I went to "Gotama" where you can freely combine toppings such as white balls and cakes to create over 12,000 different original parfaits

A shop where you can make your favorite white ball parfa by choosing five parts of white ball type · special Warabi purine type · source · main topping · accentShiratama specialty shop"is. There are plenty of kinds of toppings, from ice cream to fruit, soy sauce crackers from cake, and by combining them, it was possible to make more than 10,000 original parfaits.

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The address of the speech is "Higashi Ojiro Higashi Ojiro Kyoto Prefecture Gojo Tohto Mori Art Museum 584-5"

A few minutes walk from Gojozaka bus stop, a short walk through the pedestrian crossing under the elevated National Highway No.1 ......

There is something where I entered a little side street on the left. The shop opened on weekdays from 12:30 to 17, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 11:30 to 17, and arrived at 12 o'clock on weekdays, the waiters were zero.

However, around 12:20, about 15 people were in line.

While waiting, I will receive a binder like this. This is "original parfait order table".

The order table contains " Choose a shiratama" Choose special warabi plums" Select a source" I like two favorite items" Choose an accentThere is a column of "Each one is able to choose your favorite item. In the column of " Shiratama as you choose", there were options such as "Shiro, Matcha, Wormwood, Ichigo, Deep Fried, Fried Fried, Cheese fried", but when you visit a shop, you can choose It was only "Shiro". Likewise, special choice of Warabi Plum was able to choose from two kinds of "Matcha" and "Milk", depending on things, there were few choices, but still 13 types of sources, 33 kinds of "favorite 2", accents of 14 It is possible to choose from types. Calculating, it is possible to make a parade of 10 thousand streets.

Delivering the order sheet to the shop assistant, after a while, the shop opens.

The first floor of the shop is the kitchen, the cafe space is on the second floor, take off your shoes and go up the stairs.

Cafe space is like this. There was a similar feeling room next to the room shown in the image below and the seats totaled 19 seats in total.

If you wait for a while on a desk already having Obon, towel and tea ... ...

The parfa arrived in a few minutes.

Compared to the iPhone SE with a total length of 123.8 mm, the size of the parfa looks like this.

First I tried making the first parfait like Matcha.

Shiratama is "Shiro", sauce is matcha, "osuki two" is chocolate cake and Uji matcha, accent is soy sauce cracker.

Special made Warabi Plum made "Matcha"

The cornflakes laid under the harvest and the topping are not in the order list but seem to be all about parfait.

Another parfait is lots of strawberry elements.

Shiratama is "shiro", sauce is strawberry, "2 favorite" is strawberry ice cream and tart cake, accent is fresh cream.

The peach tart cake had been cut next to the harvest.

Special Warabi Plum is "Milk".

So I will eat. First off from the matcha parfait. Uji green tea has a slight smell of powdered tea, but bitterness is almost nothing ....

I often drink on a rice ball.

Ice was not selected as a topping but it was added. It is good that it mixes with Matcha sauce of bittersweet.

Brownie is moist and thick. Moreover, because it is large in size, it seemed to be sold as a single item dessert. I am already satisfied with satisfaction when I finish eating brownies ... ...

Because plenty of white balls are included, the response to eating is perfect.

Sweetness and saltiness are good in harvest ...

As the whole is a sweet parfait, soy sauce cracker chosen as an accent was doing a good job.

Special warabi plain has a bitter bitterness, pulp. There was little feeling like a warabirago feeling naturally, but in other words the plain was a slightly different mysterious texture. Because it is moderately sweet, it also goes well with topping whipped cream and sauce.

I also eat another strawberry parfait.

As Ichigo Ice is strawberry sauce, it is a parfa that you can enjoy sweet and sour.

Shiratamachi is still good. Compatibility with sweet sauce and whipped cream is also outstanding.

The thigh of the thigh was a relatively moist type though it was stuck in ice, but the cookie in the bottom part was crispy leaving a feeling. Peach is on top of the tart, like the brownies, this is also highly satisfying.

There was no milk flavor and the like for the special warabi plum "milk", but with a gentle taste, Ichigo sauce was mixed, so it was also like a strawberry milk.

The parcels delivered by people are diverse. There are unified parfaits with whitish shades overall, and colorful things that combine whatever you like as you like. Mangos and chocolate sauce are used for the parfait just before the following pictures.

Parfa with Castella and rare cheesecake ... ...

Some almonds were topped.

The price of parfait is basically uniform 750 yen including tax, although there seems to be "deco white ball" as an additional topping, but there was no treatment when visiting this time. Also, when I left the shop around 13 o'clock, nearly 30 people were in line so we need to wait even on weekdays.

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