There is no residents but the town where the residents are "Murray"

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"I can give a letter and I can actually tell people I can visit the city or live in Murray, but the truth is not there" is the city in Illinois, USAMurray"is.

Living in Marley, the Town That Does not Exist | Atlas Obscura

The city called Murray was born in 1881 when it broke the hill next to the field owned by the farmer named George · Hurley and when the railroad connecting Chicago to Joliet of Illinois was laid. Originally the land was nothing, it was an incredible countryside but as the railroad was laid it made a station and farmers were able to transport cereals and milk to Chicago, He said that he was flourishing at once. According to the resident Julie Cleveland, in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, Murray became a vibrant city, and on the 4th of July the American Independence Day a parading for people to walk around the city It seems that it was.

Cleveland is a woman who came to Murray in 1962. Only the farmer Hurley Family and Marshall Family lived at the end of the city, but I was greeted as a member of this Marshall family. Actually, the two families are greatly involved in the existence of the city, and the post office built in the city in 1879 attached the two names "Marshal" and "Hurley" and was named "Murray" It is said that the city name "Marley" was born. As of 2017, many of the descendants of both families live in Murray.

However, accidents occurred in the vibrant city in 1932. The train derailed and destroyed the station. At that time the broken stations will not be rebuilt and the city's business will gradually decline. And finally, only the school / nursing home, candle shop, church was left.

With the closure of the miscellaneous goods store in 1954, the existence of miscellaneous goods shops disappeared from Murray, and as of 2017, Murray had a lively atmosphere that there was everyday, a small town just dotted with houses etc I am making it. Murray is administrativelyA section of New LennoxCleveland says "We do not consider himself a residence of the city such as Mokena or New Lennox", and although Murray is not an official city, Mr. Cleveland himself It is possible to create a community of.

And "Murray candle" exists as one of the community spirit. Murray candle has been made since the 1960's, and an "altar" that draws the history of Murray and Murray candle on the back of the shop is also made.

Marley Candles | Mokena, Illinois

As confirmed on Google Maps, the candle shop looks like the following. You can see that "Marley Candles" is written on the signboard.

Candle is still made in the same way as the founder has done, and Arlene Nelson of the candle shop prides that "Church and candle shop have formed a murray community" .

However, Murray who is not an official city sometimes receives pressure as "to integrate with neighboring communities". Murray did not have a zip code and was often written only as "Illinois State / Murray" at the address of the letter, so in the past it was threatened to the postal director "I will not deliver mail unless I write the correct address" It seems there was also. But residents with their own communities are proud that they live in "Murray" and the opinions seem to have collided.

However, there are signs that the station that was once abolished is going to be used again, and that Murray will not recover its liveliness in the future as well.

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