Draft collaborative document by IT companies such as Google and Apple against President Cardin immigration restrictions revealed

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To the Presidential Decree concerning immigration signed by President Trump and the entry restrictions from specific countriesVoices of pros and consAlthough it is rolling up, voices clearly opposed from each company in the IT industry are rising. Meanwhile, the well-known IT companies such as Alphabet, Google's parent company, Apple and others are showing a move to submit letters jointly, and the content of the draft (draft) is clarified.

Google, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft draft a joint letter opposing Trump's travel ban - Recode

IT business related mediaRecodeAccording to Alphabet and companies mainly by Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Uber, Stripe are writing a letter addressed to President Trump. A complete translation of the letter is as follows and it is against the immigration and entry restriction measures from a specific country.

President Trump

Since its birth as a nation, the United States has been a country of opportunity. Welcoming new people, making families within the United States, giving us a chance to build a career in business, a business. America is a stronger country by immigrants. As an entrepreneur and business leader, the ability to grow a company and create jobs is due to the contribution of immigrants with different backgrounds.

We share the goal that president Trump prescribes that immigration control system should be in line with recent security. However, due to the presidential decree signed by the president, many visa acquirers who work diligently in the United States and are contributing to the success of the state are affected. In the global economy, it is crucial to constantly attract the best and most intelligent people from all over the world. We are welcoming the change in the way the Department of Homeland Security enforced the Presidential Decree that the Trump Administration went on over the past few days. We are also ready to help the Trump regime find new opportunities to ensure that our employees can move without incurring undue delay under a foreseeable prediction.

The heart of our country's mutual aid is part of making the United States superior and we believe that the Trump regime is strictly under the American Refugee Recognition Program without indiscriminate entry restrictions I am committed to helping you find an approach to do screening (immigration review). Procedures for security and immigration control can always be continuously evaluated and improved, and should be so, but indiscriminate entry restrictions are not the right approach.

Likewise, we will clarify the future of 750,000 Dreamers (dreaming children) in the United States through the protection of DACA (postponement of child immigration immigration repatriation measures) "to make people happy and proud" I am ready to take action to find ways to achieve the goals the trump regime plans to do. If it is canceled by preventing these updates from being renewed, the measure will be over, which will eliminate the possibility that these Dreamers will live and work without being afraid to leave the country .

The business community shares the commitment of the trump regime that strengthens the American economy and expands employment opportunities throughout the United States. We hire both thousands of Americans and the most talented people from abroad, and by working together we grow our business and generate employment as a whole. When the President is pondered about changes in the complex and interrelated immigration policies and business in the United States, work permits visas, refugees, DACA, etc., make the American business work and realize an immigration policy reflecting America's values We hope to make use of us as a resource for.
---- (Translated to this point) ----

The immigration control policy launched by President Trump has great influence on the IT industry, which is said to have appointed many talented immigrants. In addition, both domestic and overseas are throwing big ripples, opposition from the leaders of various European countries, etc. are raised, and at the telephone conference with Australian Prime Minister Turnble Australia held on January 28, refugees Regarding the agreement of the two countries concerning underwriting, President Trump has thrown intense words to Prime Minister Turnbull and it has fallen into an insidious atmosphere. In addition, it is reported that President Cardin abruptly called the telephone during the meeting.

Mr. Trump, violent against Prime Minister of Australia = telephone conference, raging atmosphere: current affairs dot com

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Also, in response to the measures of President Trump, Twitter and its employees total 1 million dollars (about 110 million yen)The American Free Human Rights Association, And we support it to combat the prevention of entry restrictions.

Twitter donates $ 1 million to ACLU to battle Trump's immigration ban

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