Foxconn, which produces the iPhone, started massively introducing an automated robot, does human work remain?


Based in Taiwan, Foxconn (Foxcon), who produces smartphones, mainly based on the iPhone, Microsoft Xbox One, and Pepper of Softbank, has been developing independentlyWorker substitute robot "Foxbots"We have started introducing it to the production line. Although it is said that automation is aimed at not only production efficiency but also improvement of working environment, there seems to be still a lot of parts that are obliged to rely on human ability to still be an important part of production.

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Foxconn, which has millions of employees and has become the world's largest smartphone factory, was frequently seen as having problems with employees' working environments. Around 2010Employee suicide successivelyProblems such as are happening.

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From around 2000 when these incidents occurred, the company has started to develop robots to automate production lines. We have been developing our own production robot "Foxbots" for the purpose of improving production capacity by improving working environment and automation · prevention of suicide people, etc. However, as the production of the iPhone 6s series commenced, Foxbots' production line We are starting to introduce it.

Foxbots are expected to cost about $ 20,000 to $ 25,000 per car (about 2.4 million to 3 million yen), and considering the current situation in the Asian region where labor costs are inexpensive, A situation that can not be said. Nevertheless, it seems that introduction is proceeding from the fact that it is judged effective for improvement of productivity and improvement of working environment.

However, the introduction of Foxbots seems to be mainly focused on the process of "assembly" which repeats simple work, and Johnny Hwan of robot industry analyst said, "Especially at the final stage of production process, Foxbots replaces humans I can not do that. "

At the final stage of production, checking the quality of the products that have been assembled is done and the quality is confirmed, but since the robot has not enough cognitive ability necessary for this work, the ability to judge the quality and the aesthetic It is essential that confirmation by "human eyes" capable of evaluating is indispensable.

In Foxconn,Announced plans to introduce Foxbots at 10,000 scaledoing.

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