New animation list starting in the spring of 2017

A program reorganization period approaching many new TV programs beginning every three months has come near. Spring program reorganization period is a period when especially large changes are made, so the number of programs that will end in year-round are also many. As this season seems to include about 60 animations including short anime too, it seems that some works will be removed from viewing candidates before "Think after watching".

Below, we list in order from the closest broadcasting time.

Isoba Issoba Tales Second Phase

· Broadcast information
GYAO!: 3/6 (Monday) ~

· Work information

Time is Edo period. A young man who goes to the Bushido school "self-proclaim" every day as much as possible to become a fine samurai at the Edo of the flower, Issobe Ishibo. However, the unfaithful personality disappears and the way to a fine samurai is far. At any rate, it seems that Isogei is not going to be a big success on the stage in Edo, it is at the beginning of Edo life Simple.

The director handles a lot of short-anime gags such as "Petit -! Petit Idol Master -" "Kakko Kawaii Declaration!" "Gundam Mr."Muscle. There is broadcast of "Cinderella Girls Theater" this season.

The original is serialized in a form fixed at the end of the weekly Shonen Jump. Previously published volume 13.

Isoge Issobeh history story ~ Ukiyo is painful ~ 13 (jump comics) | fellow ryo | book | mail order | Amazon

Announcement of FLASH animation was announced at the same time as serialization, and it was delivered with "Jump LIVE" for smart phones and tablets. Beginning December 2015 as "Bean animation" of about 30 seconds in length, it flows in the interiors of movie theaters, television commercials, animate shops, etc. GYAO! And dTV delivery is done There. Exclusive distribution at GYAO! In the second term. By the way GYAO! Has cumulative number of views exceeded 11 million times.

Director: Makyu
Animation Production: Gathering
Copyright light notation: © Ryo Naka / Shueisha / Isoe Magistrate

Twitter:@ isobee_m

Isobe Isoebe: Yamashita Daiki
Nakajima Yoko: Murase Ayumi
Mothers: Takahashi Tomoaki
Hiraga Genji: Mr. Takashi Matsuyama
Shiga Daihachi: Rika Sakamoto
Dog-sama: Ayumi Murase
Daughter of a dumpling house: Takahashi Chisaki
Narration: Rika Sakamoto

Isobe Iso bean - YouTube

Go-chan. ~ Mcco and the friends of the forest of the shanku ~

· Broadcast information
AbemaTV Family Anime Channel: 3/18 (Sat) 19: 00 ~
TV Asahi: This spring

· Work information

In order to regain the peace of the Expander star, I left for a journey to find "Heart Plasma" "Go-chan. ". "Gou-chan reached the forest of Fuji of the earth. "Met with a girl living on the ranch with her grandfather Moko, and a mysterious animal who talks about human words · a boy, he had a good day there. One day a woman appears in a pasture. A woman urging her to live with Moko's grandmother living in the city. Moko's heart shakes by not having to leave her grandfather. "Go-chan, who knew the blemish of the heart of a young Moko. Do you think that there is something you can do for her ...?
Meanwhile, in the forest where the jungle lives, a mysterious phenomenon occurs with disturbing light. Humans who had eyes on rare Tsunju invaded the woods with capture rockets. "Go-chan. Can you protect your friends against humans? And can you find the "Heart Plasma" that is the purpose that came to Earth?

Director Tetsuo Yasumi of "Haitachi" "Black Witch passes"!, Screenplay is movie Doraemon "Nobita's New Makai Dai Adventure ~ Seven Wizards" "Novel Nobita's Space Pioneering History" "Nobita Yuichi Shimoo of "The Mermaid Battle of the Mermaid" and "Holy Star of the Alchemist of the Mourning Hill".

It is a feature animation based on TV Asahi's mascot character "Gou chan." Free screening at the theater is scheduled this spring. Broadcasting was carried out on March 5th in the CS Dynasty Channel.

Director: Tetsuo Yasumi
Screenplay: Yuichi Shinba
Production: Shinyi video
Planning cooperation: Sanrio
Production · Writing: TV Asahi
Copyright light notation: © 2011, 2015 tv asahi · SANRIO

Moko: Ai Kinano
Elder Tamarin: Tomokazu Sugita
Kinchan: Hiroki Kaji
Mr. Duck Nobunaga Shimazaki
Katsumi Naga
Masaharu Sato
Valley of children
Kazari Yumi

[Trailer animation] Theatrical version animation "Go-chan. ~ Moko and Chinjuu no Mori no Makoto ~" - YouTube

Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt 2nd Season

· Broadcast information
· Delivery
Episode 5 3/24 (Friday) 12: 00 ~
Episode 6 4/28 (Friday) 12: 00 ~
7th episode 5/31 (Wednesday) 12: 00 ~
Episode 8 6/30 (Friday) 12: 00 ~

Digital cell distribution (800 yen without tax / no viewing deadline): Amazon Video, TSUTAYA TV, Hikari TV, PlayStation ™ Video, bonobo, Rakuten Shaw Time
Rental delivery (400 yen tax-free) · Gundam Fan Club, Bandai Channel, etc.

· Work information
Seven months after the end of the one year war. The remnants of the Republic of Zeon continued their battle for rebuilding the nation without following the end of the war agreement, and the warlord "Nanyang League" was planning the independence from the declining control of the Federation. In that movement, Daryl · Lorenz who lost the Gundam by manipulating the psycho-zak and survived the "Thunderbolt Space Zone" called Hell, is a psycho-zak developer that the Nanyang League is hiding Receiving a duty to recapture one of. Meanwhile, the lieutenant Io Fleming, who was fighting with Darryl, was given a new Gundam "Atlas Gundam", a strategy to prevent the Psycho-Zaku revival by the Alliance, code name "Thunderbolt Strategy" was about to begin .

The staff / cast team has not changed much since the 1st season, and Mr. Matsuo Hirie of "Revolutionary Valve Rave" "Summer Snow Rendezvous" "Red" "Rosen Maiden (1st Period - Obertuele)" is responsible. As in the first season, it is decided that in the fall all four episodes will be screened at theaters in batches.

The original isBig comic Superior series9 volumes already published.

Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt 9 (Big Comics Special) | Otaagaki Yasuo, Yae Hajime, Tomino Yoshiyuki | book | mail order | Amazon

Original: Hajime Yaechi, Yoshiyuki Tomino
Manga original work · design: Yasuo Otaki
Director · Screenplay: Hironori Matsuo
Animation character design: Hiroyasu Takaya
Mobile Suit Suit: Kunio Okawara
Animation Mechanical Design: Naka Moriwa, Seiichi Nakatani, Katoki Hajime
Art Director: Nakamura Toru Oki
Color design: Takaki Suzuki
CG Director: Tomohiro Fuji
Monitor design: Takashi Aoki
Director of Photography: Taro Akira
Edit: Daisuke Imai
Music: Kikuchi Seiho
Acoustic Director: Eriko Kimura
Sound effect: Mutsuhiro Nishimura
Production: Sunrise
Copyright light notation: © Suzuto · Sunrise

Io Fleming: Yuichi Nakamura
Daryl Lorenz: Ryohei Kimura
Bianca Carlisle: Yurina Furukawa
Billy Hickham: Ryota Aisaka
Vincent · Pike: Tomokazu Sugita
Claudia · Pale: It is Ryuzo
Cala Mitcham: Sayaka Ohara

Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt 2nd Season PV - YouTube

My Hero Accademia (Phase 2)

· Broadcast information
Yomiuri TV · Nippon TV series: 3/25 (Sat) 17: 30 ~

· Work information
The "Yu-UK Sports Festival" held at Yu-Yeon High School boasts a scale that replaces the "Olympic Games of the past" and is counted as one of Japan's big events, so that the top heroes of the whole country come to see for the purpose of scouting . However, since it is held once a year, it can be issued three times before graduation. It was an absolutely impossible event if I was trying to be a hero. With active activity and you can take the first step towards a professional, everyone is called Nyorinori, Deku is invoked to Almighty, the activity limit time of Almight is about 50 minutes now, keeping the muscle form is nearly an hour and a half It is informed of the fact that it is only. The time for Almight to stand as a symbol of peace is almost finished. Besides, some enemies have started to notice this. Almight, that is why, in the sports festival, which is a big event that the whole country is paying attention to, it entrusts to being in Deck.
"I want you to let the world know that you came!"

The director · Kenji Nagasaki and the series composition · Yousuke Kuroda are making a pair in "Gundam Build Fighters".First phaseHas been broadcasting in spring - summer 2016, there are no changes in staff and cast, but the broadcasting station has been changed from MBS · TBS line to Yomiuri TV · Nippon TV series.

Prior to broadcasting from 12:54 on March 18Special program "Kendo Kobayashi presents" My hero academia "Accademia"Is broadcasted.

The original is "Weekly Shonen Jump" serialized in 12 volumes. Volume 13 is scheduled to be released on April 4, and the enclosed version of the DVD will be on sale "My Hero Accademia Rescue! Rescue Training!" Animated version of the original writer who links the first and second periods .

My Hero Accademia 12 (Jump Comics) | Korihiro Horikoshi | Books | mail order | Amazon

Original · Story draft: Kohei Horikoshi
Director: Kenji Nagasaki
Series composition · Screenplay: Yuusuke Kuroda
Character design · Total drawing director: Yoshihiko Magoshi
Music: Yuki Hayashi
Animation Production: Bonds
Copyright notation: © Kohei Horikoshi / Shueisha · My hero Accademia Production Committee

Hashtag: #heroaca_a

OP: Yuzu Genki "Peace Sign"
ED: Little Glee Monster

Muroya Teruyuki
Almight: Kenta Miyake
Katsumi Bakuro: Okamoto Nobuhiko
Oshika Rei: Ayane Sakura
Tianya Iida: Ishikawa Toshinin
Rewroading: Yuuki Kaji
Frog Blow Me Rain: Yuki Aki
Mine Minoru: Hirohashi Ryo
Kashiro Kurisaki: Toshiki Masuda
8 million hundreds: Mary Inoue
Shogun Shogun: Yoshimasa Hosoya
Kamiki Electric: Yu Hatanaka
Aizawa Shota: Junichi Suwabe
Death pattern faith: Uchiyama Takashi

"My Hero Accademia" TV Anime New Series PV 3rd [OP Theme: "Peace Sign" Yonezu Genkai] - YouTube

A story from "Genians without Glory"

· Broadcast information
NHK BS 1: 3/25 (Sat) 20: 00 ~ 20: 49

· Work information
What is inherited to athletes who are aiming for the Olympic Games, a special program that tells the appeal of sports, as a unit of authentic drama drawn with animation and present progressive documentary.

The first theme is "swimming". In the animation part, after the end of the war, Japan took time to surpass the world record of the time before returning to the International Swimming Federation, joined the National Championship in 1949 when returning to the International Swimming Federation, 400 m Freestyle · 800 m Freestyle · Established a new world record with 1500 m freestyle and was admired "Fujiyama's flying fish"Hirounobu FuruhashiDraw a life of.

In the documentary part, Kosuke Kitajima and others who were influenced by Furuhashi and others, swimmers and leaders of Japan appeared, and it is explored what Furuhashi's inheritance is.

The original of the animation part is Tomoyoshi Ito, Shingo Morita's "Genius without Glory". The second is May broadcast, the content is scheduled to be "land", so candidates to be picked up arePersimmon Keiko, Takayuki Yoshioka, Yukichi Tsuburaya.

Genius Without Glory 1 (Young Jump Comics) | Shingo Morita, Tomoyoshi Ito | Books | mail order | Amazon

· Animation part
Original: Tomoyoshi Ito, Shingo Morita
Screenplay: Shin Sekijima
Director: Toshiki Fukushima
Animation production: J.C.STAFF
Production: NHK Enterprise

· Documentary part
Documentary Production: TVman Union
Production: NHK Global Media Service
Music: Taku Matsutani
Production · work: NHK

· Animation part
Hirounobu Furuhashi: Daisuke Ono
Konishi Katsuyuki, Takeo, others

· Documentary part
Kosuke Kitajima, Kosuke Hagino, Koji Ueno (in charge of strengthening the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020, Japan Swimming Federation Executive Managing Director), Hachi Hirai (Japan national team head coach)
Narration: Ryoko Sakakibara

OVA High School Fleet

· Broadcast information
BS 11: 3/31 (Friday) 23: 30 ~
※ OVA first part "Saya Sachiko is pinching!"

· Work information
TV broadcasting of the new OVA (released on May 24) of TV animation "High School Fleet" broadcasted from April 20 to June 2016. OVA is a two-piece "Fukui Saya Sachiko is pinching!" "Saka Saya Sachiko is also pinching!", But only the first part is broadcast on TV.

Original plan: Takaaki Suzuki
Series composition · Screenplay: Reiko Yoshida
Character original plan: あ と と
Director: Shinada Yu
Character design · total drawing director: Naoto Nakamura
Color design: Hitomi Ikeda
Background: Headworks
Music: Shogo Komori (F.M.F)
Animation Production: Production I'ms
CG Graphic production / shooting / editing: Graphica
Copyright notation: © AIS / Maritime Safety Administration Bureau

@ hai _ fr

Misaki Nagisawa: Natsukawa Yukina
Munero Soya: Lynn
Shima Tateishi: Kochi Nozomi
Nishizaki Shigei: Atsumi Tanezaki
Saya Yuko: Yuuko Kurose
Shioriboru: Kure Urika
Ogasawara Hikari: Masaharu Sawada
Takeda Mikuru Teru: Kikuchi Hitomi
Junko Hioki: Mika Tanaka
Matsunaga Riko: Maruki Yuka
Tomoko Himeji: Yasunori Tanabe
Manirokoji Kaede: Nakamura Sakura
Katsuta Satoko: May May
Yamashita Hideko: Earth leaves
Mayumi Uchida: Ei Miyajima
Yagi Tamaki: Yamashita Nanimiya
Uda: Akane Fujita
Makiko Noma: Yu Kobayashi
Masayuki Yanagihara: Natsumi Takamori
Hiromu Kuroki: Aikawa Aoni
Wakasa Rei: Shimizu Ayaka
Ise Sakura: Megumu Fukasa
Suruga Kana: Ozawa Abe
Hirota Hiroshi: Ayako Kaneko
Kazuhiro Kazuyoshi: Hiyori Nitta
Aomi Yomi: Ohashi walking evening
Ms. Irako Irako: Asakura Momo
Akane Kisaki · Honorable: Kanae Ito
Etc. Matsumi Sea: Airi Otsu
Miki Kakigi: Kana Aumi
Momokae: Amamiya Tian
Fifty-six: Satoshi Tsuruoka
Villemena: Hiromi Igarashi

Future Card Buddy Fight X (Butts)

· Broadcast information
TV Aichi · TV Tokyo series: 4/1 (Sat) 8: 00 ~

· Work information
Under the unanimous King, you will hear the news that you were elected Dragon World representative of Buddy Fight's world championship "World Buddy Masters". Fang King who went to search for a buddy, brought to Saint Holy Sword · Dragon who came as a messenger, meets Demon King Dragon Butts who once destroyed Dragon World. It is a bashful bat that does not listen to what others say, but he believes that if King becomes a bat it will participate in the tournament. Around the legendary "Mirage Card" awarded to the winner, the fight between King King and Butz leads to an unexpected incident.

A new series of cartoons based on Bushiroad's card game "Future Card Buddy Fight" as a motif. On March 15, the first deck of the start deck "Demon Robot Dragon" · 2nd "Dragons · Fielder" will be released.

On YouTube's CoroCoro Channel, the full series of storytelling of the previous series 'Buddy Fight DDD' is being done for a limited time.

Total Production: Takaaki Kidani
Plan / Draft: Bushiroad, Shogakkan
Director: Shigetaka Ikeda
Animation production: OLM · XEBEC

OP: Nana cucumber parco (Tokui Aozora) & Morimori "Brave Soul Fight!"
ED: Ayako Kinoshita "Fight against the Tower!"

Unknown King: Mari Mizuno
Butsu: Koyama Oyama
Large Arrow Battle: Hideo Morishima
Uki KUGURU: Future Sasaki
Noboru Torato: Izumi Tachida
Chibipanda (black clothes): Saito Ayaka
Wisdom: Hirofumi Nojima
Sakate: Yukito Kikuchi

Silver Tomb Guard (Guardian)

· Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 4/1 (Sat) 21: 00 ~

· Work information
High school student · land mercury (Riku Suikin) boasts professional skills as regards games. At one point, the perfect lady, Lou Wu Ling, who is going to the same school with the eyebrows Hidefumi and Bunmu Avenue, receives a device of the net game "Robbery Game [Grave Buster]", but Ling suddenly gets kidnapped. As soon as I touched the remaining device, mercury was sucked into the game world. It was the world that the grave vandalism and grave protection continued the 1000-year battle over the grave of Mother God of the Earth and Machikodo.

Directed by Masahiko Okura of "Battle Fairy Yukikaze", series composition is "Kiddy · Grade" · "Kiddy · Garland" Kimura Hifumi.

The original web comic that the cumulative total of 4 billion PV has passed throughout the world.

Director: Masahiko Okura
Series composition: Kimura Hidefumi, Okura Masahiko
Character design · total drawing director: Yoshiaki Tsuba
Copyright light notation: © TENCENT

Twitter:@ ginno_guardian
Hash tag: # Grave of silver

OP: Rin Akatsuki "Mamoritsunagu"

Land mercury: Jun Fukuyama
Yu Ling: Yuke Saito

April 2017 Anime new program "Grave of Silver" "Gin No Guardian: The Silver Guardian" PV big show! - YouTube

Advance Giant Season 2

· Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 4/1 (Sat) 22: 00 ~ other
MBS: 4/1 (Sat) 25: 58 ~
BS 11: 4/2 (Sunday) 25: 00 ~
Terebellum: 4/5 (Wednesday) 23: 00 ~
Cibatelle: 4/5 (Wednesday) 23: 00 ~
Gunma TV: 4/5 (Wednesday) 25: 00 ~
Sanyo Broadcasting: 4/5 (Wednesday) 25: 50 ~
TV Oita: 4/5 (Wed) 25: 59 ~
Niigata Broadcasting: 4/5 (Wednesday) 26: 20 ~
tvk: 4/6 (Thursday) 25: 00 ~
TV Aichi: 4/6 (Thu) 25: 35 ~
Hokkaido Television: 4/6 (Thu) 26: 05 ~
Chinese broadcasting: 4/6 (Thurs) 26: 25 ~
Togi TV: 4/7 (Fri) 23: 30 ~
Shin-Etsu Broadcasting: 4/7 (Friday) 25: 55 ~
Tohoku Broadcasting: 4/7 (Friday) 26: 30 ~
Fukuoka Broadcasting: 4/10 (Monday) 26: 04 ~
Shizuoka Broadcasting: Broadcast start date to be determined
IBC: Broadcast start date TBD
Ai TV: Broadcast start date to be determined
Kumamoto Broadcasting: Broadcast start date to be determined

· Work information
Ellen who finally succeeded in capturing the "female giant" finally faces the "new mystery" which sleeps in the wall at the same time. Many giants attacked from the south after Wall Rosé broke through, and human beings could not identify the identity of the super large giant, the identity of the armor giant, other enemy forces, and even a new giant , It will confront "beast giant". The beast giant can throw a horse, speak human language and also command other giants by command. Among the giants that attack one after another, Ellen closes Wall Rosée and Wall Mary with whatever method, if the truth of the word Ellen says sleeps goes to that 'basement' All answers Believe that you should understand, choose to "fight". And it is clear that those who can talk about "the secret of the wall" are in the investigation corps, but at the same time, surprising facts emerge.

Tetsuro Araki who served as the director in the first phase of television anime became coach and general manager Masashi Hozuka entered the coach. The series composition continues to be "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure" "Fragrance -DIVINE FLAME-"Yasuko Kobayashi.

The original is in separate volume juvenile magazine serialization, published volume 21 volumes.

Advance Giant (21) (Kodansha Comics) | Isayama Shu | Books | mail order | Amazon

TOKYO MX broadcasts OAD "Advance Giant" Regentless Selection "bundled with Comics 15 and 16 volume limited edition from 19 o'clock March 25.

Advance giant "Regretful choice" trailer 【New animation original with DVD limited edition comic 15 volumes released on 9th December! 】 - YouTube

Total Director: Tetsuro Araki
Director: Masashi Hōzuka
Series composition: Yasuko Kobayashi
Character design: Kyoji Asano
Animation Production: WIT STUDIO
Copyrights notation: © Creation of Isayama, Kodansha / "Giants of Advance" Production Committee

Twitter:@ anime_shingeki
Hashtag: #shingeki

Ellen: Hiroki Kaji
Mikasa: Yui Ishikawa
Armin: Marya Inoue

TV animation "Advance Giant" Season 2 PV 1st - YouTube

Grand Blue Fantasy The Animation

· Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 4/1 (Sat) 24: 00 ~
AbemaTV: 4/1 (Sat) 24: 00 ~
BS 11: 4/1 (Sat) 24: 00 ~
Gunma TV: 4/1 (Sat) 24: 00 ~
Tochigi Television: 4/1 (Sat) 24: 40 ~ (24: 00 ~ after the 2nd talk)
MBS: 4/1 (Sat) 27: 28 ~
AT-X: 4/3 (Monday) 22: 30 ~
TV Aichi: 4/5 (Wed) 26: 05 ~
Hokkaido Broadcasting System: 4/5 (Wednesday) 26: 28 ~
RKB Everyday: 4/5 (Wednesday) 26: 30 ~
Sagatetebi: 4/6 (Thu) 25: 55 ~

· Work information
Animation based on the domestic best social game "GRANBLUE FANTASY" that the number of registrants exceeded 14 million people.

Directed by Yuhi Ito of "Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid".

Director: Yuji Ito
Animation series director: Ayako Kurata
Screenplay: Cygames
Character design: Toshifumi Akai
Total drawing general manager: Asami Komatsu, Akira Takada, Yuki Imoto
Prop Design: Akira Takada
Effect animation: Takashi Hashimoto
Art setting: Shiho Takeuchi, Kazushi Fujii
Art director: Masatoshi Kai (STUDIO KAIMU)
Color design: Kazuko Nakajima
3D Director: Shinoda Shinji (Warrior Gate)
Director of Photography: Nozomi Sekiya (Graphicnica)
2D Works · Special Effect: Saya Utsumi (Graphicnica)
Edit: Shiki Mishima (Graphicnica)
Music: Nobuo Uematsu, Tsutomu Narita, Yasutoshi Nishiki
Acoustic director: Yoichi Hayakawa, Ryo Tanaka
Acoustic production: Tohokushinsha
Production: A-1 Pictures
Production: Anime "Grand Blue Fantasy" Production Committee
Copyright notation: © Animation "Grand Blue Fantasy" Production Committee

Twitter:@ anime_gbf
Hashtag: # Animated Globule

ED: HARUHI "Parade"

Gran: Yuki Ono
Lulia: Nao Higashiyama
Bie: Rie Kugimiya
Catalina: Miyuki Sawashiro
Rakham: Hiroaki Hirata
Io: Yukari Tamura
Rosetta: Rie Tanaka
Sherrokalte: Ei Mi Kato
Drunk: Tomokazu Sugita
Sturm: Kanae Ito

"Grand Blue Fantasy the Animation" 2nd PV - YouTube

Monst Animation Second Season (Animation Monster Strike)

· Broadcast information
YouTubeMonst Animation Official Channel: 4/1 (Saturday)

· Work information
When Flor Len repaired a broken smartphone, since the application "Monster Strike" was installed without permission, it is caught up in the battle as it progresses. Eventually, along with their colleagues, they will face the truth of what the memory of Nazo sleeps within and what the monster strike is.

The director plans to broadcast the summer of 2017A clean male! Aoyama-kunIchikawa Miya who is scheduled to be in charge of ". I am in charge of story · project compositionIshijiroWas a game designer / writer, known as the general manager of the game "428 - blocked Shibuya ~", and also served as a film director at the "Female Chess player's Spring" published in December 2016. Series composition · Screenplay is "Yokai Watch" "Aikatsu!"Yoichi Kato.

The original is mixi's popular smartphone game, animation first season is delivered on YouTube from October 2015. As the eve of the second season, from March 25, "Delivery of the end of craving" distribution starts. In addition, all 54 episodes of First Season (including Special 2 episodes)It is officially distributed on YouTube.

Director: Masaya Ichikawa
Story · Project structure: Ishijiro
Series composition · Screenplay: Yoko Kato
Character design draft: Tatsuro Iwamoto
Monster design draft: Masayuki Kondo
Animation character design: Maki Takata
CG Director: Ryota Fukushima
Color design: Yumi Nanki
Art Director: Haneko Hane
Director of Photography: Takuya Miyashita
Music: Shin Akatsuki (MONACA), Keiichi Hirokawa (MONACA), Kuniyuki Takahashi (MONACA)
Acoustic director: Kawahito Meida
Edit: Masaki Sakamoto
Effect supervision: Takashi Hashimoto
Animation Producer: Yuji Miyazaki
Producer: Hirasawa Naoshi
Animation character design: Kenichi Onuki
Animation monster design: Masahiko Okura
Art Director: Hiroshi Kato, Izumi Kochi
Acoustic director: Kawahito Meida
Music: Sakamoto Eiki
Production: Studio Hibari / Ultra Super Pictures
Copyright light notation: © mixi, Inc.

Twitter:@ monst_riex

Flor Len: Yusuke Kobayashi
Mizusawa Aoi: Lynn
Shadow Tsukiyo: Ken Saito
Young leaves Yomihiro: Kimura Zaku
ORACON: Jun Fukushima
Shirahama sun: Katsuyuki Konishi
Kamikura Haruma: Daisuke Ono
Flame March: Mamiko Noto
Flame Fire phosphorus: Ruri Murakawa
Ayumi Fukuhara: Hiromi Sakurai

Monst animation seen in 100 seconds 【Monst anime official】 - YouTube

Princess Elena of Abarau

· Broadcast information
TV Tokyo series: 4/2 (Sunday) 7: 30 ~

· Work information
Elena, the princess Elena, intercepts the witch Shriki who has entered into the magical kingdom full of beautiful nature Abarau alone. When Shriki says a danger by casting a spell, Elena escapes the difficulty by being drawn into "the pendant of the avaloau". Elena who managed to repair the witch managed to restore peace to the avarow, but he is still young, 16 years old. Elena aims to be a good queen, learn various experiences with his colleagues and learn.

"Small Princess Sofia"A special edition" Princess Elena of Aborrow / Secrets of Elena and Abareaus "that connects the two works will be broadcast on Disney Channel on March 18th. The main broadcasting in Japan on Disney Channel started on November 27, 2016.

Elena: Hashizume Mika

【PROMO】 "Aberdeen's Princess Elena" on the air on Disney Channel! - YouTube

Duel Masters (New Series)

· Broadcast information
TV Tokyo series: 4/2 (Sun) 8: 30 ~

· Work information
The original is Takara Tomy's trading card game, and cartoons serialized on it based on it. This is the 14th work since the broadcast began as "Duel Masters" in autumn 2002. Sometimes a big change of setting has been done, and even in this work the main character will be changed to "Trump Joe".

Expansion pack of card game New 1st bullet "Jokers Rushes!"Released on March 25.

Director Shinobu Sasaki who is in charge of the series since "Duel Masters VS". The series composition is a combination of Sasaki and "Duel Masters VS"Yoichi Kato.

Director: Shinobu Sasaki
Series composition: Yoichi Kato
Character design: Yosuke Hisumoto
3dCG Director: Yoko Tagoh
Animation Production: ascension, Shogakkan Music & Digital Entertainment
Copyright notation: © 2017, Wizards of the Coast, Shogakukan, Mitsui / Kids, ShoPro, TV TOKYO

Trump jeal: Yumiko Kobayashi
Decky: Sato Saseji
Kira: Toshiyuki Toyonaga

New program "Duel Masters" started broadcasting in spring 2017! - YouTube

Alice and Kuraro

· Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 4/2 (Sunday) 22: 30 ~
KBS Kyoto: 4/2 (Sun) 23: 00 ~
Sun TV: 4/2 (Sunday) 24: 30 ~
BS 11: 4/4 (Tue) 24: 00 ~
AT-X: 4/7 (Friday) 22: 00 ~ other
※ 60 minutes broadcast for the first time

· Work information

Until then she did not know the "outside world". Things touched for the first time, scenery first seen, people who meet for the first time ... ....
Puzzled, surprised, open your eyes on the spread of such "world".
Name is Saisei (Sana). A girl who was born and raised without knowing "the outside world" at a facility called "Institute". Moreover, it was also the owner of a special ability called "Alice's Dream" to embody every imagination.
And for the first time outside, she meets an old man. Kashimura Kurashi is the name. A stubborn grandpa "hated to bend" and "bad is bad". Such encounter with Kuraragu will change the fate of Say name greatly.
A mysterious organization that follows the saw name, ability men who appear one after another, encounters with gentle people ... .... "Alice" who was naive to the world got through the mirror gate (Looking Glass) and knows the true appearance of the world.
- Yes, this is a story about when I was able to go to the country of dream freely.

Directed by Sakura Shigeru of "Furinatoru Uichi" "Lostorage incited WIXOSS". Fumihiko Takayama of "Blue Flower" series composition. As a work by Sakura Takayama Tag "Gunparade March - New Martial Arts Song" is.

The original isMonthly COMIC Ryu seriesAt the 17th Cultural Affairs Media Arts Festival Manga Division New Artist Award winning work. 7 volumes already published.

Alice and Kura 6 (7) 【With electronic limited award paper】 (RYU COMICS) | Tetsuya Imai | Comic | Kindle Store | Amazon

Original: Tetsuya Imai
Director: Sakura Shigeru
Series composition: Fumihiko Takayama
Character design: Kazunori Iwakura
Art setting: Yoshinori Hirose
Art director: Takumi Yanagihara
Color design: Kana Tanabe
Director of Photography: Yoshio Okochi
Edit: Masahiro Goto (REAL-T)
Music: TO-MAS
Acoustic Director: Miwa Iwami
Animation production: J.C.STAFF

Twitter:@ alicetozouroku
Hashtags: # Alice and Kuraro #arizou

OP: ORESAMA "Wonder Drive"
ED: toi toy toi (kotringo edition) "Chant"

Sawa Name: Hitomi Owada
Kashimura Kuroku: Otsuka Akio
Sanae Kashimura: Aki Toyosaki
Mr. Asahi Chisa: Natsumi Fujiwara
Chisina Yoga: Aki Kito
Ichijin: Ami Koshimizu
Ryu Naito: Yoshitada Otsuka
Yuriko Yamada: Yuuki Hirose
"Minnie C" · Tachibana: Mamiko Noto
Koichi Kito: Masanari Matsukaze
Creo: Hidemitsu Uchida

TV anime "Alice and Kura 6" PV · 1st bullet - YouTube


· Broadcast information
Animax: 4/2 (Sun) 23: 30 ~ other
BS 11: 4/2 (Sunday) 24: 00 ~
TOKYO MX: 4/2 (Sunday) 24: 30 ~

· Work information
Kamioka east middle school 2nd year 2 pairs · Kazuya Kagami kids fall from the roof on the roof of the school when attacked by hair stuff. Although it was Kazuya who was prepared to die, suddenly the beautiful girl of white Japanese clothes that appeared suddenly saved his life and acknowledged the promise of "I will help if you become a daughter", and that beautiful girl Kiriha Living with living together starts with. An overprotective sister who wants to take a bath together at once, a braid + glasses + baby girl + a childhood chairperson of childhood friend, Katoishi Chitosani, and a shrine maiden of "dynamite tits" furthermore Etc. will appear, and the causes of incidents that occur one after another will gradually become apparent.

The director · series composition was responsible for the storyboard staging and production of "Overload" episode 6 · 11th episode and "Battery" episode 3 · episode 9
Ryoichi Kuraniya.

The original was published in the monthly action series 18 volumes. 18.5 volumes (official guidebook) and 19 volumes will be released simultaneously on March 11.

Tsumonomo (19) (Action comics (monthly action)) | Yoshikazu Hamada | book | mail order | Amazon

Original: Yoshikatsu Hamada
Director · Series composition: Ryoichi Kuraniya
Character design · General drawing director: Kiyotaka Nakahara
Overall director: Masaaki Sakurai
Color design: Atsushi Furukawa
Art setting: Hiroyuki Ochi
Art director: Kenichi Tajiri (Mukuostudio)
Music: Koji Takanashi
Music Production: Pony Canyon
Acoustic director: Hiroko Togo
Acoustic production: Noa
Edit: Masamitsu Utsunomiya
Director of Photography: Ryohei Matsuda
CGI: Yasuda Kanomori
Animation Production: Zerozie
Copyright notation: © Yoshikazu Hamada · Futabasha / Tsumono Production Committee

Hashtag: # Tsumo

Kazuya Kagami: Yuko Sanbe
Kiriha: Naomi Ozori
Chrisat Kohki: Noriko Shibasaki
Kurukuri: Kure Urika
Kuroyoh: Eriko Matsui
Narration: Kikuko Inoue

Tsukimoni PV - YouTube

In the night of coloring that intersects monks ...

· Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 4/2 (Sunday) 25: 00 ~
※ All 12 episodes

· Work information
The first love partner · Mr. Kujyo who met Mikakura at the reunion reunion entered the Buddhist gate by following his parents' temple. Mikura who expected the dramatic love affair from the reunion thought that the monk is a lifetime bachelor and was burned and drunk. I got obliged to send it to the house by Article 9, I was surrounded and reached to the point just before I got a relationship.
"I even love monks and get married and I have sex."

Director Hideki Araki of OVA "Innocent Paradise". The series composition / screenplay is Makoto Takada 's "Mr. Oshima is the Student Council President!" "Susuma is the Student Council President!

The original is 3 volumes published in a digital comic magazine · W Comics series. Four volumes will be released on April 18th.

In the evening of coloring that intersects monks ... 4 (Clair TL comics) | Masashi Leon, Published Comet Corporation Released Nebusa | Book |

Original: Masashi Leung
Director: Hideki Araki
Series composition · Screenplay: Makoto Takada
Character design: Aoba み み ず
Animation Production: Seven
Production: The meeting to watch over the anxieties of Kujo-kun

Hashtag: # anime monk

Mika Fukaya: Hara Mika
Takahide Kujyo: Suzuki leaves
Kujyo Yukitaka: Koi Tsuda Rinya
Kujyo Kiyotaka: Crazy Perm
Shoji Kujo: Akiyama Niels

World Fool News Season 2

· Broadcast information
Gunma TV: 4/2 (Sun) ~

· Work information
Initially, it was produced as a web animation of 1 story 5 minutes and 6 storys in 2013, and in 2014 all TV animations of 12 episodes were produced and broadcast as the first animation of Gunma TV's own company.

Director is an animation writer / illustrator from Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture,Masimoyuu.

Director: Masimoyuu
Copyright notation: Masimoyu / Gunma TV / Comics · Wave · Film

Beyblade Burst God (God)

· Broadcast information
TV Tokyo series: 4/3 (Monday) 17: 55 ~

· Work information

Aoi Balt who was active in the Japanese tournament receives a scout from the Spanish prestigious club BC Sol and decides to go to Spain. With the world set aside, the days of Aoi Balt and his colleagues' World League challenge began. However, in order to gain participation in the World League, you have to win in the European league. Is Balt able to take BC Sol to the World League? And can you beat the world 's powerful people?
The story of fierce fighting and growth of Aoi Balto aiming at the top of the world began.

Based on the toy "Beyblade" (3rd generation) released from Takara Tomy as a motif original by manga serialized in Korokoro comic.

Original: Mori Tomo Hiro
Overall director: Katsuhito Akiyama
Director: Kentaro Yamaguchi
Series composition: Hideki Sonoda
Character design: Toshiaki Ohashi
Acoustic Director: Yuki Matsuoka
Music: Zain Effendi
Animation Production: OA LIM
Production: TV Tokyo / Dee Lights
Copyright notation: © Hiro Morita, BBBProject, TV TOKYO


OP: Kitagawa Kenichi "EVOLUTION BURST!"
ED: Senor Anamie "Baysa Size"

Aoi Baltic: Mary Inoue
Free De La Hoya: Shiraishi Ryoko
Cisco · Carlisle: Takashi Terashima
Cusa Ackerman: Junko Takeuchi
Huruyama Tantaro: Okabayashi Tasao
Small purple Wakiya: Yu Kobayashi
Kurojin Daina: Takagaki Ayang

Akindo's Little Peso

· Broadcast information
TOKYO MX 1: April 3 (Mon) 21: 55 ~

· Work information

A generous star in the universe, Akindo the star. However, the peso, the star of the star, is a life-conscious Gutara life with a mobile game every day. One day the king finally broke, saying "Please collect the gold of the whole universe here!" And the peso will be thrown out to the universe together with the child.
A business battle with individuality rich stars who meet in the future. The peso struggles with the hilarious possession in hand ... ....
It is a story of the money of the universe which becomes laughable and becomes fussless so much.

Director / screenwriter is known for such as "Paper Rope" and "CATMAN"Ryozo Aoi.

LINE game of the same nameBased on animation based on, the game is scheduled to start soon. The number of advance registrants exceeded 500,000 people.

Director / Screenplay: Ryozo Aoi
Character design: So What, Inc.
Produce: Imaginia Co., Ltd.
Animation Production: Fanworks Co., Ltd.
Copyright light notation: © SoWhat, Inc. / © Imagineer Co., Ltd. / © Fanworks Inc.

Twitter:@ LINE_PESO_JP
Hashtag: # LINE peso

Peso: Ryoko Hara
Louvre: Takuya Eguchi
Marc: Toshiharu Sakurai
King: Tadahisa Nishimae
Pilat: Masaki Sekiyama

TV anime "Little Peso of Akind Stars" Promotion Movie - YouTube

Sorry to make you laugh NEW

· Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 4/3 (Monday) 23: 00 ~
Yomiuri Television: 4/3 (Mon) 25: 59 ~
BS 11: 4/4 (Tue) 25: 30 ~
Animax: 4/7 (Friday) 24: 00 ~

· Work information
People call and "smiley umu sorry" 黒 黒 黒 造 が が が が が が................................................................ 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人If you emerge in front of a person who is suffering from stress and darkness of the mind again today, I will fulfill my wish. However, when breaking the promise you will be paid a great price ... ....
"I will fill your skill of your heart."

The director is Hirofumi Ogura of "New Imassin" "Black Butler II".

The original is Fujiko Fujio Ⓐ's manga, a total of 5 volumes in a bunko. It was animated in the variety show "Gimmy · Buretuku" which was planned such as the excavation project of Tokugawa buried gold by Shigesato Itoi and "the greatest quiz king decision history in history" at Ohashi Kuroizumi chairman, and was specialized in 1993 special number It has been a new work since more than 20 years since. Furthermore, it was playing mourning black fulcrum by old workOhira Toru passed away in April 2016In this work, Teruaki Genda that Ohira had nominated as a successor takes over the role.

Sorry to make you smile (5) (中文 / bunko - comic version) | Fujiko Fujio A | book | mail order | Amazon

Original: Fujiko Fujio Ⓐ
Director: Hirofumi Ogura
Screenplay: Naohiro Fukushima, Asami Ishikawa, summer green
Character design · Total drawing director: Takao Suzuki
Art director Minoru Nishida
Color design: Akiko Inoue
Director of Photography: Makoto Makino
Edit: Yumiko Nakajima
Acoustic director: Koichi Iizuka
Music: Kohei Tanaka
Animation Production: Shinyi Video
Planning and production cooperation: TMS ENTERTAINMENT
Copyright notation: © Fujiko Studio / Laughing Er sorry NEW Production Committee

Mourning Fukuzo: Teruaki Genda

Sorry to make you smile NEW - YouTube

Stami Second Phase

· Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 4/3 (Monday) 24: 00 ~
Sun TV: 4/3 (Monday) 24: 00 ~
KBS Kyoto: 4/3 (Monday) 24: 00 ~
BS 11: 4/3 (Monday) 24: 00 ~

· Work information
Yuuta Hoshiya who entered the prestigious · Ayanagi Gakuen became a musical student fine from the second grade. In the graduation memorial performance where graduates serve as the main cast, there are five training grades for the second grade and five teams have been able to rise to the stage from among the second grade every year. Aiming at honor of the department student, and aiming to co-perform with the former leader who admires, 25 students of musical students challenge audition to training field.

Staff · cast is in common with Phase 1.

Plan / Draft: Hinata Rin
Director: Shunsuke Tada
Series composition: Harada Sayaka
Character design: Ayano Watanabe
Music: Ken Arai
Animation Production: C-Station
Copyright notation: © Hinata Rin / Stamu Production Committee

Twitter:@ hstar_mu
Hashtag: # stami

OP: Fourpe (Urashima Sakata Ship) "SHOW MUST GO ON !!"

Yuta Hoshitani: Nagi Hanoe
Nasuzu Toru: Onno Kenji
Tsukishi Kaito: Landsbury Arthur
Tenkaji Sho: Hosoya Yoshimasa
Sky Quiet: Maeno Tomoaki
Tatsumi Ryui: Okamoto Nobuhiko
Yuugo Shingo: Yusuda Uchida
Seiji Munehiro: Kazuyuki Okitsu
Tiger Izumi: KENN
Akikawa Akira: Matsuoka Sadyojo
Yufu Land: Nobuaki Shimazaki
Satoshi Beeya: Kengo Takanashi
Kitahara Rose: Yuichiro Umehara
Minamijo Atsushi: Shozo Takeuchi
Kōki: Junichi Suwabe
Hiiragi: Hirakawa Daisuke
Akashira Tsukasa: Shotaro Morikubo
楪 = Christian = Rion: Kosuke Toriumi
Ren Shuya: Wataru Hatano
Tsukishima Daito: Takeshito Koyasu
Asami Uozumi: Tomoyuki Morikawa
Saotome Rule: Ryutaro Okiayu
Futaba Oguchi: Hoshi Soichiro

Frame Arms · Girl

· Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 4/3 25: 05 ~
BS 11: 4/4 (Tuesday) 23: 30 ~
AT-X: 4/7 (Fri) 21: 30 ~ other

· Work information

One day early morning, a mystery parcel delivered to an ordinary girls' high school student Ao. When opened, there was a fully autonomous miniature robot called "frame thunder" called Frame Arms · Girl.
However, the thunderstorm was not just a frame arm's girl. It was a modern prototype equipped with advanced artificial ego with personality, AS (Artificial Self) over ordinary artificial intelligence. Moreover, it was only one person in the world who was able to launch a thunderstorm.
"Frame Arms · Girl · Rampage" collecting battle data and learning feelings. "Girls · Ao" zero knowledge of Frame Arms · Girl. In this way, a strange and fun, quietly everyday life starts with a roaring thief, a girl and Frame Arms · Girl!

Director Keiichiro Kawaguchi handles a number of works such as "Phantasy Star Online 2 The Animation", "Tell-a-Friend! Girls Chan" and "Dragon Collection". The series composition is "Akara Mazings", "Snow White of Red Hair", "Red Eyed Peas" and "Eta", and this season is also responsible for "masking system noise".

Original content by Kotobukiya known as a figure maker. Base design is known by the original of "Strike Witches" · Original draft character and "Girls & Panzer" character draftFumikane Shimada, Known as a mechanical design such as "Mobile Suit Gundam 00" "STAR DRIVER shine no tact"Yasuyuki YanaseI am in charge.

WEB radio "Radio Frame Arms · Girl" by Narumi Kaho, Ayase Yu, Yaga Satoshi playing three FA girls has been distributed since January.

Original: Tsuya
FA Girl Base Design: Fumikane Shimada, Noriyuki Yanase
Director: Keiichiro Kawaguchi
Series configuration: Akao Yoko
Character design draft: Shimada Fumikane
Mechanic design: Noriyuki Yanase
Character design: Koumura Kawamura
CG Director: Yuichi Goto
Music: Keigo Hayafudo (MONACA), Shihama Hashiro (MONACA)
Acoustic director: Satoshi Iida
Production: Heartbits
Animation production: ZEXCS, studio A-CAT
Production: Tsuya, FAGirl Project
Copyright notation: © KOTOBUKIYA / FAGirl Project

Twitter:@ fagirl_official
Hashtag: #FA Girl

OP: Ruri Murakawa
ED: FA Girls

Gen Auchi: Hinaka Yoko
Rampo: Nori Kaho
Stillet: Ayase Ariyoshi
Baselard: Yoga Satoshi

The latest PV release animation "Frame Arms · Girl" broadcasting in April 2017 - YouTube

Idle time preparer

· Broadcast information
TV Tokyo series: 4/4 (Tue) 17: 55 ~
BS Japan: 4/11 (Tue) 17: 29 ~

· Work information
In the town where Yumie river lives, it will be possible to prepare newly, and at the school that Yui goes through, the top idol · paradise in the para inn is transferred. However, in the Papara Inn, the idol was the one of a boy, and "boys preparer" for boys by boys, popularly known as "Dumpli" was popular. Can Yu wish to become an idol can be a wanting idol, and together with Yura, can you make the prepara of "Papara Inn" full with idol?

With trading card game as the original, a new series of "preparer" broadcasted from the summer of 2014. In the 2nd season from the spring of 2015, the 3rd season from the spring of 2016 (divine idol version) and a new series without broadcasting the program title has been broadcast, but from the spring of 2017 the work title will be broadcast again. The stage of the work also shifts from "Paradise" to Lara's transfer destination · "Papara Inn", but about the idol team "Sorami ♡ Smile" belonging to Rara and its rival "Dressing Parfait" IsNew Super Sarium Cord announcesIt can be confirmed that it is being done and will continue to appear.

Director is Moriwaki Makoto known as "Tantei Opera Milky Holmes" "Onegai My Melody" following the previous series.

Original: Takara Tomy Arts / Shin Sophia
Director: Moriyuki Makoto
Animation Production: Tatsunoko Pro / DONGWOO A & E
Copyright light notation: © T - ARTS / syn Sophia / TV TOKYO / IPP Production Committee

OP: Oh yeah "Just be yourself"

Middleware: Akaneya Sun Ocean
Yumi Yumeikawa: Date Shimosa
In rainbow color: earth leaves
Miyuki Kota: Yamada Yuna
Shougo: Seiichiro Yamashita
Asahi: Ryuyuki Kobayashi
Coyote: Reiko Tsuchida

Lego Ninja Go ruler of the spacetime

· Broadcast information
TV Tokyo series: 4/4 (Tue) 18: 25 ~
※ Broadcast within "Lego Time"

· Work information
It appeared in front of the six Ninjas who train under Dr. Wu is evil element master Mr. Crocs and Acronix led by Samurai Beno Braem. They planned to conquer the world of Ninja Go 40 years ago and should have been sealed by Mr. Woo and Gamadon. Attacking Ninja, the elemental power secret "Space-time sword". Can six people defend the world of Ninja Go?

It is an animation made on the basis of the Lego "Ninja Go" based on the ninja developed from 2011, which is equivalent to Season 7. Broadcasting starts with Animax from 2012, broadcasting started from Season 4 (Anacon) in 2015 in the TV Tokyo series.

For season 1 and season 2, delivery is done on YouTube's LEGO official channel.

【Lego Ninja Go】 Season ① - 1 story - YouTube

Approach / Director: Bob White Flag
Translation: Norimasa Kashino
Acoustic director: Chiba Shigeru
Recording adjustment: Ebisu Hirokazu
Recording Assistant: Shota Kumagai
Recording studio: Prosen Studio
Acoustic production: Dachs Productions
Editorial Studio: Studio Emujay, Tatsuya Nakao
Production Cooperation: Studio Dean, Keiichi Matsuda

Kai: Hideo Morishima
Meow: Aya Uchida
Lloyd: Eriko Matsui
Call: Saeko Hariko
Jay: Oita koto
Zen: Takiyuki Taki
Mr. Woo: Ichijo Kazuya
Misako: Hitomi
Akronix: Mr. Takeuchi
Dulles: Koichi Soma
Ronin: Tsuneki Yamawaki
Dr. Sanders: Takaoka jizo

Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Theater

· Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 4/4 (Tue) 21: 55 ~
BS 11: 4/4 (Tue) 21: 55 ~
Sagatetebi: 4/4 (Tue) 25: 55 ~
※ Short animation

· Work information
Director · Series composition deals with a lot of short gag animation such as "Petit -! Petit · Idol Master -" "Kakko Kawaii Declaration!" "Gundam Mr."Muscle.

Five-frame cartoon delivered within the game "Idolmaster Cinderella Girls" is the original. In October 2016 the announcement was made as "Cinderella Girls Theater Animation", but some people were misunderstood as "Theater animation" of "Cinderella Girls" because they did not delimit words.

As an abbreviation, "Shinkishi" seems to be used.

【PV】 Cinderella Girls Theater Animation made announcement - YouTube

Director · Series composition: Makyu
Character design draft: Bear Jet
Animation Production: Gathering
Copyright notation: © BNEI / Shinkaki

Hashtag: # Shinkishi

Lok None Magical instructor and contraindication teaching (Akashic Record)

· Broadcast information
AT - X: 4/4 (Tue) 20: 30 - other
TOKYO MX: 4/4 (Tue) 24: 30 ~
TV Aichi: 4/4 (Tue) 25: 35 ~
MBS: 4/4 (Tuesday) 26: 30 ~
BS 11: 4/5 (Wednesday) 24: 00 ~

· Work information

A magical artist who dislikes magic weave, lecturers interwoven, heroic fantasy!
The world where magic and science developed together - Luvaworth. Located in the southern part of the Arseno Empire, the "Alzano Empire Magical Gakuin" is the highest-grade school that can learn the most advanced magic in this world. This school, which has a history of about four hundred years, is a longing for everyone who wants to be a magical way, and instructors and students at the academy are also proud of themselves being their seniors. Glenn-Radas, a part-time lecturer who has suddenly moved to this venerable school.
"We will tell you the real magic."
This guy's brutal lesson called "None in the Roku" starts now.

The original is the 26th Fantasia Grand PrizeWinner of "Grand Prize". 7 volumes already published. Volume 8 is released on March 18.

Loku none magic instructor and contraindicated teaching book 7 (Fantasia Bunko) | Yarotaro, Mishima Kuroune | book | mail order | Amazon

On April 1st at Kadokawa Cinema ShinjukuPre-screening held.

Original: Yataro
Original illustration: Mishima Kuroune
Director: Wato Minato
Series composition · Screenplay: Mr. Oda Docho
Character design: Satoshi Kimura
Total drawing director: Satoshi Kimura, Makoto Iino
Prop Design: Yoshinori Iwanaga
Magical team design: Ekoda Noit
Effect drawing director: Hashimoto Takashi
Art director: Yuji Kaneko
Color design: Dai Xishiden
Director of Photography: Takao Saitoh
Edit: Mai Hasegawa
Acoustic director: Hiroshi Shimizu
Music: Hiroaki Tsutsumi
Animation Production: Leiden Film
Copyright light notation: © 2017 Ritaro Mijima / Kuroun Mishima / KADOKAWA Corporation / Nokia Production Committee

Twitter:@ rokudenashi_tv
Hashtag: #rokuaka

OP: Suzuki Komi "Blow out"
ED: Sistina (Akane Fujita), Rumia (Yu Bin Miyamoto), Rieiel (Yoshi Ozawa) "Precious You ☆"

Glen = Radas: Mamoru Saito
Sistine-Fever: Akane Fujita
Rumia-Tingel: Miyamoto Yubu
Rieiel Rayford: Ayase Ozawa
Alberto-Fraser: Hiroki Takahashi
Celica = Alphonair: Eri Kitamura

Animation "None at the Roku Magical Lecturer and Contraindication Scripture (Akashic Records) Vol. 3 - PV - YouTube

Sakura quest

· Broadcast information
Amazon Prime Video: 4/4 (Tue) 24: 00 - (From Wednesday 2nd till 24: 30-)
TOKYO MX: 4/5 (Wednesday) 24: 00 ~
AT-X: 4/5 (Wednesday) 24: 00 ~ other
ABC: 4/5 (Wednesday) 26: 44 ~
BS 11: 4/6 (Thursday) 24: 00 ~
niconico: 4/7 (Fri) 23: 00 ~
Tulip TV: 4/8 (Saturday) 26: 25 ~ (From the second episode onwards, from 26: 08 ~)

· Work information
There is a contact saying "I want you to do" the king "as a town okayi, based on Yuno Kinchun that there is no choosing to make a junior college graduation nearly unless there is no choice but to return to the country in this way. Waiting for Yuno heading towards Nozan shi while having a light feeling is a disappointing "sorry tourist spot" that has continued still "Mini Independent Country" which became epidemic in the bubble period and now ceases to appear It was.

Directed by Saiichi Masui of "Coffin princess Taika" "Crayon Shinchan calls a storm! Princess of Ora and the universe". Yokoya Masahiro of the series composition is "Re: different world life starting from zero" "Free!" "Hataraku demon!

Although it is credited as "Alexandre S. D. Celibidache" as an original, it is unknown whether it is a joint pen name. "2011"Hanasaku Iroha"In 2014SHIROBAKOFollowing "P.A. WORKS's" Work Series "3rd.

Original: Alexandre S. D. Celibidache
Director: Masui Masui
Series composition: Masahiro Yokoya
Screenplay: Masahiro Yokoya, Shingo Irie
Character draft: BUNBUN
Character design · Total drawing director: Kaname Sekiguchi
Art director: Ayumu Sato
Color design: Naomi Nakano
Photographer: Yokoyama Tsubasa
3D Director: Kohei Ogawa
Acoustic director: Satoshi Iida
Animation Production: P.A. WORKS
Music: (K) NoW_NAME
Copyright light notation: © 2017 Sakura Quest Production Committee

Twitter:@ manoyama_PR
Hashtag: # Sakura Quest

Yuno Kinchun: Nanase Ayaka
Shiori Shimonomiya: Ren Ueda
Maki Midorikawa: Takayoshi Yasushi
Oribe Riniko: Chiemi Tanaka
Kosugi Sanae: Komatsu Umiko
Kadota Wadamatsu: Atsushi Aya
Chibuto Oribe: Taki Izawa
Takamisawa: Katsuyuki Konishi
Takashi Yamada: Hiroshi Shimono
Mino: Takashi Hamano
Sandals: Vinae Marcy
Angelica: Mori Noriko
Suzuki Erika: Tomoyo Kurosawa

TV anime "Sakura Quest" Book - YouTube

Royal High School Teacher Heine

· Broadcast information
TV Tokyo: 4/4 (Tue) 26: 05 -
TV Osaka: 4/4 (Tue) 26: 05 ~
AT-X: 4/5 (Wednesday) 22: 30 ~
BS Japan: 4/8 (Sat) 24: 00 ~

· Work information

"Royal Family Teacher" It is an exclusive private teacher who educates the Prince, a position given only to the best teachers selected from all over the country.
Heine Wittgenstein invited as a royal teacher to the Kingdom of Grants. It is ordered to cultivate a good candidate for the next king, but it appeared before the eyes of Heine at the royal palace, four super priced prince with complete alignment! Besides, four brothers! What is the method of education of Heine that all of the predecessor's royal teachers challenge the four prince who ran away without being overwhelmed ...?

The director worked on "idol memories" and "DOG DAYS ''Katsuya Kikuchi. The series composition is "Umi no Kimiko" "Black witch passes"! "" Movie Crayon Shinchan Ola's Moving Story Cactus Raid! "

The original is a monthly G fantasy serialized volume 7 volumes. Volume 8 is released on February 27.

Royal High School Teacher Heine (7) (G Fantasy Comics) | Akai Higasa | Books | mail order | Amazon

Original: Akai Higasa
Director: Katsuya Kikuchi
Series composition: Ugano Kimiko
Character design: Reina Okuyama
Prop Design: Masanori Iizuka
Art Director: Junko Nagasawa (Production · Eye)
Color design: Keiichi Funada
Director of Photography: Tomoyuki Shiokawa (T2studio)
3D Production: Polygon Magic
Edit: Mayumi Omori (JAY FILM)
Acoustic director: Goda Hazimi
Acoustic production: Dachs Productions
Music: Keiji Inoue
Music Production: Avex Pictures
Animation Production: Bridge

Twitter:@ heine_PR
Hashtag: # royal teacher Heine

Heine Wittgenstein: Keisuke Ueda
Kai · von · Grants rihi: Yasuura Yuya
Bruno von Grants Reich: Adachi Hayato
Leonhardt von Grants Reich: Daisuke Hirose
Richt von Grants Reich: Shota Aoi
Ludwig: Namikawa Daisuke
Maximilian: Tachibana Shinnosuke
Viktor: Tomoyuki Morikawa

TV anime "royal teacher Heine" PV - YouTube


· Broadcast information
TV Tokyo series: 4/5 (Wednesday) 17: 55 ~

· Work information
The son of Uzumaki Naruto who became the seventh generation Hokage "Tympzi Volt" was felt and felt that her father did not see herself. Although I was not willing to participate in the Naka-shin exam, I am going to take part in inviting my friends to show off their wonderful place in the seventh generation.
On her birthday sister · sunflower, Naruto who is always busy comes home unusually, but in reality he knows that he still uses his shadow and still works. Angry bolt jumped out of the house and encountered Sasuke who had the ability to compete with Naruto alone alone, "Shake me to be a disciple !! Shouting that there are guys who want to beat it !!" and apprentice to Sasuke And apply for training.

The director is Mr. Nobuyuki Abe, "Arslan Battle", "Bleach", "Ninku - Ninja -", "Yu Yu White Paper". Director Hiroyuki Yamashita of the movie "BORUTO Volt - NARUTO THE MOVIE -". The series composition is "Arslan Battle", "Blue Steel Arpeggio - Ars Nova", "Blessing in this wonderful world!"Makoto Kamgangsu.

The original story began serialization in the movie "BORUTO bolt -NARUTO THE MOVIE-" Weekly Shonen Jump after publishing "BORUTO- bolt - -NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS-". The story of the generation of the children of "NARUTO-Naruto", the protagonist of Uzumaki Naruto, the author of NARUTO · Masashi Kishimoto is in charge of the original work and supervision. Manga "NARUTO- Naruto -" Mikio Ikemoto, who served as Kishimoto's assistant for almost the entire period in the series is not painted, "Dangan refute 3" the screenplay of "Macross Δ"Odakata UkyoI am in charge. Previously published volume 2.

BORUTO - Volt - 2 - NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS - (Jump Comics) | Mikio Ikimoto, Masashi Ikemoto, Masafumi Kodamoto, Utagoya Ukyo | Book |

Original: "BORUTO-Bolt - Naruto NEXT GENERATIONS -" (Original: supervised: Masashi Kishimoto / Manga: Mikio Ikemoto / Screenplay: Odakata Shingen)
Overall director: Akabi Abe
Director: Hiroyuki Yamashita
Supervision of story: Odakata sword
Series composition: Makoto Kamgangsu
Character design: Tetsuya Nishio, Hirofumi Suzuki
Color design: Yoshimi Imamura
Art director: Hideyuki Ueno
Director of Photography: Makoto Masuno
Acoustic Director: Yasushi Nagura
Music: Koji Takanashi, blade - yaiba-
Acoustic production: Musical sounds
Animation Production: studio Pierrot
Copyright notation: © Masashi Kishimoto Scott / Shueisha / TV Tokyo · Pierrot

Hashtag: #BORUTO

Spiral bolt: Yumiko Sanba
Our salad: Kikuchi Kokoro
Mitsuki: Ryuichi Kijima
Nara Shikadai: Kenji Ono
Akiwa Doobo: Shiraishi Ryoko
In the mountains: Atsushi Abe
Naruto Uzumaki: Junko Takeuchi
Tin Swallow Hinata: Mizuki Nana
Spiral sunflower: Saori Hayami
Nara Shikamaru: Shotaro Morikubo
Oil woman Shino: Shinji Kawada

Mirage! Awakening!

· Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 4/5 (Wednesday) 22: 30 ~ (22: 45 ~ after the 2nd talk)
Sun TV: 4/5 (Wednesday) 24: 00 - (From the second episode onwards 24: 15 ~)
Togi TV: 4/5 (Wednesday) 24: 00 ~
AT-X: 4/6 (Thursday) 24: 10 ~ other
Chiba Television: 4/8 (Sat) 23: 55 ~
West Japan Broadcasting System: 4/16 (Sunday) 26: 00 ~

· Work information

"Akunokudon" led by Mr. Don who wants to conquer the universe is starting to invade the Earth at the beginning of the hand Efforts by the Earthling person who has a habit are struggling very hard. Distortion has also gradually arisen in Don - sama 's Earth invasion plan -!

The director · series composition is "GATE Self Defense Force at his place, so fighting" "Love Live!"Naohiko Kyogoku.

The original is "Love Live!" Kenji Yazawa and "Tantei Opera Milky Holmes" is a voice actor known for the role of Yuzaki Nero and a manga artistTokui Blue SkyIt is serializing to "Monthly Bushiroad".

Tokui Aozora special interview Make no mistake !! Akunobuden! - YouTube

Director · Series composition: Teruhiko Kyogoku
Animation character design: Kuroiwa addition
Prop Design: Miwa Ayumu
Art setting · image board: Kaichi Fukudome (Nihon Galleries)
Art director: Masayo Kobayashi (Senju Kobo)
Color design: Rie Kato
Director of Photography: Naoki Atsumi (Tatsunoko Pro)
Edit: Hirofumi Okuda
Acoustic director: Nagasaki Jun Man
Music: Yoshimasa Fujisawa
Animation Production: Tatsunoko Pro
Copyright notation: © Tokui Aozora / Bushiroad Media / Akunobuddon Production Committee

Twitter:@ aunogundan
Hashtag: # Awakening animation

Don-sama: Teruaki Genda
Peap-chan: Yamaguchi Kappei
Chiku: Ishida Akira
Mr. Nell: Tatsumoto Yuko

"Mirai na !! Akunokudon!" PV - YouTube

Love rice (Love comedy) - WE LOVE RICE -

· Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 4/5 (Wednesday) 22: 45 ~ (22: 50 ~ after the second episode)
Togi TV: 4/5 (Wed) 24: 05 ~
Sun TV: 4/5 (Wednesday) 24: 15 ~ (24: 20 ~ after 2nd talk)
West Japan Broadcasting System: 4/16 (Sunday) 26: 05 ~

· Work information

Harvest Show. It is live where cereals appeal to their surroundings about their taste.
Harvester. It is a title dedicated to cereals to make a great show.
Recently the food was put into westernization and the popularity of grain was replaced by bread - the table was a dedication to the bread harvester "East King".
Five new Americans who entered the ceremonial Inaho Gakuen on the verge of school closing together formed "Love Rice" to regain the popularity of rice. Practice harvest show practice to exceed East King ... ....
Anthropomorphic rice, with laughter · Hearty heart heartful "rice" Di! There are not two grains on the table. Which will be a true harvester?

The director says "I am King" or "Japanese Animation (Fair) Exhibition" episode 10Yamaderoid"ofTakashi Horiuchi. Series composition deals with scenarios and directors of works for women such as game "STORM LOVER" series and "KLAP !!"Takabayashi. Screenplay handles director, composition, personality with numerous AniraziTakashi Ito Department. A comprehensive producer handled a big break "Kemono Friends"Keiji Fukuhara.

Comprehensive producer: Keiko Fukuhara
Drafts / Series composition: Takafubi Yuki
Screenplay: Takashi Ibube
Character design: Aoi bottle
Art Director: NOB-C
Director: Takashi Horiuchi (Graphicnica)
Animation · Character design: Tomoyo Sawada
Series Director: Yutaka Yamazaki
Animation Producer: Tsuneyodari
Acoustic Producer: Toru Nakano
Acoustic director: Fusogane
Music: Tsubasa plus
Advertisement: Kenichi Kobayashi
Planning · Original: Yao Yorozu
Animation Production: Encore Films
WEB Production:Realize

Hashtag: # Love rice

Hino Araki: Ishii Mark
Mr. Sasaki: Sawashiro Chiharu
Hitomebore: Kusumasu soaking.
Akitakomachi: Komori Masaaki
Towards: Tamaki Nii
ANN (An): Takaya Enoki
SHOCK (Shock): Hiroto Suzuki
CARRY (carry): Okawa Genki
Koshihikari: Tsuda Kenjiro
Chiko Shobo: Tomokazu Sugita
Morinokuma: Mafia Kajita
Manamusume: Hara Natsuko
Croix: Shuuta Morishima
Collaboration: Miho Masaka
Camembert: Hiba
Gourmet beauty: Saori Mura Kita
Guru: Saito Yoshiuri
Gulue: Yasuko Sasaki

Armed girl Machiavellism

· Broadcast information
AT-X: 4/5 (Wednesday) 23: 00 ~ other
KBS Kyoto: 4/5 (Wednesday) 25: 30 ~
TOKYO MX: 4/5 (Wednesday) 25: 35 ~
TV Aichi: 4/5 (Wednesday) 26: 50 ~
BS 11: 4/10 (Monday) 27: 00 ~
Sun TV: 4/12 (Wednesday) 26: 00 ~
TVQ: 4/13 (Thursday) 27: 00 ~

· Work information

There is a man who loves freedom · There is a village disobed The day that I transferred has been "Aichi Symbiosis Gakuen". There was a ruthless male ruling by armed girls! Norimura is defending the fate of the old-fashioned swordsmen who govern the school under the rule of the "five-swords five-star", and will resist with "nothing" ...!
Gakuen Rebellion Battle Action, Opening -! !

Director is Hideki Tachibana of "BLAZBLUE ALTER MEMORY", "Dragon Crisis!" Series composition is "Better Poor God!" "Servant × Service" "In addition to animation such as" I got up as a "popular sample" at a lady's school " Ken Shimoyama, a screenwriter who is also active in special-effects works such as "Shuriken Sentai Ninninger" serving as a main writer. Animation production is "Fate / kaleid liner Prisma ☆ Ilya" series SILVER LINK ..

The original is a series of monthly boy's ace series. With the 5 volumes already published, 6 volumes will be released on March 25. The total number of books has exceeded 500,000 copies in total.

Armed girl Machiavellism (5) (Kadokawa Comics Ace) | Kanzaki Karuino, Kurokami Yuuya | Books | mail order | Amazon

Original: Kurokami Yuuya
Drawing: Karasaki Karuna (KADOKAWA "Monthly Shonen Ace" series)
Director: Hideo Tachibana
Series composition: Ken Shimoyama
Character design: Shoko Takimoto
Music: Mizutani Hiromi (Team - MAX)
Music production: Nippon Columbia
Animation production: SILVER LINK.
Copyright notation: © 2017 Kurokami Yuya · Kanzaki Karunana / KADOKAWA / "Armed girl Machiavellism" Production Committee

Twitter:@ machiave_anime
Hashtag: # Maxeve

OP: Miyoshi Ito "Shocking Blue"
ED: "DECIDE" by Tenkazu Five Swords (Onikawa Wheel (Takada Maki), Kamezuru Castle Mary (Kitahara Sayaka), Eye Satoshi (Nishida Nobuaki), Hana Takumi (Hidaka Rina), Inaba Tsukiya (Nikaoka Natsumi))

Nobumi Nakamura: Yu Hatanaka
Oni ring: Takada Maki
Kameura castle Mary: Kitahara Sayaka
Sleeping Satori: Nishida's hope
Hana Takara: Hidaka Rina
Inaba moonlight: Natsuka Natsumi
Teruaki Shuzo: Eriko Matsui
Yuriko Ito: Ito Mimi
Butterfly Hua · U · Rose Saki: Ko Himaka Akane
Kurasaki Sasa: ​​Masaharu Hanai
Right-handed right: Shiho Muto
Tomomi Tohto: Masaharu Sawada
Mr. Tanabara Kakuno: Yamada Yuki
Saruwatari Nico: Tamana Yamana
Misogi:? What? What?
Kyobo: Fujita Saki
Masuko Masuko: Tetsuji Ota

TV animation "armed girls maccaverism" PV 1st - YouTube

Sakurada reset

· Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 4/5 (Wednesday) 23: 30 ~
Kansai Television: 4/6 (Thu) 26: 55 ~
BS 11: 4/7 (Fri) 23: 30 ~
AT-X: 4/8 (Sat) 24: 00 ~ other
※ 2 Cool works

· Work information
Saki Ryoda lives in a lot of people with special abilities. Asai Kei has the ability of "memory retention" that can remember everything that he experienced in the past, and the ability to "reset" Spring Saitama sky can rewind the world for up to three days merely by saying "Reset". While doing various club activities called "service club", they were exploring ways to revive friends, Ai Soma who lost due to "reset" two years ago. A request that wishes "I want you to revive a dead cat" will soar, and the two will change the world using reset.

The director said "Tanaka-kun is always a favorite guy" "Nononanbi yori"Shinya Kawabe. Series composition is Katsuhiko Takayama of "Aldnoah Zero" "Ghost - zero -" "Stratos Four".

The original is 6 volumes already published by Hiroshi Kono. Volume 7 is released on March 25.

A story about boys and girls and their correctness Sakurada Reset 7 (Kadokawa Bunko) | Kono Yu | Books | mail order | Amazon

Incidentally,Live action filmAlso, the first part was published on March 25, the second part was published on May 13.

Movie "Sakurada Reset Before" Trailer ② - YouTube

Original: Yu Kono
Original illustration: Shiina Akira
Director: Shinya Kawabata
Series composition: Katsuhiko Takayama
Character design: Tomoyuki Shimotani
Prop Design: Sayaka Takase
Art setting: Yachiho Taniuchi
Color design: Aiko Mizuno
3D Director: Hayato Numajiri
Art director: Yuki Unno
Director of Photography: Harujin Ishiguro
Edit: Mai Hasegawa
Music: Rayons
Acoustic director: Toshiki Kameyama
Recording adjustment: Makoto Uchida
Acoustic effect: Kayama Oyama
Animation Production: david production
Production: Animation "Sakurada Reset" Production Committee
Copyright Light Notation: © Yu Kono, Yu Shiina / KADOKAWA / Animation "Sakurada Reset" Production Committee

Twitter:@ sagrada_anime
Hashtag: #sagrada_anime

OP: Yui Makino "Reset" (Teichiku Entertainment)

Asai Kei: Ishikawa Toshinin
Haru Sumi Sora: Hanazawa Kana
Ai Miwa: Yuki Azuma
Tomoki Nakano: Takuya Eguchi
Minato future: Yamada Yuki
Yoko Murase: Yui Makino
Midori Nooio: Sasaka Misawa

4/5 Broadcasting Start !! TV Anime "Sakurada Reset" 2nd PV - YouTube

Moon is beautiful

· Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 4/6 (Thursday) 24: 00 ~
MBS: 4/8 (Sat) 26: 28 ~
BS 11: 4/9 (Sunday) 25: 30 ~
TV Aichi: 4/10 (Monday) 26: 05 ~

· Work information
"For me it's like a moon lighting"

Akane and Kotaro. The first time in middle 3, it was the same class, two people I met. Classmates, club members, teachers, parents ... relationship with the surroundings, your own growth. In the season that runs hastily while chased by change and anxiety, it is a freshly enchanting love of adolescence.

In the original animation without an original, the director is "Arpeggio of Blue Steel - Ars Nova -" "Yuuki Yuna is a Brave"Seiji Kishi. Composition · Screenplay is Yuko Kakihara of "Digimon Adventure tri." "Aikatsu Stars!" Key draft of the character "I want to eat your pancreas."You shine bright in the moonlightManga artist / illustrator known for such illustrations as "IllustratorloundrawI am in charge.

Director: Seiji Kishi
Structure · Screenplay: Yuko Kakihara
Character original plan: loundraw
Animation production: feel.
Copyright notation: © 2017 "Moon is beautiful" Production committee

Twitter:@ tsukigakirei_tv
Hash tag: # moon is beautiful

Kotaro Azumi: Shoya Chiba
Akane Mizuno: Yoshimi Ohara
Takumi Hirahara: Atsushi Tamaru
Nishio Chikatsu: Ruri Murakawa
Yamashina Ruman: Koshimura Kushimura
Ogasawara Earth: Makoto Kaneko
Miyazomi Saki: Iwami Maika incense
Sato Setsuko: Suzuki Miyano
Misa Imazu: Haruka Chisuga
Tanaka Sakura: Flower of Hou Inoue
Sho Nagahara: Hirose Yuya
Yasuhito Inaba: Ishii Mark
Takizawa Aoi: Hakaishi Shiraishi
Kaneko Tsubasa: Kentaro Kumagai
Tachibana Daisuke: Mutsuki Iwakani
Sonoda Ryoko: Higashiyama Nao
Azumi Ryunosuke: Kazuo Oka
Atsuko Azumaki: Kikuko Inoue
Hiroshi Mizuno: Mitsuo Iwata
Saori Mizuno: Chiwa Saito
Mizuno Ayane: Maekawa Ryoko

Clockwork Planet

· Broadcast information
TBS: 4/6 (Thursday) 25: 58 ~
BS-TBS: 4/8 (Sat) 25: 00 ~
TBS channel 1: 4/16 (sun) 25: 00 ~

· Work information
A thousand years ago, a genius clock technologist named "Y" appeared with a tremendous amount of data and reconstructed the dead Earth with only a gear. A design consisting of an abundance of large numbers of gears was named "Clockwork Planet (Clockwork Planet)", a city was built on the gear, and people lived in that "section (grid)".
A compartment in Japan · A gear loved by a gear in Kyoto Mamoru Naooto of Yaro returned from his school to his house, and the container dropped from the plane dropped into the room. Because Naoto met Automatic Doll (Crown), Crown, Male of Genius clock technician, the gear of fate begins to turn.

Director Tsuyoshi Nagasawa of "Crawl! Nyaruko-san" "Ehmemy!" "Today's 5 2". Kenji Sugihara of "Shika" series composition

The original is "No Game No Life"Yuki EnokiIn a novel by, 4 volumes published.

Clockwork Planet 4 (Kodansha Ranoba Bunko) | Enoki Yusuke, Konna Tsubaki, Ibarino | Books | mail order | Amazon

Director: Takeshi Nagasawa
Series composition: Kenji Sugihara
Character design: Shuichi Shimamura
Mechanical design: Kenji Teraoka
Prop Design:
Setting the world view: Koaki Sueitake, Sagami Edamatsu
Art design: Masahiro Kubota
Art director: Masatoshi Kai
Color setting: Mizino Takako
3DCG: Yuki Funakoshi
Director of Photography: Kenji Takebara
Edit: Masahiro Matsumura
Acoustic director: Satoshi Motoyama
Music: Kanematsu, Nakamura Banasai, Nakano Karashi, Takafumi Takano
OP: fripSide
ED: After the Rain
Animation Production: XEBEC

Twitter:@ ClockworkAnime

Mimura Naoto: Aino Nanjo
Crown: Yui Makuma
Mary: Saori Ohnishi
Halter: Kenichiro Matsuda
Uncle: Aki Senbonki
OP: fripSide
ED: After the Rain

April 2017 New program "Clockwork Planet" 1st PV 【TBS】 - YouTube


· Broadcast information
TBS: 4/6 (Thu) 26: 28 ~
CBC: 4/6 (Thurs) 26: 44 ~
MBS: 4/7 (Friday) 27: 10 ~
BS - TBS: 4/8 (Sat) 25: 30 ~
TBC: 4/11 (Tuesday) 25: 54 ~
SBS: 4/11 (Tuesday) 26: 43 ~
TBS Channel 1: 4/16 (Sunday) 25: 30 ~
RKB: 4/16 (Sunday) 26: 35 ~

· Work information
As a result of my grandfather 's influence on Kabuki, my first year high school student, Kurusu Kurugi thinks I would like to do Kabuki with club activities, but such a club activity does not exist, and my homeroom response is slow. In any case, with the aim of establishing a club that is the predecessor of the department, we will start collecting friends with our best friend's glasses male / dragonfly.
Seishun Kabuki story, opening!

Director Kazuhiro Yoneda of "Akatsuki no Jona" "Magical girl is enough". Nikamura Yoshiko's series composition is "Monthly Shojo Nozaki-kun" "Scarlet Luck" "Shonen Maid".

The original volume is 5 volumes published in Novel by Yukari Enokida. Volume 6 is released on March 25.

Kabukibu! 6 (Kadokawa Bunko) | Enokida Yuri | Books | mail order | Amazon

Original: Yuuri Enoda
Animation Character Draft: CLAMP
Director: Kazuhiro Yoneda
Series composition: Nakamura Yoshiko
Character design: Matsuro
Animation Production: Studio Dean
Production: Kabuki Promotion Committee
Copyright light notation: © CLAMP · Shigatsu Tsuitachi CO., LTD. © Yuuri Enda / KADOKAWA / Kabuki Promotion Committee

Twitter:@ kabukibu
Hashtag: # Kabukibibu

OP: Hiroki Shimono "Running High"

Kurusu Kuro: Ichikawa Taichi
Murase Tombo: Yuichiro Umehara
Akutsu Shin: Ayasaka Ryota
Kengo Kohanishi: Ken Saigohara
Niwa Hanamitsu: Nobunaga Shimaki
Atsushi Atsushi: Yuko Kaida

TV animation "Kabukibu! Cast Announcement Movie - YouTube

Love tyrant

· Broadcast information
TV Tokyo: 4/6 (Thu) 26: 35 ~
AT - X: 4/8 (Sat) 23: 30 - others
BS Japan: 4/8 (Saturday) 24: 30 ~

· Work information

One day suddenly a god of god of death - grit with greeting item "Kiss note" that forced arbitrary two people to kiss under the boys high school student · Aoji Ano appeared, "I will not kiss within 24 hours The man who wrote (Guri) died, and those who were written (Boso) also ended their lifetime with their virgin as their lives for the rest of their lives ... ".

The director is also in charge of directing 'Theater Version Ver. Detanism Conan Pure Black Nightmare' by director "Auntlet! EX" "Anitre! XX"Atsushi Nakagawa. Takahashi Natsuko of series "Yuyuki" "Ron Gowa!" "Udon no Kuni golden hair ball", Takahashi Natsuko this season is also responsible for the series composition "Fight Battle Otome - Girl Beats Boys -".

The original is 10 volumes published in Comic Meteoro series. Volume 11 is released on April 11.

Romance Tyrant (10) (Meteo COMICS) | Samsung Glasses | Books | mail order | Amazon

Original: Samsung Glasses
Director: Atsushi Nakagawa
Series composition: Takahashi Natsuko
Character design: Ito Mariko
Total drawing director: Misako Yatsu
Art setting: Koyama Mayuko, Matsumoto Hiroki
Art director: Hiroki Matsumoto, Akiko Kikuchi
Color design: Iwumisomi.
Music production: DIVE Ⅱ entertainment
Acoustic director: Satoshi Motoyama
Acoustic production: HALF H · P STUDIO
Edit: Yuji Kondo (REAL-T)
Director of Photography: Atsushi Iwasaki
Photography: T2 studio
Animation Production: EMT Squared
Copyright notation: © Samsung Glasses, COMIC Meteor / Renai Tyrant Production Committee

Twitter:@ boukun_PR
Hashtag: # love tyrant

OP: Wake Up, Girls! "Love with love? It's a tyrant!"
ED: smileY inc. "Tell me" Ski ""

Guri: Yoshinori Aoyama
Aoji Aino: Kenji Ono
Hikaru Akane: Ami Numakura
Yellow Butterfly Yuzu: Yuki Nagano
Shiramine, Yuumu Hara
Shiina Mari: Ootsubu Yuka

Anime "Renai Tyrant" PV start on 4th April! - YouTube

Rilrir Fairyl - Magical Mirror -

· Broadcast information
TV Tokyo series: 4/7 (Fri) 17: 55 ~

· Work information
Fuller (fairy) · tulip of tulip works hard towards a dream with human and Fairyl, together with fellow Fellows of the fellows today in the two worlds. New, a younger sister of a desire to become a fairylic researcher - Ferrir · Rin of Gentian born from the Fairyl seed which Wakare had had joins as a friend.

Sanrio and Sega Toys are one of the second media mix plans to be delivered following Jewel Pet. The first phase of TV animation has been broadcasted in February 2016 as "Ril ril Fairyl - Fairy Door ~", finished at the end of March, and will enter the second phase.

The director is in charge of Gogaku Cherry tree following the first period and Nakanaka Naka who was in charge of drawing contests in the first stage. Naka Naka is a pupil of Masakazu Hishida's director of "Pretty Rhythm" series and "KING OF PRISM by Pretty Rhythm". There is a theory that Gokoku cherry is a pseudonym of Hishida's director.

The series composition was handled by Mr. Atsuya Matsui "Tanaka-kun is always funny" and the first stage scriptAkemi ShimbunSubstitution.

Original: Sanrio, Sega Toys
Director: Naka Naka, Gokozakura
Series composition: Akemi Shimbun
Character design: Yoshinaga Yamaguchi
Art director: Nishikuri power
Color setting: Imari Katsuragi
Director of Photography: Masayuki Kawaguchi
Edit: Masahiro Matsumura
Acoustic director: Koji Yamamoto
Acoustic production: Dachs Productions
Music Production: Drive
Animation Production: Studio Dean
Production: TV Tokyo · TV Tokyo Media Net
Copyright notation: © 2015, 2017 SANRIO / SEGA TOYS Sanrio · Sega Toys / TV Tokyo · Riluriru Fairiru Production Committee

OP: Apink 'Pipipupe PON!'
ED: Q-pitch "Please Rogue"

Rippu: Yumihiro Hanamori
Sunflower: Aya Uchida
Sumire: Rina Hidaka
Rose: Akina Kusuda
Rin: Satomi Sato
Fairylle goal: Yusuke Shirai
Fairlill Merge: Megumi Toyoguchi
Nozomu Hanamura: Nagi Hanoe
Hanamura Kennin: Mamiko Noto

With Hinako's

· Broadcast information
AT-X: 4/7 (Friday) 21: 00 ~ other
BS 11: 4/7 (Fri) 23: 00 ~
TOKYO MX: 4/7 (Friday) 25: 40 ~
KBS Kyoto: 4/8 (Sat) 25: 30 ~
TV Aichi: 4/9 (Sunday) 26: 05 ~
TVQ: 4/9 (Sunday) 26: 35 ~
Sun TV: 4/10 (Mon) 23: 30 ~

· Work information

A hero, Hina kids live in a country that is not good at talking with people with their mouths.
Impressed by the play of the theater department that I saw in the school tour, I went to Tokyo as a catalyst after I entered the high school at the yearning. I entered the theater department and I decided to change myself which is poor ... but ... the department of Fujinomiya High School's department is abolished!

Takeshi Takahashi of the director is "Rokka no Hero", "Wolf and Spice" "Mao Yuu Masaru Brave". Director Kita Hatako of "I have few friends NEXT", "Koi to election and chocolate".

The original is manga of the monthly comic Kihon series, 2 volumes already published. Three volumes will be released on March 27.

Hinako no 3 and 3 (MFC Kuang series) | March | book | mail order | Amazon

Original: March
Overall director: Takao Takahashi
Director: Kita Hatake
Series composition: Tatsuhiko Urabata
Character design · total drawing director: Kazuyuki Ueda
Music: Yukari Hashimoto
Animation Production: Passione
Produce: Anima & Company
Production: Hinako's and Production Committee
Copyright notation: © March / KADOKAWA publication / Hinako's and production committee

Twitter:@ hinakonote
Hashtag: # with Hinakono

OP: Theater company Hito Takeshi "Ah-oh, uh-oh-oh !!"
ED: Troupe Theater Company "Katonko !!!!!"

Sakuragi Hinako: M · A · O
Natsukawa Kuna: Miro Tomida
Hiira Maki: Yui Ogura
Chiaki Hagino: Nishi Toshiaki
Yua Nakajima: Mari Takano
Kuroyanagi Ruriko: Yuri Yoshida

TV animation "Hinako no Tori" PV 2nd volume - YouTube

Twin Angel BREAK

· Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 4/7 (Friday) 22: 00 ~
Sun TV: 4/7 (Friday) 24: 00 ~
KBS Kyoto: 4/7 (Fri) 25: 30 ~
TV Aichi: 4/7 (Fri) 27: 05 ~
BS 11: 4/8 (Sat) 27: 00 ~
TVQ: 4/10 (Mon) 26: 30 ~

· Work information

As a treasure troubled by Tianyu who is longing for a friend of justice with longing for justice, I grew up in a strict Kisaragi family and a cool Kisaragi violet. Two of the junior high school third graders decide to fight evil as a twin angel with an order from a mysterious hedgehog named "Miruku chan"! Always bright and a bit aggressive, violets who are not good at socializing pass each other little by little, while they pass each other, while passing each other.

The original is the pachislot machine "Cheerful Angel Twin Angel" that appeared in 2006. Manga · Game · Anime and Media Mix are done based on this character and setting, and the first OVA is released in 2008. The TV animation is the 2nd work following the 2011 broadcast "Kaito Tenshi Twin Angel ~ Kyunkun ☆ Tokimeki Paradise !! ~". For the 10th anniversary of the series, the leading role is from the past Haru Mizuki (voice: Yukari Tamura) & Kannazuki Aoi (voice: Mamiko Noto), Meguri Moving (Voice: M · A · O) & Kisaragi Sumire (Voice: Chino Ai Clothes), but the director is the same as the first work "Familiar of Zero" "Atelier of Esca & Rosie ~ Alchemist of the Twilight Sky ~" 」Yoshiaki Iwasaki. Mikiko Ito of 'Hentai Shozo and No Cat Laughing' and 'Genso wo Kakeru Sun' in the series configuration.

Director: Yoshiaki Iwasaki
Series composition: Michiko Ito
Character design: Mika Takahashi
Music: Gin (BUSTED ROSE)
Animation production: J.C.STAFF
Copyright notation: © 2017 Sammy / St. Cherine Academy PTA

OP: Abe Roppyjeetto feat. Amazing Moving (M · A · O) & Kisaragi Sumire (Chino Aiori) "Love ♡ Jewelry ♪ Encounter ☆ Break !!"
ED: Milk Chan (Riku Kugimiya) "Blurry Meal Crawl!"

Hashtag: # twinangel

Angel Rose: M · A · O
Sumire Kisaragi / Angel Sapphire: Ai Kinano
Milkku: Rie Kugimiya
Vail: Aki Suwa
Nui: Yuki Fujii

TV animation "Twin Angel BREAK" OP Movie - YouTube

Kado who answers correctly KADO: The Right Answer

· Broadcast information
TOKYO MX 1: 4/7 (Fri) 22: 30 ~
BS Fuji: 4/11 (Tue) 24: 00 ~
MBS: 4/11 (Tue) 27: 00 ~

· Work information

Makoto Makoto Akira (Shindo Kojirō) is a fierce negotiator working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. When a passenger plane on the train arrived at Haneda Airport preparing for takeoff, a mysterious gigantic cube appeared from the sky. "It" rapidly giant, swallowing passenger aircraft on which 252 people were on board.
The name of the gigantic cube is "Kado." The presence of a mystery, which appeared more than Kad, Yaja Quizasinna tries to contact with mankind. The true path taken in Kad will take over as an intermediary between Yaha Quizasina and human beings. Meanwhile, the Japanese government also sends international negotiator Sha Sha Lua (tackle) to the site as a representative. Who is Yaha Quizasina? And what is his aim?

The general manager is Kajiya Murata of "Galgantia of the Suteki Star" and "Sacred Star of the Alchemist of the Moon Million (Milos)". Series director Masaki Watanabe who served as the director of three works from "Battle Spirits Hao" (From the 16th episode) to "The Strongest Galaxy Ultimate Zero ~ Battle Spirits ~" in the "Battle Spirits" series. Screenplay is responsible for novelist Nozaki Mado who received the Media Works Bunko Award at the novel "[Film] Amrita".

Overall director: Murata Kazuya
Series Director: Masaki Watanabe
Screenplay: Nozaka Mado
Director: Richo, Akihiro Saito, Yasuhiro Tanabe
Character design: Aris Arisaka
Animation character design: Maniwa Hideaki, Richocho, Kuroiwa Garden addition
CG Director: Kato Yasuhiro
Character supervisor: Hiroshi Miyamoto
Lead character modeler: Chihiro Iwamoto
Lead animator: Yasuda Yuya, Makino Yuki
Graphic design: Norikazu Suzuki
Color design: Iwasawa Reiko
Art director: Takeshi Sato (Smyrchil)
Director of Photography: Keiko Ishizuka
Edit: Shinichi Fukumitsu
Acoustic director: Nagasaki Jun Man
Sound effect: Konno Konno (Swara · Pro)
Music: Taro Iwashiro
Animation Producer: Yuta Ogura
Producer: Koichi Noguchi
Animation Production: Toei Animation

Twitter:@ Seikaisuru_Kado
Hashtags: # Cad to be answered correctly

Akira Makito: Akira Miura
Yaha Quizasina: Takashi Terashima
Luo Xixa: M · A · O
Hanamori Shun: Morimoto Saito
Shuhei Asano: Kenji Akabane
Natsume Ritsu: Shizuka Ito
Rie Higane: Riku Kugimiya
Dog bunch structure: Nakashiro Kiyo
Kuataka Haneiri: Shiro Saito
Naoki Sasaiuchi: Masami Kikuchi
Takuya Kirimoto
Gimi: Hisayoshi Suganuma
Utomaru: Daisuke Sakaguchi
Tetsuya Miko: Tetsuo Goto
Atsuhiko Aki: Takeshi Oyama
Tetsuo Oishi: Honda Honda
Deep Sophie: Yuko Kaida
Yuri Hikiko: Shiraishi Ryoko
Each story narration: Takaya Uemura

Preliminary notice of "Correct answer" 1st: Concept Trailer - YouTube

Shaman's Bahamut VIRGIN SOUL

· Broadcast information
TBS: 4/7 (Friday) 25: 55 ~
MBS: 4/7 (Friday) 26: 10 ~
CBC: 4/7 (Friday) 26: 50 ~
BS-TBS: 4/8 (Sat) 24: 00 ~
AT-X: 4/9 (Sunday) 21: 30 ~ other
Sagatete: 4/10 (Mon) 25: 25 ~

· Work information

Here, "people" "god" "demon" mysterious world mixed with all races Mystarsia
10 years since I escaped the collapse of the world by the Bahamut revival ─ ─ ─
The new "king" of people attacked the temple of "God" and attacked the country of "devil"
Reconstruction from further circumstances and further development
The Kingdom brings wealth to "people"
"Devil" to become a slave as a source of rebuilding the Kingdom
Fading faith Lost power by heart "God"
In the world where equilibrium is lost "Justice" "God" "Magic" Justice crosses each other --- "

TV anime broadcast in the fall of 2014 "Shaman's Bahamut GENESISSequel to. Ten years have passed since that "seal of Bahamut", a bounty hunter who earned money of bright character who came to the kingdom newly, Nina Dorango has joined as a leading role, but Fabaro · Leone and Caesar · Lidfarud continue to appear. The director will also continue to "TIGER & BUNNY" "GANTZ: O" "Saint Seiya Legend of Sanctuary"Sato KeiichiI am in charge. The writer that the screenplay is the first challenge for animation worksSeki OishiI am in charge.

Original: Cygames
Director: Sato Keiichi
Screenplay: Shizuka Oishi
Character design: Naoyuki Onda
Art Director: Nakamura Toru Oki
Music: Ikihiro Ike
Photographer Director: Yusuke Awaka
VFX supervisor: Morika Morikawa
Effect animation: Takashi Hashimoto
Color design: Osamu Mikasa
CG Director: Noriyuki Ito
Edit: Kiyoshi Hirose
Acoustic effect: Masatoshi Katsumata
Production: MAPPA
Copyright light notation: © Cygames / MAPPA / Shinto no Bahamut VIRGIN SOUL

Twitter:@ baha_ virgin soul
Hashtag: # Bahassour

ED: DAOKO "Dear sir or Goodbye Good-bye"

Nina Durango: Venus violet
Charios XIII: Yuichiro Umehara
Fabaro Leone: Yuzo Yoshino
Caesar Lidfarud: Inoue Tsuyoshi
Azazel: Seiichi Morita
Rita: Miyuki Sawashiro
Bacchus: Hiroshi Iwasaki
Hansa: Shotaro Morikubo
Jeanne d'Arc: Megumi Ban
Mugallo: ???
Sophie: Maaya Sakamoto
Diaz · Ballodromeu: Yasuhiro Mamiya

【Battle of Bahamut VIRGIN SOUL】 Promotion Movie 3rd - YouTube

【Battle of Bahamut GENESIS】 Short story # 1 - YouTube

【Battle of Bahamut GENESIS】 Short story # 2 - YouTube

Nobunaga's Shinobu ~ Ise · Kanegasaki Hen ~

· Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 4/7 (Friday) 25: 55 ~
TV Aichi: 4/8 (Sat) 27: 20 ~

· Work information
Oda Nobunaga's dream of Feng Shui that appeared in the Warring States Period was "Japan without Turkey." Girls and staggers fascinated by such dreams become "Nobunaga no Shinobi" and will help to realize dreams.

Directed by Shintaro Ehon of "Otaru Maru" "Jubei Chan" "Tonkatsu DJ Age Taro".

The original isYoung Animal series11 volumes already published. Volume 12 is scheduled to be released on August 29, and as with the 11th volume, the first time limited edition comes with a DVD of TV animation. KBS Kyoto has started broadcasting the first period from April.

Nobunaga's Shinobi 11 Volume TV Anime with DVD First Press Limited Edition (Young Animals Comics) | Shinkano Naoki | Book |

Original: Shigeto Mayuki
Director: Hata Taro
Character design: Junko Yamanaka
Art director: Manami Konoyama
Color design: Rie Kato
Director of Photography: Akemi Sasaki
Edit: Yoshiyoshi Fujita
Sound Director: Tanaka Kazuya
Music: Toshiro Masuda
Production: Toms Entertainment
Copyright notation: © Naoki Naoki / Shiraizusha · Nobunaga Production Committee

Twitter:@ shinobinobunaga
Hashtag: # Nobunaga of Nobunaga

Theme Song: Lian flower

Chidori: Minoru Inase
Oda Nobunaga: Watano Nagano
Held: MURATA Ayumu
Towhiro: Takahashi Tomoaki
City: Suzuko Mimori
Kinoshita Hideyoshi: Yamaguchi Kappei
Rene: Rie Kugimiya
Shibata Katsuya: Okawa Toru
Kori Mori: Tomoki Seki
Imagawa Yoshimoto: Seki Tomokazu
Imagawa Masao: Ochiai Fukushiga
Saito Ryusoku: Ueda Yuji
Takenaka Hanbei: Daisuke Hirakawa
Maeda Toshiie: Hideo Morishima
Koichi Ota: Hideo Morishima
Matsu: Matsui Nanakurako
Yoshiaki Ashikaga: Akira Takagi
Akechi Mitsuhide: Tachibana Shinnosuke
Motohira Matsudaira: Ryutaro Okiayu
Hachisuka Kozuki: Nobuyuki Hiyama
Hattori Hanzo: VALSHE
Nagamasa Asai: Yasuaki Takumi
Endo Naoki: Yoneda Kiyoyuki
Asakura Yoshiaki: Kishio Daisuke
Yoshiyuki Sugitani: Hidefumi Takemoto
Hisashi Asai: Takashi Matsuyama
Hakko Reiji: Sakamoto Yukemitsu
Ikko Inaba: Hideo Morishima
Ando Morimori: Ochiai Fukuda
Mr. Takuya Takahashi

Anime "Nobunaga no Shinobi" episode 0 - YouTube

Re: CREATORS (Re creators)

· Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 4/8 (Sat) 23: 30 ~
BS 11: 4/8 (Sat) 23: 30 ~
Tochigi Television: 4/8 (Sat) 23: 30 ~
Gunma TV: 4/8 (Sat) 23: 30 ~
ABC: 4/8 (Sat) 26: 58 - (From the third episode onwards, from 26: 29 -)
TV Aichi: 4/11 (Tue) 26: 05 ~
AT-X: 4/13 (Thursday) 24: 00 ~ others

· Work information

People have created many stories with their hands.
Joy, sorrow, anger, excitement.
The story moves and fascinates people's emotions.
However, it is only an impression as a bystander.
If there are "intentions" in the characters of the story,
For them, have we got a story Who is God?
- Change in our world.
- Sanctions on the land of the gods.
Everyone becomes a "creator".

"BLACK LAGOON"Hiiee ReiOriginal animation of a completely new work served as the original. The director is "Aldnoa Zero" "Fate / Zero"Aoi, Hiroe and Aoki are in charge of the series composition jointly. Mr. Makoto Kato who served as a coach at "Aldnoah-Zero" and co-director at "Sakurako's feet are filled with dead bodies".

Preliminary screening of episodes 1 and 2Will be held in Tokyo and Osaka. The application deadline is 23:59 on March 17th.

Original work · Original draft: Hiroe Hiie
Director: Aoi Hiro
Deputy Director: Makoto Kato
Series composition: Aoi Hiro, Hiroe Hiroe
Character design: Ryuichi Makino
Total drawing director: Ryuichi Makino, Nakai Nakai
Main animator: Masako Matsumoto, Aki Yamamoto
Mechanic design: I-IV
Effect animation: Takashi Hashimoto
Art director: Yuki Naga
Art setting: Masahiro Sato, Tomoyasu Fujise
Color design: Mariko Shinohara
Art direction: Tomoyuki Arima, Takuya Sejima
CG Director: Yoshida Miki, Mitsutaka Inoguchi
Visual effect: Ryosuke Tsuda
Director of Photography: Tomoyoshi Kato
Edit: Shota Rightama
Acoustic director: Kawahito Meida
Sound Production: Magic Capsule
Music: Hiroyuki Sawano
Animation Production: TROYCA
Copyright notation: © Hiroe Hiroe / Shogakkan / Aniplex

Hashtags: # Recreators

OP: Sawano Hiroyuki [nZk]: Tielle & amp; Gemie 'gravityWall'
ED: Mairo Ayano "NEWLOOK"

Mizuside Shota: Yamashita Daisuke
Celestia · Yupitiria: Komatsu Umiko
Meteora Estherich: Minoru Inase
Alice Terrier · Ferbright: Hikasa Yoko
Mami Shiki: Ruri Murakawa
Yuukiji Temple Yuichi Suzumura
Kanoya Ruwei: Amamiya Tian
Kaijoin Maka: Maaya Sakamoto
Blitz · Talker: Azushi
Military uniform princess: Aki Toyosaki

TV Anime "Re: Creators" 2nd PV - YouTube

Professor eromanga

· Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 4/8 (Sat) 24: 30 ~
Tochigi Television: 4/8 (Sat) 24: 30 ~
Gunma TV: 4/8 (Sat) 24: 30 ~
BS 11: 4/8 (Sat) 24: 30 ~
MBS: 4/8 (Sat) 26: 58 ~
AT-X: 4/9 (Sunday) 21: 00 ~ other
TV Aichi: 4/11 (Tue) 26: 35 ~

· Work information
Izumi Masamune, a high school student and Ranobet writer, lives alone with his younger sister, Izumi Saegu. But the fog was a withdrawal that did not come out of the room at all. However, at some point, Masamune knows the fact of the shock that the identity of Professor eromanga illustrator who is in charge of illustrations of his novel is fog.

The director is "NEW GAME!" Deputy director and this film will be the first directorRyohei Takeshita. The series composition is "Idol Master Cinderella Girls" "Pandora of the Red Crystal"Takahashi Tatsuya.

The original is a novel by Fushimi Tsukasa of "My sister can not be this cute", as well as "My sister" Kanzaki Hiro is in charge of illustration. Previously published volume 8.

Erotic Manga Teacher (8) Izumi Masamune's Holiday (Dengeki Bunko) | Fushimi Tsukasa, Kanazaki Hiro | Books | mail order | Amazon

By the way, this animation isFushimi Tsukasa 's debut 10th anniversary projectIt is also one of.

Original: Fushimi Tsukasa
Director: Ryohei Takeshita
Series composition: Ryuya Takahashi
Original illustration: Kanzaki Hiro
Character design: Hiroyuki Oda
Production: A-1 Pictures
Copyright notation: © 2016 Tsukasa Fushimi / KADOKAWA ASCII · Media Works / EMP

Twitter:@ oreimo_eromanga
Hashtag: # Mr. eromanga teacher

OP: ClariS "Hitrigoto"
ED: TrySail "adrenaline !!!"

Izumi Saegumi: Akane Fujita
Izumi Masami: Matsuoka Shozo
Yamada Elf: Masami Takahashi
Senju Muramasa: Saori Ohnishi
Megumino Kano: Kido Kobuki
Takasago Chie: Ishikawa Yui

TV animation "Mr. eromanga sensei" PV 1st bullet - YouTube


· Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 4/9 (Sun) 23: 00 ~
KBS Kyoto: April 9 (Sun) 23: 30 ~
Sun TV: 4/9 (Sunday) 25: 00 ~
BS 11: 4/11 (Tuesday) 24: 30 ~

· Work information

I machine - It is a generic term for large robots around 18 meters which work in extreme environments. Federation Academy student Mikuri Maya is involved in the accident while using the I machine, but it is helped by the Escabebite spacecraft carrying the I machine as well as the pirate as well as the oriharuto drilling, and it will be worked as a member of that. . Maya will know something about "human beings" while spending time in one habit and two habits.
- Is it hope or despair to lurk in lost memory?

Director who gave birth to "Infinite Revital" "Scryed" Goro Taniguchi × Series composition · Yagusa Kuroda's tags gained a high reputation for Celluque 3DCG expressions such as "Blue Steel Arpeggio - Ars Nova" and "Bubiki Blank" Sanzigen joins and sends out "Mind Trance SF". Robot action will be unfolded beyond the deep space where nobody has seen.

On the official website, EscaBeit's company who helped Maya "Job guideHas been released.

Director: Goro Taniguchi
Series composition · Screenplay: Yuusuke Kuroda
Mechanic character design: Ebihikawa Kanetake
Animated character draft: Ruri Murata
Animation character design: Hiromi Kato
Mechanic design: Bunri Katakai, Takeshi Takakura, Noriyuki Yanase
Prop Design: Yoshinori Iwanaga
3DCG Supervisor: Now Yoshikazu
Modeling Director: Kazuki Hirai, Yasuhisa Takeuchi
Rigging director: four daitsuke
Animation Director: Kentaro Shika, Hiroyasu Nishino, Atsushi Mimura, Masaki Nakamura
Art director: Yuji Kaneko
Art setting: Akihiro Hirasawa, Akane Iwakuma
Researcher: Haruichi Shiraishi
Color design: Akiko Shibata, Junko Kitagawa
Director of Photography: Daisuke Okumura
Edit: Mai Hasegawa
Acoustic director: Kawahito Meida
Music: Takayuki Hattori
Music production: Lantis
Animation Production: Saint-Genen
Produce: World Cosplay Summit
Copyright light notation: © ID-0 Project

Twitter:@ ID_ 0 _ anime
Hashtag: # ID_ 0

OP: Saki Saki "ID-0"
ED: Hellonobu Kageyama "Stellar Compass"

Id: Kazuyuki Okitsu
Mikuri Maya: Miho Tsuda
Rick Ehier: Masanari Matsukaze
Cala Mila-Foyden: Sayaka Ohara
Greyman: Koyama Oyama
Claire Hojo: Kimoto Hoshiko
Falsa: Ozawa Aki
Amanza Borucikova: Junko Minagawa
Mysterious girl: Ren Ueda

Original TV anime "ID - 0" PV 1st - YouTube

Berserk Second Phase

· Broadcast information
WOWOW: 4/7 (Fri) 22: 30 ~ other
TBS: 4/7 (Friday) 26: 25 ~
MBS: 4/7 (Friday) 26: 40 ~
BS - TBS: 4/8 (Sat) 24: 30 ~

· Work information
After the collapse of the tower "St. Albion temple", Guts, Caska, and packs who broke through Kusan's siege network headed for the blacksmith Godot's mining cube to escape from the fate of the branding. But Gutz met with Griffith who was with Rickert. Gitz fulfilled his opponent for a long time and was trying to kill himself dramatically, but Griffith was cool.
"Tame ... What on earth did you come here for ?!" "To meet you"

The original is Young Animal series serialized 38 volumes. In 1997, the content of "Volcano Knits Berserk" and the content of 14 volumes after "eating" was television animated. After that, a gap will be opened once, but in 2011A plan to visualize all the stories entitled "Berserk Saga Project" started. Beginning from 2012 to 2013, "Golden Age" from original volume 3 volumes to 14 volumes is released as a three-part movie. In addition since 2015New animation projectThe first episode of TV animation (new work) was broadcasted in the summer of 2016, as the golden era version and beyond will be imaged for the first time.

Since the production is being carried out following the first period, there is no change to the staff cast. The director is a writer known for his books such as "Toy" series and "Itenagi no Shinni" series, "Young Gun · Carnival" and "Parade of Speeding Adolescence" series "PSYCHO - PASS Psychopath" It is also known that he worked on the screenplay for "Wonder Girls!Fukami true.

Berserk 38 (Young Animals Comics) | Miura Kentarou | Books | mail order | Amazon

Original and total supervision: Kentaro Miura (Studio I)
Director: Shikagi Itagaki
Series composition: Fukami true
Series configuration cooperation: Takashi Yamashita
Main Character Design: Henry Abe
Art director: Hiroshi Itoh (Kusanagi)
Color coordination: Shiichiro Fejida
3D Director: Hisashi Egawa: Makoto Sato
Visual director: Toru Shinozaki
Technical Director: Keiza Mizuhashi
CG modeling supervision: Mitsuishi Mitsuishi
Character model lead: Igarashi Narumi
Setup lead: Hiroki Sato
Animation lead: Keisuke Kobayashi
Composite Lead: Takamado Hatakeyama
Edit: Yuri Tamura
Acoustic Director: Miwa Iwami
Acoustic effect: Kayama Oyama
Acoustic Production: Glow Vision
Music: Shiro Sagishi
Production: LIDENFILMS
Animation Production: GEMBA / Milpansee
Production: Berserk Production Committee
Copyright notation: © Kentaro Miura (studio painting) · Hakusensha / Berserk Production Committee

Hashtag: #berserk

OP: 9 mm Parabellum Bullet "Sacrifice"
ED: Minobu Aino feat. Yanagi Nagi "All Stories"
Play song: Hirasawa Susumu "Ash Crow" "Ash Crow"

Guts: Hiroaki Iwanaga
Pack: Kaoru Mizuhara
Farnese: Yoko Higakasa
Serpico: Kazuyuki Okitsu
Isidro: Shimono Hiroshi
CASCA: Hiroshi Arai
Seike: Chiwa Saito
Ibarrera: Satomi Arai
Flora: Shimamoto Shimomoto
Zod: Kenta Miyake
Sonya: Aino Nanjo
Griffith: Takahiro Sakurai
Skull Knight: Atsuo Otsuka
Narration: Yu Ishizuka

Spring next coming 2017 - YouTube

TV anime "Berserk" first digest video - YouTube

Boundary RINNE 3rd series

· Broadcast information
NHK E Tel: 4/8 (Sat) 17: 35 ~

· Work information
Solving the troubles of the spirit is a Shinigami boy who earns savings, Rikuji Rinpu and a girl whose girls can see a ghost with her classmates · Maki Makiya. As if to disturb the two with a subtle distraction feeling, exorcisers · cruciform wings, rippling around the cherry blossoms · cross-shaped wings, death gods girls · phoenians hanging around Rinpa lively surroundings, daily bizarre after-school patterns Is unfolded.

The original is 34 volumes already published in the Weekly Shonen Sunday series. The latest 35 volumes will be released on March 17.

Boundary RINNE 34 (Shonen Sunday Comics) | Rumiko Takahashi | Books | mail order | Amazon

Twitter:@ nhk_ rinne
Hashtag: #anime_rinne

OP: Serious dance of the night "SHINY"
ED: Softly "Skinano kana"

Rikuzen Rin: Ishikawa Kokitan
Mamiya Sakura: Mary Inoue
Six sentences: Hitomi Natame
Cross wing: Ryohei Kimura
Feng: Ruri Murakawa
Hazy: Matsuoka Sadyojo
Seal: Morimoto Saito
Suzuki: Mikami Suzuko
Four demonic brush: Shizuka Ishigami
Magokoro: Teruya Kakihara
Rokkaido Mackerel: Kampei Yamaguchi
Soko: Yukino Satsuki
Sister Annet · Hitomi: Sawashiro Miyuki
Rokudo Otome: Megumi Hayashibara

Uchoten Family 2

· Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 4/9 (Sunday) 22: 00 ~
KBS Kyoto: 4/10 (Monday) 20: 00 ~
AT-X: 4/10 (Mon) 24: 30 ~ other
d Anime store: 4/11 (Tue) 12: 00 ~
Sagatetebi: 4/12 (Wednesday) 25: 55 ~
Northern Japan Broadcasting: 4/13 (Thurs) 26: 29 ~

· Work information

Kyoto · Shimogamo Shinto shrine, Shimogamo family living in Nonomori. The four brothers who succeeded the deceased father, Soichiro 's blood, who was the head of the Tanari world, surrounded the Takarazuka' s mother and was enjoying living as it is.
Overnight of a frenzy that happened centered on the third son, Yazaburo who seamlessly succeeded to Seichiro's "blood of fish". Election of the next "Fake Reemon", the uncle / Yuikawa Shinkansen's strategy, and the one with "Friday Club" all flowed to the Kyoto night sky with the wind of one team, the season will flow from the day, comfortable in Kakunaka A young leave point full of incense. The pill balls do not mind the cold of the butt, they move with each move.
A human beautiful woman, Benten who got violent by Tengu and leaves Kyo and is loved by Benten who is an apprentice. Large Tengu Akadake, Mr. Akadama who is in retirement Daishigatake medicine shoots lonely and bad mood while scattering As usual I was sending the days that took off the Akadake port wine in the 10 year old floor of the boro apartment.
Such being the case, it is the son of Mr. Akadama sensei, after being fierce father-child fight, the "second generation" who lost and disappeared disappeared, became a British gentleman and fulfilled the first morning in hundred years. Major surprise color. Surprising spot. Astonishment astounding. The great news which shakes the Tengu world and the Tanuki world quickly spread to the Raku Nakorukori.
Set in the town of Kyoto, the puppet ball scroll volumes 2, where people and raccoon and tengu's thought swirls, finally opens!
"Interesting things are good"

Director Masayuki Yoshihara served as Assistant Director of "Spirit Protector" as in Phase 1. Baton touch on the series composition from Shotaro Kan to Ryo Hinakaki. In addition to being responsible for screenwriter in "Guardian of Spirit", he was in charge of the series composition of "Kuromukuro" and "Dimension W".

The original is Mori Miki's "Return home of the second generation ecstop family" of Miki.

Returning home for the second generation of Uchoten Family Tomomihiko Mori | Book | Mail order | Amazon

Original: Miki Mori
Character draft: Koji Kumada
Director: Masayuki Yoshihara
Series composition: Ryo Hinakaki
Character design · total drawing director: Tsunesuke Kawabe
Art director: Yusuke Takeda, Harumomi Okamoto
Director of Photography: Satoshi Namiki
Color design: Yoshitsugu Inoue
3D Director: Kohei Ogawa
Acoustic director: Kawahito Meida
Music: Yoshimasa Fujisawa
Music production: Lantis
Animation Production: P.A. WORKS
Produce: "Uchoten Family 2" Production Committee
Copyright notation: © Mori Kanno Mihiko · Gentosha / "Uchoten Family 2" Production Committee

Twitter:@ Uchoten 2 _ Anime
Hashtag: # Ecstastic sky

OP: milktub "Staying noisy while being made"
ED: fhána "Moon River"

Yabusaburo: Takahiro Sakurai
Yaichi Yuichi: Junichi Suwabe
Yajiro: Yoshino Hiroyuki
Yashiro: Mai Nakahara
Benten: Mamiko Noto
Mother (Tao Seng): Kikuko Inoue
Teacher Akadama: Hideyuki Umezu
Kinkaku: Shizuya Nishi
Ginkaku: Youseki Hatakeyama
Star: Sakura Ayane
Prof. Yodogawa: Higuchi Takehiko
Second generation: Junji Majima
Tamaku: Yoko Higaka
Kureichirou: Yuichi Nakamura
Tenmaya: Shimada Satoshi

【Uchouten Family 2】 1st PV - YouTube

Magical book starting from scratch

· Broadcast information
AT-X: 4/10 (Mon) 23: 30 ~ other
TOKYO MX: 4/10 (Monday) 24: 30 ~
Sun TV: 4/10 (Monday) 24: 30 ~
BS Fuji: 4/10 (Monday) 24: 30 ~
KBS Kyoto: 4/10 (Monday) 25: 00 ~
tvk: 4/11 (Tue) 25: 00 ~

· Work information
Church calendar 526, a world with a witch and academics called magic. Half beast half people "beast fall" are born from a very ordinary human parent, and the neck of the beast falls as a witch makes a tool of magic, so aiming goes after all.
At one point, the beast fall "mercenary" is aided by the witch "Zero" where it was being targeted. A mercenary who believed in the word "return to man" of zero who self-designates the ultimate witch keeps zero from the hand such as witch hunting, while searching for "thirteenth number" which was studying magic with zero as it once was It becomes an escort of. The thirteenth is pursuing someone who stole the "zero book" with the power to destroy the world, Zero also follow the thirteenth and head to the kingdom. And mercenaries will know the terrible power of the forbidden spellbook "magic".

The director worked on a storyboard as "Drifters", "A town where I alone does not exist", "A Blood Battle Front" and so on, and served as a director in the long animation "Light of the River" broadcasted at NHK in 2009Tetsuo Hirakawa.

The original is a novel published from Dengeki Bunko, 8 volumes already published.

A magical book starting from scratch VIII - a librarian of a forbidden library - (Dengeki Bunko) | Takeshi kake, Shigeru Shizuma | book | mail order | Amazon

Original: Tiger runs over
Character draft: Yoshinori Shizuma
Director: Tetsuo Hirakawa
Character design: Ryosuke Kimiya, Daisuke Shiga
Image Board: Hiroki Shinagawa
Prop Design: Iwahata Gyouichi, Suzuki Noritaka
Art Director: Yoshito Takamine (Mine)
Art setting: Kaoru Aoki (Mine)
Color design: Miyuki Sato (Wish)
Supervised Supervision: Kumiko Taniguchi (Team Taniguchi)
3D Director: Mitsutaro Shishido (IKIF +)
Director of Photography: Nobu Shitara (T2 studio)
Edit: Hitomi Sudou (REAL-T)
Acoustic director: Noboru Akaguchi
Acoustic Studio: HALF H · P STUDIO
Music: Masato Matsuda
Music production: Lantis
Produce: Infinite
Animation Production: WHITE FOX
Copyright notation: © 2016 Tiger running / KADOKAWA ASCII · Media Works / Zero's magic division

Twitter:@ zeronosyo
Hashtag: #zeronosyo

Zero: Yumihiro Hanamori
Mercenary: Takeshi Oyama
Albus: Earth leaves
Holdem: Masayuki Kato
Thirteen: Takehito Koyasu

TV animation "Magical book starting from zero" PV 2nd bullet - YouTube

Nozzle system noise

· Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 4/11 (Tue) 23: 00 ~
Kansai Television: 4/13 (Thu) 26: 25 ~
BS Fuji: 4/17 (Monday) 24: 00 ~

· Work information
When Nino is in the fourth grade of elementary school, a young friend of momo disappeared with his family, leaving the word "someday you can meet your songs as a landmark" if they can not meet. Nino suffered a shock and began shouting when his emotions rose, and I could not let go of the mask. One day in the fifth grade of elementary school, Nino encounters "Yuzu" who wishes to shout without hesitation to go to the beach and write songs on the beach. Then every week Wednesday Yuz wrote the continuation of the song and the days that Nino sangs continue, but Yuzu also disappears from before Nino.
Nino, Momo, Yuz played a fateful reunion, a continuation of a one-way love begins that did not come true.

Directed by Hideya Takahashi of "Opposite !!!!!!!!" and OVA "Fantasista Stella". The series consists of "Akaura Maze Book", "Snow White of Red Hair", "Uetamama" etc. It is also known as "Frame Arms · Girl" this season.

In the autumn of 2017 the movie 'Boku nenkai no koi no koi wo Hiroto'Koichiro Miki, Starring Ayami Nakajo, Shinjitsu, Yuta Ozeki and othersLive action movie versionWill be made public.

The original is "Hana to Yume" series, 11 volumes already published. The latest 12 volumes will be released on 20th March.

Nozzle system noise 12 (Hana to Yume Comics) | Ryoko Fukuyama | Books | mail order | Amazon

Original: Ryoko Fukuyama
Director: Hideya Takahashi
Series configuration: Akao Yoko
Character design: Ito Mariko
Overall director: Toyo Mariko, Wakako Shigoto
Prop Design: Satomi Higuchi
Color design: Natsuko Otsuka
Art Director: Masako Okuma (Studio Tenjin)
Director of Photography: Oda Yoshinobu
2 DW / special effect: Hitoshi Tokumaru, Miki Tachibana
Edit: Yasutaka Ikeda
Acoustic director: Takayuki Yamaguchi
Animation Production: Brains Base
Copyright notation: © Ryoko Fukuyama · Hakusensha / Animation "Masked Noise" Production Committee

Twitter:@ fukumenkeianime
Hash tag: # Animated cover system

Arisu River Nino (Nino): Saori Hayami
Yuzu (Yuzu): Yamashita Daisuke
Sakako peach (peach): Takashi Uchiyama

TV animation "Bokusen noisyu no 1" PV - YouTube

Are you done at the end? Are you busy? May I save you?

· Broadcast information
AT-X: 4/11 (Tue) 23: 30 ~ other
TOKYO MX: 4/12 (Wednesday) 25: 05 ~
KBS Kyoto: 4/12 (Wed) 25: 05 ~
Sun TV: 4/12 (Wednesday) 25: 30 ~
TV Aichi: 4/12 (Wednesday) 26: 35 ~
TVQ: 4/12 (Wednesday) 26: 35 ~
d Anime store: 4/13 (Thursday) 12: 00 ~
BS 11: 4/14 (Friday) 27: 00 ~

· Work information
A world unknown monsters were overrun by the beasts, destroyed the earth about 500 years ago, and the world after many other races including the legendary human race (Emnight Wight) were destroyed. Only barely survived leave the earth, floating continents (regle · ele) consisting of more than one hundred rock masses "floating islands" in the sky were all in the world.
Willem Kumesh who could not protect what he wanted to protect in the fight against the beasts woke up in the sky after 500 years and knew that he was the last human being left in the world, I lived a life like a recluse. Willem is introduced as a military work from friends who have not seen their lives, and becomes a new administrator who works in the management of "weapons" at the warehouse of the company. The shop purchased collecting was the "sword (carillon)" which salvaged the archaeological weapon (Dagwon Pong), which is the secret of the strength that a weak human being was the champion of the earth. However, the Holy Sword can only be used by those who are already qualified as brave members of the human tribe who have already been destroyed. Now that there are no human beings, fairy girls are trying to protect the floating islands with ruins It was fought as a disposable life collected and consumed only for victory.
Willem, who was one of the people who used the Holy Sword, began teaching fairies how to fight, not disposable, fate that had never changed.

Director is Junichi Wada of "The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan", and the series composition is served by original writer Nobuno Kinno. The original is a novel published from sneakers collection, 5 volumes in total, Gaiden 1 volume. The new series "Is it done at the end? Can you see again only once?" The total of the series has exceeded 430,000 copies and 67,000 downloads have been achieved that are exceptional as electronic books.Sneaker Bunko Official SiteIn 155 pages out of 1 volume can be browsed.

Are you busy? Are you busy? May I save you? # 05 (Kadokawa sneakers collection) | Kinoe Ei, ue | book | mail order | Amazon

Foreword in Anime BroadcastingMain character voice actor child auditionWas held.

The official abbreviation is "Smoked". Besides the domain name, it is also used as a hashtag.

Original series · Structure of organization: Eriko Kinno
Screenplay: Ken Yukino, Norio Nemoto, Shingo Nagai, Mariko Mochizuki
Director: Junichi Wada
Character design · General drawing director: Toru Imanishi
World Concept Design: Brunei Stanislas
Concept design: Hot, Shinya Asanuma, Toshinari Tanaka (Burnstorm · Design Lab)
Design Works: Hiroyuki Okawa
Prop Design: Junichi Fukunaga
Art setting: Studio Wyeth, Masahiro Sato (Head · Works), Chiaki Tsukamoto (Head · Works), Nobuya Asanuma
Color design: Masato Takagi
Art director: Mio Ichiko (Studio Wyeth)
Background: Studio Wyeth
3DCG Director · 3DCG: Mukasu Imaka
Director of Photography: Jun Kubota
Photography: satellite digital section
Edit: Tsuyoshi Shimatsu
Acoustic director: Satoshi Motoyama
Music: Tatsuya Kato
Music Producer: Shigeru Saito
Animation Producer: Fumio Kaneko, Ryosuke Yamada
General Producer: Atsushi Ito
Acoustic Production: Dax Production
Music production: Lantis
Production: Satellite / C2C
Production: 68th island · fairy warehouse
Copyright notation: © 2017 Kiyano Ei · ue / KADOKAWA 68 island · Fairy warehouse

Twitter:@ sukasuka_anime
Hashtag: # faintly

OP: Azusa Tadokawa "DEAREST DROP"
ED: TRUE "From"

Willem Kumesh: Ryohei Arai
Kutri · NOTA · Seniorris: Tadashi Azusa
Aisea · Mysé · Valgallis: Machico
Nephlen · Luc · Insania: Akari Uehara
Lantorc · Ituri · Historia: Watanabe
Noft · Ke · Desperatio: Mizuno Inose
Tiat: Yumi Mizuma
Pannival: Kure Urika
Lachish: Iwami Maika incense
Colon: Nikko Nikko
Alumina: Akane Kohinata
Nigraat: Kikuko Inoue
Grick Gray Crack: Chiba Shigeru
Lime skin: Yoshuro Kosugi
Almaria · Duffner: Satomi Sato
Firacol Libya Dorio: Hou Flower
Liliar · Asplay: Rina Sato
Suwon · Kandel: the wheat man

"Are you going to the end? Are you busy? Are you OK to rescue?" PV (Overseas Version) - YouTube

Natsume's Book of Friends

· Broadcast information
TV Tokyo: 4/11 (Tue) 25: 35 ~
TV Osaka: April 11 (Tue) 25: 35 ~
TV Hokkaido: 4/11 (Tue) 25: 35 ~
Television setouchi: 4/11 (Tue) 25: 40 ~
TV Aichi: 4/11 (Tue) 27: 05 ~
TVQ: 4/11 (Tuesday) 27: 35 ~

· Work information
Natsume Takashi sends a "return name" day to the youkai with Professor Nyanko who self-designs a bouncer, with a "friend's book" left by her grandmother Natsume Reiko.

Miki Midorikawa's original sixth work on anime series based on manga. The staff, like the "Natsume Yujincho", is the director of the "Durarara !!" seriesTakahiro Omori, Director is "Rolling ☆ Girls" "Sai no Saji Spoon (2nd Period)" Meeting Small Tomi, Murai Sayuki of series "Sidney of the Knight" series "Sakin no Kakera" series composition.

The original comic has been published 21 volumes.

Natsume Yujincho 21 (Hana to Yume COMICS) | Yuki Midorikawa | Books | mail order | Amazon

Original: Yuki Midorikawa
Overall director: Takahiro Omori
Director: Minori Taimedo
Series composition: Murai Sayuki
Character design: Akira Takada
Sub Character Design: Hiroki Hagiwara
Youkai Design: Yamada Genki
Art: Yukihiro Shibuya
Color setting: Hiromi Miyawaki
Photography: Hitoshi Tamura, Tetsuya Kawada
Edit: Seki Kuhi
Music: Nobushi Yoshimori
Animation Production: Zhu Xia
Production: NAS
Production: "Natsume Yujincho" Production Committee
Copyright light notation: © Yuki Midorikawa · Hakusensha / "Natsume Yujincho" production committee

Twitter:@ natsumeyujincho
Hashtag: # Natsume's Book of Friends

Takashi Natsume: Hiroshi Kamiya
Nyanko sensei: Kazuhiko Inoue
Spots: Kazuhiko Inoue
Natsume Reiko: Sanae Kobayashi
Naoi Natori: Akira Ishida
Kaname Tanuma: Kazumasa Horie
Satoru Nishimura: Ryohei Kimura
Atsushi Kitamoto: Hisayoshi Suganuma
Jun Sasada: Miyuki Sawashiro
Multiplexing: Rina Sato
Toshiko Fujiwara: Miki ITO
Shigeru Fujiwara: Eiji Ito
Shibasa Tachibana: Junichi Suwabe

Fighting Bancho Otome - Girl Beats Boys -

· Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 4/12 (Wednesday) 22: 30 ~
Sun TV: 4/12 (Wednesday) 24: 00 ~
※ Short animation

· Work information
Nakayama Hinako, who had been in the facility as an orphan since he got a sense of mind, learned various fighting sports with the policy of the facility. A twin brother, Hikaru suddenly appeared before the eyes of such a son, asking me to enter the prefecture's first Yankee High School / Shishi Gakuen as my substitute.

Director Tokuaki Saito has been involved in directing "Love Live! The School Idol Movie". Series configuration is "grave", "about Ron Dasu!" Takahashi Natsuko of "golden hair ball of noodles of the country", this season in charge of the series configuration, even "love tyrant".

The original is a romance ADV for PlayStation Vita "Fighting Bancho Otome". There is no cast change.

Original: Spike Chunsoft
Director: Tokuaki Saito
Series structure: Nakatsu Takahashi
Animation character design: Masuro
Sub Character Design: Akane Yano
Prop Design: Keiko Kitayama
Art Director: Yusuke Ikeda
Background: Studio Suuuu
Color design: Yoko Suzuki
Director of Photography: Junpei Takatsu
Photography: Asahi Productions
3DCG: studio A-CAT
Acoustic director: Morishita Hiroto
Acoustic Production: Groove
Music: Hayabusa / Simple Notes
Edit: RealTi
Animation Production: project No. 9 × A-Real
Copyright light notation: © Spike Chunsoft Co., Ltd./ Shishiro Gakuen Council

Twitter:@ kbo_anime
Hashtag: # Kaname Oda Otome # # Animation

Nakayama Hinako: Yamamura Hibiki
Minowa Doto Maru: KENN
Takayuki Koharu: Shota Aoi
Rintaro Kira: Yoshimasa Hosoya
Yuuko Masuko: Teruya Kakihara
Ogijima Phoenix: Maeno Tomoaki
Hikaru Onigashi: Tsubasa Kenaga
Haruko Sakaguchi: Takashi Kondo

TV anime "Brawler Bancho Otome - Girl Beats Boys -" First PV - YouTube

2nd bullet PV 1 "Minowa Doto Maru" / TV anime "Fight Battle Otome - Girl Beats Boys -" - YouTube


· Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 4/12 (Wed) 22: 40 ~
Sun TV: 4/12 (Wednesday) 24: 10 ~
※ Short animation

· Work information
I draw the days of three persons' individuals and 'you'.

"One Room" broadcasted from January 2017 was a story with three girls, but "RoomMate" reverses gender, and this time the days with three men are drawn. It is silent and cool "Reimu Takumi", a high school student "Nishina Aoi" who is a friendly actor, elite but actually I like Mr. Shinya Miyasaka.

Original: SMIRAL
Story draft: Eiji Mano
Screenplay: Susan Ryusei
Original draft: left
Character design: Noritazu Nakada
Production: Room Mate Production Committee
Animation Production: Feng Shui Graphics
Copyright light notation: © SMIRAL / "One Room" Production Committee / "Room Mate" Production Committee

Twitter:@ anime_one_room

Takumi Reehara: Maeno Tomoaki
Nishina Aoi: Nagi Hanoe
Shinya Miyasaka: Kosuke Toriumi

Snack World

· Broadcast information
TV Tokyo series: 4/13 (Thurs) 19: 25 ~
BS Japan: 4/15 (Sat) 6: 30 ~

· Work information
The fourth cross-media project by Level 5 which has sent "Inazuma Eleven" "Cardboard Warfare" "Yokai Watch" to the world. First from December 2016Manya ImmortalityA manga by start started with a korokoro comic. TV animation started in April 2017, and the game of Nintendo 3DS version was released in July 2017. In addition, Android · iOS version game application will be delivered in December 2017.

It was shown at the same time as two movies of "Yokai Watch" ("Emma the Great and 5 Stories Nyan!", "A Flying Whale and the Double Adventure of the World"!), Following the TV animation The third animation movie is also decided.

Premium preliminary preview that the first episode can be seen at the fastestAre scheduled at five places in Sapporo, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Fukuoka. If the application deadline is postcard on March 23rd, the web is until 23. 59 on March 23rd.

【PV】 "Snack World" (Snack World Start Ver.) - YouTube

I do not know how to raise her ♭

· Broadcast information
Fuji Television: 4/13 (Thu) 24: 55 ~

· Work information
Mr. Aki Aki, known as an elite geek who also enters the fingers in the school, attracted Kasumigaoka poet feathers as a high school girl Ranobet writer, Sawamura, Spencer and English pears of the same son writer by childhood friend, Megumi Kato of classmates I will start working on a doujin game with a character modeled on the main heroine. It seemed as a music worker that Mr. Himi Higashidori, my cousin, also joined and became a perfect arrangement.

The original is a light novel debut work by Maruoto Fumiaki known as a scenario writer such as "This promise to this blue sky -". With 11 volumes already published, 12 volumes will be released on March 18. The first period was broadcasted in the winter of 2015, and Maruto was in charge of the series composition / screenplay of animation.

Her way of raising herself 11 (Fantasia Bunko) | Maruoto Fumiaki, Fukasaki Yuto | Books | mail order | Amazon

Original: Fumiaki Maruoto
Character draft: Misaki Fukasaki
Director: Mikita Kamei
Series composition · Screenplay: Fumiaki Maruoto
Character design: Takase Tomoaki
Music: Yu Hakushi (F.M.F)
Production: A-1 Pictures

Twitter:@ saenai_heroine
Hashtags: # Do not be cool how to raise her

ED: Delusional Calibration "Sakura Color Diary"

Mr. Aki Michiya: Matsuoka Sadyojo
Sawamura, Spencer, Penny: English Saori
Kasumigaoka poet feather: Ai Kino
Megumi Kato: Yasuno Anno
Miyoshi Higido: Yarosaki SAITO
Wajimajima Ocean: Akasaki Chinatsu
Morishima Iori: Teruya Kakihara
Yuko Machida: Noriko Kuwashima

TV anime "Not so talented her raising ♭" second edition CM | Started broadcasting on April 13 - YouTube

sin seven deadly sins

· Broadcast information
AT-X: 4/14 (Friday) 24: 00 ~ others
TOKYO MX: 4/14 (Friday) 25: 05 ~
BS 11: 4/17 (Monday) 24: 30 ~

· Work information

Due to the crime of "arrogance" who disobeyed God, Archangels Lucifer was fallen into hell and became "fallen angel". Furthermore, in the lowest layer of hell "Mamonokado", the demons who control hell seal the power of Lucifer. It was Lucifer who lost everything, but with the jealous demon Reviathan who enjoys her, he took the ten bundle of true school girls who met on the ground and became "Lucifer of arrogance" and attacked against the seven demon kings I will go on a journey. The apocalypse around the "seven major sinners" by beautiful demons kicks off now.

Director · The composition of the series is "Queen's Blade" series and "Yoshimoto Kinji" of "I decided to reluctantly reluctantly become a brave".

As part of the media mix project that "Hobby Japan" has been developing since 2011, it was announced once as OVA in 2012, but this was not produced and it was decided to be television animation again.

On Cinemato Shinjuku on April 9Episode 1 ~ 3 Episode Screening + Cast Talk ShowIs held.

By the way, for "a savior candidate" rather than "devil worshiper", there are seven angels around the "Seven virtuesContending content exists.

Original: Hobby Japan
Director: Yoshimoto Kinji
Story concept series composition: Shinji Yoshimoto
Main writer: Suzuki Inaugural
Character original plan: Ni θ
Character design · total drawing director: Yoshida Shoko
Overall director: Mr. Ozeki, like Junji
Industrial design: Shigematsu
Art Director: Kenta Masuda Maohara Matsubara
Color design: Kinji Yoshimoto, Eri Umamoto
Visual coordinator:
Director of Photography: Satoshi Fujita
Edit: Masaki Sakamoto
Acoustic director: Morishita Hiroto
Music: Katsu Yokoyama, Hiroaki Tsutsumi
Produce: Jenko
Production: Tea · N · K, Artland
Production: "sin seven deadly partners"
Copyright notation: HOBBY JAPAN · Niθ / "sin seven deadly" partners

Twitter:@ 7sins_tv
Hashtag: # Great sin

OP: Mia REGINA "My Sweet Maiden"
ED: Mia REGINA "Welcome to our diabolic paradise"

Lucifer: Eri Kitamura
Leviathan: Akane Fujita
Satan: Sakuraba Arisa
Bellefa Goal: Kao Makuma
Mammon: Yoko Higaka
Beelzebab: Yui Ogura
Asmodius: Takahashi Tomoaki
Belial: Shizuka Ito
Astaroto: Tadashi Azusa
Ten Bundle Makiya: Megumi Toda

"Sin seven great sins" PV (Melody of Melancholy · Character song MV version by Astaroth) - YouTube

Sword Oratria

· Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 4/14 (Fri) 24: 30 ~
KBS Kyoto: 4/14 (Fri) 24: 30 ~
Sun TV: 4/14 (Fri) 24: 30 ~
BS 11: 4/14 (Friday) 24: 30 ~
AbemaTV: 4/14 (Friday) 24: 30 ~
TV Aichi: 4/15 (Sat) 25: 50 ~
AT-X: 4/15 (Sat) 21: 00 ~ other
d Anime Store · Animation All-you-can-E-NEXT · Nico Nico Douga · Nico Nico Live Broadcast · Bandai Channel · VideoMarket Delivery

· Work information
The monster is the only monkey in the world "Unknown hole", dungeon. It was divided into a number of hierarchies, there was no one that grabbed the whole of the "hole" that was too wide and deep, and those who challenged the unknown were called "adventurers". Four Eyes Walenstein and others continued asking for strength as a first-class adventurer belonging to one of the adventurers (parties) aimed at such a dungeon capture "Loki Familia".
In the fifteenth hierarchy "Fountain of Cadmos", Eyes and others discover that strong dragons (cadmos) have been knocked down. Parties that can reach the 51st level to defeat the strongest class monster / cadmos except for the hierarchical master (boss monster) are limited, and Familia will not suffer expedition. In addition, expensive rare items from Cadmos were not collected. This means the existence of "something" that is not an adventurer, like killing even Cadmos, which also means that adventurers encountered an "abnormal situation (irregular)" to avoid most It was. Not only that, it hits a large number of monsters 'monsters' banquet (monster / party) on Eyes. Will Eyes be able to overcome this crisis, and what is the identity of "something"?

Director is "Urara Maze Gakko", "boring world where there is no concept of lower net" "Yuhei Suzuki of OVA" asking for a dungeon is wrong, series composition is "It is wrong to seek dungeon encounter Have you been there? "Hideki Shirane of" Date A Live "" Kilmy Baby ".

Works which is an episode of animation broadcast from the spring of 2015 "It is wrong to seek a dungeon encounter?" The first episode of "Dan Machi" Eyes which helped the bell hit by Minotaur at the beginning is the leading role. The original novel was released in 7 volumes, the latest 8 volumes were released on April 17.

Will it be wrong to seek a dungeon? Gaiden Sword · Oratria 8 (GA Bunko) | Omori Fujino, (Original draft) Yasuda Suzuto, Yumura Kiyotaka | Books | mail order | Amazon

Original: Fujino Omori
Character original plan: Ibaraki Kiyotaka, Yasudasu Hito
Director: Yohei Suzuki
Series composition: Hideki Shirane
Character design: Shigeki Kimoto
Music: Keiji Inoue
Animation production: J.C.STAFF
Copyright notation: © Fujino Omori · SB Creative / Sword · Oratria Production Committee

Twitter:@ danmachi_anime
Hashtag: #danmachi

OP: Yuka Iguchi "RE-ILLUSION"
ED: Kanno "day by day"

Eyes Walenstein: Saori Ohnishi
Refiya · Williadis: Pearl Kimura
Tiona Hiryute: Ruri Murakawa
Tione Hillyte: Masami Takahashi
Loki: Kure Urika
Fin · Dimna: Tamura Mutsumi
Liberia · Lyos · ア ル ー ヴ: Ayako Kawasumi
Gareth / Land Rock: Kenji Nomura
Beat Roga: Nobuhiko Okamoto

Scheduled to start broadcasting in April 2017 TV anime "Sword and Oratoria" Tiza PV - YouTube

100% Professor Pascal & Prepure Chi-chan !!

· Broadcast information
MBS · TBS series: 4/15 (Sat) 6: 30 ~

· Work information
It is broadcasted on "Anime Saturday 630" newly established from April at MBS · TBS Affiliated Bureau.

"100% Professor Pascal" is a 4 volumes published in the monthly Korokoro comic series. Magical elementary school teacher · Pascal teacher waggles the students with the unlimited action that they want to do, gag comic who spreads habitual daily life with high ability of Tsukkomi. Smartphone game "100% Pascal Teacher Perfect Quiz BattleIn addition to the distribution, in the summer of 2017 Nintendo 3DS "100% Professor Pascal Perfect Paint BombersIs released.

100% Pascal sensei 4 (ladybug korokoro comics) | Yuji Nagai | book | mail order | Amazon

"Prepure Chi-chan !!" is published in the monthly publication 3 volumes. Junior high school girls who are "girls who have troublesome personality" · Evening flowers will cooperate with the underground people "Chi-chan" and the alien's "Uncle", drawing heart-full but chaotic shared life.

Prepure Chi-chan !! 3 (Chao Comics) | Shinozuka Hiromu | Books | mail order | Amazon

Copyright notation: © Yuji Nagai / Shogakkan / 100% Pascal project, © Hiroyuki Shinozuka · Shogakkan / Chi-chan Project

· Pre-Chichi-chan !!
Chi-chan: Ruri Murakawa

100% Pascal Teacher & Prepure Chiichan! - YouTube

Tomica Hyper Rescue Drive Head Mobile Emergency Police

· Broadcast information
TBS series: 4/15 (Sat) 7: 00 ~

· Work information

A bit future from now ....
To respond to disasters beyond humanity, to complicated diversity of crime and accidents, the organization "Go-Mobile Emergency Police Hyper Rescue", the government newly created human life rescue as the main purpose, is a system of police, fire and emergency We have developed a "drive head" specialized in capacity.
"Drive head" is a special aircraft that changes from a car type car form to a human type walker vehicle!
Elementary school students who found fitness · Children as drivers, join forces with the emergency police and other adults and join forces to keep the peace and security of all people on the field today! Go Rescue!

Director Takao Kato of "Rockman EXE" "Meteor Rockman" series and "Zoid - ZOIDS -" "Zoid New Century / Zero". Kenichi Araki was also in charge of series "Rockman EXE" "Meteor Rockman" series.

Works with a small scale car toy "Tomica" series motif. "Tomica" motif works since the 2008 special drama "Tomica Hero Rescue Force" "Tomica Hero Rescue Fire" since.

Director: Hideo Kato
Series composition: Kenichi Araki
Character design: Takumi Torita
Animation Production: OLM
Copyright light notation: © TOMY / Drive head · TBS

Twitter:@ tbs_dh
Hashtag: # Tomica # Hyper Rescue

OP: SUPER ★ DRAGON "Wacha - Gacha!"

Masuda Goh: Natsumi Fujiwara
Yagura Taiga: Kokutai-ki
Ishino Jin: Kei Shindo
Mikoto Ishino: Sasaka Misawa

Tomica Hyper Rescue Drive Head Mobile Emergency Police Teaser Movie - YouTube

Atom the Beginning

· Broadcast information
NHK General: 4/15 (Sat) 23: 00 ~
Amazon Prime Video: 4/15 (Sat) 25: 30 ~

· Work information
Two geniuses, Research Associate Professor Hiroshi Ochanomizu (Hiroki Ochajima) and Yu Taro Temma (Umami Tenma), a master of the master's degree in Nanba University's Robotics Engineering Laboratory (Nanaken), are the next generation artificial Creates a robot "A 106 (Aeten Six)" equipped with intelligence "BEVEST STEIN". However, no matter how genius they were, I could not even know that this research shakes the world anyhow ... ....
How unusual how Astro Boy came into being, the unknown story begins.

The general director is the "Odoru Daisousasen" series, the movie "Lotto" (live action version), the animation "PSYCHO-PASS psychopath"Koji Maibō. The director is "Moralez Space Pirate" "Stellvia in the Universe", "Gakushinkenki Mouri", "Martian Battleship Nadezco"Tatsuo Sato. The series composition is "Pikaia !!" "BLOOD +" "RD Division of Brain Research Room"Junichi Fujisaki.

Atom the Beginning (4) (Heroes Comics) | Tezuka Osamu, Yuuki Masami, Kasahara Tetrowe | Books | mail order | Amazon

Original plan: Tezuka Osamu
Project planning cooperation · supervision: Mr. Tezuka
Concept Works: Masami Yuuki
Manga: Kasahara Tetrow
Cooperation: Tezuka Productions
Overall director: Katsuyuki Honfairi
Director: Tatsuo Sato
Series composition: Junichi Fujisaki
Character design: Takahiro Yoshimatsu
Mechanical design: Shizen Tsunenagi, Takeshi Ishimoto, Shinichi Miyazaki
Prop Design: Hibachi, Asahina Imahashi, Ohi Yoshida
Total drawing director: Hideki ITO
Color design: Miho Tanaka
Art: Hiroshi Kato
3DCG Director: Takaaki Sugano
Monitor graphics: Takashi Aoki
Special effects: Masahiro Murakami
Director of Photography: Teihiro Sato
Edit: Yoshiki Honda
Acoustic Director: Miwa Iwami
Music: Noriyuki Asakura
Animation production: OLM × Production I. G × SIGNAL.MD
Copyright notation: © Tezuka Productions · Masami Yuuki · Kasahara Tetsuro · HERO'S / Atom the Beginning Production Committee

Twitter:@ atomtb_anime
Hashtag: # Atom the Beginning

OP: After the Rain "Unreadable"
ED: Aino Namijo "The Beginning of Light"

Tenma Kentarou: Yuichi Nakamura
Hiroshi Ochanomizu: Teruaki Terashima
A 106: Yuki Inoue
Tomiyama Shigeya: Takahiro Sakurai
Shigeo Mikoto: Komatsu Umiko
Ochanomizu Orchid: Ayane Sakura
Kazuo Kawanishi
Kenzo Bin: Nobuo Tobita

"Atom the Beginning" PV - YouTube

Yu Gi-Oh VRAINS (Brains)

· Broadcast information
TV Tokyo series: May 18: 25 ~

· Work information
"Yu-Gi-Oh King" TV animation series 8th work. However, only "Yu-Gi-Oh King" that was broadcasted since the spring of 1998 is broadcast series as TV Asahi series, there are times when it is not counted because there is no connection with "Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters" since the spring of 2000 . There is also a view that does not count that "Yu-Gi-Oh ZEXAL" broadcasted from 2011 to 2014 was also renamed "Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL II" in the second half, this is "Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters "since it was broadcast on TV Tokyo" Play Yu-Gi-Oh! "Series is the sixth work.

Copyright notation: © Kazuki Takahashi Studio · Dice / Shueisha · TV Tokyo · NAS

Twitter:@ yugioh_anime
Hashtag: # Yu-Gi-Oh # VRAINS

Fujiki Yusaku: (unreleased)

I Kato's Stars! (Tsubasa of the stars)

※ The image is of game version

· Broadcast information
TV Tokyo series: April

· Work information
Suddenly, luxury liner type idol school "Venus Ark" led by Elsa Forte of perfect idol appeared. Elsa has gathered excellent idols and brands around the world and was aiming for the dream as the next target.

The games-oriented arcade card game "Eye cuts stars!" Project enters the "Tsubasa star" series on the theme of "wings", so TV animation enters new development in the same way.

The directorTeruo Sato.

Director: Teruo Sato
Copyright notation: © BNP / BANDAI, DENTSU, TV TOKYO

Twitter:@ akatsu_anime
Hashtag: # Ikatsutusuzu

Yume Yoshimi: Miharu Tomita
Sakuraba Laura: Aya Asai
Midnight Kirisui: Miyamoto Yubu
Elsa Forte: Yoko Higakasa
Hanazono Kirara: Eguchi Nako

Dark book of the world

· Broadcast information
TV Tokyo series: April (Sunday) Late night

· Work information
"If you want to know the darkness of the world, please open this illustration."
The world we live next door with "darkness" which is not understood whether it is a lie such as UFO, UMA, curse, ancient civilization, super power, psychic experience, mystery incident, different dimension world, urban legend etc. Express such "darkness" with a picture-story-style animation.

The director is "Nuiguruma Z" "Robo Geisha" "One arm machine girl"Noboru Iguchi.

Overall director: Nobu Inoguchi
Directing: Kazushige Nakahira, Ryohei Ueno, Takashi Iizuka, others
Screenplay: Yoshida Oolong Ta
Music: Yukihiko Fukuda (Oko)
Drawing: Ebi Ebara, Atsushi Honda, Reijiro Kato, Tatsuya Morino, Makoto Kudo, etc.
Production: ILCA
Production Cooperation: Wonderhead
Copyright notation: © "Darkness Book of the World" Production Committee

ED: MONO NO AWARE "me to me"

Kozai Toi, Ms. Asami, Takiguchi Yukihiro, Imakawa Akumi, Watanabe Satoshi, others
Story Teller: Saito Engineering

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