"PS4 has become a nest of cockroach," a gaming machine repair company confesses

ByLeon Terra

As of January 1, 2017, the cumulative actual sales volume has reached53.4 million unitsIt is PlayStation 4 (PS 4) loved by gamers all over the world, but it became clear that it is also loved by cockroaches that I love dark, narrow and damp places.

Console Repairmen Explain Why Cockroaches Love PS 4s

America · ManhattanLower East SideAn independent repair shop located in "XCubicle"This is a shop dealing with everyday troubles / repair projects that local people come to consult even in the case that" coins have entered in the disc drive ".

Of game mediaKotakuofCecilia DanastasioSaid this shop, found a mountain of black garbage bags in a corner of the repair room. Patrick Cho, co-founder of the store, was told that the contents are full of cockroaches. According to Mr. Cho, when disassembling a failed PS 4 brought into XCubicle, it seems that there are lots of cockroaches in the inside, currently XCubicle claims $ 25 (about 2700 yen) as cockroach treatment fee I will. In addition, there is a case of "cockroach treatment" once a week, when I listen to the repair personnel other than Mr. Cho, "I heard that at least half of the PS4s that are requested to repair have cockroaches hidden inside It seems that he got the answer "It is.


There is a possibility that the American cockroach lives in the dark and warm place in the urban area. Most of the game machines like the PS4 are lying in a dark, narrow and surrounded place so it seems to be a very comfortable place to live for small creatures such as cockroaches. Of course, there seems to be inhabitants in Xbox One as well as PS4, but the repair person in charge of XCubicle says, "Since the absolute number of PS 4 is increasing, PS 4 gets more repair than Xbox One It is said that. And it seems that there are more cockroaches inhabited by PS 4 than Xbox One, reporters who corresponded to the interview told the story.

Danastacio claims that this reason is in the design of PS 4. The reason is clear, PS 4 has vent holes at the bottom of the main body, so it is easy for cockroaches to enter inside. Also, according to the person in charge of repair, PS 4 has an internal power supply, so it has a feature that the inside becomes warmer than Xbox One, and he says "Is this the reason why this is preferred for cockroaches?" .

Familiar with repairing electronic equipmentIFixitMatt Jimminski, who works at Matt / Jimminski, says, "Most of the PS 4 that comes out for repair is not sent for cockroach processing, users do not know that their PS 4 is covered with cockroach, PS 4 Although the owner does not know the reason, the owner does not know the reason.The internal power supply of the PS4 heats cockroaches, parts may be damaged and power may not come in. If cockroaches are giving birth to children inside PS4, Chicks and feces of cockroaches may melt on the hardware. "It is quite obvious that cockroaches may come out of PS 4 that came to repair not only in XCubicle but also in iFixit.

In order to prevent the spread of cockroach inside the PS4, it is important to keep the room clean while keeping the PS4 in a high place with good ventilation.

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