I tried playing the "garage" that can customize the robot to your preference in the "Robot Kit" which can steer the robot throughout the body of the Nintendo Switch

Assemble corrugated parts and playNintendo SwitchController "Robot Toy-ConYou can make "Robot Kit"Comes with a special game, using the hand-made robot Toy-Con in itPlay a game that manipulates a robot by moving the whole bodycan. The more robot you operate, the more you play, the more you wear special action, but there are a lot of people who are dissatisfied with the appearance of the robot in its initial state such as "I want to ride only on a red robot". Robot Kit has a mode "garage" that is perfect for people who are strongly committed to such robots, so that you can customize the robot you are riding with as you like.

Nintendo Labo Toy - Con 02: Robot Kit (Robot Kit) | Nintendo Labo | Nintendo

"Robot Kit" has more than one play, but select "garage" to customize robot to your preference.

Then, "Please put screws" on the screen is displayed, apparently seems to be in a situation where you can not customize the robot as it is.

When searching from the corner to the corner of the screen of Robot Kit by saying "What is a screw?", "Screw" was found in "making". Apparently it seems necessary to make parts called screws to customize the robot apart from the robot Toy - Con.

There are two steps to making screws.

First, prepare the designated parts.

With the printed side facing downward, we will bend rectangular parts at the fold line.

Then you can make a hexagonal column like this. Two plates are made to pass through the center of the hexagonal pillar, which seems to complement the strength.

Subsequently parts like petals that stuck together ... ...

I will insert it on the hexagonal column.

Fold the parts along the folds and the screw shape is completed.

Next prepare an elongated seal of retroreflective sheeting.

Paste this so as to block the hole at the tip of the screw.

When two sheets are pasted like this.

Furthermore, put a square seal on the red part OK.

Finally prepare small petal type parts ......

Once attached to the bottom of the screw ......

Completion of screw. The second one is OK if it assembles in exactly the same way as the first one.

Although it seems that all of the retroreflective sheet is used up, it seems that it may be useful to keep it, so it is better to leave it without discarding.

That's why the screw is completed.

Then remove the claw that closes the top face of the robot Toy - Con ... ....

With this feeling insert the screws into the holes on the top & right side.

Then you can change the color of the robot freely in the garage. When turning the screw on the top surface, the part of the robot that changes color changes, and when you rotate the screw on the side, the color can be adjusted.

For that reason, you can see the fact that you actually customize the appearance of the robot with the following movie.

I customized the robot to my liking with Nintendo Switch's "Robot Kit" - YouTube

When actually changing to the appearance of your preference it is like this. It is until then that it is said to only change color, but you can change the color of the robot by turning the screw by turning it with a robot Toy-Con that you use, making exclusive parts, as if it were just in front of you It is a point that can be customized as if a robot exists. If it becomes possible to change the appearance of the robot, it will be exactly what it is suitable for the name of "garage".

Since the appearance of the robot is also reflected at game play, if you make your own original robot and play it, it is no doubt that the robot's maneuver will be more enjoyable.

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