“The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” was overwhelmed by the overwhelming freedom and perfection of the game that had been cultivated so far

Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild ” is the latest release of the “Legend of Zelda” series that was released at the same time as the

Nintendo Switch that made a good start all over the world. The same Nintendo launch title has made the most favorable start , but when I actually played it, “Is it interesting?”, I was left with the overwhelming degree of perfection. It has become.

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild | Nintendo

◆ Freedom far exceeding the common sense of players
'The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild' is a game that challenged the first open world in the series (Nintendo is expressed as open air), and has any degree of freedom compared to previous series. You can freely adventure a map that has never been seen before without loading, although there is one big story in the game, the route to manage it is freely decided by the player Therefore, it is possible to clear the story without following it all, and the story can be advanced in the order the player likes. Of course, as in the previous series, “The Battle to Bring Back Light to the World” is the main story, and the point is that players can freely decide the route of adventure while enjoying the story well.

The vast world that spreads out of sight is connected to one and can be traversed with the foot of the link. It ’s not just a background, it ’s a place where you can actually get there, and it does n’t take time to load a vast map, so you can really play the game without stress. For example, the mountain in the upper right of the image below is called Death Mountain.

This is a screenshot taken at the base. From here you can also climb Death Mountain.

Since everything in front of you is on stage, you can get into this huge object.

Looking at the vast world that spreads at the start of the game, it looks like this.

I looked around the vast world of `` The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild ''-YouTube

In particular, an item called “Parasale” that broadens the range of action of the link, which makes it possible to adventure around the world quite freely.

There are two things that limit the behavior of links in a vast map: “Ganbari Gauge” and “Weather”. `` Ganbari gauge (green circle displayed on the side of the link on the screen) '' shows the stamina of the link operated by the player, so that in reality the human can not continue full dash for a long time However, it is no longer possible to continue intense exercise. So, all-out dash, climbing cliffs and walls, and glide using parasail will not be possible if the gauge is gone.

In addition, if the weather rains, your hands will slip as you climb the cliff, and if it snows, the link body will cool and your physical strength will be reduced. However, these limitations can be overcome depending on the device. Normally, there are elements such as `` If you do not clear the game so far, you can not play this stage '', but `` The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild '' has no such limitation, you can go anywhere depending on the device I will. “Ganbari gauge” and “weather” are only “elements that make adventure difficult”.

◆ 3D Zelda-like puzzle-solving elements
To strengthen the main character / link, there are more than 100 “spots” all over the world. The previous series of “The Fragment of Heart” is no longer “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”, but looking for a frog instead is one pleasure in the game.

In addition, the player can challenge the various puzzles by manipulating the links in the cage. There are dungeons that are full of 3D Zelda puzzles and tricks, but you can enjoy short puzzles and tricks in Sakai. There are many puzzles that can be solved in the cage, and it is interesting just by itself, but although there is a model answer, it is made so that players can freely answer like the game system Is amazing.

The following two tweets are examples that can be solved freely, for example.

* The following tweets contain spoiler elements, so if you are planning to play in the future, please do so at your own risk.

In addition, the dungeon of this work is made relatively short, even if you solve the mystery like the past, even if you do not find it easy to reach the boss, it seems to be a good balance to play. It was. You might think that it's boring to make the dungeon too easy, but the dungeon has upgraded the mystery-solving elements rather than the traps, etc. There is also a response. However, I knew that it wouldn't be that long, so even if my heart was about to break, I was able to make a stride even if my heart was about to break.

◆ Battle with enemies
By clearing these traps, the link will gradually become stronger, but the enemy characters that appear in the game will be gradually strengthened accordingly, so what kind of route is clearing the game It is also a point that the difficulty does not rise or fall at once. It's possible to defeat quite a few strong enemies from the beginning, and even if you think you got a fairly strong weapon or armor, you can be easily beaten by the enemy, so everything is left to the skill of the player. Thanks to this exquisite balance, the fact that you can always enjoy battles and adventures with enemies regardless of the order in which you complete the game is what many users feel as they play later. think.

The enemy is not only strong, but also attacks unilaterally so that it cannot be found in the shadows ...

It is also a point that you can fight freely, such as blasting enemies at each base. Of course, there are many actions that existed in previous series, but it is impressive that players can find more free ways to fight in 'The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild'.

Sometimes it's OK to mimic an enemy and pass. Miso doesn't mean you have to defeat the enemy.

However, since the “forward rotation” that has existed so far is gone, the series fans may feel a little miserable. However, instead of going forward, the new work now allows “jump”, and the feeling of freedom due to the disappearance of the 3D Zelda classic auto jump so far is tremendous.

◆ Numerous fine expressions like the legend of Zelda
In 3D Zelda's first work, “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time”, “The signboard can be cut vertically or horizontally” or “An object falls when it hits the tree” “Counterattack when attacking a chicken There are many 'realistic expressions close to reality' that have never been seen in previous games, such as `` Arrow that was shot with a bow and arrow is falling on the ground '' I was surprised so much that I could express it ...! ”, But“ The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild ”is also filled with such surprises.

Trees that exist all over the world

You can cut it down by attacking with a knife-type weapon.

If you cut this log further ...

It becomes a bunch of firewood.

And you have an item for creating a fire, a flint stone ...

Place it on the side of the bundle and hit it with a metal weapon.

Then it is possible to make a bonfire. In addition to this, multiple actions can be chained to cause various events.

Of course, it is not always necessary to have a specific item such as flint to fire a bonfire, but it is OK to get fire from a candlestick around it or to ignite it dynamically with a flame arrow. In addition, it is possible to perform dynamic cooking with direct fire using bonfire, and it is characteristic that you can do various things depending on the idea anyway.

Lumberjack Link Bonfire & Easy Baked Apple-YouTube

When you hit a stone against an NPC, you say “it” ...

When the link is cold, it gets cold, when it's hot, it gets hot.

At night, enemy characters sleep well.

In past series work, it was necessary to search for a heart by breaking acupoints or cutting grass to recover damage from enemies, but in `` The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild '' on a wide field You can restore your physical strength by cooking and resting at the inn using vegetables and fruits found in, and meat from hunted furry. It is strangely real that you must be cooked to recover your physical strength even though you should be in a fantasy world.

◆ Attractive characters
This is a link that used to be a character with a small number of words and a little self-assertion, but this time it is very expressive.

Embarrassed as a woman ...

Hidden faces are hidden, and the “linkiness” that has not been seen so far is scattered throughout.

There are many other screenshots of expressive links on Twitter. A link that makes you feel good

Joy link

Surprise link


Bitter expression link

Furthermore, even a link that immerses you in a macho pose.

Some people have discovered new ways to enjoy because of the rich expression of links.

There are also a number of strangely unique characters. Terry, who first appeared in “The Legend of Zelda-style Tact”, again sells travel tools to the link as a traveller.

Surrounded by Golon muscles ...

Encounter a flower-loving aunt ...

When I encounter a character that lies on the bed in a strangely colored pose, it feels like I can't stop.

The character's personality collides with the entire screen.

Link exchange with such characters is also interesting, especially check the remarks of the link.

◆ Summary
Each part of the game finds fun, such as “unbelievably fun and fun!” “After all, the action is fun!” “Mystery solving unique to 3D Zelda is the best!” However, since these elements are organized in a high dimension, anyway, you can find fun in every element, and even if you are playing, it is also fun and the adventure is often difficult to advance. Even if you are traveling to a certain destination, you will find a kite on the road and glide from a high place to clear the kite. And when I realized, “I ca n’t come back from here…” anyway, when I say “I ca n’t help exploring this area for a while!”, I forget the original purpose. What makes this side trip fun is the good point of “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”, and it's just too nice to have a free and balanced game to make a fun side trip. There is no doubt that it is the correct answer to enjoy the detour and surrounding roads, and as you stack it, the excitement when you clear the game is a little ... Please try to play.

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