69 kinds of new emoticons are added to Unicode, such as vomiting, zombies, nursing

Scheduled to be released on June 30, 2017Emoji 5.0The contents of 69 kinds of pictograms newly added with the above are revealed. Rayouf Alhumedhi, a 15-year-old in 2016,Why does not there are emoticons wearing head scarves?However, new pictograms include those who wound a head scarf, women who were breastfeeding, and flags of England, Scotland, Wales etc were added following independence movement.

Emojipedia 5.0 Emoji List

Final 2017 Emoji List

You can see what new emoji is like in the following movie.

All 69 New Emojis for 2017 - YouTube

An example of an emoji is as follows. First of all, as a variation of a person, a serious face covered with a symbol of a mouth is added.


The head exploded in surprise

Women breastfeeding

People wearing a head scarf

Growing to children, adults, and elderly

People in steam sauna





Yoga's "lotus pose" in "Activity"

Hedgehogs and other animals are ...

Dinosaurs such as T-REX.

Steak meat

Flag of England

Flag of Scotland

Flag of Wales


The sign of I love you. However, this hand signIt is similar to a gesture insulting opponents in the Mediterranean SeaLet's be careful.

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