Facebook is testing the implementation of "Dislike! (Unfortunately! Yadane!)" Button


There are many demands that not only "Like!" But also "Dislike!" Button be added to Facebook, Mark Sauckerburg CEO is a grape brand in 2015! We announced that the button is under development. And, newly, Facebook is grapes! It turns out that the button is being tested. However, this gypsum! The button does not seem to be a function of Facebook post itself.

Facebook tests reactions and Dislike button (!) On messages | TechCrunch

In 2015, CEO Mark Zuckerburg of Facebook said, "I believe that users have asked for" Yadane! "Button for the past few years, and today is a special day, because today I will give everyone" It is a day that we can reveal that we are in the process of developing Yadane! "Button." Announced that it intends to add a button "Dislike!" To indicate opposition to Facebook content.

Mark · ザ ッ カ ー バ ー グ reveals that 'dislike!' Button is installed on Facebook (not good !, disadvantage!) Button - GIGAZINE

At that time, Zuckerberg said "What the user really wants is a way of expressing" empathy ", and life is not a good moment at all," he immediately said, "Yadane!" Button I also told that it does not correspond to. And in October 2015 announced to introduce "Reactions" button using "Emoji (Emoji)" instead of "Yadane!" Indeed, at the time of article creation, you can choose pictograms like angry from pictograms, but it seems like a lot of people had anticipated it! It was a different form from the button.

Facebook introduces "Emoji" instead of "not good" and it looks like this - GIGAZINE

However, according to TechCrunch, an overseas news site, Facebook is saying that the button is being tested with a new "Yadane!" Button with his thumb pointing downward. However, this gypsum! Button is not a feature for Facebook posts but will be available for Facebook Messenger.

What is being tested as a new feature of Facebook Messenger is that users will be able to select pictograms next to them if they type in text. Six of the 7 pictograms that can be chosen at this time are similar to the response to Facebook posting, but the seventh is "Yadane!" With the thumb facing down.

A counter is attached to this reaction, and it is counted how many pictograms were pushed.

Facebook tells TechCrunch, "We are testing how to make Messenger more fun and fruitful, which is a small way for users to share emoticons that most express their emotions to messages It's a big test. " According to Facebook, Messenger is often used when planning something and is currently being tested Yadane! The button seems to be used in the sense of "not agree". Also, this roe! Whether or not the buttons are useful for voting etc. seems to be a part investigated by the test.

In addition, currently only some users are bamboo shoots! In the condition that you can use the function of the button, people are rapeseed! If you support the button, the function will be available for all users.

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