New animation list starting in the spring of 2018

Broadcasting of many animations will start again in the program reorganization period once every three months. When checking the number of broadcasting works since 2000, after the number of broadcasts has increased toward the peak of 2006, the number has decreased until 2010, but since 2011 the number has again been on an upward trend , The flow is still continuing now. Spring has been in early spring since the beginning, but in the spring of 2018 it is over 60 lightly over. Since there are many works that are streaming delivered, please use the switching between real-time viewing / recording viewing / delivery viewing and enjoying works that suits yourself.

Below, it arranges in order from broadcasting / distribution time closest. In Netflix, works are delivered not at the one-week delivery but all the stories are delivered at one stroke so that they can be seen anytime, so the works that have already been distributed are also included.

B: The Beginning

· Broadcast information
Netflx: 3/2 (Friday) ~ 【exclusive distribution】

· Work information

Genius investigator Keith Frick, who returned to the Royal Police Special Crime Investigation Division, was pursuing the criminal in a certain incident. Continuous killer demon aiming at only violent criminals, known as "Killer B".
The letter "B" engraved on the crime scene always invites people's attention and calls speculation.
"B" It is a message for her. "I am here ... ..." It changes its body to be irregular, Kuroba continues to keep an unexpected feeling.
Keith and Kuroba, the destiny of the two unknowns will eventually be swallowed up into one conspiracy -

Original animation by director Nakazawa Kazuo who worked on animation part at Quentin Tarantino's movie "Kill Bill".

Original: Nakazawa Kazuto × Production I. G
Director: Nakazawa Kazuto, Yamakawa Yoshiki
Producer: Kurogi
Series composition · Screenplay: Katsuya Ishida
Character design · total drawing director: Nakazawa Kazuto
Art design: Hisashi Ito
Mechanic design: Tsunobase Tsukagi
Prop Design: Miyuki Tsuzaka, Yuko Tomita
Color design: Sumi Sato
Art director: Tanaka Tanaka
3DCG Director: Kozo Isobe
Photographer Director: Eiko Arai
Acoustic director: Nagasaki Jun Man
Music: Ikihiro Ike
Edit: Junichi Uematsu
Production: Production I. G
Production: Production I. G
Copyright notation: © Kazuto Nakazawa / Production I. G

Twitter:@ b_the_beginning
Hashtag: #BTheBeginning

OP: Marty Friedman feat. Jean-Ken Johnny, KenKen "The Perfect World"

Keith · Kazama · Flick: Hiroaki Hirata
Kuroba: Hiroki Kaji
Star name Lily: Seto Masami
Eric Toga: Hiroki Higashi
Boris · Meyer: Inaba
Yoshinaga Kaela: Ami Koshimizu
Brian Brandon: Toshiyuki Toyonaga
Mario Louis Zurita: Shintaro Tanaka
Jean Henri Richard: Atsushi Goto
Gilbert Ross: Tomoyuki Morikawa
Minotoki: Ishikawa Kokitan
Yuna: Satomi Sato
Leica: Yu Tada Yu
Izanami: Mitsuki Saiga
Kamui: Kazuya Nakai
Takeru: Nomi Kameda
Queen: Makoto Ayeda

A genius inspector and a mysterious boy read and understand the case of linkage ... "B: The Beginning" trailer (40 seconds) - YouTube

Interview with Director Nakazawa Kazuo of animation "B: The Beginning" which created a work pursuing pleasantness - GIGAZINE

A.I.C.O. incarnation

· Broadcast information
Netflix: 3/9 (Friday) ~ 【exclusive distribution】

· Work information

Japan in the near future in 2035. Due to a major accident "burst" that occurred during the research of "artificial organism", the runaway artificial life form "Matter" eroded Kurobe gorge. The research city which was declared as a hope for humanity was forbidden to enter by the government.
Then two years later -. A 15-year-old Tachibana Aiko who lost his family in the burst is told by the transfer student Yuya Kanzaki the unbelievable facts. It was a "secret" hidden in his body, I did not even know Aiko. The key to solve it is said to be in the center of the burst "primary point". Aiko decides to invade the blocked area with guide guardian Yuya Kanzaki and divers of escort units. What is the truth that becomes evident when a boy and a girl who carries the future of humanity meet?

"Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet"Kazuya Murata's original animation which is known for such as.Hiroaki MichiakiComicalized version bySerializing with monthly boy Sirius.

Original: BONES
Director: Murata Kazuya
Series composition: Yuichi Nomura
Character draft: Naruko Hanaharu
Character design · total drawing director: Satoshi Ishino
Concept design: Yoshiaki Okada
Main Mechanic Design: Takeshi Takakura
Matter Design: Kazuhiro Miwa
Art director: Higashi Junichi
Color design: Iwasawa Reiko
CGI Director: Mitsuki Ota
Director of Photography: Fukuda Hikari
Edit: Kumiko Sakamoto
Music: Taro Iwashiro
Sound Produce: UTAMAROMovement
Music production: Lantis
Acoustic director: Kawahito Meida
Acoustic effect: Yuji Furuya
Animation Production: Bonds

Twitter:@ Project_AICO
Hashtag: # AICO # Aiko

ED: Haruka Shiraishi "The Unknown Beyond"

Tachibana Aiko: Hakaishi Shiraishi
Yasuya Kanzaki: Yusuke Kobayashi
Yoshihiko Sagami: Shin Furukawa
Kazuki Mizusure: Taiji Murata
Serika Haruka: Kaori Natsuka
Misawa Kaede: M · A · O
Shinoyama Daisuke: Ryota Takeuchi
Masaharu Shiraishi: Ai Kinano
Kurose Susumu: Okawa Toru
Kousuke Isaizu: Takehito Koyasu
Minamihara Akiko: Tanaka Atsuko

Animation Studio Bonds × Kazuya Murata's original Bio SF action! "A.I.C.O. Incarnation" book trailer - YouTube

"A.I.C.O. Incarnation" Murata Kazuya Director & Mechanic Design Takeshi Takakura interview, What is work production pursuing reality - GIGAZINE

The Animation

· Broadcast information
Netflix: 3/23 (Friday) ~ 【Exclusive distribution】

· Work information

Weapons that have sucked the blood of many people and become legends sometimes have life.
"Kanjyo" that confronted the armed devil for a long time and "Kai" who was destined to live as a weapon.
When a human who has weapons in his body holds hatred and murderous intent, it turns into an armed demon seeking only slaughter ... ...

Keita Amemiya, known for "False ", features cartoon characters, cartoon scriptor Toshiki Inoue, a scriptwriter known for his works such as "Masked Rider 555" and "Galaxy Angel" Animation as an original. The original is currently serialized in chapter 2 "Sword Guy Evorve". Toshiki Inoue who is the original author himself is in charge of the series composition, which is a slightly different expansion from the original.

Original: Keita Amemiya, Toshiki Inoue, Osamu Kine
Original cartoon: Kone wisdom
Overall director: Takahiro Ikezoe
Director: Nakajito
Series composition: Toshiki Inoue
Character design: Atsuko Nakajima
Art director: Seiko Akashi
Color design: Masato Sasaki
3DCG Director: Akihiko Kimura, Kenji Isobe
Acoustic director: Toshiki Kameyama
Music: Kotaro Nakagawa
Animation Production: Landgg Studios
Animation Produce: DLE, Production I. G
Copyright notation: © Keita Amamiya, Toshiki Inoue, Wo Sakumi Kine - HERO'S / Sword guy Production Committee

Hash tag (informal): # sword guy # swordgai

OP: Ogata Ka (Uemura Yuji) "Sadamegoto"

Ogata Kai: Uemura Yu Sho
Haruya Ichijyo: Yuichiro Umehara
Sayaka Ogata: Yuuka Aisaka
Ogata Gate: Joji Nakada
Naoki Miki: Tomokazu Sugita
Marcus Ries: Hiroshi Shimono
Takuma Miura: Toshihiko Seki
Mika Kyoka: Rina Sato
Grims: Takaya Kuroda
Tatsumi: Hamada Kenji
Mina Hiratani: Shimamura Yu
Hunger moon: Masaharu Sato
Stage Kazuya: Takaya Toshiba
Kay: Shimamoto Shimomi
Hakim: Kosuke Toriumi
Green child: Ayane Sakura
Yasuko Tanaka: Rei Takano
Arai Arua: Kouhei Murakami
Alonis: Michiko Negitani

【The Sword Guy The Animation】 90 seconds PV - YouTube

Interview with director Toshihito Chunichi of 'Sod's Guy The Animation' freely made without original 'creator and production' from the original author and the production committee - GIGAZINE

Heavenly machine Pandora

· Broadcast information
Netflix: 3/29 (Thur) ~ 【Exclusive distribution】
TOKYO MX: 4/4 (Wednesday) 23: 30 ~
WOWOW: 4/6 (Fri) 21: 30 ~
BS 11: 4/6 (Fri) 23: 30 ~
MBS: 4/7 (Sat) 27: 38 ~

· Special just before broadcast
WOWOW: 3/30 (Friday) 22: 30 ~
TOKYO MX: 3/31 (Sat) 25: 00 ~

· Work information

In 2031, the world suddenly changed by the runaway accident "Xianglong Crisis" of quantum reactor which was developed as next generation energy.
Suddenly the flash that spread from the underground swept the urban building group and covered the earth, eventually emerging an unknown singular evolutionary organism "BR AI" that transcended and fused organisms, machines and plants.
Seven years later, Xianglong was reborn as an absolute defense city "Neo Xiangrong".
It is the last hope of mankind to fight against B.R.A.I who has evolved at a phenomenal speed and is in danger of destroying humanity.
Lead, Chloe, Quinnie, Doug, led by fate and gather in Neo Xianglong.
Cecil, Cain, Jay, Glenn, to welcome them to the defense army.
And a special unit "Pandora" to battle the existence of human beings is born.
At the time of the contract, hope was entrusted to them -

"Macross" series, "Aquarion" series, "Escaflowne in the sky" Mechanical design etcKaori KawamoriNear future SF work by. According to Mr. Kawamori's director at the special stage just before the broadcast of AnimeJapan 2018, "A work that is making while asking" What is human being "in the era where human beings may not be the apex of living things It is said that.

Directed by Eiichi Sato of "Aquarion Logos", "Nobunaga the Fool", "Kiss Dam - ENGAGE planet -". The series composition is "Masuzo Nemoto" of "Macross Δ", "Log Horizon", "Tokyo Magician Gakuen Kenkodezo".

Original: Masaharu Kawamori · Satellite
Overall Director: Shoji Kawamori
Director: Eiichi Sato
Series composition: Norimoto Kozo
Character original bill: Risa Ebata
Character design: Eiji Yasuhiko
Heavy God machine design: Shoji Kawamori
Color design: Kanako Hayashi
Art director: Ito sacred
Art setting: Tomonori Aoki, Kenichi Morioka
Director of Photography: Jun Kubota
Edit: Kaneda Ryoko
CG Director: Hiroyuki Goto
CG supervisor: Takeshi Harada
Heavenly machine modeling: Akihiro Ogawa, Kenito Watanabe, Tsushima
Monitor graphics: Jiro Kageyama
Special effect: Iida Ayaka
Acoustic director: Hamano Masatsugu
Sound effect: Katsuharu Nakashima
Sound Production: Magic Capsule
Music: Masahiro Oda, Akira Manabe
Music production: Flying dog, one music
Animation Production: Satellite
Copyright notation: © 2017 Shoji Kawamori, Satelight / Xiamen Skyloong Media

Hashtag: # heavy god machine Pandora

Insertion song: Sayuri Nishizawa "Meteor"

Leon · Lau: Maeno Tomoaki
Kuini - · · · ·: Hanazawa Kana
Doug Ho Bat: Kenjiro Tsuda
Chloe Lau: Nao Higashiyama
Glenn · Din: Yusuda Uchida
Kane · Ibrahim · Hasan: Yu Ishizuka
Jay Yun: Yuichiro Umehara
Cecil · Sue: Ai Kinano
Mr. Gold: Nobuyuki Hiyama
Sieg: Yuichi Nakamura
One: Takayuki Kondo
Four: Ishikawa Kokitan
Ron Woo: Akira Ishida
Seto Masami
Mamiko Noto

Kawamori Masaharu latest TV animation series "Heavenly Pandora Pandora" 3rd PV - YouTube

NEW INFORMATION DISCLOSED IN THE NIGHT FUTURE SF animation "Heavenly Pandora Pandora" served as master and general director by Masaharu Kawamori - GIGAZINE


· Broadcast information
Netflix: 3/31 (Saturday) ~
TOKYO MX 1: 4/7 (Sat) 25: 30 ~
Sun TV: 4/7 (Saturday) 25: 30 ~
KBS Kyoto: 4/8 (Sunday) 23: 30 ~
TV Aichi: 4/8 (Sunday) 25: 35 ~
BS Fuji: 4/11 (Wednesday) 24: 00 ~

· Work information

The stage is a fictitious Continent Noonacia. A history of eternity engraved with numerous countries and civilizations, prospering, fighting, and destroying. Lynn who lives in the green village of the frontier village · Dandela
Hey (?) Gluttonous and energetic girl. Mel, a gentle gentle older sister, a juvenile who is aiming for the world's best scientist with invention otaku · A living in a peaceful place surrounded by a severe and affectionate grandfather. Meanwhile, the goddess of the goddess, a diva / phoenix loved by the people. Although she is a prince candidate who will become the next King's king, she is living a solitary life deep inside the royal palace surrounded by many walls. Such contrasting two people have some special power, which is not found in other humans. Heals wounds, produces water and lights fire ... It is possible to sing "songs" that produce various miracles. ... Fate invites two people with the power of singing to a harsh journey.
When the shadow of war covers the kingdom, even the shine of miraculous songs will stain into the color of blood. The lives of the loved ones are robbed and a scream with no voice echoes to Ishikari. The songs that the fate of the two meet and the last singing is despair, hope, or ... ....

"Occultic; Nine - Occultic Nine -"And the original composition by Morita and Junpe who worked on the series composition of" Nobunaga Concerto "painting and staging. Established in cooperation with Dwango · Color · Studio Ponnock to inherit hand-drawn background art to the futureNearby GorillaIs participating.

Original · Director · Screenplay: Morita and Junpei (MAGES.)
Character draft: Tomonori Fukuda (MAGES.)
Animation facilitator: Sakurai Goodman
Main character design: Kaneko Shizu branch
Sub Character Design: Shuichi Hara, Toshiyuki Fujisawa
Design Works: Burnstorm Design Lab
Art director: Kimichi Okubo
Background art: Niigorari
Color design: Dai Xishiden
Director of Photography: Yamamoto Yayoshi
Lyrics: Aki Hata
Music: Yusuke Shirato
Music production: 5pb.Records
Production: LIDENFILMS × Dwango
Copyright light notation: © MAGES / LOST SONG Production Commitee

Twitter:@ lostsonganime
Hashtag: # LOSTSONG

OP: Suzuki Konomi "Because you are there in the singing"
ED: Finnis (Yukari Tamura) "TEARS ECHO"

Rin: Suzuki Konomi
Finnis: Yukari Tamura
Al: Kuno Misaki
Pony · Good light: Takahashi Tomoaki
Henry · Leo Bolt: Seiichiro Yamashita
Aleu · Looks: Seto Masami
Monica · Looks: Serizawa Yu
Corte / Mel: Ai Kinano
Bozrah and Bearmouth: Takeshi Oyama
Ruud Bernstein IV: Hiroo Suzuki
Dr. Waizen: small figure
Tarzia · Hawklay: Yu Hiroshi

Original TV anime "LOST SONG" 2nd PV - YouTube

GeGeGe no Kitaro (Sixth Period)

· Broadcast information
Fuji Television and others: 4/1 (Sunday) 9: 00 ~
(Kansai Television, Tokai Television, Hokkaido Bunka Broadcasting, TV West Japan, Okayama Broadcasting, Sendai Broadcasting, TV New Hiroshima, TV Shizuoka, Niigata General TV, Nagano Broadcasting, Ishikawa Television, Iwate Nimiko TV, Cherry Television, Sagatelibi, Kochi Den , San'in Central Television)
TV Ehime: 4 / * (Sat) 5: 30 ~
TV Kumamoto: 4 / * (Saturday) 5: 30 ~
Toyama TV: 4 / * (Saturday) 6: 25 ~
TV Miyazaki: 4 / * (Sunday) 5: 30 ~
Akita TV: 4 / * (*) 6: 30 ~
Fukui TV: 5 / * (Sunday) 5: 00 ~
TV Nagasaki: 5 / * (Sun) 6: 30 ~

· Work information

It is a modern age that people have forgotten the existence of youkai after nearly 20 years in the 21st century.
Phenomena that can not be elucidated in science occur frequently, false stories fly away and adults are going out and running.
Gegege no Kitaro came in front of a 13-year-old girl who was writing a letter to the youkai post so that she could do something like that with the sounds of Karan colon and geta ....

In 201850th anniversary of animation"GeGeGe no Kitarou" greeted his sixth animation. "GeGeGe no Kitaro" has been producing a new series almost every ten years so far. The staff and cast have been changed finely for each series, the role of Kitaro of this work is Miyuki Sawashiro known for "Lupine the 3rd" role as Fujimako Mine and "HUNTER × HUNTER" role of cradle, Mr. Nozawa Masako who is known for the 2nd term Kitaro and "Dragon Ball" Son Goku role is in charge.

The series director is "World Trigger" (the second half) or "Movie Pretty Cure All Stars NewStage 2 Kokoro no Friend" "Movie Pretty Cure All Stars NewStage 3 Eternity Friends" Director Koji Ogawa. Series composition is "FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST of steel Fullmetal Alchemist" "Hiroshi Okino" Hiroki Onogi.

Original: Mizuki Shigeru
Series Director: Koji Ogawa
Series composition: Hiroshi Ohnogi
Character design · total drawing director: Shimizu Koryo X
Music: Koji Takanashi, blade - yaiba-
Animation Production: Toei Animation
Production: Fuji TV, Yomiko Advertisement, Toei Animation
Copyright notation: © Mizuki Pro · Fuji Television · Toei Animation

Twitter:@ kitaroanime 50th
Hashtag: # Ge Gege no Kitaro

OP: Kiyoshi Hikawa "Gegege no Kitaro"
ED: Kecaka "From inside the mirror"

Kitaro: Sawashiro Miyuki
Eyeball Oyaji: Nozawa Masako
Mouse Man: Toshio Furukawa
Neko girl: Shoji Ubuka
Inuyama Mana: Yuki Fujii
Sand Saber Baba: Mayumi Tanaka
Baby cry: Shimada Satoshi
Nurikabe: Shimada Satoshi
Momomichi Momenta: Yamaguchi Kappei

【New Program】 Broadcast on April 1st! Anime 「Ge Gege no Kitaro」 special information

Magic x Warrior Maji Majo Pure!

· Broadcast information
TV Tokyo series: 4/1 (Sunday) 9: 00 ~
BS Japan: 4/10 (Tue) 17: 00 ~
Kids Station: 5/5 (Sat) 8: 30 ~ other

· Work information

On the day of the entrance ceremony of junior high school, guided by strange power, magical warrior Maji Majo Pure's! Momoka became a member of.
Fight using magic with your friends, confront the disturbing world that robs people's dreams!
The word is pure rise with sparkling magic!

"Idol x warrior Miracle!"Girls x Heroine" series second in the series that follows.

Original: Tomy, Tomy, OLM
Posted: Plutgy, Kindergarten, Meba
Producer: Misako Saka (OLM)
Overall Director: Takashi Miike
Director: Takeshi Miike, Kenji Yokoi, Kenichiro Saikai, Ryusuke Kurahashi, Hideyuki Yamamoto
Concept Story: Masashi Nakamura
Series composition · Screenplay: Hisako Fujiraira
Screenplay: Kana Matsui, Mio Aoki, Yuya Nakazono
Character supervisor: Yuya Maeda
Dance supervision: expg
Music: Koji Endo
Shooting: Kitakinaga (J.S.C.), Matsumoto Takayuki
Lighting: Yoshi Watanabe, Toshio Tanaka
Art: Yo Maeda
Cooperation in production: Refreshment room
Production Production: OLM TEAM MIIKE
Production: Maji Majo Pure's! Production Committee (TV Tokyo, Dentsu, OLM, Takara tomy, Shogakkan, ShoPro, LDH JAPAN)

Twitter:@ Majopure
Hashtag: # Maji Majo Pure's # Majo Pure # Majmajo

Aino Momoka: Yusuke Miyoshi
Shirayuki Rin: Hakka Kataya
Hanamori Mitsuki: Tsuruya Misaki
Sena Shiori: Ogawa Ooka
Tiara: Mariko Shinoda
Mokonyan: Ando Sakura
Lalangyan: Izumi Okamura
Disturbing Baron: Kenichi Endo
Harumori: Hosoda Keita
Muri Taro: Kurihara
Mudako: Miki Akosya
Dame Nogyo: Osamu Fujiki
Ai Nosumi Hana: Eriko Sato
Ai Nozomi: Yuichiro Nakayama
Aino Sumire: Risa Yoshizawa
Hideo Omachi: Yuta Watanabe
Oda Kite: Kyohei Shimokawa
Moe Nakahara: Hinata Arakawa
Nana Hirano: Matsuzawa Koen
Koike Teruki: Takahashi Kaempei

Balance of Nir · Admiraly

· Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 4/1 (Sunday) 22: 00 ~
Sun TV: 4/1 (Sunday) 23: 00 ~
BS Fuji: 4/3 (Tue) 24: 00 ~
d Anime store: 4/8 (sun) 22: 00 ~ 【fastest delivery】
AT-X: 4/10 (Tue) 22: 00 ~ other

· Work information

Time is Taisho 25 years. Teito Tokyo.
Kuge thrush, a native of Kuroge, is involved in a case caused by a book that has a big influence on those who read it, Yasushi who decided to marry to keep the leaning house, brother Gitaki called "rare thing" .
Thrush will be able to see the shine of the passion living in the rare thing called "Aura" as a trigger, but before her confused, "Imperial Book Information Asset Management Bureau" known as "Owl" "Rare thing A man from the organization that protects and manages "appears and is asked for research cooperation on" rare thing ".
Thrush is determined to tackle the "rare thing" investigation in "owl" while being embarrassed.
The story of the fate of a girl who is unwilling to swing like a balance.

The original is an adventure game released by Otomate in April 2016. With more than 25,000 hits, it was decided to animate early. A manga version in charge of drawing by Yuzuki Sho is serialized in "Monthly G Fantasy".

Director Masahiro Takasa of "Super Seisyun Brothers - Super Youth Spouse s - s". In addition to "Super Seisyun Brothers - Super Youth Spouses Brothers-" series, the series consists of "Uta no Prince Sama ♪" series, "Kimi ni Todoke", "Misery of the Gods" "Maji Kun Renaissance" "Dance with Devils Tomoko Kaneharu who has worked on such as.

Original: Otomate "Balance of Nil · Admiraly Teito Imperial Dazzling Kidan" (Idea Factory)
Director: Masahiro Takata
Series composition: Tomoko Koharu
Character design · total drawing director: Yukie Sako
Total drawing director: Kiyotaka Nakahara, Yumiko Hara
Main animator: Yoshitaka Yasuda
Prop setting: Hiroshi Ogawa
Color design: Atsushi Furukawa
Art director: Yuya Kusumoto (art team · convoy)
Director of Photography: Country Hiroshi Hiroshi
Edit: Masamitsu Utsunomiya
Music: Tomoki Hasegawa
Music Production: Pony Canyon
Acoustic director: Masahiro Takata
Sound Production: Saber Links
Animation Production: Zerozie
Copyright light notation: © IF / Nil Admirari PROJECT

Twitter:@ nilad_anime
Hashtag: # Niruado Anime

OP: kradness "Addiction Mira Ajuism"
ED: Hiroki Shimono "Black Thunder"

Kuze thrush: Takumi Kimura
Hayato Ozaki: Hiroki Kaji
Konkami Nobuhiko Okamoto
Hoshikawa Jadei: Ryota Aisaka
Shogo Ukai: Ryohei Kimura
Zhu Xuzuri: Kenichi Suzumura
Sagisawa Kuni: Takahiro Sakurai
Kusuga hitaki: Ayumi Murase
Toki Miyami Shingen: Natsuki Rio
Mr. Saburo Eiji: Norio Kobayashi
Kaidakato: Midorikawa Mikawa
Buddha: Eiji Miyashita
Monkeko base history: Kazuyuki Okitsu
Yanno Taro: Enki Tunya
Ogi Nagaoka: Daisuke Endo
Roko Shikinouma: Akane Sanada
Jin Kuriuri: Masami Takahashi
Takemitsu Todoke: Kentaro Tone
Bashita Ichiro: Makoto Ishii
Zagiso valley: Masakazu Nishida
Yuri Yoriyoshi: Shinko Hagino

TV animation "Balance of Nir Admirari" Volume 2 of this volume - YouTube

Uma girl Pretty derby

· Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 4/1 (Sunday) 24: 00 ~
Kansai Television: 4/1 (Sunday) 25: 55 ~
Sagatete: 4/2 (Monday) 25: 25 ~ (only the first time from 25: 45 ~)
BS 11: 4/1 (Sunday) 24: 00 ~
AbemaTV: 4/3 (Tue) 23: 00 ~
First episode 1 episode 2 episodes continuously

· Work information

This is a story of the world that "horse daughter" with a glorious name and race ability inherited from the other world coexisted with humanity from long ago.
Uma daughter · special week we have been transferring from the country to the city's Treshen Gakuen aims to win in the twinkle series with the title of "the best Uma daughter in Japan" while working hard together with their teammates!

Media mix content centering on Cygames smartphone application (to be distributed in 2018). Players who got ordered girls "Uma girls" as trainers to Treshen Gakuen were nurtured, except for having horses' ears and tails and superhuman speed, and at the national sports and entertainment "twinkle race" I will aim for victory. Horse girls are given the names of real fellows.

Director "Hina Festival" "This art department has problems!" Oikawa Hiro of "outbreak company". Producer Shunhiro Ishihara who supervises the entire work and series composed by Riho Sugiura (Pierre Sugiura) of "Takenori Ranbu - Hanamaru -" and "Bakumon". It is also known that Ishihara served as a general director of the "Idol Master" series during the time of Bandai Namco Entertainment.

Original: Cygames
Director: Hiroshi Oikawa
Deputy Director: Masaaki Ota
Series composition: Ishihara Akihiro (Cygames), Sugiura Akira
Character design · Total drawing director: Yusuke Ikushima
Art: Kusanagi
Director of Photography: Satoshi Namiki
Color design: Naomi Nakano
3D Director: Motoshin Ichikawa
Music: UTAMARO movement
Music Producer: Taro Iwashiro
Music production: Lantis
Acoustic director: Yuichi Morita
Acoustic production: HALF H · P STUDIO
Animation Production: P.A. WORKS
Copyright Light Notation: © 2018 Animation "Umaja Pretty Derby" Production Committee

Twitter:@ uma_musu_anime
Hashtag: # Umma daughter

OP: Special Week (Waki Azu None), Silence Suzuka (Mari Takano), Machiko (Machico), Vodka (Ayaka Ohashi), Daiwa Scarlet (Kimura Chisaki), Goldship (Ueda Hitomi), Mejiro McQueen (Saori Ohnishi) "Make debut! "
ED: Special Week (Waki Azu None), Silence Suzuka (Mari Takano), Machiko (Machico), Vodka (Ayaka Ohashi), Daiwa Scarlet (Kimura Chisaki), Goldship (Ueda Hitomi), Mejiro McQueen (Saori Ohnishi) Shine! "

Special Week: Waka Azu
Silence Suzuka: Mari Takano
Toukai Tea: Machico
Vodka: Ayaka Ohashi
Daiwa Scarlet: Kimura Chisaki
Goldship: Hitomi Ueda
Mejiro McQueen: Saori Ohnishi
Tatsuna Surugawa: Yuki Fujii
Trainer: Koji Okino
Tojo Hana: Megumi Toyoguchi

TV anime "Umaja Pretty Derby" book - YouTube

Sweet punishment - I am a guard dedicated pet

· Broadcast information
ComicFesta animation Zone: 4/1 (Sunday) 24: 00 ~ 【full exclusive delivery】
TOKYO MX: 4/1 (Sunday) 25: 00 ~
AT-X: 4/2 (Mon) 25: 55 ~ other

· Work information

Akira Akira, kneel down.
Time is 20 XX Year - a cabbage that has been imprisoned in prison due to an innocent crime.
What I was waiting there was ruthless and sweet dominance by beautiful guards - Aki Akashi ....
"From Black-wing Prison ... Do not think you can escape from me?"
By physical examination, in prison, and while meeting with a lover ...
The fate of a cabbage that is being tossed as well as kokoro and body!

Spring 2017It was a broadcastIn the night of coloring that intersects monks ..."The latest work of the original work of comic festa which became so-called" monument frame "leaving a strong impact.

A director, a storyboard, director is Mr. Mitsutaka Noshida, series composition is Kazuhiro Toda, a combination of charge of "work in the skirt" was a work of "monk frame".

Original: Izumi Sho
Director · Storyboard · Director: Mitsutaka Inotodani
Series composition · Screenplay: Kazuhiro Toda
Character design: Nanasi
Acoustic production: Cloud 22
Sound Director: Hisasa Hirasawa
Production: Picante Circus
Animation Production: Magic Bath
Production: Comet Company
Copyright notation: © Izumi Sho / Suiseisha Inc.

Twitter:@ ComicFestaAnime
Hashtag: # guard

Theme Song: rosukey "Sweet Panishment"

·normal version
Akira Aki: Yamiya Yoshio
Haruro Saotome: Mariya Miyake
Higa Yamato: Nakajima Yoshiki
Yakumo Shintaku: Sakai Hirosodori
Takeshi Samejima: Haruaki Ishidani
Takeshi Igarashi: Takanori Echiuchi

·Full version
Akira Aki: Hoshino Kazuma
Saotomi Haruna: Yuzaki Saki.
Higa Yamato: Destruction open
Yakumo Shintaku: Taro Ichigo
Takeshi Samejima:? What? What? What?
Takeshi Igarashi: Black Dark Black

TV anime "Sweet Punishment ~ I am a guard dedicated pet" Official Tiza PV - YouTube

Character and tadpole island

· Broadcast information
NHK E TEL: 4/2 (Monday) 10: 15 ~ other

· Work information

"Tadpole island" which was once said to be an island where God of music lives.
Nature's plays always pleasant "music", creatures sucked it like oxygen and came as energy of life. It was born with that "music energy", part of the body is instruments, "Gacki Animal". When the music they played flew into the sky with the wind, they resonated godly and the overwhelming energy of life was poured onto the island.
However, by sudden appearing witches, the peaceful air and harmony are greatly distorted, anxiety wrapped the island ... ....
There is one girl fighter there. Her name is "character".
A character that is straight, curious, and full of justice is an owner's favor, but with a little cunning animal Gakki, "Catacatas", he will go on an adventure to recover the energy of sacred music.

Original: Norihisa Terada, Hidehiko Kado
Director: Kiminori Tagami
Screenplay: Norihisa Terada
Character design: Hidehiko Kado
Music: HY, Daisuke Kawaguchi
Production: NHK Educational
Animation Production: 33 Collective
Production · Writing: NHK, NHK Educational, Dentsu, 33 Collective, Culture · Entertainment

Theme song: HY

Character: Serizawa Yu
Wataru Takagi, Wataru Hatano, Masayo Kurata


· Broadcast information
TV Tokyo series: 4/2 (Monday) 18: 25 ~
BS Japan: 4/4 (Wednesday) 17: 29 ~

· Work information

There was a boy "Akashi Taiga" who makes takoyaki with vivid hands on a stand in the corner of "Pazzdra" convention venue. A monster 's "Tragon" appears before Taiga and is nominated as a partner of Pazdra. Taiga thought that it would be the advertisement of the store, to go to the exhibition match with the tragon. A story aiming for the world's best pro gamer, a boy fascinated by Pazzdra, opens here!

Original: Gung Ho Online Entertainment
Draft: Kazuyoshi Morishita
Manga original: Momota Inoue
Director: Kame Igaki
Series composition: Shizzo Fujita
Animation Production: studio Pierrot
Copyright notation: © Gung Ho Online Entertainment / Paz Dora Project · TV Tokyo

Akashi Taiga: Night Asuna
Tragon: Takuya Kakihara
Sakura Uzuki: Hou Flower
Ryuji Matsubara: Yusuke Kobayashi
Tokuzawa Yukichi: Kimiyo Knowledge

New TV anime "Pazzdra" PV footage - YouTube

You do not know gunma yet

· Broadcast information
Gunma TV: 4/2 (Monday) 20: 55 ~ other
GYAO!: 4/2 (Monday) 21: 00 ~
Animax: 4/7 (Sat) 23: 25 ~

· Work information

Shintoku who moved from Chiba prefecture to Gumma province.
I checked out the gumma on the net while moving to the moving place, and it appeared there was terrible content. "The unexplored border left only on the earth" "By going for the best equipment for the time being" etc ... etc.
What kind of earth is gemma together? What is going to fall on him?

The original is serialized manga "Jellyfish bunch" by Hiroto Ida. Previously published volume 8. Author Hiida Ida lives and lives in Takasaki City of Gumma Prefecture "cartoonist loving Gunma." In 2017, Masamiro Mamiya starred in drama and movie starring.

Original: Hirota Ida
Director · Series composition: Makyu
Character design: Yukiko Hikawa
Music: Kyohei Matsuno
Art director: Yoko Nemoto
Color design: Horigaru Haruko
Director of Photography: Tomoyuki Ishiyama
Production: Asahi Productions
Animation production cooperation: CJT
Copyright light notation: © Hiroto Shinchosha / You are a production committee that does not know gunma yet

Twitter:@ omagun_anime
Hashtag: # You do not know gunma yet

Theme Song: Uchida Aya "So Happy"

Shogetsu Kakuhara Takehito Kajiwara
Rinjiya: Jun Kasama
Kyo Shinooka: Aya Uchida
Narration: Bucky Kiba

TV anime "You do not know gunma yet" Tiza PV - YouTube

Tada does not fall in love

· Broadcast information
d Anime store: 4/2 (Monday) 21: 00 ~ 【First episode special special delivery (members only · First-time arrival 500 people)】
AbemaTV: 4/3 (Tue) 22: 00 ~ 【First episode special special delivery】
Nico students: 4/4 (Wednesday) 23: 00 ~ 【First episode special preliminary delivery】
AT-X: 4/5 (Thu) 21: 00 ~ other
d Anime store: 4/5 (Thu) 21: 30 ~ 【fastest delivery】
AbemaTV: 4/5 (Thurs) 21: 30 ~ 【fastest delivery】
TOKYO MX: 4/5 (Thu) 22: 00 ~
BS 11: 4/5 (Thursday) 23: 00 ~
Sun TV: 4/5 (Thursday) 24: 00 ~
KBS Kyoto: 4/5 (Thu) 25: 00 ~
TV Aichi: 4/5 (Thu) 26: 35 ~
TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting: 4/5 (Thurs) 27: 00 ~
d Anime Store, AbemaTV, Nico Nico Channel, GYAO !, Hikari TV, Video Pass, J: COM On Demand, U-NEXT, Animation All-You-can, FOD, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Bandai Channel,

· Work information

Mamoru Tada who came with taking a camera and taking photos of cherry blossoms in full bloom encounters a girl · teresa who just came to Europe from a foreign country.
Teresa who came to Japan from the country of European Larsenburg to study abroad in Japan got lost, getting lost as soon as he arrived in Japan, he got caught with a boyfriend who came to Japan together.
Mitsuharu, who decided to help Teresa from the process, will take Teresa to the Tada coffee shop where his grandfather operates ... ....

Original animation by animation production company · animation workshop which has been handling "Takenori Ranbu - Hana Yoru -", "NEW GAME!", "Yuru Yuri" etc. Director · Mitsue Yamazaki & Series composition · Nakamura Yoshiko & Character design · Junichiro Taniguchi is a combination of staff who worked on the "Monthly Shojo Nozaki-kun" broadcast of the summer of 2014.

Director: Misetsu Yamasaki
Series composition · Screenplay: Nakamura Yoshiko
Character design · total drawing director: Junichiro Taniguchi
Deputy Director: Yoshiyuki Fujiwara
Sub Character Design: Ai Kikuchi
Prop Design: Chiaki Nakajima
Art director: Chieko Nakamura
Color design: Ishigu Kei, Ito Yuka
Director of Photography: Kunihiko Ito
Edit: Mukumi Mushiya
Music: Yukari Hashimoto
Acoustic director: Masaki Tsuchiya
Acoustic effect: Shiroishi Yonei (good)
Animation Production: Movie Studio
Production: "Tada does not fall in love" production committee
Copyright notation: © TADAKOI PARTNERS

Twitter:@ tadakoi_anime
Hashtag: # tadakoi # Come with me

OP: Oshima Masayoshi
ED: Theresa Wagner (Iwami Maika incense) "Love Song"

Mitsuyoshi Tada, Yuichi Nakamura
Teresa · Wagner: Iwami Maika incense
Kaoru Ijuin: Mamoru Miyano
Alexandra Magritte: the base foundation
Sugimoto Ichiro Umehara Yuichiro
Hasegawa Hinako: Shizuka Ishigami
Kentaro Yamashita: Hiroshi Shimono
Yui Tada: Inori Inose

TV animation "Tada Kun no love" PV 2nd volume - YouTube

Magical girl I

· Broadcast information
AT-X: 4/2 (Monday) 22: 00 ~ other
TOKYO MX: 4/2 (Mon) 25: 40 ~
d Anime store: 4/2 (Monday) 25: 40 ~ 【fastest delivery】
Sun TV: 4/6 (Friday) 24: 30 ~
KBS Kyoto: April 8 (Sun) 23: 00 ~
Scheduled delivery on September 4th (Thu) after 24 o'clock !!
AbemaTV, Amazon Prime Video, FOD, Google Play, YouTube, HAPPY! Movie, J: COM On Demand, Video Pass, Miru Plus, NETFLIX, PlayStation Video, Rakuten TV, TSUTAYA TV, U-NEXT, Geo TV, Bandai Channel, Flat Videos, GYAO! Store, GYAO !, Delivered with Hikari TV

· Work information

"Love makes a girl stronger."
Ukonaki who is embarking on performing arts activities day and night with a momentum idol unit · magical twin.
Her dream is brother of Unit member Sakuranoyo, top idol unit · STAR ☆ PRINCE's Gosho Momoi.
I can do anything for him. Such a feeling has caused a miracle of rain!
I transformed into a magical girl by the desire to protect important people.
However, its appearance was unexpected ......

The original is a manga by Hair soul straight all 2 volumes. When this paperbook was published simultaneously in February 2014, animation is also announced and it will be broadcasted over four years from the announcement.

Director · The composition of the series is "Tsukita. THE ANIMATION" "Shining · Hearts ~ Happy Bread ~" Kawasaki Yuro.

Original: Hair south straight
Director · Series composition · Screenplay: Ikuro Kawasaki
Character design · General drawing director: Ibe Yukiko
Sub Character Design: Okami Kumiko
Art director: Yuka Hirama
Arts Setting: Princess Arimoto 恵 恵
Color design: Minako Nakao
Director of Photography: Momino Momoko
Acoustic director: Katsunori Shimizu
Music: Takeshi Nakatsuka
Produced by: GENCO
Animation Production: Piero Plus
Copyright light notation: © Hair south straight line · Furojo Plot / Mahou Shoujo I Production Committee

Twitter:@ magicalgirl_ore
Hash tag: # Magical girl I

OP: Ayaka Ohashi "NOISY LOVE POWER ☆"
ED: STAR ☆ PRINCE Momosuke (Toyonaga Toshiyuki) & amp; Hyouga (Yuza Koji) "The Galaxy of the Glass"

Uuno Saki: Ohashi Ayaka
Mahou Shoujo Ole (Uuno Saki): Ishikawa Toshinin
Sho sakurai: Sasaka Misawa
Magical girl? What? What? What? (Otani Sakurai): Wataru Hatano
Mr. Tomoyuki Toyonaka
Hyōe: Koji Yusa
Shigeru Yago: Shotaro Morikubo
Aya Hisakawa: Aya Hisakawa
Kokoro-chan: Ichijo Kazuya

TV animation "Magical Girl I" PV 2nd - YouTube

Kari Ryo's cooked rice

· Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 4/2 (Monday) 22: 30 ~
GYAO!: 4/2 (Monday) 24: 00 ~ 【Fastest delivery】
BS Fuji: 4/3 (Tuesday) 24: 30 ~
AT-X: 4/4 (Wednesday) 23: 30 ~ other
KBS Kyoto: 4/6 (Fri) 26: 10 ~
Bandai Channel, U_NEXT, Animation, All-you-can-ey, FOD, Aido, Amazon Prime, Amazon Video, d Anime Store, d Anime Store Nico Nico Branch, Video Market / Minto, Flat Videos, au Video Pass, Hulu

· Work information

Female college student Tsukuba Kiyoho who had the ability to see the deceased grandfather's handsome deed was suddenly kidnapped by a long-established retreat in the Temple of the world, Akashiki's residence "Tenjinya".
Puzzled Aoi learns of the huge debts left by his grandfather and promises that must be married to the great husband of the demon as that kata.
Aoi who is not convinced declares misrepresentation of marriage and declares to Ayakashi when working in Tenjinya and repaying debt as a measure for resuscitation.

The original is a novel by Terao Akira, published in 7 volumes. In addition to being serialized by Fujimaru Toyosuke 's Commemorate with Bead Log CHEEK, Comicarelization serialization with Comp Ace is also decided.

The director "I do not mind liking." Yoshiko Okuda of a joint character design. Series composition is "Uta no Prince sama ♪" series and "Aoharide" "Kimi ni Todoke" such as Tomoko Kanchun.

Original: Terao Akira
Original illustration: Laruha
Director: Yoshiko Okuda
Series composition: Tomoko Koharu
Character design: Yoko Sato
Ayakashi Design: Takashi Kusaki, Tadashi Yoda
Overall director: Suzuki Hikaru
Prop Design: Yoko Kubahara, Kentaro Shimizu
Color design: Utagawa Ritsuko
Art setting: Mika Nakashima
Special effect · 2D design: Mika Naruse
Art director: Norihisa Nakamura
CG Director: Tsutomu Nagai
Director of Photography: Naoki Kitamura
Edit: Saito Saito
Acoustic director: Hiroko Togo
Music: Takuro Iga
Music Production: Flying Dog
Animation Production: GONZO
Production: "Kakuriyo's Dinner Rice" Production Committee
Copyright light notation: © 2018 Terao Akira / Laruha / KADOKAWA / "Kakuriyo no Kita" Production Committee

Twitter:@ kakuriyo_anime
Hashtag: # Kakuyoyo's dinner

OP: Higashiyama Nao "Mirror of Light"
ED: Ami Amumakura "Aya-color-"

Tsukuba Kiyo: Higashiyama Nao
Major husband: Katsuyuki Konishi
Silver Next: Toki Toki
Cool: Kao Yui
Akatsuki: Yusuda Uchida
White night: Atsushi Tamaru
Kasuga: Naka Kagetsuki
Sasuke: Yuki Inoue
Shinano: Ren Ueda
RUNMARU: Ishikawa Kokitan
Hayashi: Takashi Terashima
Tokihiko: Daisuke Hirakawa
Chibi: Iwami Maiko incense
Kiyoshiro Tsukuba: Kazuhiko Inoue

TV animation "Kakuriyo no Kita" 2nd PV - YouTube


· Broadcast information
Amazon Prime Video: 4/2 (Mon) 25: 00 ~ 【Fastest delivery】
TOKYO MX: 4/9 (Monday) 24: 30 ~
Sun TV
KBS Kyoto
BS Fuji

· Work information
In the history of Hokuto 1800, the story of Shigeru Kasumi, a 62-year-old Hokuto Shinto trader and called "Fist of the Blue Sky", was called the most unrestrained and strongest, under the supervision of the original author, Tetsuo Hara, Revive as an anime. Directed by Akira Akira who was in charge of VFX of "Theater Pocket Monster" series and CG Director of "Super Robot Life Transformer Prime" series. The series composition is Satoshi Ozaki who is writing a script of Kamen Rider, Super Sentai Character Show and Drama App.

Manga "Fist of the Blue Sky" (Manga: Tetsuo Hara, supervised: Budo Takashi)
Director: Akira Kikuzumi
Series composition: Satoshi Ozaki
Character design: Kazuma Teshigahara, Hiromi Sato
Music: Masatoshi Nishimura (FENCE OF DEFENSE)
Animation Production: Polygon · Pictures
Production: Souten's fist corporation
Copyright notation: © NORTH STARS PICTURES, INC. All Rights Reserved.

Twitter:@ soutenregenesis
Hashtag: # Fist of Souten # 35 Hokuto 35 anniversary

OP: AK-69 "To the end of the blue sky"
ED: Sumire Uesaka "Starry sky of prayer"

Shigeru Kasumi: Koichi Yamadera
Erika Arendt: Sumire Uesaka
Hisayagi: Koyasu Takehito
Yasaka: Sato Saseji
Yanbian Ling: Yumi Touma
Leaves: Nozomi Hiyama
Yoko Ueki: Watanabe Akino
Charles de Geese: Ryutaro Okiayu
Pancho Rin: Tani Masaki

Animation "Fist of the Blue Sky Reggae" Preview - YouTube

Captain Tsubasa

· Broadcast information
TV TOKYO: 4/2 (Monday) 25: 35 ~
TV Aichi: 4/2 (Mon) 25: 35 ~
TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting: 4/2 (Monday) 26: 00 ~
TV Osaka: 4/3 (Tue) 26: 05 ~
TV Hokkaido: 4/4 (Wednesday) 25: 35 ~
TV Setouchi: 4/5 (Thursday) 25: 40 ~
BS Japan: 4/9 (Monday) 0: 30 ~

· Work information
The genius soccer boy-Tsubasa Ozora, which has been change schools from elementary school without soccer in Minamikuzu elementary school, the original of Roberto Hongo the guidance of former Brazilian representative at the soccer coach, with MisakiTaro et al guts full of Ryo Ishizaki Ya also transfer student, engaged in a battle with rivals such as Wakabayashi Minamotosan and the sun Kojiro, go grown as a soccer player.

The original is Yoichi Takahashi's manga. Serial series continuing while continuing series, currently Shueisha "Grand Jump" at "Captain Tsubasa Rising sunDuring the series. It is the fourth time to television animation, following 1983, 1994, 2001. It is not a sequel of past works but it is drawn faithfully from the original story 1 after once again setting the stage setting to the present age. Suzumura Kenichi of Wadabayashi Masazuki's role is casting the cast, but the cast is replaced almost by total, including Sanpei Yuko, who is the role of Ohira Tsubasa.

Director Toshiyuki Kato of "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Diamond Can not Break" "Level E". Series composition is "Pocket Monster" series and "Inazuma Eleven" series, Atsuhiro Tomioka of "Hebot!"

Original: Yoichi Takahashi
Director: Toshiyuki Kato
Series composition: Atsuhiro Tomioka
Character design · Total drawing director: Watanabe Hajime
Music: Matsuo Hayato
Acoustic Director: Miwa Iwami
Production company: david production
Copyright light notation: © Yoichi Takahashi / Shueisha · 2018 Captain Tsubaki Production Committee

Twitter:@ tsubasa_ news
Hashtag: # Captain Tsubasa

OP: Johnny's WEST "Start Dash!"

Ozora Tsubasa: Yuko Sanbe
Wakabayashi Genzu: Kenichi Suzumura
Kaedarou: Fukuhara Ayaka
Ishizaki Exam: Tamura Mutsumi
Hinata Kojiro: Takuya Sato
Roberto Hongo: Katsuyuki Konishi
Nakazawa Sanae: Yuri Hara
Uraga Urosa: Hino Motoi
Mamoru Izawa: Masaki Iwakani
Tenshi Nayori: Hiroshi Sakai
Taki Iku: Yoshino Hiroyuki
Shingo Takasugi: Taro Kiuchi
Yuzo Morisaki: Yu Hatanaka
Sawada Takei: Megumi Ban
Ken Wakashimatsu: Yuichiro Umehara
Masao Tachibana: Ayako Takeuchi
Kazuo Tachibana: Yurina Watanabe
Atsushi Misugi: Mamoru Saito
Hikaru Matsuyama: Wataru Hatano
Tatsuo Mikami: Minorito Nishimura
Nazuko Ohori: Rina Sato
Odori Hiroshi: Terasama Masaki

Captain Tsubasa PV - YouTube

Gundam Build Divers

· Broadcast information
TV Tokyo series: 4/3 (Tue) 17: 55 ~
BS 11: 4/7 (Sat) 17: 30 ~

· Work information

Gunpla Battle · Nexus Online (GBN), the latest network game that enables you to enjoy various missions using Gundam simulators within the virtual brain virtual space (dimension).
Junior high school student Mikami Riku and close friend Hidaka Yukio participated in classmate Yashiro Momoka and jumped into the vast world.
Those who became resident "Divers" in GBN meet Sarah, a girl whose mysterious completion to Gundam is completed, and act with her.
Presence of a famous diver with Riku's longing champion "Kujou Kyoya" as one. Formation of the stage system "Force" composed of multiple divers.
Disturbance by 'Mass Divers' who deal with informal tools and break decals.
After many encounters and experiences, Rikuto has not only Gundam, but also builds his own adventure!

Planning: Sunrise
Original: Hajime Yaechi, Yoshiyuki Tomino
Director: Shinya Shota
Series composition: Kimura Akira
Character design draft: Harakazu Hiro
Character design: Ru Tomita
Mechanic design: Kunio Ogawara, Kanetake Ebisu, Junichi Akutsu, Junya Ishigaki, Ippei Shape, Kenji Teraoka, Shinya Terashima, Noriyuki Yanase, Naohiro Washio
Action Director: Masami Zhang
Chief mecha animator: Kusu Yoneki Nozaya, Uda Hayeko
Art: Studios and so on
Music: Hidenaki Kimura
Planning Cooperation: Bandai Hobby Division
Production cooperation: ADK
Production: TV TOKYO, Sunrise, foundation
Copyright notation: © Sotsu, Sunrise, TV Tokyo

Twitter:@ gundambd
Hashtag: # g_bd

OP: SKY-HI "Diver's High"
ED: Iris "To tomorrow"

Mikami · Riku: Yusuke Kobayashi
Hidaka · Yukio: Natsumi Fujiwara
Yashiro · Momoka: Nedi Hieda
Sarah: Teruyuki Terui
Kujyo · Kyoya: Jun Kasama
Rommel: Hayami Hayu

"Gundam Build Divers" TVCM - YouTube

Galactic Heroes Legend Die Neue These Encounters

· Broadcast information
Family Theater: 4/3 (Tue) 21: 00 ~
GYAO !: 4/3 (Tue) 24: 00 ~ 【Fastest delivery】
TOKYO MX: 4/5 (Thursday) 22: 30 ~
BS 11: 4/7 (Sat) 25: 30 ~
MBS: 4/7 (Sat) 26: 38 ~
Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, d Anime Store, U-NEXT, dTV, Bandai Channel, FOD, Hikari TV, Amazon Video,, Video Market, Rakuten TV, TVer, MBS Movie Isuzu, Animation Allen, HAPPY! Nico Nico Channel, Nico Nico Live, au Video Pass, milplus, J: COM On Demand Mega Pack, AbemaTV, Flat Video, PlayStation Video, Hulu, Actora Video, TSUTAYA TV, Google Play,, MOVIEFULL Plus

· Work information

In the future after several thousand years, human beings who have advanced into outer space were divided into two countries with two different political systems, the "tyranny" and "democracy" of the galaxy empire and the free planetary alliance.
The battle of these two nations has been indeed over 150 years, the battle has been constantly repeated with the galaxy spreading indefinitely.
Both sides continue war for a long time.
The galactic empire was corrupt by a fellowship aristocracy society, and politician politicians who were able to say that it is a harmful effect of democracy in the free planetary alliance were undermining both countries.
And at the end of the eighth century, the history moves by the appearance of two geniuses.
"Genius of Genius Genius" Reinhard von Loengram and Yang Wenley called "Undefeated Mage".
The two lead the Imperial Army and the Allied Army, and they crash several times.

The original is Yoshiki Tanaka's novel and cumulative sales of 15 million copies. This volume 10 volumes · Foreign episode 5 volumes. After several times of mangaization, serialization by the Fujisaki Ryu of "Sekkenjinikei" "Shika" in the Weekly Young Jump from 2015 is being carried out. From 1988 to 2000, three theatrical animations and seven OVA series works (110 episodes of this book and 52 episodes) were intermittently created. Despite the enormous number of characters, this animation has few cumbers, and since most of the male voice actors at that time almost came out "Galactic voice actor legendTake a different name for.

Directed by Shunsuke Tada known for "Kuroko's Basketball" series and "Stamu" series, and that her birthday is the same as Jan Wenley. Series composition is "Kuroko's Basketball" "Durarara !!" "Golden Kamui" Takagi climb.

In addition, this work is first television broadcast as the first episode of the first season 12 episodes "Legend of the Galactic Heroes Die Neue These", followed by the second episode 12 episodes as "Galactic Heroes Legend Die Neue These Stars" in 2019 4 episodes It is decided that the event will be screened in all three sections.

Original: Yoshiki Tanaka
Director: Shunsuke Tada
Assistant Director: Yujiro Moriyama
Series composition: Noboru Takagi
Character design: Yoko Kikuchi, Iwao Teraoka, Katsura Tsushima
Total drawing director: Takayuki Goto
Special Feature Director: Atsushi Takeuchi
Mechanical design: Atsushi Takeuchi, Shinji Usui, Shimon Ashikaga
Original Mechanical Design: Naoyuki Kato
Prop Design: Keiko Ota
Prop Design · Crest Design: Akishino Denforword Biyori
3D: I. G3D
3D Director: Morimoto Sigma
Art: Bamboo
Art director: Yusuke Takeda
Art setting: Yoshinori Shiozawa, Yuki Sono, Kazushi Fujii
Art design: Takashi Watanabe
Color design: Yuka Takeda
Acoustic director: Masumi Mima
Music: Shin Hashimoto (Sin)
Photographer Director: Eiko Arai
Edit: Junichi Uematsu
Production: Production I. G
Supervision: Lettu taut cap
Planning cooperation: ROOFTOP Corporation
Production Cooperation: Tokuma Shoten
Production cooperation: DMM pictures
Production: Shochiku, Production I. G
Copyright notation: © Yoshiki Tanaka / Shochiku · Production I. G

Twitter:@ gineidenanime
Hashtag: # New Ying Hing

OP: Sawano Hiroyuki [nZk] "Binary Star"

Reinhard von Loengram: Mamoru Miyano
Yang Wenley: Kenichi Suzumura
Siegfried Kirch Ice: Yuichiro Umehara
Julian Mintz: Hiroki Kaji
Paul von Oberstein: Junichi Suwabe
Wolfgang · Mittermeier: Daisuke Ono
Oscar von Royental: Yuichi Nakamura
Alex Caserne: Kawashima Maruko love
Frederica Green Hill: Aya Endo
Walter von Shanekop: Shinichiro Miki
Willibald · Joachim · Von · Mercutz: Yu Ishizuka
Staden: Kiyomitsu Inuka
Vogel: Takahiro Fujiwara
Errach: Takami Kusumi
Ardarberto von Fahrenheit: Ryota Takeuchi
Paetta: Susumu Fukamatsu
Pastore: Meguro Meguro
Moore: Sakurai Toru
Lao: Yu Hatanaka
Jean Robert Rap: Yuki Ono
Narration: Yoshimitsu Shimoyama

"Ginga Hero Legend Die Neue These" 1st PV - YouTube

Tokyo race: re

· Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 4/3 (Tue) 23: 00 ~
Sun TV: 4/3 (Tue) 24: 00 ~
BS 11: 4/3 (Tuesday) 26: 30 ~
TV Aichi: 4/3 (Tue) 26: 35 ~
TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting: 4/3 (Tue) 28: 05 ~

· Work information

Lost in the crowd and eat human flesh. Whilst shaping a human being, there is a different existence from humans ... "Bitter".
To destroy and research "cannon" (CCG), we established a group of experimental groups to fulfill one proposition.
── That name is "Quincs".
With them they are not 'decent people'
What is the first agent investigated by Isao Sasaki in "Tokyo" ─ ─! What?

The original is "Manga Young Jump" Manga by Ishida Sui in series. The first part of the original manga is 14 volumes, and the second part "Tokyo Inoue Tokyo Girl: re" has already been published 15 volumes. The first stage of TV animation "Tokyo Bogey" was produced in a form conforming to the original, and the second stage "Tokyo Bogey √ A" was invoked by the original author, Ishida Sui took charge of the story draft and developed differently from the original It was. This work draws two years after "Tokyo Bitter √ A".

Director Takeshi Watanabe of "NARUTO - Naruto Shippuden (The 489th - 493th episode" The Shikamaru Secret Shadows in the Silence of the Darkness "). From the 1st period, the series composition will be in charge of Chidori Ogasano.

Original: Ishida Sui
Director: Takahiro Watanabe
Screenplay / Series composition: Masanori Ogasano
Character design: Atsuko Nakajima
Acoustic director: Noboru Akaguchi
Music: Yutaka Yamada
Animation Production: studio Pierrot
Animation production cooperation: studio ぴ え ろ +
Copyrights notation: © Ishida Sui / Shueisha · Tokyo Bitter: re Production Committee

Twitter:@ tkg_anime
Hash tag: (None in particular)

OP: Cöshu Nie "asphyxia"
ED: Queen bee

Risa Sasaki: Nagi Hanoe
Umie Hisao: Ishikawa Toshinin
Shinji Kurosaki: Yusuda Uchida
Noriyuki Fujiwara
Rie U.S.: Ayane Sakura
Tsukiyama learning: Mamoru Miyano
Kanae-von Rosewald: Yu Kobayashi

Tokyo Bitter: re PV 2nd - YouTube

Lupine The Third Party Part 5

· Broadcast information
Nippon TV: 4/3 (Tue) 25: 34 ~
Northern Japan Broadcasting System: 4/4 (Wednesday) 25: 29 ~
Sapporo TV: 4/5 (Thu) 26: 29 ~ (May to 25: 59 ~)
Chukyo Television: 4/6 (Friday) 25: 59 ~
FBS Fukuoka Broadcasting: 4/7 (Sat) 26: 25 ~
Shizuoka Daiichi Television: 4/7 (Sat) Midnight
Yomiuri Television: 4/9 (Monday) 26: 59 ~
TV Shinshu: 4/12 (Thu) 25: 44 ~
Nihonkai TV: May / 7 (Monday) 26: 05 ~
Japan Teleplus: 5/18 (Fri) 21: 30 ~ other
Delivered by Hulu et al.

· Work information

Lupine the 3rd generation and Daisuke Dimension were in France. A drama starts from a room in a rural town apartment.
A dark site, 'Marco Polo', where you can buy anything from illegal things such as drugs and guns. In order to steal the digital currency, Lupine invades a huge server facility that is strictly guarded. What I came across was a mysterious genius hacker girl, Ami.
Lupine will face Marco Polo's trap with Ami, but by the 'Lupine · game' that the enemy set in, it will be monitored from all over the world ... ....
The mystery of Ami gradually revealed, and the appearance of a man who knows the past of Lupine the 3rd - Lupine is still standing in an unprecedented dilemma!

Original: Monkey · Punch
Director: Yuichiro Yano
Series composition: Okochi Ichiro
Character design: Hisao Yokohori
Music: Yuji Ono
Animation Production: Telecom · Animation Film
Production: Toms Entertainment
Production · Copyright: Lupine The Third Party Production Committee
Copyright notation: © TMS · NTV

Twitter:@ Lupin_Pt 5
Hashtag: # Lupine 5 # Lupin 5

Main theme: Yuji Ohno & Lupintic Six "LUPIN TROIS 2018"
ED: Miyuki Sawashiro "In the Wind of the Seine ... (Adieu)"

Lupine The Third: Koichi Kurita
Daisuke Kimura
Ishikawa Gomei: Daisuke Namikawa
Mizuko Mine: Sawashiro Miyuki
Monbuko Minami: Koichi Yamadera
Ami · Henin: Minoru Inase
Albert · Dandrezie: Kenjiro Tsuda
Goro Hakuaku: Nobunaga Shimaki

"Lupine The Third Party Part 5" PV 1st - YouTube

3D girlfriend real girl

· Broadcast information
Nippon TV: 4/3 (Tue) 25: 59 ~
Day Tele-Demand: 4/4 (Wed) 0: 00 ~
d Anime store: 4/4 (Wednesday) 12: 00 ~
Hulu: 4/4 (Wednesday) 12: 00 ~

· Work information

Tsutsui Hikaru of the third grader of high school is a so-called otaku boy.
I thought that I could live by myself as long as a two dimensional girl of anime and game.
However, from the transcendent 3D (real) beautiful girl Igarashi color leaves, suddenly confessed, to go out with a relationship!
Tsutsui is going to love it more and more while being swayed by unbelievable color leaves ....

Original: Naha Mao
Director: Takashi Naoya
Series configuration: Akao Yoko
Character design: Satomi Kurita
Production: Fuz Entertainment
Copyright notation: © Maon Naha / Kodansha · Animation "3D Real Girl" Production Committee

Twitter:@ 3Dkanojo_anime
Hash Tags: # Animation 3D She

ED: BiSH "HiDE the BLUE"

Igarashi Karaba: Yoshi Serizawa
Tsutomu Hikari: Kiyoshi Kamisai
Ito Yuto Ito: Aoi Shota
Ishino Arisa: Miho Tsuda
Mitsuya Takanashi: Teruaki Terashima
Yoshie Ayado: Ren Ueda
Ezomichi: Sayaka Kanda

【New Anime】 "3D Real Girl" PR Long Ver. Starting late night April 3, 2018! - YouTube


· Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 4/4 (Wednesday) 22: 25 ~
AT-X: 4/6 (Fri) 22: 55 ~ other
Sun TV: 4/7 (Sat) 22: 25 ~

· Work information

Comedy work depicting the intricate everyday of twin fuses and lilies, and a little syscon's older brother. Eat rice, fight, play with your friends ... .... Why do not you take a look at the heartful full everyday of a cute love?

Original is KADOKAWA "Comic CUNE" series serialized by Riko Bakkori "Are you or is there ~ Sisukon brother and twin sister ~". Three already published volumes. Kobayashi Kosuke who served as coach for "Pretty Rhythm Diamai Future" and coach for "Pretty Rhythm · Rainbow Live" director.

Original: Bikkori Riko
Director: Kosuke Kobayashi
Character design: Naoko Kuwahara
Screenplay: Saeka Fujimoto
Acoustic director: Nobuyuki Abe
Animation Production: EMT Squared
Copyright notation: © Riko Bakage and KADOKAWA / SISCON Production Committee

Twitter:@ ALICE_or_ALICE_
Hashtag: # あ す す or あ す

OP: petit milady "A or A"

Rie: Ayane Sakura
Ai Ri: Rina Hidaka
Coco: Aki Suwa
Mako: Natsumi Takamori
Ru: Ohnishi Saori
Hime Saki: Tokui blue sky
Mr. Alaka: Hiyori Nitta
Mold Usagi: Hiyori Nitta
Older brother: Matsuoka Sadyojo

TV anime "Are you or is there" Official PV - YouTube

Ikatsu Friends!

· Broadcast information
TV Tokyo series: 4/5 (Thurs) 18: 25 ~
BS Japan: 4/9 (Monday) 17: 00 ~

· Work information

"Tomoki Ainu" who goes to the ordinary department of the Star Harmony Academy is a girl who is good at making friends. Become friends with the top idol of the academy "Minato" and go out to the stage of "Aikatsu!" Together!
I was waiting for the encounters with unique idols such as "Butterfly flower" and "Hyuga Emma", work of the entertainment world, school life and busy everyday!
A pair of "friends" is made up, the top idol, a glittering shining "diamond friends"!
The glow of the dress worn by the two people "Kamisaki Karen" "Asura Mirai" is just diamond grade!
There are as many dramas as I gathered! "AKATSU! Dress up with a card! Fans as well as friends, cards are friends! A lot of friends, dreams full!

Original work / project: BN Pictures
Draft: Bandai
Director: Tatsuya Igarashi
Supervisor: Ryuichi Kimura
Series composition: Yuko Kakihara
Character design: Satomi Watanabe
Acoustic Director: Hiroyuki Kikuta
Copyright notation: © BNP / BANDAI, DENTSU, TV TOKYO

Twitter:@ akatsu_anime
Hashtag: # Aikatsu # akatsu

OP: Aio · Mio from from BEST FRIENDS! "Thank you ⇄ all right"
ED: Karen Mirai from BEST FRIENDS! "Believe it"

Aikene Yukari: Akane Matsunaga
Minatomi: Kido Kazuki
Butterfly Maika: Miyama Koi
Hyuga Emma: Yuino Ninomiya
Kamiro Karen: Tadashi Azusa
Morai Asuka: Ayaka Ohashi

TV animation "Ikatsu Friends!" Program Advertisement PV - YouTube

Comic books

· Broadcast information
AT-X: 4/5 (Thursday) 23: 00 ~ others
TOKYO MX: 4/5 (Thursday) 23: 30 ~
BS 11: 4/5 (Thursday) 23: 30 ~
Kansai Television: 4/5 (Thu) 26: 25 ~
d Anime store: 4/6 (Fri) 12: 00 ~ 【fastest delivery】

· Work information

Kaoru Mochida (P.N. Kaosu) is 15 years old. Vocational high school student, and 4 frame manga house!
She moved to a dormitory dedicated to manga, she is surrounded by companions such as a small dream of a girl manga family at the same room, Turin Manga house Ryuki, and a wife of a boys' manga artist, and Kyo is also entertaining a pen in his name and finishing work Work up all night!
Cute and funny, manga family dorm life begins!

The original is "Manga Time Kirara MAX" serialized cartoon by Kaori Hanzazawa. 3 volumes already published, 4 volumes released on March 27.

Director Yoshinobu Tokumoto who is directing for "Pretty Rhythm" series and "Re: Zero world life starting from zero" and also handling "Devils Line" with spring animation. The series composition is "Hakusaku Shirakami Jiyuu", "The other world is with smartphones." "Troubled daddy!" Nako Takahashi.

Original: Kaori Hanzawa
Director: Yoshinobu Tokumoto
Series composition: Takahashi Natsuko
Screenplay: Mr. Okuda Doko, Yokote Michiko, Hanada Zenki
Character design: Saito Yoshiko
Art director: Kenichi Tajiri
Color design: Naoto Tanaka
Director of Photography: Hirooka Take
Acoustic director: Kawahito Meida
Music: Kenichiro Suehiroki
Animation Production: Nexus
Copyright light notation: © Kaori Hanzazawa / Yoshifusasha / Komichu Girls Production Committee

Twitter:@ comiga_anime
Hashtag: # Komitsuku razor

Kuroko Motta: Hikaru Akao
Koi: Honma Kaede
Ryuhei Irikawa: Saori Ohnishi
Katsuki Tsubasa: Takahashi Yi

TV anime "Kimi ga Ruzu" 2nd PV - YouTube

Megaro box

· Broadcast information
TBS: 4/5 (Thu) 25: 28 ~
BS-TBS: 4/14 (Sat) 23: 00 ~ (Broadcasting from the 2nd talk the same day 25:00 / 25: 00 ~ after the third episode)

· Work information

A megaro boxer "Junk Dog" standing on the ring of the betting game of unauthorized district today. I was irritated by my current "present" without the ability to live but only to earn with a matched match, despite its ability.
However, as a megaro boxer, as a man, I will challenge my "present (now)" - meets a solitary champion · bravery.

"Ashita no Joe" This is the 50th anniversary work of the first series directed by Hiroshi Moriyama who has worked on the visual concept of "Advance Giant" and the concept art of "Kabaneri of Kofu Castle".

Original plan: "Tomorrow's Joe" (Original: Asaka Takamori, Chibutotsu)
Director · Concept design: Hiroshi Moriyama
Screenplay: Katsuhiko Mahon, Kensaku Kojima
Character design: Hiroshi Shimizu
Overall director: Hiroshi Shimizu, Shingo Ishikawa, Kenji Yasaki
Music: mabanua
Cooperation: Weekly Shonen Magazine Editorial Department, Shonen Magazine Edge Editorial Department
Boxing Interview Cooperation: Puma Watakujim Jim
Animation Production: Tom's Entertainment, 3 × Cube
Production · Copyright: Megalo Box Project
Copyright notation: © Asami Takamori, Chibutoritsuya / Kodansha / Megalo box project

Twitter:@ joe 50 _ megalobox
Hashtag: # Megaro box

ED: NakamuraEmi "Come over"

Junk Dog: Yoshimasa Hosoya
Southern counterfeit: Shiro Saito
Yui: Yasuaki Yasumoto
Yukiko Shirato: Moriko Mori
Sachio: Murase Murase
Fujimaki: Kinoshita Hiroyuki

TV anime "Megaro box" episode 1 opening video - YouTube

But sinners dance with the dragons

· Broadcast information
TBS: 4/5 (Thu) 25: 58 ~
BS-TBS: 4/14 (Sat) 23: 30 ~ (2nd story 24: 30 ~ broadcasting)

· Work information

Technical system for reproducing natural phenomena / physical laws and hyperphysical generation of substances [ゅ 咒]] (じ ゅ き). With this formula, mankind succeeded in freely manipulating the power that was once feared as [magic]. [咒]] brought benefits to every field of life and had achieved rapid development with the momentum to destroy even [竜] and ___ ___ _
Using the ceremony, they are barely able to solve problems and earn money earnings, the two aggressive chefs, Gayus and Gigina. The work of hunting [dragon] to those who have a ceremonial office in Eridanna, a city of chaotic borders, is coming, but it was the beginning of intrigue conspiracy and plot.

The original is a novel by Asai Lab. Between 2003 and 2006, after 8 volumes were published in Kadokawa sneakers bunko, I moved to the Shogakkan's Gagaga Bunko. Through the remake part, it has become a big series of 21 volumes published over the sneakers bunko version. Because of the weight of the story and the cruelty of expressions, at the Shogakkan, "The last dark work as the founder of light novelI am attaching the phrase "It's a battlefield.

Director General Hiroshi Nishikori directed by "A Certain Magical Index", "Tenpo Ikka Oddi", "Azumanga Daioh" director. Director Hirokazu Hanai, Deputy Director, "Phantasy Star Online 2", "Chain Chronicle - Hex Eye's Flash". In "Detective Opera Milky Holmes TD", Nishikori is the director and Hanai is the assistant director. Originally scheduled to be broadcasted in October 2017, due to production circumstances had been postponed to the April 2018 broadcast.

Original: Asai Lab
Character draft: Miyagi, Zein
Overall director: Hiroshi Nishikori
Director: Hirokazu Hanai
Series composition: Takayo Ingami
Character design: Masaru Kitao, Noriko Ogura
Animation Production: Seven Arcs Pictures
Copyright light notation: © Asai Lab, Shogakkan / "Sora dragon" production committee

Hashtags: # dressed up

OP: fripSide "divine criminal"
ED: Masane Kurosaki "décadence - Decadence -"

Gayus: Nobunaga Shimazaki
Gigina: Yoshimasa Hosoya
Zivena: Yoko Higakasa
Nidvork: Yuko Kaida
Mordean: Takaya Toshiba
Curaçao: Minami Aino
Yokhnan: Tamura Mutsumi
Jesper: Toshiki Hoshino
BELDRITO: Tokui Blue Sky
Genon: Takeshi Inoue
Herodel: Atsushi Imaruoka
Azer: Aya Susaki
Largonquin: Nishitakutaro
Javeira: Rika Matsumoto
Eagle: Hiroshi Shimono
Yakuto: Yuukawa Yuanori
Remedie: Tomokazu Sugita
Zuo Ru: Akira Ishida

TV animation "Surely the sinner dances with the dragon" PV 2nd volume - YouTube

Balance of Inazuma Eleven Ares

· Broadcast information
TV Tokyo 6 stations: 4/6 (Fri) 17: 55 ~
BS Japan: 4/12 (Thursday) 17: 00 ~
* 1 hour special for the first time

· Work information
The original is a game "Inazuma Eleven Ares Balance Schedule" to be released in the summer of 2018. As "Inazuma Eleven" series is the third work following "Inazuma Eleven" and "Inazuma Eleven GO". "Inazuma Eleven" and "Inazuma Eleven GO" were broadcast without opening up, but five years from "Inazuma Eleven GO" to this work is available.

Original: Level 5

Inazuma Eleven Official (@inazuma_project) | Twitter

Twitter:@ inazuma_project
Hashtag: # Inazuma Eleven

Inamori Asuwakimoto: Ayumi Murase
Ryohei Ashizaki: Hiroshi Kamiya
Yuzo Nosaka: Jun Fukuyama

【Balance of Inazuma Eleven Ares】 Start of the game (kick off) - YouTube

Hina Festival

· Broadcast information
AT - X: 4/6 (Friday) 21: 00 - others
TOKYO MX: 4/6 (Friday) 25: 40 ~
KBS Kyoto: 4/6 (Fri) 25: 40 ~
TV Aichi: 4/7 (Sat) 25: 50 ~
BS 11: 4/7 (Sat) 27: 00 ~
Sun TV: 4/8 (Sunday) 24: 30 ~
TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting: 4/8 (Sunday) 26: 35 ~

· Work information

A young intelligent yakuza that supports the Ashikawa group, Yoshifumi Nitta was surrounded by a favorite vase and was sending a living in a life of breath. However, one day, the life changed completely because the girl Hina came in a mysterious object. It was threatened by chicks that can be used with philosophy and forced to live together! Hina chaotic to runaway is all you want to do in a group relationship or a school. Nitta holds his head, but with a nice personality being hurt and always looking after trouble. What on earth will this life be like?
Bizarre everyday begins with the danger of outrage and intrusive psychic girls who are ecstatic!

The original is Mangio Otake's manga "Haruta" serialized in a volume of 14 volumes.

Director is "Umaessa Pretty Derby" "This art department has problems!" Oikawa Kei from "Outbreak Company". Series composition is Keiichiro Oochi, "Screenplay of Twin Stars", "Yokai Watch", "Akatsu!" Screenplay.

Original: Masao Otake
Director: Hiroshi Oikawa
Series composition · Screenplay: Keiichiro Oochi
Character design · total drawing director: Kanji Kamoto
Assistant Director: Katsura Matsubara
Key animators: Kuniaki Masuda, Tetsuya Takeuchi, Ryo Araki
Art director: Shunichiro Yoshihara
Art setting: Kaoru Aoki
Background: Mimpe
Color design: Hiroshi Iwata
Director of Photography: Yuta Nakamura
Edit: Daisuke Hiraki
Acoustic director: Satoshi Motoyama
Sound Production: Magic Capsule
Music: Yasuhiro Misawa
Music production: Nippon Columbia
Animation production: feel.
Production: Hinna Festival Production Committee
Copyright notation: © 2018 Masao Otake · Published by KADOKAWA / Hina Festival Production Committee

Twitter:@ hinamatsuri 4649
Hashtags: # Hina Festival

OP: Riho Murakawa "Distance"
ED: Yoshifumi Nitta (CV: Yoshiki Nakajima) "Salmon and Ikura, 893 and Daughter"

Hina: Takako Tanaka
Nitta: Yoshiki Nakajima
Apricot: Ruri Murakawa
Hitomi: Honma Kaede
Poet: Hikasa Yoko
Mao: Ozawa Aki
Young head: Takeshi Oyama
Sub: Kengo Kawanishi

TV animation "Hina Festival" 2nd PV - YouTube


· Broadcast information
BS SKY PerfecTV! : 4/6 (Friday) 22: 30 ~

· Work information
Professional baseball team · Left arm side throw pitcher belonging to Jingu spiders · Summer Noritsuki Boneda was sending his life as active as the 18 million yen annual salary in the eighth graduation high school. In this harsh reality that the annual income falls to the 1 million yen level after retirement as it is, he repeated the phrase "the money is buried in the ground", and today he heads to the mound again.

The original is "Weekly Morning" and serialized in 2011 from the comics. Following transfer of Gonda, the series was finished in volume 17 and the second part "Grazen - Tokyo Dome edition ~" was published in 14 volumes. The series has been ended again on the February 15 issue, and the third part "Grazen-Pa League Compilation -" opens from March 29, 2018. "This comic is amazing! 2012" Otoco edition second place, "nominated writing clerk's selected recommended comic 2012" was chosen as 8th place. In 2013, won the Kodansha Manga Award General Section.

BS SKY PerfecTV! As the first animation production work. Director is Watanabe's "Space Brothers" "Tomo Togo" "Like Love in the Rain" The series composition is "Adversity Unrequited Kaiji" "Fighter Legend Legend Akagi Genius Shimmering in the Darkness" Hideo Takayashiki of "Souten Passage".

Original: Moritaka Yuji, Adachikeji
Director: Ayumu Watanabe
Series composition · Screenplay: Hideo Takayashiki
Character design: Kenichi Onuki
Music: Takada Fumio
Acoustic director: Koji Tsujitani
Acoustic production: Ai Addiction
Animation Production: Studio Dean
Production: SKY PerfecT! Kodansha
Copyright notation: © Moritaka Yuji, Adachikeji / SKY PerfecTV! Kodansha

Hashtag: # Grazen

Gonda Natsunosuke: Ochiai Fukushiga
Yuki: M · A · O
Tanabe: Issei Niikata
Kakuji Nomura
Kosato: Ryuzo Ishino
Tokunaga: Daisuke Namikawa
Shibuya: Takanori Hoshino
Matsumoto Anna: Hideo Matsumoto

Anime "Grazen" PV - YouTube

Ark and Kanjo

· Broadcast information
AT-X: 4/6 (Friday) 22: 30 ~ other
Rakuten TV: 4/6 (Friday) 22: 30 ~ 【Fastest delivery】
Nico Nico Douga: 4/6 (Fri) 22: 30 ~ 【fastest delivery】
GYAO !: 4/6 (Friday) 22: 30 ~ 【Fastest delivery】
TOKYO MX: 4/9 (Monday) 25: 10 ~
d Anime Store, AbemaTV, Bandai Channel, Haste, Video Market, and others Delivery available

· Work information
My boyfriend and my boyfriend are girlfriends.
But, as for the doctor 's favor, it treats coldly with sharp speech blowing, somehow always irritating ... ....

But it is a flip of the feeling of "I love you easy!"
Akakun, a school youth love comedy that draws the days of "Aku-kun Love" without bothering such behavior at all.

Original: Taka Touwaka "Akun and Kanosho" (MF Comics Gene Series / published by KADOKAWA)
Director: Shin Isamu Katakai
Series composition · Screenplay: Yuka Yamada
Character design · total drawing director: Motohiro Taniguchi
Color design: Yoshiko Matsumori
Director of Photography: Nobuya Matsuzaki
Art director: Shibata Masato
Acoustic Director: Shin Isamu Katakai
Acoustic production: Three Tree, Kotono
Animation Production: Yumeki Company
Copyright notation: © Waka Waka · Published by KADOKAWA / Akano production committee

Twitter:@ akano_anime
Hashtag: # Akano

Theme Song: Haruana Oshima "Balloon of Love"

Zhuzhi University: Tatsuo Suzuki
Katagirin no: Ayuka Suwa
Masao Matsuo: Keisuke Ueda
Mr. Tsukasa: Mr. Kosato
Kubomura Takumi: Watanabe Hatano
Irie Konagi: Kayo Hikari

【Spring of 2018】 TV anime "Akun and Kanosho" PV - YouTube

Lostorage conflated WIXOSS

· Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 4/6 (Friday) 24: 30 ~
BS 11: 4/6 (Friday) 24: 30 ~
Tele Drama Channel 1: 4/16 (Monday) 23: 30 ~

· Work information
This is the latest work of the TV animation series on the theme of trading card game "WIXOSS". "Selector infected WIXOSS" and "selector spread WIXOSS" in 2014 and "Lostorage incited WIXOSS" in 2016 are broadcast, this work is the 4th work. Characters that appeared in the past series gather together, and a new story is spun.

Original: LRIG
Director: Risako Yoshida
Series composition: Ryou Tsuchiya
Character draft: Re-Chiyoyomi, Hitoto *, Hisa Sakai, Suzuki Manatsu
Character design: Takumitsu Sato
Art director: Takumi Yanagihara
Color design: Hino Akazu Hino
Director of Photography: Shingo Fukuyo
Edit: Hitomi Sudou (Real-T)
Acoustic Director: Miwa Iwami
Acoustic effect: Kayama Oyama
Recording adjustment: Yamaguchi Takayuki
Music: Maiko Inouchi
WIXOSS supervision: Tomo Yamaguchi
Animation production: J.C.STAFF
Copyright light notation: © LRIG / Project Lostorage

Twitter:@ wixoss_anime

OP: Yuka Iguchi "UNLOCK"
ED: Cyua 'I'

Mizushima Kiyomi: Saori Ohnishi
Hironari Susumu: Hashimoto Chimami
Koinniuroko: Kaomi Makuma
Ayumi Sakaguchi: Hitomi Owada
Hashimoto Amika: Hitomi Owada
Morikawa Chikatsu: Iguchi Yuka
Mikage: Hisashi Kubo
Pirruk: Shinoda Minami
Lil: Shizuka Ito
Mel: Kimoto Hoshiko
Nanashi: Izawa Shiori
Red Fresh Moon: Ayane Sakura
Kazuaki Uemura: Ai Kinano
Aoi Akira: Akasaki Chinatsu
Tama: Misaki Kuno
Hanayo: Ayako Kawasumi
Midoriki: Mami Takahashi
Millrun: Rina Hidaka
Satomi Kureha: Yuichi Nakamura
Carnival: Kana Aumi
Kaede: Rena Kondo
Leila: Aki Kito
Rimmenta: Aoi Utaki
Cocoon: Risa Toda

Lostorage conflated WIXOSS PV - YouTube

Nobunaga's Shinobu ~ Anekawa · Ishiyama Hen ~

· Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 4/6 (Friday) 25: 35 ~
KBS Kyoto: 4/6 (Fri) 25: 35 ~
BS Fuji: 4/10 (Tuesday) 23: 55 ~

· Work information

Nobunago's beloved sister / city is married to Asai's Chomisa. It is inevitable that the Asai-Asakura Army and the Oda Army crash. In a large-scale field fight "Battle of Anekawa" that loses something important for a moment, the zodiac which caused the tears arose. A tremendous war journey called Tenka Futema! Sometimes I have to defeat brother-in-law !! Full-scale period drama gag animation, Anekawa · Ishiyama Hen rushing in!

The original is a comic book by Naoko Naoko, "Young Animals" serializing series. 12 volumes already published. TV animation is the first period in the fall of 2016, the second period "Ise · Kanegasaki hen" is broadcasting in the spring of 2017, this work corresponds to the third term.

The staff and cast have not changed since the first term, and the director is "Tonkatsu DJ Agetaro" and "Gag Manga Days" series, "Jubei Chan", Hitoshiro Ehon.

Original: Shigeto Mayuki
Director: Hata Taro
Character design: Junko Yamanaka
Art director: Manami Konoyama
Color design: Rie Kato
Director of Photography: Akemi Sasaki
Edit: Yoshiyoshi Fujita
Sound Director: Tanaka Kazuya
Music: Toshiro Masuda
Animation Production: Toms Entertainment
Copyright notation: © Naoki Naoki / Shiroizumi Shinko / Nobunaga's Production Committee

Twitter:@ shinobinobunaga
Hashtag: # Nobunaga of Nobunaga

Chidori: Minoru Inase
Oda Nobunaga: Watano Nagano
Held: MURATA Ayumu
Towhiro: Takahashi Tomoaki
City: Suzuko Mimori
Kinoshita Hideyoshi: Yamaguchi Kappei
Rene: Rie Kugimiya
Shibata Katsuya: Okawa Toru
Mori Kimiya / Imagawa Yoshimoto: Seki Tomokazu
Imagawa Masao: Ochiai Fukushiga
Shin · Saito Ryūko: Ueda Yuji
Takenaka Hanbei: Daisuke Hirakawa
Maeda Toshiya / Okada Kiichi: Morishima Hideo
Matsu: Matsui Nanakurako
Yoshiaki Ashikaga: Akira Takagi
Hosokawa Hosokawa: Hiroshi Takahashi
Akechi Mitsuhide: Tachibana Shinnosuke
Hachisuka Kozuki: Nobuyuki Hiyama
Ieyasu Tokugawa: Ryutaro Okiayu
Hattori Hanzo: VALSHE
Nagamasa Asai: Yasuaki Takumi
Hisashi Asai: Takashi Matsuyama
Endo Naoki: Yoneda Kiyoyuki
Asakura Yoshiaki: Kishio Daisuke
Yoshiyuki Sugitani: Hidefumi Takemoto
Hakko Reiji: Sakamoto Yukemitsu
Ikko Inaba: Hideo Morishima
Ando Morimori: Ochiai Fukuda
Takaya Takahashi (direct): Shinya Takahashi
Hisahide Matsunaga: Kazuhiko Inoue
Kazuyoshi Takigawa: Junichi Suwabe
Luis Frais: Maeda Go
Kitahata Kimitsu: Koji Ishii
Kitahira Factory: Ochiai Fukuda

TV anime "Nobunaga no Shinobu ~ Anegawa · Ishiyama Hen ~" PV 3rd [Battlefield] - YouTube

Magical girls site

· Broadcast information
MBS: 4/6 (Friday) 26: 25 ~
TBS: 4/6 (Friday) 25: 55 ~
BS - TBS: 4/7 (Sat) 24: 30 ~
AT-X: 4/11 (Wednesday) 22: 30 ~ other
SBS: 4/17 (Tue) 25: 58 ~
ATV: 4/23 (Mon) 25: 28 ~

· Work information

Apparently the site seems to be unfortunate only to meet people. So they were chosen.
She has no whereabouts, she always dies and thinks. At school we receive bullying from classmates and at home we endure abuse from real brothers.
Morning mist Aya. Junior high school sophomore. 14 years old.
One day she encounters an eerie web site "Magical Girls Website" and gets a "sticky" that has the power of magic.
Aya got magical powers, along with the classmate 's classmate Liu Mura Atsuno, and other "magical girls" get caught up in a ferocious fate.
This is a record of unhappy girls who gained magical powers, friendship and youth, and the fight changing fate.

Original: Kentaro Sato
Director: Matsurin Yujin
Series composition: Takayo Ingami
Character design: Hidemi Shibuya
Site administrator design: Yoshinori Iwanaga
Sub Character Design: Kurume Higashi
Animation production: production dóA
Production: "Magical Girls Site" Production Committee
Copyright notation: © Kentaro Sato (Akita Shoten) / "Magical girls site" Production committee

Twitter:@ MGSanime
Hash tag: # Magical girls site

OP: i ☆ Ris "Changing point"
ED: Haruka Yamazaki "Zensen Tomodachi"

Asanogi Aya: Ohno Sleepwear Fruit
Yuino Yuri: Akaneya Sun Ocean
Ryo Kaji: Suzuki Ana
Hironori Hazawa: Yutaka Serizawa
Shirari Sugorobu: Haruka Yamazaki
Morning mist Requires: Nobuhiko Okamoto
Miura Kiichirou: Tatsuo Suzuki
Site administrator Urushi: Nakao Takakiyo
Keisuke Naoto: Yuzuri Yuya

TV anime "Magical Girls Website" Book - YouTube

Future Card Buddy Fight X (Butts) All Star Fight

· Broadcast information
TV Tokyo series: 4/7 (Saturday) 8: 00 ~
BS Japan: 4/7 (Sat) 11: 00 ~

· Work information

The fierce battle over the crown of World Number 1, the legendary "Mirage Card" now begins!
The time has come when to decide the different worlds leading to the earth, the world number 1 that stands at its peak! Aiba Gakuen Primary School 6th grader · Unknown King is told that he was elected Dragon World representative of "World Buddy Masters".
The King King who was guided by a messenger who claimed Saint Holy Sword Dragon and went out looking for a buddy unlocks the forbidden monster that was sealed.
It is the Magus Dragon's Butts, which is fearful as once he destroyed Dragon World.
Although it is a battle who does not want to hear what others say, it is a battle but he believes in his intuition that he can become a partner (buddy) with Butats and participates in the tournament.
Wisdom, a man who leads a group aiming for the legendary "Mirage Card" awarded to each of the world 's national team' s powerful fighters and the winner.
The fight between King King and Butz eventually leads to an unexpected incident ... !!

Total Production: Takaaki Kidani
Plan / Draft: Bushiroad, Shogakkan
Original: Bushiroad, Mitsuhisa Tamura / Shogakkan
Character draft: Quily
Main monster original plan: Nakazaki winter, Muranako
Original setting: Kaneko Ryoma
Card fight composition: Shojo spring
Series composition: Shizzo Fujita
Character design: Kumiko Ozawa
Art director: Yusuke Takaki
Color setting: Makiko Kojima
CG Director: Seto Ota
Director of Photography: Daisuke Horino
Edit: Masahiro Matsumura
Sound Director: Ebi Neri Erika
Music: Kazushi Miura, Shigeru Yamamoto
Music Producer: Yuichi Enokawa
Producer: Fumihiro Tanaka, Hirokazu Kato, Takashi Odani (TV Aichi), Naohiko Furuichi, Hayato Saga, Admiral Okada
Animation Producer: Hidehito Takagi
Animation production: OLM, XEBEC
Director: Shigetaka Ikeda
Production: TV Aichi, Dentsu, OLM
Copyright light notation: © Aibo Gakuen 2018 / TV Aichi

OP: Jun Shirota "Buddy Fight x Buddy Fighter"
ED: Poppin 'Party' B.O.F '

Unknown King: Mari Mizuno
Great Universe Kanata: Yuko Saniki
Black vortex Kite: Aoi Shota
Ryukokuji Task: Makoto Saito

My Hero Accademia (Phase 3)

· Broadcast information
Yomiuri TV · Japan Television System: 4/7 (Sat) 17: 30 ~

· Work information

A world with supernatural ability "personality" is an ordinary world. A boy named "No individuality" boy, Muroya Teruya, known as "Deku", who encountered the all-mind of the yearning No.1 hero was found the qualities of the hero secret within that, "individuality" one from all mites I inherited Four ol. Dek entered the prestigious high school hero's generation of Yu Hideaki High School and was having an opportunity to work hard together to improve each other with his classmates.
After the first semester, Yu Ying High School goes to summer vacation. Deku hero department students will face the forest training camp for reinforcement of mind skills toward obtaining professional hero's temporary license. There was a more harsh trial waiting there than ever! Meanwhile, the enemy led by the death pattern trekking [Villan] Union that aims to increase the number of members and become stronger, sets aim for the forest training camp. And behind that, the figure of Allmight 's all-enemy "big evil" All For One ... ....
A fierce battle between Deku hero candidate students and pro-heroes and evil enemies [Villan] is about to begin!

Animation based on manga by Kohei Horikoshi of the Weekly Shonen Jump Truck series. The original is a popular work with more than 13 million copies issued in series, the first period in the spring of 2016, the second period in the spring of 2017 was broadcast. There is no big change in the staff, and the director is Kenji Nagasaki of "Classroom ☆ Crisis" "Gundam Build Fighters". The series composition is "Sword Art · Online Alternative Gangile · Online", "Mobile Suit Gundam 00" "Scryed" Yuusuke Kuroda.

Original · Story draft: Kohei Horikoshi
Director: Kenji Nagasaki
Series composition · Screenplay: Yousuke Kuroda (Studio Orphe)
Character design: Yoshihiko Magoshi
Character design assistant: Hitomi Odashima
Overall director: Hitomi Odashima, Takahiro Komori
Art director: Shigeru Ikeda, Yukiko Maruyama (Atelier Musa)
Color design: Kazuko Kikuchi (wish)
Director of Photography: Masataka Ikegami
Edit: Kumiko Sakamoto
Acoustic director: Masumi Mima
Music: Yuki Hayashi
Animation Production: Bonds
Production: My Hero Accademia Production Committee

Hashtag: #heroaca_a # Hiroaka

ED: miwa "Update"

Muroya Teruyuki
Almight: Kenta Miyake
Katsumi Bakuro: Okamoto Nobuhiko
Oshika Rei: Ayane Sakura
Tianya Iida: Ishikawa Toshinin
Rewroading: Yuuki Kaji
Frog Blow Me Rain: Yuki Aki
Mine Minoru: Hirohashi Ryo
Kashiro Kurisaki: Toshiki Masuda
8 million hundreds: Mary Inoue
Shogun Shogun: Yoshimasa Hosoya
Kamiki Electric: Yu Hatanaka
Aizawa Shota: Junichi Suwabe
Death pattern faith: Uchiyama Takashi
Kaiji: Hiroshi Shimono
Toga Himiko: Misato Fukuneni
ALL FOR ONE: Akio Otsuka
Mandalay: Kawasaki Meiko
Ragdoll: Chisa Suganuma
Tiger: Tamonosuke Oshuma
Pixie Bob: Mr. Machiyama
Mizuki Yamazaki

"My Hero Accademia" (Hiroaka) TV animation 3rd stage PV 2nd bullet / OP theme: "ODD FUTURE" UVERworld - YouTube

Major Second

· Broadcast information
NHK E Tel: 4/7 (Sat) 17: 35 ~

· Work information

Shigo Shigano is an elementary school student who still has an active baseball player as his father. As longing for his father Goro who was also active in major leagues, he started playing baseball with a youth baseball team "Mifune Dolphins." However, in the pressure of the second generation, I could not improve my way of thinking, I stopped playing baseball in less than a year, and lived a lethargic life. In the spring of elementary school sixth grader I greeted, a transfer student who returned from the United States appears before Daigo's eyes. The name of the transfer student is Sato Hikaru. What a light father was Goro 's ally and former major leaguer, Toshiya Sato ... .... And the fate of boys starts to move!

Original: Takuya Mitsuda
Director: Ayumu Watanabe
Screenplay: Ryu Tsuchiya, Kenji Kozuna, Mitsuyo Suenaga, Kenichi Yamashita
Character design: Kenichi Onuki
Acoustic director: Toshiki Kameyama
Music: Kotaro Nakagawa
Copyright notation: © Takuya Mitsuda · Shogakkan / NHK · NEP · ShoPro

Twitter:@ major 2 nd _ tv
Hashtag: # major second

Shigo Shigano: Natsumi Fujiwara
Sato Hikaru: Nishiyama Kotaro
Shigo Shigano: Natsumi Fujiwara
Sato Hikaru: Nishiyama Kotaro
Makoto Sakura: Kana Hanazawa
Izumi Shigano: Natsumi Takamori
Yomiura Road: Yui Horie
Yumeimura junko: Jun Fukushima
Shigeto Shigano: Shotaro Morikubo
Toshiya Sato: Seiichi Morita

TV anime "Major Second" PV Started broadcasting on Saturday, April 7, 2018! 】 - YouTube

Amachusu! ~ あ ぱ ば ん す ~

· Broadcast information
AT-X: 4/7 (Sat) 23: 00 ~ other
TOKYO MX: 4/8 (Sun) 23: 00 ~
AbemaTV: 4/9 (Monday) 23: 00 ~ 【fastest delivery】
BS 11: 4/10 (Tue) 24: 30 ~

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· Work information

Okinawa Futaba who moved from Tokyo and Kojimako who was born and raised in the town of Izu. Both of them joining Yumeogaoka High School have found a lot of happiness in scuba diving and casual events of everyday life. Futaba was once reluctant to anything, but experiences a lot of pleasure to step forward one step ahead thanks to the bright and positive light. In addition, Futaba passed the practice of Open Water Diver, which was a wishful idea, and the next is to aim for Advanced Open Water Diver. The high-school life which is irreplaceable only once, the future is still the future. Lovely days are not over, as long as the two people walk together for a long time.

A manga by Kozue Amano from Mag Garden's "Monthly Comic Blade" series drawing the everyday of high school students belonging to the diving section as a catch phrase "Daily occasionally diving." With 11 volumes already published, 12 volumes will be released on April 10 and 13 volumes will be released on June 9. In the summer of 2016, the first phase of the TV animation is being broadcast, and in the second stage the director will be changed from Kasaikeiichi to Seiko Sayama directed by "Vampire Knight" "Skip · Beat!" Akao continues to be in charge of the series composition, and Yuko Fukuda who was in charge of "idol time preparer", "Furra no yuichichi" etc. is added as a script.

Original: Kozue Amano (Blade Comics / Mag Garden published)
Overall director: Junichi Sato
Director: Seiko Sayama
Screenplay: Yuko Akao, Yuko Fukuda
Character design: Ito Yoko
Music Production: Flying Dog
Animation production: J.C.STAFF
Production: Yumeogaoka High School Diving Department
Copyright notation: © 2018 Kozue Amano / Mag Garden · Yumeogaoka High School Diving Department

Twitter:@ amanchu_anime
Hashtag: # Amachusu

OP: Minori Suzuki "Crosswalk"
ED: Maaya Sakamoto "Hello, Hello"
Insert Song: Kubota Mina feat. MIYUU & MASUMI (Mistera Feo) "Tieleusha"

Minori Hinako: Eri Suzuki
Futaba Oki: Ai Kinano
Ai Ninomiya: Saori Ohnishi
Makoto Ninomiya: Yuichiro Umehara
Makoto Hiratsuki: Shizuka Ito
Chachi advisor: Kure Urika
Konno Kiyono: Kikuko Inoue
Kodama Kodama: Aya Nakazaki
Kotari Koi: Kao Makuma
Cape Kokoro: Yamamoto Ayori

TV animation "Amachushu! ~ Aobanze" ~ 3rd PV - YouTube

Devil's Line

· Broadcast information
AT-X: 4/7 (Sat) 23: 00 ~ other
GYAO !: 4/7 (Sunday) 24: 00 ~ 【Fastest delivery】
TOKYO MX: 4/8 (Sunday) 25: 35 ~
BS 11: 4/9 (Monday) 24: 30 ~
Sun TV: 4/9 (Monday) 25: 30 ~
KBS Kyoto: 4/10 (Tuesday) 24: 00 ~
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· Work information

The monster is at your side.
Continuous creepy blood sucking murder. The graduate student's office, knowing a man, will know the sad truth behind the case ....

The original story in the comic by Hanada tomb that has been serialized in the "morning-to", there is action, there is love, "Off erotic" There is a unique dark fantasy. Draws the ultimate love of demons and humans. Previously published volume 11. Hanada is the first serial series. E-books have also gained great popularity.

Director Yoshinobu Tokumoto who is directing for "Pretty Rhythm" series and "Re: Zero world life starting from zero", and also director of "Komichuruzu" with spring animation. Series composition cooperates with Kenji Konjita of "Library War" "Brad Rid" and Hisao Hisa, who wrote the script for "Weak Pedal" series and "Sword Oratria".

Original: Morning Haneda
Director: Yoshinobu Tokumoto
Deputy Director: Hideaki Nakano
Series composition · Screenplay: Ken Kogen Takeshi, Hisao Hisao
Character design: Chisato Kawaguchi
Total drawing director: Chisato Kawaguchi, Toshikage Kobayashi
Action drawing director: Yasushi Yoshiki
Prop Design: Tomokazu Sugimura
Art director: Masaki Mayuzumi
Color design: Aiko Yamakami
Director of Photography: Shigeru Asakawa
Editing: Kimura Kimura
Acoustic director: Toru Nakana
Acoustic effect: Yuko Morikawa, Yuki Hayashi
Acoustic Production: Pony Canyon Enterprise
Music: Natsumi Shiba
Music production: King record
Animation Production: Platinum Vision
Production: Devil's Line Production Committee
Copyright light notation: © Ryuta Ryo - Kodansha / Devils line production committee

Hashtag: # Devils line

OP: Shota Aoi "Eclipse"
ED: Mamoru Miyano "Like gently melting"

Ajusuki: Matsuoka Sadyojo
Lee Hans: Ryohei Kimura
Kikuhara Kiriro: Takahiro Sakurai
Hiragasa: Yui Ishikawa
Takashi Sawasaki: Yoshimasa Hosoya
Takeshi Makimura: Hiroshi Kamiya
Juliana Lloyd: Miyuki Sawashiro
Nagiko Amagi: Nao Higashiyama
Yoshii Kenichi: Aoi Shota
Morning Maritime: Kazuyuki Okitsu
Naoya Ushio: Ryota Aisaka
Ishimaru Eri Mi: Ishida Akira
Mitsuri Azaya: Mayumi Asano
Anzai: Mamoru Miyano
Shota Akimura: Hiroshi Shimono
Yui Liu: Hino Satoshi
Ryunosuke Katagiri: Daisuke Hirakawa

TV Anime "Devil's Line" 2nd PV - YouTube

Sword Art · Online Alternative Gangile · Online

· Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 4/7 (Sat) 24: 00 ~
BS 11: 4/7 (Sat) 24: 00 ~
Tochigi Television: 4/7 (Sat) 24: 00 ~
Gunma TV: 4/7 (Sat) 24: 00 ~
AbemaTV: 4/7 (Sat) 24: 00 ~ 【Fastest delivery】
MBS: 4/7 (Sat) 27: 08 ~
TV Aichi: April 9 (Mon) 26: 05 ~
Nitteleplus: 4/20 (Friday) 21: 00 ~
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· Work information

A female player Ren who is enjoying solo play in the gun and steel world "Gangale Online". She loved cute things, unifying the whole body with pink equipment, playing repeatedly and steadily, he was proficient. And from a certain thing PK - Waking up to the fun of player hunting Len puts himself in PK and finally it is called "pink devil".
Such Lenn is a beautiful mysterious player and meets Pitofui, and it is a spiritual match. As she told me, I will join the team war event "Squad Jam".

The original is a spin-off work by Kawahara Grind's novel "Sword Art Online" which became also an animation of TV animation and theater, and it is set on the VRMMO "Gangale Online" drawn in "Sword Art · Online" . Because it is spin-off, people who have read until "Phantom · Barrett" of "Volume 5" · Volume 6 "are enjoyable, but they do not need to know. Author is military · firearm mania admitted to both self and other, Keiichi Shigusawa known for "Kino's journey" "Allison". 6 volumes already published. A comicalized version by Tomohito is published 2 volumes. OP is the first single after the return of Aoi Eile who suspended activities in November 2016.

Directed by Masayuki Kuii of "Imperious Girl Matters", "Method of Celestial Objects" and "Strawberry Panic". Series composition is Yosuke Kuroda of "My hero academy" "Mobile Suit Gundam 00" "Scryed".

Original: Keiichi Shigusawa
Original illustration · Original draft: Black star red and white
Director: Masayuki Kusai
Series composition · Screenplay: Yuusuke Kuroda
Character design · General drawing director: Nozomo Ozaki
Animation Production: Studio 3 Hz
Copyright notation: © 2017 Keiichi Shigusawa / KADOKAWA ASCII · Media Works / GGO Project

Twitter:@ ggo_anime
Hashtag: #ggo_anime

OP: Aii Eile "Meteor"
ED: Kusunoki and Mori "To see the future"

Ren: Kunusuki and Tomorrow
Pitofoy: Hikasa Yoko
M: Kazuyuki Okitsu
Juku Huka: Akasaki Chinatsu

TV animation "Gangale Online" AnimeJapan 2018 PV - YouTube

PERSONA 5 the Animation

· Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 4/7 (Sat) 24: 30 ~
TV Gunma: 4/7 (Sat) 24: 30 ~
Tochigi Television: 4/7 (Sat) 24: 30 ~
BS 11: 4/7 (Saturday) 24: 30 ~
AbemaTV: 4/7 (Sat) 24: 30 ~ 【Fastest delivery】
MBS: 4/7 (Sat) 26: 08 ~
GYAO !, d Anime Store, Bandai Channel, NicoNico Channel, Amazon Video, Hikari TV, U-NEXT, Animation, Video Market,,, NicoNico Live, PlayStation, dTV, Animax on PlayStation

· Work information

Spring in the second year of high school, Amemiya lotus transfers to Tokyo's "Hidetori Gakuen".
Lotus who awaked as a "persona" use as a trigger from an event formed a "Kaiten Kaitai" with newcomers. I steal the "distorted desire" of adults who painted on bad desires and reform them.
On the other hand, mysterious spiritual runaway incidents occurred one after another in the city ... ....
While living in everyday life as a high school student in the big city "Tokyo", after school it will dance as "heart kaizen group".
The magnificent Picca - Rousque romance is curtained and dropped!

The original is the fifth work of the Atlas RPG "Persona" series released in September 2016. In line with the game release, the original story anime "PERSONA 5 the Animation - THE DAY BREAKERS -" linked with the main story has been broadcast, and it will be full of TV series broadcasts.

Masashi Ishihama of the director "Glass Flower and Breaking World" "New World Homes". Series composition is "GANGSTA." "Aozora Jonah" Shinichi Inobusi.

Original: Atlas "Persona 5"
Story draft: Kei Hashino
Character original plan: Shiki Soejima
Demon design original draft: Kazuko Kaneko
Director: Masashi Ishihama
Series composition: Shinichi Inoguri
Character design: Tomomi Ishikawa
Music: Shogi Meguro
Production: A-1 Pictures
Copyright notation: © ATLUS © SEGA / PERSONA 5 the Animation Project

Twitter:@ P5_anime
Hashtag: # p5a

Amemiya Ren: Jun Fukuyama
Ryuji Sakamoto: Mamoru Miyano
Takakuaki: Mizuki Nana
Morgana: Ikue Otani
Yusuke Kitagawa: Tomokazu Sugita
Makoto Niijima: Rina Sato
Sakura Futaba: Yuki Ao
Haru Okumura: Haruka Tomatsu
Akechi Goro: Hoshi Soichiro

"PERSONA 5 the Animation" 2nd PV - YouTube

Kojo no Onshiki 2nd That part 2

· Broadcast information
TOKYO MX 1: 4/7 (Sat) 25: 00 ~
Sun TV: 4/7 (Saturday) 25: 00 ~
BS 11: 4/7 (Sat) 25: 00 ~
KBS Kyoto: 4/7 (Sat) 25: 00 ~
AbemaTV: 4/7 (Sat) 25: 00 ~ 【fastest delivery】
AT-X: 4/9 (Monday) 22: 30 ~ other
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· Work information

This is a story of hell. In hell who is overflowing with the deceased bishop, the first aide of Enma the Great Assistant Ogre is the assistant to the great world as well as the assistant of the Great, as well as the guards of the deceased and the prisoners. I was sending it. Such demonic and usual funny companions, the devils of Western hell after a long time, the intense princess and cranes and youkai coming out in the fairy tale are joining, the noisy and fun hell days continue to go on still!

Original: Natsumi Eguchi
Director: Kazuhiro Yoneda
Screenplay: Gido Midori
Character design: festival gala
Edit: Rie Matsubara
Acoustic director: Hashi daichi
Acoustic effect: Emi Takanashi
Sound Production: Sound Team · Don Ju
Music production: King record
Animation Production: Studio Dean
Production: "Kidori no Ono" The Second Production Committee
Copyright notation: © Natsumi Eguchi · Kodansha / "Kidori Oniko" The 2nd term Production Committee

OP: All the Stars in Hell "Dear Sirs, From Hell"
ED: Sumire Uesaka

Onige: Yo Takahiro Yasumoto
Enma Great: Long Buddha
Shiro: Yumiko Kobayashi
Kakisuke: Hiroki Goto
Rurio: Takashi Matsuyama
Incense: Eri Kitamura
Tangoru: Teruya Kakihara
Eggplant: Koyoko Aoyama
Shinputa: Atsumi Tanezaki
Peach · Maki: Sumire Urasaka
Momotaro: Hirakawa Daisuke
Shirasawa: Koji Yusa
Koza Zashiki, Ikko: Satomi Sato
Koza Zashiki · Niko: Ogura Yui
Miki: Aki Suwa

Kitten's Chi Pon Pon the Great Travel

· Broadcast information
TV Tokyo series: 4/8 (Sunday) 7: 00 ~

· Work information
Nah, my favorite Yuhei and kimochi living happily with Yamada family. Although the body is small, the Qi who is curious and curious is always full of energy. The number of friends also increased, challenging new things, step into the first place, the world of Qi gradually spread.

A cat comic by Konami Kanata is the original, a sequel to "Konko's Chi Pon Pon no Ota adventure" broadcasted from October 2016 to September 2017.

Original: Kanami Kanata
Director: Kuni Kusano
Deputy Director: Kenichi Kena
Series composition: Misuzu Chiba
Character design: Konosumi Satoshi, Minagawa Emikari
Art Director: Yoshiya Umeda
Storyboard: Amino Tetsuro, Morita Hiroyuki
Directing: Shunsuke Fukui, Yusuke Nakagawa
CG supervisor: Hiroshi Amano
Edit: Junichi Ito (Jay Film)
Video editing: Good · job TOKYO
Sound Director: Tanaka Kazuya
Acoustic effect: Kaori Yamada
Acoustic production: Half H · P · studio
Music: Kenji Kondo
Production: Masa Animation Planet
Copyright notation: © Komami Kanata · Kodansha / Knee's Chi Production Committee

Qi: Kohroki Satomi
Yo Hehe: Shiraishi Ryoko
Dad: Makoto Honemura
Mother: Maaya Sakamoto
Kuroino's: Koyama Oyama
Kotchi: Kumaiko
Ann: Fumiko Orikasa
Terry: Shiraishi Ryoko
Juri: Mariya Ise

Wakami is a primary school student!

· Broadcast information
TV Tokyo series: 4/8 (Sunday) 7: 14 ~

· Work information

Girls and parents (elementary school student) Seiko (elementary school student) who has lost parents in the accident and was supposed to live on the granny's hot spring inn "spring shop".
While being helped by the Uri Boy and rival's true moon of Ouray, we are struggling everyday as a young woman to entertain the unusual guests coming up one after another! !

The original is a children's book series of the same name by Hiroko Akira. It is completed in 20 volumes, and short editing has been published in 2 volumes.

Original: Hiroko Akira, Asami
Director: Masuyuki Masuhara, Yadoito
Series composition: Michiko Yokote
Character design: Akiko Asago
Acoustic director: Masumi Mima
Sound production: Techno sound
Music: Hama Takeshi
Animation Production: Madhouse
Animation Production Control: DLE
Copyright notation: © Hiroko Ayami / Kodansha / Young woman is a primary school student! Production Committee

Theme Song: Mizuho Mizutani "To Your Stage"

Sekko (Oko): Kobayashi Toshori
Ullie (Makoto Makoto): Matsuda Dakeshi
Akino Masuki: Mizuki Nana
Sekigo: One Ryusui spring spring
Etsuko Tajima: Izusa Suri Sadao
Mr. Yasunosuke Minoda (Mr. Yasushi): Terasama Masaki
Suzuki: Ezuko Kozakura

TV animation 【Wakami is an elementary school student! ] Before broadcasting video - YouTube

Layton Mystery Detective Agency ~ Katry's Nazotoki File ~

· Broadcast information
Fuji Television: 4/8 (Sunday) 8: 30 ~
Hokkaido Bunka Broadcasting System: 4/8 (Sunday) 8: 30 ~
Sendai Broadcasting: 4/8 (Sunday) 8: 30 ~
Tokai TV: 4/8 (Sunday) 8: 30 ~
Okayama Broadcasting: 4/8 (Sunday) 8: 30 ~
TV West Japan: 4/8 (Sunday) 8: 30 ~
Kansai Television: 4/15 (Sunday) 6: 30 ~

· Work information

"Everything is clarified, that is the motto of our Layton Detective Company."
Professor Layton's daughter "Katley Aile Leighton" runs "Layton Detective Company" together with the dog dog "Charlot" and the assistant's "Noah" and resolves the mysterious incident occurring in London on a daily basis.
Originally it was a job that I started with the purpose of searching for my father who disappeared suddenly "El Chal Leighton", but Nazotake caused by a fantastic idea gradually became a topic, various requests will come in.

Creative director / draft / series composition: Akihiro Hino
Original: Level 5
Director: Good encouragement
Assistant Director: migmi
Character design draft: Nagano Takuzo
Character design: Takada Yuriko
Prop Design: Takayuki Onoda
Color design: Takahiro Mogi
Art Director: Takashi Nakaki
Background: Kuhn Plant
Music: Toshihito Nishiura
Acoustic director: Ryo Tanaka
Acoustic effect: Yusuke Inada
Acoustic production: Tohokushinsha
3DCGI: FelixFilm
Director of Photography: Okano Akira
Shooting: Graphica
Edit: Kiyoshi Kurose, Misaki Enokida
Animation Production: Leiden Film
Copyright light notation: © LEVEL - 5 / Layton Mystery Detective Company

Twitter:@ anime_layton
Hashtag: # Anime Leighton

Katley Aile Leighton: Kana Hanazawa
Charlot · Josoda Kosugi
Noah Montor: Keisuke Ikeda
Darjeeling · Aspo Aro: Tomohira Tanoda
Geraldine Royer: Yamamura Hibiki

2nd "Layton Mystery Detective Agency" PV - YouTube

Kiratto Puri ☆ Chan

· Broadcast information
TV Tokyo series: 4/8 (sun) 10: 00 ~
BS Japan: 4/10 (Tue) 17: 29 ~

· Work information

Puri ☆ Chan! that is……
A dream channel that anyone can start easily, anyone can become an idol!
Producing your own channel that is crazy and flaky, aiming to be a popular pre-☆ Chang idol is a dream common to all girls ......
Mirai Momoi and Moe Yamamoto in the first year of Kirari giga junior high school will decide to pre - ☆ CHAN debut by Tsuneyuki from the sense of opposition to popular pre - ☆ Chang idol · Akagi so much the same school.
Three people channel dreaming of top pre ☆ Chang idol began by putting honor student familiar with pre - ☆ chan and Aoba Rinka into a group ... ....

A new series of Takara Tomy Arts following "Pretty Rhythm" series, "Prepara" series.

Original: Takara Tomy Arts, Shin Sophia
Director: Hiroshi Ikebata
Series composition: Hyotoichi
Character design: Mitsuda Ichi
Music: Tatsuya Kato
Production Company: Tatsunoko Pro, Animated Animation
Copyright notation: © T-ARTS / syn Sophia / TV TOKYO / PCH Production Committee

Hashtag: # prichan

OP: Run Girls, Run!

Miyama Momoya: Hayashi Hiko
Moe Yehiro: Kubo Taito
Abe Rinka: Atsugi Nana
Akagi Atsana: Serizawa Yu
Midorikawa Momoki: Wakai Yuki

Kiratto Puri ☆ Chan - YouTube

Cutie Honey Universe

· Broadcast information
AT-X: 4/8 (Sunday) 21: 00 ~ other
TOKYO MX: 4/9 (Monday) 19: 00 ~
J: COM TV: 4/10 (Tue) 22: 30 ~
Togi TV: 4/10 (Tuesday) 23: 00 ~
BS-11: 4/11 (Wednesday) 25: 00 ~
Gunma TV: 5/29 (Tue) 19: 00 ~

· Work information

Kisaragi Honey is a high school girl who attends St. Chapelle School, but its identity is Cutie Honey, a beautiful girl android lover warrior Cutie Honey created by a genius scientist, Dr. Kisaragi.
Honey acts with the Panther Clos investigator to capture the mysterious secret society Panther Clo.
But Sister Gill, executive of Panther Crow, infiltrated using pseudonyms.
Honey does not know that it is an enemy and continues to trust Sister Jill purely ... ...

Original: Australian Nagai
Director: Yokoyama Akira
Series composition: Takahashi Natsuko
Character design · total drawing director: Shuichi Iseki
Production: Production Lead
Copyright light notation: © Go Nagai / Dynamic Planning - Project CHU


OP: A response P "I can not fight without love"
ED: luz "SISTER"

Cutie Honey / Kisaragi Honey: Maaya Sakamoto
♡♡ Honey: Uchida Wataru
♡♡ Honey: Kurosawa Tomoyo
♡♡ Honey: Hanazawa Kana
♡♡ Honey: Yukari Tamura
♡♡ Honey: Mikami Suzuko
Akikatsuko: Yui Horie
Hayami Aoko: Shintaro Asanuma
Sister Jill: Atsuko Tanaka
Tarantula Panther: Kugimiya Rie
Akiba Handa: Yoshi Tanabe
My eyes peach: Yuuki Hirose
Ibaroma Kogoro: Ippei Ijima
Hayami Junpei: Terasaki Yuka
Hayami Takeshi: Tomita Kosuke
Alphonne: Shiraishi Minoru
Princess Mrs. Pochi: Rei Naito
Penguin Michal: Yu Kobayashi
Naoko: Park Yumi

TV animation "Cutie Honey Universe" 2nd PV ♥ Voice Actor Lifting! ! / Anime "Cutie Honey Universe" 2nd PV - YouTube

Caligula - Caligula -

· Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 4/8 (Sunday) 23: 30 ~
Yomiuri Television: April 9 (Mon) 26: 29 ~
BS Fuji: 4/9 (Monday) 24: 00 ~
AT-X: 4/9 (Monday) 24: 00 ~ other

· Work information

"Break the ideal and return to reality -"
A beautiful singing voice reverberating throughout the city. As watching over the tremendous popularity of idols "μ", calm everyday flows in this town. Ceremonial island is the first year student of Miyato Municipal Yoshihisa Mai High School. I was studying sports and having friends, I was living a fulfilling high school life in the middle of youth.
The time passed, the entrance ceremony greeted as a second grader. A boy who got up to the stage as a new student representative was a person who could never have been there -

The original is a school garden Juvenile RPG "Caligula - Caligula -" released in June 2016, with the theme of "idol killing × contemporary pathology". On May 17, 2018, a new work "Caligula Overdose - Caligula Overdose -Is released.

Director: "Are you going to the end? Are you busy? Should I save you?" Junichi Wada of "Nagato Yuki's disappearance". The series composition is "far reception" "SHOW BY ROCK !!" "Nagato Yuki's disappearance" by Wada Todo.

Draft: Takuya Yamanaka
Director: Junichi Wada
Original Scenario: Satomi Satomi
Series composition: Wada Todoko
Character draft: Okurocchi
Character design: Kenji Tanabe
Acoustic director: Satoshi Motoyama
Music: Masu Mizushi, Takanashi Koji, Funta 7, RegaSound, Kenji Iwata
Music Production: Pony Canyon
Animation Production: Satellite
Copyright light notation: © FURYU / Caligula Production Committee

Twitter:@ Caligula_Anime
Hashtag: #Caligula_Anime

OP: Formula Island (CV: Chiharu Sawashiro), Satoru Satake (CV: Shuzuke Takeuchi) "Paradigm Box"
ED: Koshiwaba Kotono (CV: Riku Murakawa), Morita Naruko (CV: Oriza Ozawa), Shinohara Hibi (CV: Takehiro Takahashi), Kagura Suzuna (CV: Mihama Tanaka) "HYPNO"

Expression island: Chiharu Sawashiro
μ: Ren Ueda
Shogo Satake: Shusuke Takeuchi
Yuichi Minezawa: Yuichiro Umehara
Taro Keiro: Hosoya Yoshimasa
Kotono Kashiwaba: Ruri Murakawa
Noriko Morita: Ayase Ozawa
Shinohara Hisayue: Takahashi Yi
Kagura Suzuna: Mika Tanaka
Mizukuchi Mari painting: Mai Fuchigami
Aria: Asami Shimoda
Key P: Shota Aoi
Suite P: Megumi Nitta
Boys' Doll: Yumi Hanamori
Mirei: Nakamura Ririko
Ike P: Masami Saito
Shadow Knife: Yusuda Uchida
Thorn: Yuka Ootsubo

TV anime "Caligula - Caligula -" Tiza PV - YouTube

Piano Forest

· Broadcast information
NHK General: 4/8 (Sunday) 24: 10 ~ (Kansai area 24: 50 ~)

· Work information
Ichinose Sea, who grew up on behalf of toys for the piano that was abandoned in the forest, bloomed the piano talent after meeting encounter with Nobuosuke Akaru once called a genius pianist, Shuhei Amemiya with a father of a great pianist, Eventually I will challenge the Chopin Competition.

From 1998 to 2015, animated cartoons of one color, serialized and completed in "Morning". All 26 volumes. It was awarded to the 12th Annual Media Arts Festival Manga Division Grand Prize at the 12th Annual Cultural Affairs Agency of Cultural Affairs and was once animated in 2007.

Director Nakaya who served as a CG supervisor such as "Hick and Dragon" and "Monster VS Alien" at DreamWorks. Series composition is co-ordinated by Mika Abe, who wrote the script at "Ito Oni" and "Kitano Togo" of Akita Itami with "Manga Family and Assistant". Because the piano performance is motion-capturing up to the fingertip, the carrying of the fingers during performance is also reproduced as it is.

Original: One Color Makoto
Director: Nakaya
Series Director: Ryutaro Suzuki
Series composition: Aki Itami, Mika Abe
Character design · total drawing director: Sueji Kinoshita
Animation Production: Gainax Studio
Production: Forest of Piano Anime Partners
Copyright notation: © Makoto Makoto · Kodansha / Forest of Piano Anime partners

Twitter:@ piano_anime_tv
Hashtag: # Piano Forest

ED: Yuki Aki "That there is a place to return"

Ichinose Sea: Makoto Saito
Akira Nobuusa: Junichi Suwabe Department
Shuhei Ameya: Nagi Hanoe
Pan Way: Yuichi Nakamura
Lev Shimanovski: KENN
Maruyama Honko: Yuki Azuma
Sophie · Olmedson: Mariya Ise
Karol Adamski: Katsuyuki Konishi
Mitsuhi Hirata: Toshiyuki Toyonaga
Takeshi Saga: Koji Yusa
Taitaro Shiba: Hiroshi Inoue
Ichinose Sea (elementary school student): Shiraishi Ryoko
Shuhei Ameya (elementary school student): Earth leaves
Namie Amemiya: Mariya Miyake
Arisa: Ryo Hirohashi
Kinpei University (Kimpira): Kumaiko
Reiko Ichinose: Maaya Sakamoto
Amemiya Yoichirou: Hideyuki Tanaka
J = J · Serowe: Satoshi Shimada

TV anime "Forest of Piano" PV (released March 5) - YouTube

Shokugan no Sōumanno dish "Train of the Distant Moon"

· Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 4/8 (Sunday) 24: 30 ~
BS 11: 4/8 (Sunday) 24: 30 ~
Animax: 5/13 (Sunday) 24: 30 ~

· Work information
Keeping growing with Kohei Ginko, who encounters fellows and rivals at Ultra Elite Cooking School "Tonchuku Tea Dormitory School Garden", he wants a match with the top school gig "Tenshin Jie". The founder who supported with the lecture of Ju Jie first seat · 司 士 's lecture is accepted from the boss and is solicited to the central gastronomic institution (central) and once declined, it receives a bowel movement with betting on the first seat . Although the boss will win with eating shrine, the boss will withdraw the invitation of the institution that the creator can not control the creation, the content of the game will be invalid.

The latter half of "Shokuge no Soma eating dish" broadcasted in the autumn of 2017. The main staff has no major change from Phase 1 / Phase 2, and the director is Yoshitomo, the series of "Vatican miracle investigator", "Dororon Enma girls - Lamella" "King of Braves King Gaogaiger" Yasukawa Shogo of "three star color" and "Hakata pig bone ramen".

Original: Yuuto Tsukida, Shun Saeki
Cooperation: Yuki Morisaki
Director: Yoshitomo Rice
Series composition: Yaskawa Shopping
Character design: Tomoyuki Shimotani
Assistant Director: Mitsutoshi Sato
Sub design: Atsushi Komori
Art director: Koichiro Bizen
Color design: Yukiko Ito
Director of Photography: Yutaka Kurosawa
Edit: Yuji Kondo (REAL-T)
Acoustic director: Kawahito Meida
Music: Tatsuya Kato
Animation production: J.C.STAFF
Copyright notation: © Yuto Tsudeda / Shun Saeki / Shueisha · SUGETSUKO GAKEN Video research group meeting

Twitter:@ shokugeki_anime
Hashtag: #shokugeki_anime

OP: Rack Life "Symbol"
ED: Fo 'xTails

Kohei Inori: Matsuoka Sadyojo
Norikiri Erinna: Konomoto Hoshiko
Megumi Taburi: Masami Takahashi
Takumi · Aldini: Nagi Hanoe
Isami Aldini: Yuki Ono
Shinko Shinko: Saori Ohnishi
Nagiri Alice: Akasaki Chinatsu
Kuroki Plot Ryo: Okamoto Nobuhiko
Hayama Akira: Junichi Suwabe
Mimako Subaru: Hiroaki Yasumoto
Ikumi Mito: Shizuka Ishigami
Ryoko Sakaki: Ai Kinano
Yoshino Yuhime: Uchida Masato
Ikuzaki Shig: Masashi Murata
Yoshiyuu Marui: Yusuke Kobayashi
Principal: Akira Ishida
Kobayashi Yuriyuri: Shizuka Ito
Akaneka Kubo Momo: Riku Kugimiya
Ninning Ninja: Hanazawa Kana
Ichimori Hironi: Takahiro Sakurai
Teruki Kuga: Hiroki Kaji
Eizan Edaruya: Tomokazu Sugita
Shijiro Shimpiniya: Yuichi Nakamura
Dojima Gin: Takeshito Koyasu
Shiichiro Kohei: Koyama Koyama
Naganizen Senmon Gate: Ginga Romantica
Nagiri Kage: Hayami Sho

Shoketsu no Soma eating dish Remembrance Train Part PV - YouTube

You're a high school earth defense department HAPPY KISS!

· Broadcast information
TV Tokyo: 4/8 (Sunday) 25: 35 ~
TV Osaka: April 11 (Wednesday) 27: 10 ~
d Anime store: 4/12 (Thu) 12: 00 ~ 【fastest delivery】
AT-X: 4/12 (Thursday) 24: 00 ~ other
Nico Nico Live, Hayate, NicoNico Channel, U-NEXT, All you can do with animation

· Work information

A town in the northern Kanto region of Japan,
The Earth Defense Department (laugh) of Eyebrow Difficulty High School was a part that will not do anything as usual.
Megamiro Shuzoji, Ryoma Kirishima, Ryoma Kirishima, Seiichi Wakura, Masanori Manza and Dogo sixteen enjoyed tea for a little while, and it was just a part to eat stupid stories that would not yield a good deal.
All who move to "Kurobotan" after school.
Kirishima pulled up the arm of Shuzenji, which is comfortable and settles in the hot water, when Kirishima pulled up his arm, it was a boy who had a strange clothes fishing together.
"I am Mr. Karlus of Honarara Landara Honorary First Prince! I came to govern you happily ☆ ☆
In this way five people get caught up in the battle for inheritance of the magical country ...

New work of "Miho High School Earth Defense Department" series. The series that began with "Miho High School Earth Defense Dept. LOVE!" That began in January 2015 is complete with 2017's "Miho High School Earth Defense Department LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!", And this work is the same as the stage The character has been renewed. In addition, the shape of arranging the young for the Earth Defense Department and the veteran in the Earth conquest department is in common with the former series, and in particular, all five members of the Earth Defense Division of this work are appointed the first regular new fellow There.

Mamoru Shuzoji: Naoyuki Shimazu
Ryoma Kirishima: Ryo Yasumata
Kazuo Wakura: Ishii Takahide
Manza Taeko: Yasuda Rika
Dogo sixteen: Shota Hayama
Carls: Takuya Eguchi
Ibusuki Ata: Midorikawa Mikawa
Unazuki Taiki: Kosuke Toriumi
White bones Martha: Matsuoka Sadyojo
Furanui: Hiroyasu Yasumoto

Twitter:@ boueibu
Hashtag: #boueibu

OP: Earth Defense Department HK "Absolutely best happy ☆ HAPPY KISS ☆"
ED: Earth Conquest Department ES "Our noble Edelstein !!"

Original: Yuriya Kurari
Director: Shinji Takamatsu
Series composition: Shinji Takamatsu
Character draft: Chizuru Miyawaki
Character design: Tomoko Miyakawa
Total drawing director: Tomoko Miyakawa, Nori Koizumi
Art director: Yasutoshi Kawai
Color design: Yuko Tsumori
CG Director: Hayato Numanjiri
Director of Photography: Hiroaki Tanaka
Edit: Toshihiko Kojima
Music: yamazo
Music Production: Pony Canyon
Acoustic director: Shinji Takamatsu
Production: Studio Comet
Copyright light notation: © Kuraray Moriya / Kodobotani preservation party

TV anime "You're the High Defense Earth Defense Department HAPPY KISS!" PV - YouTube

Experimental Family - Creatures Family Days -

· Broadcast information
TOKYO MX 1: 4/9 (Monday) 19: 30 ~

· Special episode 0 immediately before broadcast
TOKYO MX 1: 4/2 (Monday) 19: 30 ~

· Work information

Tanis' parents were mad scientists who have never been endorsed by society. They confined their children at an island laboratory, proceeded to a secret experiment, remodeled one older brother and three older sisters to a peculiar person other than Tanis.
One day the parents were caught by the police, the five brothers and sisters were to be transferred to another island by welfare unit. The problem was that the four older brothers and sisters other than the hero did not have common sense of modern people as one ... ...

The original is Yanai 's manga serialized in Taiwan' s manga site "Nikki Measure", and from October 2017 a series of Japanese version is being done with monthly comic @ bunch. Animation production is done by Chinese animation studio "Great Fire Birds Movie", broadcasting starts in the same time in Japan and China.

Original: Yanai
Director: Risky row
Screenplay: Cai Jing Heng
Character design: Li Sangmi
Producer: Liang Yunsheng
Acoustic director: Seki Hiroshi
Planning: Risky Line, Bei Yiwen sentence, Yang Shin Makoto, Fuso Kasei, Seki Hiroshi, Wang Yu, Yi Meng Ya, Yu, Shishi Hie, Forest Vin
Animation Producer: Risen row, Shingo Hirako
Animation Production: Big Fire Birds Movie
Copyright light notation: © Yanai / day change plan

Twitter:@ jikkenhin
Hashtag: #jikkenhin # Experimental product family

OP: Rin Akatsuki "Early Days"
ED: Kanno "Fall in the spring"

Tanis: Riho Sugiyama
Assis: Saori Hayami
Aisri: Mori Noriko
Suishi: Yoshiko Ikuta
Snow: Daisuke Namikawa
Father: Tomonaira Tada
Mother: Rain Kanoko
Tutor: Yasuko Sasamoto
Elementary school teacher: Rika Tachibana
Kumago winter (Oya): Kazumasa Horie
Violet: Kure Urika

Golden Kamui

· Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 4/9 (Monday) 23: 00 ~
BS 11: 4/9 (Monday) 25: 00 ~
Sapporo TV: April 9 (Mon) 25: 44 ~
Yomiuri Television: 4/9 (Mon) 25: 59 ~
Historical drama specialty channel: 4/13 (Friday) 25: 00 ~

· Work information

Late Meiji period. A hero of the Russo-Japanese War with a synonym for "Splendor of Splendid Sugi," Satoshi Sugimoto was in Hokkaido to get a lot of money for a purpose.
There is a chance of getting rich quickly, a huge reserve gold stolen from the Ainu there.
Reserve money is concealed by a man imprisoned in the Abashiri prison, and a tattoo engraved on the body of 24 prison escaped prisoners is a clue to show its presence.
As such, a girl of a single Ainu rescued Sugimoto who received a brown bear attack.
Name AsishiReThat girl, Pa, had his father killed by the man who robbed the reserve fund.
Furthermore, in order to respond to the movements of Sugihime, the movements of the strongest troops of the north - the seventh division and the prisoners who carry the tattoos on the back, which had been aiming for a reserve fund for some time, have also become apparent.
Well, the ways of getaway survival that caught on the majestic north earth settled ... ....?

The original is a manga of Noda Satoru of "Weekly Young Jump" series, already published 13 volumes. Ainu girl AshiReBecause of the appearance of a class, Ainu language researcherYutaka NakagawaIs supervising Ainu language.

Director Takeshi Namba of "Fate / Grand Order - First Order -" "GOSICK - Gothic -" "HEROMAN". Series composition is "Kuroko's Basketball", "Durarara !!", "Tales of Tales of Tales of the Galactic Heroes Die Neue These". Animals are set in "Monster Hunter series" monster design and manga "horse"Masaki LiaI am in charge.

Original: Noda subtle
Director: Namba Nichido
Assistant Director: Takahiro Kawagoe
Series composition: Noboru Takagi
Character design: Kenichi Onuki
Main animator: Junichi Hayama
Heavy weapon setting: Watanabe Koji
Prop setting: Shinya Asanuma
Animals setting: Inka Lia
Art director: Atsushi Morikawa
Color design: Takahiro Mogi
Director of Photography: Yuichiro Tosawa
CG Director: Yuko Okumura, Kanpei Hamada
Edit: Tsuyoshi Shimatsu
Acoustic director: Kawahito Meida
Sound Production: Magic Capsule
Ainu language supervision: Yutaka Nakagawa
Music: Kenichiro Suehiroki
Animation Production: Geno Studio
Production: Golden Kamui Production Committee
Copyright notation: © Noda Satoru / Shueisha · Golden Kamui Production Committee

Twitter:@ kamuy_anime
Hashtag: # Golden Kamui


Sato Sugimoto: Masahiro Kobayashi
AsiaRePa: Haruka Shiraishi
Yutake Shiraishi: Kentaro Ito
Tsurumi lieutenant: Otsuka Yoshitada
Ogata Hyunosuke: Kenjiro Tsuda
Tanigaki Genjiro: Yoshimasa Hosoya
Hijikata Kozo: Joji Nakada
Ushiyama Tatsuma: Kenji Nomura
Nagaokura Nagakura: Sadao Takayuki
Kohei Nikaido / Yohei: Tomokazu Sugita
Nibe Iron Manufacturer: Otsuka Akio
Kazuo Henmi: Toshihiko Seki

TV animation "Golden Kamui" PV 2nd bullet - YouTube

Level crossing time

· Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 4/9 (Monday) 25: 15 ~
AT-X: 4/13 (Fri) 22: 50 ~ other

· Work information
The original is a series of comics in the monthly action series. The latest volume 3 volumes were released on March 12. A girls student Ai and Tomo, mainly omnibus works waiting for a railroad crossing the thoughts of various humans.

Original: Rie
Director: Yoshio Suzuki
Series composition · Screenplay: Misuzu Chiba
Character design: Kaoru Kaoru
Animation Production: EKACHI EPILKA
Art director: Miyuki Kawashima
Color design: Ayaka Nagano
Director of Photography: Kijiji Oshima
Cooperation: Ito Laboratory, Kyoei University
Production: "Crossing time" production committee
Copyright notation: © Rie / Futabasha · "railroad crossing time" production committee

Twitter:@ fumikiri_anime
Hashtag: # Railroad crossing time

OP: Yumen Komagata "Recommendation of Tomare"

Ai: Saika Senbonki
Tomo: Yui Ogura
Ms. Mashima: Yuzumi Komagata
Tani: Kazuki Matsunaga
Misaki Komaba: Rin Kinoshita
Takashi Komaba: Mitsuhiro Mitsui
Poet: Ayase Ariyoshi
Kurobe: Makiko Honda
Teacher: Yasuhiro Mamiya

TV Anime "Crossing Time" PV - YouTube

High school D × D HERO

· Broadcast information
AT-X: 4/10 (Tue) 23: 00 ~ other
AbemaTV: 4/10 (Tuesday) 24: 00 ~ 【fastest delivery】
TOKYO MX: 4/10 (Tue) 24: 30 ~
Sun TV: 4/10 (Tue) 24: 30 ~
KBS Kyoto: 4/10 (Tue) 24: 30 ~
TV Aichi: 4/10 (Tue) 25: 35 ~
BS 11: 4/11 (Wednesday) 24: 00 ~

· Work information

Rias which burns the opposing spirit to three people, Akeno which tempts from early in the morning, a small cat which has come close suddenly, and Asia which became increasingly aggressive. Honesty in the center of extreme struggle warfare only stretched out his nose to happy erotic life.
While enjoying a calm daily life, the members of the occult research department were steadily preparing for a rating game with Baal family and a scholarly journey of unity. The destination of school trip is Kyoto where there are different mythological systems. Although he was trying to enjoy sightseeing, as soon as he arrived, he was involved in the arrogance of the chaotic brigade faction and the youkai who live in the ancient capital. Ikkon searches for new 'possibilities' to protect Rias' love Kyoto ... ....

The fourth period of TV animation based on a novel by Ikimi Ishige. The main staff is switched from the first stage to the third stage, the director is replaced by Yoshi Suyada of "RAIL WARS!" And adult animation "Sister SUMMER!", And the series composition is "Killing the Game The Animation" He is switching to Ken.

Original: Ichigo Ishige
Character draft: Miyama zero
Director: Yoshifumi Sueda
Series composition: Kenji Konjida
Character design: UM no Makoto
Animation Production: Passione
Production: High School D × D HERO Production Committee
Copyright notation: © Iki Ishige / Miyama zero / Published KADOKAWA Corporation / High school D × D HERO Production Committee

Twitter:@ hdd_anime
Hashtag: # haremking

OP: minami "SWITCH"
ED: Tappi "I'm not sure ('; ω;')"

Kazuaki Hyodo: Hiroki Kaji
Rias Guremori: Yoko Higasaki
Asia Argento: Ankura Asakura
Akino Himajima: Shizuka Ito
Take castle kitten: Ayana Taketa
Kiba Yuuto: Nojima Kenji
Zenovia: Risa Taneda
Irida Shido: Wadare Uchida
Gasper · Vladie: Akane Sakura
Rosuvaise: Kaomi Makuma
Azazel: Koyama Oyama
Valle Lucifer: Ryota Aisaka
Sailaoag Baal: Yuichi Nakamura

TV animation "High School D × D HERO" Destination CM - YouTube

Deer Todo Yotsuyo Iwao

· Broadcast information
AT-X: 4/10 (Tue) 24: 30 ~ other
TOKYO MX: 4/11 (Wednesday) 22: 00 ~
KBS Kyoto: April 11 (Wednesday) 23: 00 ~
GYAO! Delivered by others

· Work information

This is a Japanese cafe "Kaeda-do"
A shop owner responsible for tea, tea ceremony in charge of latte art, when she was in charge of culinary, Tsubaki of sweets charge.
A hidden popular store where four specialists work.
While "hospitting" customers, they sometimes solve their "troubles".
A heart-full story that lovely four people weave, set in a coffee shop.
Well today's customer ...?

Original: Shimizu Yu
Director: Yami Kamiya
Series configuration: Akao Yoko
Advisor · Acoustic Director: Takuya Sato
Character design: Keihin Kei
Cooking design: Kenko Ito
Art director: Hiroki Ogura
Produced by: GENCO
Animation production: ZEXCS
Production: Yukidodo Yotsuro Iwao Production Committee
Copyright notation: © Shimizu Yu / Shinchosha / Kukkatehodo Yotsuro Iwao Production Committee

Twitter:@ RokuhoudouAnime
Hashtag: # Anime Shikamido

OP: aki "Sakura color cliche"

Sui: Junichi Suwabe
Guru: Daisuke Ono
Arata: Yuichi Nakamura
Camellia: Yamashita Daiki
Todoke Yakkyo: Maeno Tomoaki
Kazaki Eisuke: Kosuke Toriumi
Kinoko: Ryohei Tenazaki

TV animation "Kaemorudo Yotsuichi Idea" PV 2nd bullet - YouTube

Last period - The story of an endless spiral -

· Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 4/11 (Wednesday) 24: 00 ~
ABC Asahi Broadcasting: 4/11 (Wednesday) 26: 15 ~
BS 11: April 12 (Thursday) 24: 00 ~

· Work information

"Period" is the name of those who knock down the irregular monster "spiral" born of despair.
An apprentice belonging to the eighth branch of the ark end Period Hull also threw himself into an endless struggle to break the circle of despair ... ....
- though it was! ! !
By the mysterious theft incident financial bailout, the period remaining in the eighth branch which was also abandoned from the headquarters, only Hull three people.
Because they rebuild their branches, they were throwing themselves into an endless dark business!

Popular magic fantasy RPG original is the number of total downloads to start the service in May 2016 has exceeded 5 million.

Original: Happy Elements
Character design: whoopin
Director: Yoshiaki Iwasaki
Series composition: Hideki Shirane
Animation character design: Mika Takahashi
Total drawing director: Mika Takahashi
Art director: Eiji Iwase
Art setting: Tsuji Ohira
Color design: Tomomi Ando
Director of Photography: Yui Hirose
Edit: Motoki Shimami
Music: Manual of errors
Acoustic Director: Miwa Iwami
Acoustic effect: Kayama Oyama
Sound Production: Magic Capsule
Music Production: NBCUniversalEntertainment
Produce: EGG FIRM
Animation production: J.C.STAFF

Twitter:@ last_period
Hashtag: # Raspili # lp_anime

OP: Hull (CV: Natsuki Hanama) × Choko (CV: Yukari Tamura) "Greed Dreamer"
ED: Wiseman (CV: Aya Harada & CV: Aki Kito & CV: Ayumino Mano) "Wiseman's Theme"

Hull: Nagi Hanoe
Choko: Yukari Tamura
Riesa: Mika Kikuchi
Gazel: Ayumi Murase
Erika: Kaomi Yama
Campanella: M · A · O
Gilded: Yasakazu Kanesuki
Noine: Rena Ueda
Iona: Ai Kinano
Misaru: Haruhi Harada
Kikazari: Aki Kito
Iwasaru: Ayumino Mano
Guru: Izawa Shiori

TV animation "Last Period - The Story of a Never-ending Spiral" - 2nd PV - YouTube

Love is difficult for Otaku

· Broadcast information
Amazon Prime Video: 4/11 (Wednesday) 24: 00 - (From the second episode on Thursday 25: 55 ~)
Fuji Television: 4/12 (Thurs) 24: 55 ~
Kansai Television: 4/12 (Thu) 24: 55 ~
Besides Fuji TV stations

· Work information

I can not wait for a reunion of destiny
I did not believe it.
Until that time ─ ─

Original: Fujita
Director · Series composition: Yoshimasa Hirateke
Character design: Yasuda Yasuda
Prop Design: Seiko Asai
Art setting: Kei Oshimaru
Art director: Mitsuko Okuma
Color design: Ikumi Sakamoto
Director of Photography: Toshiaki Aoshima
Music: Homma Akko
Acoustic director: Masaki Tsuchiya
Acoustic production: HALF H · P STUDIO
Animation Production: A-1 Pictures
Production: "Otakoi" Production Committee
Copyright notation: © Fujita · Ichinza / "Oota Koi" Production Committee

Hashtag: # Oota Koi

OP: sumika "Fiction"
ED: halca "next to you"

Momose Seihai: Date Shimosa
Hirotsu Nitoh: Kento Ito
Hanako Koyanagi: Miyuki Sawashiro
Taro Kabakura: Tomokazu Sugita
Naoya Nito: Hiroki Kaji
Sakuragijo Hikari: Yuki Aki

TV animation "Otaku to love is difficult" CM 1st bullet - YouTube

STEINS; GATE 0 (Stein's Gate Zero)

· Broadcast information
AbemaTV: 4/11 (Wednesday) 25: 00 ~ 【fastest delivery】
TOKYO MX: 4/11 (Wed) 25: 35 ~
KBS Kyoto: April 11 (Wednesday) 25: 35 ~
Sun TV: 4/11 (Wednesday) 26: 00 ~
TV Aichi: 4/11 (Wed) 26: 35 ~
TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting: 4/11 (Wednesday) 26: 35 ~
AT-X: 4/12 (Thu) 23: 30 ~ other
BS 11: 4/13 (Fri) 23: 00 ~
Tochigi Television: 4/18 (Wednesday) 23: 00 ~
All 23 episodes

· Work information
The original is a novel "STEINS; GATE 0" and the game version same title. It is a legitimate sequel of the previous work "STEINS; GATE", a story is drawn at "beta world line" Okabe Ritaro has given up rescuing Makise Hiroshi.

Director Kenichi Kawamura of "Quality Code" "Ani". Suzuki Hanada, known for his series "Love Live!" Series and "I want to be in love with Chubu Disease!" Series, is also in charge of the series composition.

Original: Shikura Chiyomaru, MAGES.
Director: Kenichi Kawamura
Series composition: Zenki Hanada
Scenario supervision: Naoaki Hayashi, Tatsuya Matsubara, Takuya Nishimura, Takeshi Yasumoto
Character draft: huke
Futuristic gadget original plan: SH @ RP
Character design: Yoshiharu Inayoshi
Prop Design: Asako Inayoshi, Kore Saway Shiyuki, Fireworks
Art setting: Maiden, Korezawa Shigeyuki
Art director: Kotabe Koshihiro
Color design: Miyuki Sato
Supervised Supervision: Kumiko Taniguchi
Animation Production: WHITE FOX
Production: Future Gadget Laboratory
Copyright light notation: © 2018 MAGES./KADOKAWA/ STEINS; GATE 0 Partners

Twitter:@ SG_anime
Hashtag: # Stage

OP: Ito Kanako "Fatima"

Okabe Rin Tarou: Mamoru Miyano
Mayuri Shiina: Hanazawa Kana
Akira Hashida: Tomokazu Seki
Makise Kosoru: Asami Imai
Megumu Kiryu: Saori Goto
Urushiwara Ruka: Yu Kobayashi
Faylis · pussy: Momoi Haruko
Amanu Suzuha: Yukari Tamura
Nozomo Hatsuya: Yarosa Saemori
Shiina Kagari: Megumi Ban
Yuki Amagi: Yukari Tamura
Tennoji 綯: Ayano Yamamoto
Katsumi Nakase: Makiko Honda
Kaeda Kimi: Kino Nikita
Alexis · Leskinen: Ujita Bunji
Judy Reyes: Mayashima Nishi

TV animation "Steins Gate Zero" PV 2nd - YouTube

Butlers ~ A thousand years and a hundred years story ~

· Broadcast information
KBS Kyoto: 4/11 (Wed) 25: 05 ~
Sun TV: 4/11 (Wednesday) 25: 30 ~
TOKYO MX: 4/11 (Wed) 25: 35 ~
TV Aichi: 4/11 (Wed) 26: 05 ~
TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting: 4/14 (Sat) 26: 25 ~
BS 11: 4/13 (Friday) 25: 00 ~

· Work information

Butlers - It is a guardian of a family with a millennium's history carrying a certain destiny.
Jay, along with his sister Tenna, had a peaceful and peaceful life with the same butler Hayakawa. However, the quiet days suddenly change. Tenna is swallowed by freedom of distortion, Jay's body to the world after 100 years ... ....
The thing that Jake awakened is Kyo Permanent Garden where the mansion once lived is present. Jay advocates Kamiji Takahama, studying in the school as a student council president, looking for clues to the past.
Everything to regain the former days.
A reunion where the thought of a hundred years was handed over, a breakthrough. The secret of a thousand-year-old family buried in history, fate. And Jay knows the truth of the world.
The thousand years 'blood relationship and the hundred years' feelings now intersect.

The original is a media mix project developed by SummerACG, which carries out planning, production and sale of subcal content in China. Originally scheduled to start broadcasting in January 2018, due to various circumstancesPostponed to April 2018It was.

Coach "Fate / kaleid liner Prisma ☆ Iliya Dry !!" co-director · "Fate / kaleid liner theatrical version" Prisma ☆ Ilya under the snow "action director Ken Takahashi. The series composition is Megumu Shimizu co-main writer, 'Zamdo of deadly'.

Original: "Intouchable Butlers" (SummerACG)
Director: Ken Takahashi
Series composition: Megumi Shimizu
Character draft: Fujiko Kozumi
Acoustic director: Masaki Tsuchiya
Music Production: Lantis
Animation production: SILVER LINK.
Production: "Butlers ~ a thousand years and a hundred years story ~" project
Copyright light notation: © 2018 SummerACG / "Butlers ~ 1000 thousand year story ~ project" project

Hashtag: # thousand years hundred years # Butler's

OP: OLDCODEX "Growth Arrow"
ED: Tsunagi Kisaragi (CV: Senka Misawa) "Yarden garden ~ Eternal Garden ~"

Shin Shingu Taka Horse: Tatsuo Suzuki
Shu Hayakawa: Takuya Sato
Shinji Pine Springer: Toshiyuki Toyonaga
Shiratori lotus: Mitsuki Saiga
Aoba firefly: Takuma Nagatsuka
Yuuki Fujishiro: KENN
Kurosawa Earth: Seiichiro Yamashita
Keiichi Chano: Chieko Kobayashi
Kageyama Akira: Keisuke Kawamoto
Tachibana Akira Maeno Tomoaki
Takashi Mikuni: Noriaki Sugiyama
Tenna Kisaragi: Sesaka Misawa

TV anime "Butlers ~ a thousand years hundred year story ~" PV third bullet - YouTube

Heavily and late

· Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: 4/12 (Thursday) 24: 00 ~
BS Fuji: 4/12 (Thurs) 24: 00 ~
Gifu Broadcasting: 4/12 (Thurs) 24: 45 ~

· Work information

"I will fly Sora with you."
Amakusa Heisne is a newcomer who began work at the Gifu base of the Air Self Defense Force.
I was too honest and tired of unconsciously hurting others, I chose a term-limited SDF.
However, the encounter of fate changes her life from the ground.
The dragon who mimics a fighter who was concealed at the base selected a fly, and it rose to the sky high.
In this way, the flight crew member who enters the dragon which is "OTF (Metamorphosis Flight Organism)" became a faulty work.
What kind of secrets are hidden in the dragon which is said to influence national fate?

Original: BONES, Shingo Higuchi, Yuri Okada
Overall director: Higuchi Shinji
Director: Hiroshi Kobayashi
Series composition: Yuri Okada
Character draft: Toshinagu Aoki
Character design: Yoshiyuki ITO
Animation Production: Bonds
Main Mechanic Design: Masaharu Kawamori
Monster Concept Design: Coya Sieghet
Concept design: okama
Military consideration: Koyanagi Keishi
Art director: Yuji Kaneko
Art design: Akihiro Hirasawa
Color design: Yuko Ohina
Director of Photography: Kasuta Sasaki
3DGG Director: Ando Kota
Edit: Hirofumi Okuda
Music: Iwasaki Yasushi
Acoustic director: Yo Yamada
Acoustic effect: Nori Noguchi
Animation Production: Bonds
Copyright notation: © BONES, Hisaigu Higuchi, Yuri Okada / "Hisune and Maso Tan" Flying group

Twitter:@ hisomaso_anime
Hash tag: # Hisashima

OP: Riko Fukumoto "A girl crosses that sky"
ED: D Pie "Le temps de la rentrée ~ Love's Home Route (New semester) ~"

Sweet saw dumpling: Misaki Kuno
Kaizaki Namoto: Kurosawa Tomoyo
Eri Hoshino: Maki Kawase
Riko Silka: Satomi Arai
Mayumi Hiromi: Kaori Natsuka
Higamoto Sadako: Park Yumi
Hiroko Kokonoki: Hiroki Kaji
Yutaka Zaito: Yoshitoshi Tokumoto
Riki Kakiba: Rie Kugimiya
Hiroshi Kojima: Junichi Suwabe
Zenji Tadahiro: Joji Nakada

TV anime "Hisune to masatan" 【HD】 broadcast on April 12 - YouTube

Slave-ward - The Animation-

· Broadcast information
BS 11: 4/12 (Thursday) 25: 00 ~
TOKYO MX: 4/12 (Thu) 25: 05 ~
AT-X: 4/13 (Fri) 24: 30 ~ other
Netflix: 【Exclusive distribution】

· Work information

"SCM" - It is a tool that can make others slave.
If you win the game you become the master and the losers become slaves.
Revenge, affection, hatred ...... A group image play of desire that the people who acquired the SCM with various speculations will fly.
Victory or obedience? A fierce survival game opens.

The original is 10 volumes of "slave-kyo me and 23 slaves" that cartoonized mobile phone novel by Okada Shinichi with Ouishi Hiroto's drawing. A sequel titled "Major Slave Ward and 130 million Slaves" has also been published up to two volumes.

Director · Ryoichi Kuratani of "Tsumonomo" series composition.

Original: Oohishi Hiroto, Okada Shinichi / Futabasha
Director · Series composition: Ryoichi Kuraniya
Character design · Total drawing director: Mr. Junji
Prop Design: Shingori Edamatsu
Art director: Kenichi Kurata
Color design: Yuko Tsumori
Director of Photography: Satoshi Fujita
3D modeling: baptism
Monitor Works: Tomoaki Hasegawa
2D design: Wataru Osaka Department
Edit: Takashi Sakurai
Acoustic director: Nobuyuki Abe
Music: Naoyuki Nagata
Music Producer: Yasuda spacey paradox
Production: Zerozy × Tea · N · K
Copyright notation: © Oshishi Hiroto Okada Shinichi / Futabasha · Ebrister © "The Slave District The Animation" Production Committee

Twitter:@ deriku_anime
Hashtag: # Slave Ward

OP: Saki Sakamoto "Caracola Heart"
ED: Pile "BJ"

Arakawaair: Yamamura Hibiki
Daejeon Yuga: Suzuki wo kuni
Katsushika Julia: Saiko Senbonki
Shinjuku Sayya: Mikawa Mikawa
Toshima Ayaka: Kinoshita Rina
Central Attack: Konoyuki Konishi
Setagaya Tsubaki: Kazuyuki Okitsu
Tachikawa Shinnosuke: Shotaro Morikubo
Haruka Takio: Shirai Yusuke
Adachi Shori: Yashima Sara
Nakano Taisei: Ayumi Murase
Bunkyo Zenichi: Toru Inada
Sumida Zushiomaru: Yuki Miyata
Meguro Masakazu: Yasuhiko Kawatsu
Suginami Roussier: Nobuo Nishida
Chiyoda Maria: Sayaka Hayakawa
Itabashi Gekko: Ken Saito
Shinagawa Zero: Kokutaiyuki
Nerima Muon: Kenio Horiuchi
Northern Minami: Ayako Uemura
Shibuya Sachi: Yuki Hikari

TV Animation "The Slim Area The Animation" Book - YouTube

Foreign world Izakaya - Izakaya nobu in ancient capital Itria ~

· Broadcast information
Bandai Channel: 4/13 (Fri) 12: 00 ~
Hulu, U-NEXT, animation, Hikari TV, GYAO !, AbemaTV, Nico Nico video, TSUTAYA TV, Amazon Video, Google Play, Rakuten TV, Actorabila, Video Market,,, HAPPY! Video, bilibili Delivery with others

· Work information

The Izakaya "Nabu" which set up a store on the strange street of Kyoto had its front entrance connected to the other world for some reason.
The general general Nobuyuki Yazawa and serving Senja Shinobu will decide to start a shop in the town of the different world and Itaria in the ancient world.
Guards, craftsmen, merchants, aristocrats ...... Anyone casually feel a little cup.
Such an Izakaya "nabu" is operating as usual today as well.

The original is a novel written by Nikuya Kikikawa "Another World Izakaya nobu", 4 volumes already published. The latest 5 volumes will be released on April 7. Mito who is a member of clambon in music and handles a number of animation songs in solo participates. The music manager in the name of Mito has since since "the heart wants to cry."

Director: Katsumi Ono
Series composition: Shin Yoshida
Character design: Ito Mariko
Sub Character Design: Mamoru Murasa
Cooking Design · Cooking Drawing Director: Kumi Ishii
Art director: Jiro Kono
Color design: Riki Suzuki
Special effect: Kumiko Taniguchi
Director of Photography: Tadayuki Sadamatsu
Edit: Mukumi Mushiya
Acoustic Director: Miwa Iwami
Music: Mito (clambon)
Music production: Sunrise music publication
Animation Production: Sunrise
Production: Itiner City Council of the Ancient Capital
Copyright notation: © Natsuya Kibikawa / Takarajima / Ancient city Itellite city council

Hashtag: # different world pub

OP: Clambon "Prosit!"

Shinobu Senjo: Suzuko Mimori
Nobuyuki Yazawa: Tomokazu Sugita
Hans: Atsushi Abe
Nicolaus: Shotaro Morikubo
Belt Holt: Konoyuki Konishi

Different World Izakaya - Izakaya Nobu of Ancient City - 1st PV - YouTube

Youkai Watch Shadow Side

· Broadcast information
TV Tokyo series: 4/13 (Friday) 17: 55 ~ (18: 25 ~ after the second episode)
BS Japan: 4/14 (Sat) 7: 00 ~
* 1 hour special for the first time

· Work information

Fake case is a fifth grade of elementary school. What followed the jujube late sister who recently came back, what a monster detective team! Ghosts and UFO ... much less a case of youkai. However, since then, it has been caught up in a mysterious strange case in the world ...

A movie released in 2017Yokai Watch Shadow Side Demon King's ResurrectionThe continuation of "TV animation is made. However, among the main casts, the role of jujube has been changed from Ueiri Shiraishi Moe to Yuki Aki, and the role of Tuma is changed from Yuu Chiba to Yoshiaki Hasegawa. Also in the movie Haruka Tomatsu serving as a role of cater is in charge of the case that was only appearance.

Original: Level 5
Director: Ushuro Syngei
Series composition: Yoichi Kato
Character design: Toshiya Yamada
Animation Production: OA LIM
Copyright light notation: © LEVEL - 5 Inc. © L5 / YWP · TX

Momoka: Haruka Tomatsu
Jujube: Yuki Aki
Touma: Hasegawa Yoshiaki
Akinori: Tamura Mutsumi
Whisper: Seki Seki
Tsubaya Kuroda
Mitchi: Masaya Onosaka
Haruya: Koji Yusa

【Bulletin Board】 Yokai Watch Shadow Side Debate PV - YouTube

Fullmetal panic! Invisible Victory

· Broadcast information
AT-X: 4/13 (Fri) 20: 30 ~ other
TOKYO MX: 4/13 (Fri) 22: 30 ~ other
Sun TV: 4/13 (Fri) 23: 30 ~
BS 11: 4/13 (Friday) 27: 00 ~

· Work information

"Tsubasa High School" where usual peaceful everyday life has been restored by defeating the enemy such as Gaulun and Gates of the enemy [Amalgam]. But such days did not last long .... [Amalgam] which is a continuation of blunder attacks Sagara Sosuke seriously. The base of [Mithril] all over the world will be assaulted! "Merida island" where Tousa led Tuaha de Da Nang is stored is also attacked by numerous missiles and arm slaves. Meanwhile, Japanese Sosuke, Kaname was also approaching the evil hand! ! Again, Sosuke, Kaname, tests come to Tessa! ! !

The original is a novel by Kaji Kato, and the full length is complete in 12 volumes. Besides, 2 volumes and 9 short stories have been published. It has been done three times so far, it has been done three times, "full metal panic!" Broadcast in 2002, "full metal panic? Fumoffu" in 2003 broadcast, "full metal panic! The Second Raid 2005 broadcast" It is done three times.

Directed by Mr. Katsuichi Nakayama, Deputy Director Katsuichi Nakayama, "Evangelion New Theatrical Version: Destruction", "Evangelion New Theater Version: Q", the series composition is owned by the original author Invited Kato himself.

Original: Shigeige Igarashi
Original illustration: Shikijijiji
Director: Katsuichi Nakayama
Series composition · Screenplay: Kaori Nigo 2
Character design · total drawing director: Osamu Horiuchi
Sub Character Design: Aya Yamamoto
Mechanic director: Masanori Nishii
Mechanic design: Kanemori Ebikawa, Toshiaki Yushihara
Set design: Noriyuki Yanase
Firearm design: Takeshi Yoshioka
Prop Design: Takuya Matsumura
Art setting: Toshiki Amada
Color design: Chikuaki Kitaabayashi
Art director: Konoshita Saeka
3DCG Director: Masayasu Uehara
Director of Photography: Hiroshi Inoue
Special effect: inoyiein
Edit: Daisuke Hiraki
Music: Toshihiko Sahashi
Acoustic director: Yuta Tsuruoka
Production company: Xebec
Production: FMP! 4
Copyright notation: © Gatoyuki two, Shikijijiji / KADOKAWA / FMP! 4

Twitter:@ fulllmeta_iv
Hash tag: # full meta # fmpiv

OP: Yamada Tamaru "Even ... if"
ED: Yamada Tamaru "yes"
Special ED: Chihara Chihara "Remained dream"
Insertion song: Miuri Chihara "Hopeful" SOUL "

Sousuke Sousuke: Seki Tomokazu
Chidori Kaname: Yukino Satsuki
Tokiwa Kyoko: Iku Kimura
Atsunobu Hayashi: Tomoyuki Morikawa
Eri Kagurazaka: Rio Natsuki
Teresa · Testarossa: Yukana
Kurt Weber: Shinichiro Miki
Melissa Mao: Michiko Negitani
Andrey Kalinin: Otsuka Akio
Richard Madukousus: Minoru Nishimura
Leonard · Testarossa: Daisuke Namikawa
Kuruma: Kazuhiro Yamaji
Lee Fowler: Tomokazu Sugita
Wilhelm Casper: Terasama Masaki
Sabina · Lefnio: Mary Inoue
Sachi · Shinohara: Uchida Aya
Nami: Minato Chihara
Michelle Lemmon: Kenjiro Tsuda
Namsak Police Chief: Teruaki Gendata
George L. Block: Hayami award
Dragonfly (Falke AI): Kappei Yamaguchi
Ash: Daisuke Endo
Riley: Jiro Saito
GEOO: Tsubasa Kenpei
Dao: Sakurai Toru

"Fullmetal panic! IV "2nd PV - YouTube

Aggressive attire

· Broadcast information
Netflix: 4/20 (Friday) ~ 【Exclusive distribution】

· Work information

The fun of less-panda · koko who works as an OL at a top trading company is karaoke alone on the way home from work. Sing metal with DeVoice and diverge all the stress of work!

What is the originalSanrio's characterIn April 2016 TBS series "King's branch"1 minute animation is being broadcasted within. The Netflix version consists of 1 story 15 minutes × 10 stories.

The director is Rareko's "Kuwagata Knob", "Soft Tank" "Gashi!"

Original: Sanrio
Director / Screenplay: Lareko
Animation Production: Fanworks
Copyright notation: © '15,' 18, SANRIO Sanrio / TBS · fan works

Twitter:@ retsuko_anime

OL drawing life stress on comedy Sanrio character "Aggressive grin" Trailer - YouTube


· Broadcast information
NHK E Tel: 5/3 (Thu), 4 (Fri), 5 (Sat) 9: 00 ~

· Work information
Troll popular children's book "Otoritani" animated. 7 volumes already published.

Original: Troll "Otoritani" series (Troll: work / painting)
Director: Hiroki Shibata
Series composition: Takahashi Natsuko
Character design: Maniwa Hideaki
Animation Production: Toei Animation
Copyright notation: © Troll / poplar company / Otsura Tantei Production Committee

Theme Song: Ise Daigaku "Puppy and Humut and Dance"

Posterior doctor: Yumiko Sanba
Brown: Saito Ayaka
Kaito U: Takahiro Sakurai
Martinez · Narration: Watanabe Itoi

Butt Detective "Pupu and Humutto Kaiketsu Dance" / Butt Detective "A Wind-Breaking Victory Dance" - YouTube

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