Apple reviews legal action on President Cardin immigration policy


Many from Silicon Valley technology companiesopposite opinionThe immigrant policy of President Trump who is jetting out. The fact that Apple is in opposition to this immigration policy was revealed in the e-mail sent to employees, but it became clear that it was prepared not to leave legal measures newly It was.

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Apple considering legal action over Trump's travel ban - Feb. 1, 2017

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President Trump has signed a presidential order to halt entry from seven countries of Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen and to stop accepting refugees with the aim of preventing Islamic extremists from entering the country. At this time, Apple sent an e-mail to employees "Diversity strengthens Apple, which Apple will not exist without immigrants" and showed that it is in opposition to immigration policy.

Apple's CEO Tim Cook answered an interview with the Wall Street Journal after the immigration policy was implemented and said, "Because America has the capacity and ability to accept people regardless of their immigration history and origin "It is stronger than any other country in the world" "I stopped once and I need to think over this subject thoroughly." In addition to this, Cook CEO has revealed that it not only showed a position against President Trump 's immigration policy but also taken legal actions into consideration. In addition, President Trump 's immigration policy has affected hundreds of Apple employees.

Apple is not the only one considering legal action against President Trump 's immigration policy. Other IT companies are also considering legal actions, and it is clear from the e-mail addressed to employees that Amazon is planning to combat the President's immigration policy with legal measures. Amazon's Jeff Bezos CEO in the e-mail said, "We have contacted the leaders of both camps in the National Assembly to explore the legal options, and the legal team took legal measures against entry prohibition I am preparing to announce support to the attorney general of Washington state I am trying to get.In addition, I am doing other legal options in addition to these. "" We do not support this presidential decree " It shows that it clearly shows the opposite position.

Amazon pledges support for President Trump 's immigration policy legal measures - GIGAZINE

In addition to Apple and Amazon, IT companies opposed to President Trump 's immigration policy hold a meeting with a view to forming a coalition to jointly adopt joint legal countermeasures. It has been reported that about 20 companies including Alphabet (Google), Adobe, Twitter, etc participated.

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