"Sesame walnut" which stands out with the fragrance of black sesame and walnut in the "Hua mochi" series entered with Haagen Dazs mouth appeared, and tried eating with "Kinako black Mitsu"

A popular series of Haagen-Dazs sold out as soon as they appear in 2015 "Flowering mochi"Will appear from Tuesday, February 28, 2017. This time it appeared for the first time in 2015 "Kinoko KudzuIn addition to white sesame paste and walnut ice cream with a fragrant black sesame sauce "Sesame walnutI thought that it appeared, I bought it and tried it at once.

Ice cream and mochi weave, lavish sum taste Haagen-Dazs Minicup "Flower Mochi" 2 items "Kinako black Mitsu" "Sesame walnut" From Tuesday, February 28, limited release for a limited time only

"Sesame walnut" newly appeared on the left, "Kinako black Mitsu" which reappeared on the right side.

Sesame walnut is 249 kcal per piece.

When I looked at the raw material name, the first thing I have come is "Rice cake", which contains white sesame paste besides black sesame sauce.

That is why I opened a cup of sesame walnut, it looks something like this.

Ice was in a slightly hard state, but the mochi part is spicy and the softness like warabi rice cake.

The source of melted black sesame seeds is thick, spreading smoothly with sesame fragrance in the mouth. Rice cakes were smooth, soft and stretchy, like between rice cakes and rice cakes made from rice.

Looking at the cross section, you can see that the rice cakes in the central part of the ice are quite thick.

Because the base ice is white sesame rather than vanilla, the taste of sum completely. Since walnuts were contained, I felt the fragrance of nuts and the texture of polypori.

As I am eating, when the part of rice becomes soft, I will grow sharply.Haagen-Daz also offers four-layer Japanese-style sweetness series "Japonée"Although this is based on simple ice cream base, the presence of sesame and sesame was outstanding.

Next, I also eat "Kinako Black Mitsu".

Calorie is 238 kcal per piece.

This "cream" has come to the front of the "Mochigashi" part of the raw materials name.

When I opened the lid, it looked like this.

The flavor of Kinako and the flavor of black nectot spread widely in the mouth, the impression that the topping is powder rather than paste, it is very gorgeous impression. Sesame walnut was somewhat crispy with base ice cream and it was somewhat pushed by topping rice and sesame paste, but for baseball ice cream the base ice cream also has a rich flour of kinamage and milk, with black honey inside Since it is being kneaded, the feeling that balance of all elements is very good. It is convincing to re-appear.

In addition, "Kinokochi" Kinako black sesame and sesame walnut are both limited-time sales with 272 yen excluding tax.

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