"Sushi baron shop" where you can eat the blissful steak rice bowl with white rice hidden inside the meat dome

"I want to eat meat, I want to eat meat anyway" In such a case, it is not steak or grilled meat, it is one hand that it is cheap and delicious for lunch. "Bowl of rice balls"Is one of the stores that can eat beef till it is full of such cheap stomachs, especially since the appearance and taste of the steak rice bowl that surrounds the rice with the meat is exceptional, it actually eaten.

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"Ootoki Bowl" is about 100 meters walking from former Tanaka station of Eizan Dainetsu Main Line.

The appearance of the shop looks like this. Opening is at 11:30, but when we arrive about 15 minutes before opening on weekdays we already have two rows of customers, and even in the time zone before 12 o'clock which left the store, it is outside the store There was a customer waiting for entry into the store.

Menu is stretched out at the shop front and it can be thoughtfully thought what to ask from before entering the store.

Lunch is from 11:30 to 13:45, it seems that the service lunch is different depending on the day. Also, please note that the service lunch is a limited number of meals.

So it infiltrated the store. In the store there are 4 seats in the counter and 6 table seats for two people.

Salt and garlic powder are always kept in each table, and you can use it when you want to change the taste.

Kuroge Wagyu beef A3 rank steak bowl (¥ 1350 including tax) arrived for a while after ordering.Beef gradeAnd the production area are clearly stated in the menu, and it seems that they had offered A5 ranked steak don with the same price in the past. However, at the time of the interview, the A5 ranked steak don is abolished, and the reason is that the price of wagyu beef is rising.

Meat 150g, rice 240g, you can cook rice in large amounts for free. Also, meat can add 150 g of Kuroge Wagyu beef A3 rank at +1000 yen.

Salad with sesame dressing applied as a set ... ...

Miso soup was followed.

When I look at the steak rice bowl again, it covers all the rice with red meat steak with little fat and looks just like a meat block. Toppings on top are three leaves.

Comparing the size with iPhone 7 is like this. There is quite a height, as you can see from the number of grams even adult men quite like to eat.

Meat is using lean meat with less fat, but it is very soft when you actually eat it. Sauce applied to the whole is sweet and seasoned, but it is a low sake with a modest assertion that you can feel the taste of meat firmly.

Although rare steak and rice do not match, as mentioned above, the sauce is not so tasty so that you can enjoy the taste of the meat firmly, so if you feel that the taste is thin, you can use salt on the table looks good.

In addition, under the dome of meat, rice is hidden this much. Because it is quite large even in the juxtaposition, women and gourmet people may be ants to have less rice.

Under the steak near the top of the dome, the fried onion is hidden, and when you eat it together, the texture of the barbari is accented. It is not spread over the whole, but is spread only in the central part of the dome so that you can eat as you enjoy it while enjoying the difference in texture with and without a fried onion.

In addition, the roast bowls are open for lunch from 11:30 to 14:00, and the business at night is from 17:30 to 20:30. Closed holiday is Tuesday and Monday is only lunch sales.

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