Eyeglass set that allows you to freely make your own favorite figure to daughter glasses appeared

There are hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of figures in the world, and even with the same character, if you are a modelist or coloring you may get a completely different impression. People who can not love figures from the bottom of their hearts despite finding ideal figures like "This is the only one" for themselves among such a wide variety of figures There should be also. Items that are perfect for such glasses fetishWonder Festival 2017 [Winter]I found it in.

TOP - White ship studio

Glasses for figures were sold as "5-28-04"White ship workshop"booth. Eyeglasses of various frame types are reproduced in a paper craft as follows.

There are various kinds, but the point is that you can purchase any type of things with 1000 yen.

Since it is a paper craft, it is necessary to separate the glasses from the mount, but after that it is solidified by instantaneous adhesive glue, color is painted with a marker and it completes.

What will happen when wearing it actually means that if you put the glasses attached to the A set of "Pepakura glasses set for deformed figure" in Yamato of "Fleet Armor - Ship this -", ​​it becomes more intellectual appearance change.

Yukikaze wildly using "Pepakura sunglasses kit for deformed figure".

"1/12 acrylic glasses kit" fit perfectly in Tianjin style of 1/12 scale. You can change the appearance impressive with just wearing glasses.

All members. The familiar ship and daughter may seem to be completely different.

In addition, "Pepakura eyeglass set for deformed figures" is A set (3 types included) 800 yen, B set (4 types included). "About 1/12 Peppaku's eyeglasses & stand set" is A / B set (4 types included) is 1000 yen. "Pepakura sunglasses kit for deformed figure" is 800 yen, "About 1/12 acrylic glasses kit" is 600 yen.

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