40% of the students studying in the USA do not get along with American college students

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Although the number of students studying abroad in America increases year by year, on the other hand, "40% of international students attending American universities do not have close American students"I know from past investigation. It is said that this trend is especially strong for students who came from East Asia, but why international students strike the walls,QuartzI have summarized the students' live voices.

40% of foreign students in the US have no close friends on campus: The culture shock of loneliness - Quartz

According to survey, The number of American international students has increased year by year, the increase from 2014 to 2015 was 3% compared to the previous year, while from 2015 to 2016 it increased by 7% from the previous year It was. The number of foreign students in 2016 reached the largest number of 760,4495 people, of which 56% were from China, India, South Korea, Saudi Arabia and Canada.

"Studying foreign languages ​​and writing sentences" is, of course, accompanied by difficulties, but it is the interaction in human relations that is becoming a wall of international students beyond that. "A True Liberal Arts EducationYongfang Chen, one of the authors of the book, "I am from a country where" standard answers "are prepared for every question, I think that even if I am not convinced But I never discussed it with people, but at Bowman University I was forced to reconsider this "answer" and I felt uncomfortable. "In an interviewI am talking. There is a unified exam called "gaokao" which is a Japanese examination in Japan, and Chinese students are asked for extreme concentration for gaokao, but in the United States which is comprehensively judged from tests and school results Students seem to have difficulty understanding this kind of way.

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Also, there are international students who feel a gap from American students due to different cultural aspects. For example, girls who came from Saudi Arabia need to take classes alongside women from female professors because of their decisions in their home country, but these international students also seem to be separated from other students. Of course, the differences between students by country of origin are diverse, and there are also differences in the background such as "Students from China are increasingly from middle-class families compared to students from India". Also, there were many international students who came to the United States to advance to graduate school, but in recent years more students are coming up to go on to university. The difference between graduate students and university students is large, and college students often reflect the "teenager" image in their own culture, compared to graduate students studying in a structured environment in a mature state as a human being, It is considered to be a problem that it does not start to a completely new environment.

For that reason, not only studying but also entertainment like parties, some international students feel uncomfortable or threatened. Among students from Africa who are enrolled at Brown University, "Some parties talk to friends, but in the United States no one talks but dances and drinks and it is only to flirting" some people said And that. Also, regarding the difficulty of conversation in the USA, "AmericansPolitical correctnessI am very concerned about it, but I was born out of Europe as I was thinking myself insensible once. There are things that should not be talked about in great detail about race and religion. Some students from Norway said that it took time to understand what it was.


By hitting the communication barriers as stated above, international students gradually begin to act with the same international students, not American students. One of the students who came from Indonesia said, "They talk about things I'm unfamiliar with.These foreign students become hardened each other.In today's cafeteria I was sitting with international students and American students There are hesitates to mix with others. "

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