Theatrical version "Yes to be passed" is completely animated up to the last episode of the original at the second part "Tokyo Daiko"

Theatrical version anime published in 2017I will pass"The release date of the first part of the first part of the second part, the timing of the release of the second part, the second part of the second part, the main staff has been lifted. Subheading of the first part is "Koi, 17 years old of flowers", But the second part was"Tokyo Great RomanceIt is said that it draws until the last episode of the original.

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Theatrical anime "Yes to be passed" planned to be released in front and backIt is announced in November 2016 that it isThe first part "Red Flowers, 17 Years of Flowers" is released on Saturday, November 11, 2017,The second part "Tokyo Great Romance" will be released in 2018It was announced that it was new.

Also, it is announced that Mr. Furuhashi Kazuhiro will also serve as director / scriptwriter in November 2016, but the second part is "Ristorante Paradiso", "Young · Blackjack", "Mobile Suit Gundam 08 Platoon Millers Report "Yoko KaseHe was revealed to be in charge of the director.

Other main staff are as follows.

Character Design:Nishi Riki("JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Diamonds Can not Break" "Ring Penguindrum")
Background design · art director:Kentaro Akiyama("Flower of Evil", "Ringing Penguin", "Rainbow Colored Hotaru")
Color design:Kunio Tsujita("ONEPIECE FILM Z" "The Tatami Half Mythic College" "Ringu Pengu Drum")
Shooting:Takeo Ogihara (Graphica)("Sailor Moon Crystal", "ONE PIECE FILM Z", "HELLSING OVA VIII, IX, X")
Acoustic supervision:Kazuhiro Waka("GHOST IN THE SHELL / Ghost in the Shell" "Guardian of the Spirit")
musics:Oshima Michiru("Taigara Tenchijin" "Gokusen" "FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST" "Snow White of Red Hair")
Animation production:Japanese Animation("Anne of Green Gables" "Chibi Maruko Chan" "Feature Film Sindbad")
Production: Theater version "Make sure to go through" Production Committee
Distribution: Warner Bros. Movie

"Make sure to go" is the original by Yamato Yamato's manga. When it was made into a TV animation in 1978, it was finished as unfinished where Izuin Shinobu who is a fiancée of hero / red daughter returned home. In this movie version produced in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the original series, as perceived also from the subtitle of the second volume "Tokyo Daiko Roman", the last episode of the original is fully animated. Beyond the age of over 35 years, finally the result of Koio and the lieutenant's love will be drawn as animation.
© Kazunori Yamato / Kodansha / Theater version "Make sure to go through" Production Committee

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