law, the working hours per week are 40 hours or less and overtime work is allowed Despite being not, it seems that he was in an illegal state where he was engaged in permanent overtime work. There are about 3,000 students employed internally at the Zhengzhou Plant, and it is possible that other interns were also in illegal labor.

Foxconn and Apple responded instantly as the press came out and officially acknowledged that there was illegal overtime work. On top of that, Apple is striving to "treat everyone involved in the supply chain of Apple products with dignity and respect, we understand that our efforts will never end." We will protect our workers in the supply chain with full power, "he said, while announcing that it will strengthen the monitoring system to Foxconn, it is still difficult to fully develop a proper working environment I also admit that.

There was also a suspicion in Foxconn and Apple that it was not just overtime work of interns but also "in the point of having forced overtime work", but in this regard Foxconn says " High school students voluntarily worked overtime, "he explicitly denies that there was no illegality.

Regarding the Zhengzhou factory where overtime work was carried out on a daily basis, Foxconn told the BBC "We immediately took action to ensure that one intern student does not engage in overtime work" It seems that it has already been resolved. In addition, Foxconn adds that the proportion of intern students in employees working at the factory is very small, and that the work environment of other workers is done according to the law.


In the year, as the release of the new iPhone approaches, a large amount of work will be employed to assemble the iPhone, but due to the problem of the sensor unit of the iPhone X there was a significant delay in production, so Foxconn Indeed the Financial Times point out that we have introduced a large amount of work. Although it is unknown whether the result of this effort is unknown, iPhone X "shipping schedule" in the Apple online store at the time of article creation has been shortened to "1 to 2 weeks" in Japan and the USA.

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