Earlon Mask establishes new startup "Neuralink" aiming to connect AI to human brain

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A businessman who has focused on the possibility of artificial intelligence (AI) for a long time and is one of the themes of "the fusion of AI and humans" as one of themes, finally connects AI to the human brain Companies to develop "NeuralinkWe announced the launch of.

Elon Musk's Neuralink will plug AI into your brain

Elon Musk Launches Neuralink to Connect Brains With Computers - WSJ

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In the newly launched Neuralink, Mr. Mask is supposed to play an "active role", and it is considered to lead the development of technology to incorporate AI, which Mr. Mask has emphasized already, to humans . Based in California, Neuralink is aiming at treating diseases related to the brain, and in the future aiming to realize a "hybrid" between humans and AI.

Mr. Mask has expressed expectations and concerns to the existence of AI which continues rapid evolution so far. In order to confront the ability of AI, which will eventually exceed human ability, human beings need to boost up their abilities and stand up to computers by incorporating AI on their brains on a requestor's basis Mr. Mask The Neuralink of this time is a company established to realize that technology.

Neuralink has registered as a "medical research company" to California State, and he already has hired prominent experts in related academic fields. Study adaptive electrodes and nanotechnologyVanessa TolosaProfessor Philip Saves of the University of California, San Francisco who also participates in Dr. and Mr. sponsored AI related conference, University of California, San Francisco Professor, Boston University to study the neural pathway of the bird's brain singing songsTimothy GardnerProfessors and others are examples.

Neuralink is planning to present working samples to prove safety just as Tesla and SpaceX have done in the future. By connecting a computer using AI to the brain, we are aiming first to deal with symptoms of epilepsy and Parkinson's disease. Mr. Mask shows the prospect that it will be "another 4 to 5 years" to realize technology that complements a part of the brain. Nonetheless, it is hard to imagine that it is still time consuming for society to widely acknowledge connecting AI to the human brain.

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As information related to Mr. Mask, SpaceX conducted a combustion experiment to reuse the reusable rocket "Falcon 9" which landed on the ground after launch. This aircraft was returned to the ground after being launched in April 2016, and has been successfully burned test of rocket engines with nine aircraft set in Cape Canaveral's rocket launch facility. The rocket which succeeded in the burning test will be launched on March 30 with cargo loaded and if successful it will attract attention as the first "rocket reuse" will succeed.

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It is reported that Tesla's orders for "Solar Roof," a roof tile-integrated solar panel developed by Tesla will start in April 2017.

Tesla starts taking solar roof orders next month

Solar roof is a part of the system that can be used in combination with the company's power storage device "power pack" to generate electricity at home and store it further. You can see the full article by looking at the following article.

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In addition, Tesla has also announced that it will make the new EV "Model Y" appear within a few years. "Tesla Roadster" that appeared in 2008, "Model S" that appeared in 2012, "Model X" where cars were delivered in 2015, rumors that production will commence in 2017 "Model 3 It is still unknown what type of model Y will be the fifth new model after the model model, but considering the model cycle as an automaker, it is advisable to introduce a new model around 2019 It is a pattern that includes the judgment that there is.

Elon Musk teases 'Model Y,' says it's coming in a few years

Although Tesla looks good on the expression of continuing good advancing, on the other hand, troubles are occurring frequently in Model S and Model X, and there is also a view that the development capability as an automobile manufacturer is questioned. Tesla is a startup manufacturer who has released three models yet, but there are viewpoints that minor troubles are bothersome, but the fact that trouble is allowed in over 10 million yen car in Japanese yen means that Tesla embraces companies It can also be said that the height of the expected value is a neutralizing agent. The model 3 scheduled to appear after 2017 is the first model in the popular price range at the company and it is expected that the unit sales will increase dramatically, so how to reduce the trouble and respond well Maybe it is said that Tesla is an important milestone in the future.

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