"How often should bed sheets be laundered?" Microbiologists explained

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It is said that humans spend a third of their lives on the bed, and beds and pillows used every day need to be kept clean. Especially during the summer season when the temperature and humidity rises, the bed becomes "an ideal fungus cultivation site", so the possibility of harm to health will also increase, but "How often do you need bed sheets Should I wash it? "" What will happen if I do not wash bed sheets? "Is explained.

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Studies on fungal contamination of beddingAccording to, we know that humans sweat about 100 liters per year. In addition to this, when the temperature and humidity are high, the bed becomes "an ideal fungus culture place", and fungi and molds are likely to propagate.

Studies have investigated the contamination level of fungi hidden in feathers and synthetic fiber pillows used for 1 year and a half to 20 years, but 4 to 16 fungi have been confirmed. From sleeping humans, bacteria originating from sweat, saliva, skin cells, vagina and anal excretion adhere to the bed, but in addition to this, pet dander, pollen, sand, dust, lint, mite carcasses Etc will be scattered in the bed. According to Philip Tielno, a microbiologist at the University of New York, these substances will be "marked" in one week and will be aspirated from the nose and mouth each time breathing, which could also trigger the disease It seems there is.

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As people use beds individually, there may be people thinking that "If you use it for cleanliness you do not have to wash frequently," some people contaminate the bed even by "gravity" I will rain. Beddings such as bed sheets and pillowcases need to be washed at least once a week, regardless of how they are used. Pollutants accumulating in the bed can cause sneezing and throat irregularities even for people without allergies if inhaled, and those with allergies such as asthma may cause more severe symptoms That's right.

Mr. Tirno says, "If you touch the dog's feces with your hands, you will want to wash your hands, think of the beds that are not being washed in the same way, the dirt on the bed is visible I do not think you want to sleep there, "she said.

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