"How to take Mario to skate" the world is enthusiastic, Mario's exquisite expression makes people crazy

"Super Mario OdysseyJust after the releaseTwo million pieces sold in 3 daysYes, we boast of explosive popularity all over the world. With Nintendo Switch, it is possible to shoot movies and screenshots with one button, so posting to SNS etc. can be done easily from there, so pictures & videos that contain the state of adventure of Mario every day on Twitter and so on are increasing. In the meantime, it is becoming popular worldwide to take pictures of "Mario if it is a skate" by misusing (?) Mario which changes costumes and entertains users in expressive fashion .

'Super Mario Odyssey' fans can not stop putting Mario in sexually compromising positions

I posted a moment of exquisite (?) Collaboration between frog and Mario,MashableIt is a writer ofTina AminiMr. This tweet has been retweeted more than 6700 times.

From another angle it looks like this.

This game is SO weird! # Supermarioodyssey

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Looking at that frog and Mario's moment in a movie is like this.

There was a person who also noticed the combination of frog and mario in Japan. The feeling of dynamism is up here by adding an effect.

Inspired by Tina Amini's tweet, she photographed Mario who will show off exquisite hiding art using characters and stamps in the game. Even so, the expression of Mario is excellent.

I do not say anything, but it looks something. Popularity that the number of retweets exceeds 10,000 times. One of the users of the online bulletin board reddit who saw this comment, "It's time to buy the Nintendo Switch."

"Mayor PerleenI was wearing a hatFace when I could not do it "

MFW I realized Pauline wears a hat so you can not control and do things to her in game

Mario of an unspeakable expression emphasizes more severeness.

"The local former plumber is hung by a hat to become nude in the public place and ruin the festival" tweet.

A similar idea tweet. It is completely a case.

Impression changes greatly with costume and pose Good (?) Example

There is also a report saying that he is shooting only like this.

Mario hidden with the view that you often see in late-night animation. Both facial expressions and poses are finished in Scheve Mario that is too exquisite.

Collaboration with birds ... ....

Various scheve marioes can be reproduced depending on ideas, such as Mario which has been wearing clothes exquisitely using well water such as fountain or not knowing whether they are not wearing.

Mario looking into the skirt with a lively look.

It is a very nice picture, but the degree of transformation will rise as words accompany it.

Whether the player is dissipating stress or Mario is getting stress ......

Mario provides us with an exquisite expression in each situation, you can see the underlying power of characters loved all over the world.

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