Toothbrushing seems to be effective for prevention of heart disease

Brushing teeth cleanses the mouth and prevents diseases of teeth and gums, but recent research seems to play a role in the prevention of heart disease as well. Speaking of prevention of cardiovascular disease, I think of dietary restrictions and smoking cessation, but I do not think that toothpaste is related to heart disease, but it seems that bacteria that breed in the mouth are related and may cause heart disease.

Let's see how bacteria in the mouth will cause heart disease. People who usually brush their teeth and brush their teeth may get to brush their teeth carefully, knowing this.

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To avoid heart disease, brush your teeth | COSMOS magazine

The most common cause of developing heart disease is high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis arising therefrom, but it seems that there is a possibility of development from bacterial infection as well. There are numerous bacteria in the mouth, and although there are a few in it, there are things that cause heart attacks and heart disease. If somewhere in the mouth is broken when the inside of the mouth is filthy, if bacteria leading to heart disease enter from the mouth into the blood vessel and get into the blood, there is a possibility of causing heart disease That's right. For that reason, it seems that if you keep your mouth clean from everyday it will lead to the prevention of heart disease.

In addition, some bacteria in the mouth stimulate platelets and cause some blood to coagulate. If they pass in the bloodstream in the same way, the blood coagulates in the blood vessels, He sometimes blocks blood flow.

In another studyAtherosclerosisIt is studying the relationship between bacteria in the mouth and bacteria in the mouth, some bacteria in the mouth do not need an immune reaction, there are also cases that atherosclerosis may develop.

In other words, it seems that it is better to always keep clean of the bacteria in the mouth, even for diseases in the mouth, because there are bacteria leading to serious illness, even though it is a trace amount.

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