A concern raises concern that the draft of the Presidential Decree on Freedom of Trump regime will leak and lead to discrimination promotion

ByGage Skidmore

Copies of the presidential decree entitled "Establishing a Government - Wide Initiative to Respect Religious Freedom (Establishing Government - wide Initiatives to Respect Religious Freedom)" on Religious Freedom are covered by The Investigative Fund and Leaked by The Nation. The draft reveals the plans of the Trump regime that will legalize discrimination.

Leaked Draft of Trump's Religious Freedom Order Reveals Sweeping Plans to Legalize Discrimination

Leaked Draft of Trump's Religious Freedom Order Reveals Sweeping Plans to Legalize Discrimination | Politics & Government | The Investigative Fund

Copies of the draft that are circulating among federal officials and supporting organizations include expanding the interpretation of religious groups to "any organization including profit-making enterprises" and to the effect that "freedom of religion" is protected in all phases of life It is written. It is also stated that "the Americans and their religious groups are not compelled by the federal government to participate in activities that are contrary to their conscience."

Part of the leaked draft.

If carried on this draft, freedom of religion will be more strongly protected, and it seems that it works favorably for conservative Catholics and others. According to The Nature, the draft creates an advantageous situation for people and organizations claiming moral and religious objections to same-sex marriage, prenatal marriage, abortion, gender identity disorder, and prices fall in obama care There is an intention to suppress access to medical practices such as contraception and abortion.

In addition, there is a possibility that the authority of the administration may be exceeded if the presidential decree is enacted according to this draft, and extending the scope of protection of religion to a specific religion may violate Article 1 of the Federal amendment It is pointed out by a lawyer's expert. Professor Marty Lyderman of Georgetown University Faculty of Law says, "This draft seems to call for the government to exempt a huge number of federal laws, exemptions on certain individuals and organizations violate federal law There may be the issue of the first paragraph of the constitutional amendment, which states freedom of speech, if it is recognized as legal, it is surprising. "


Since taking office, President Trump has been frozen for 120 days of accepting Syrian refugees and frozen nationals of seven countries with high risk of terrorism for 90 days, withdrawal from TPP, prohibition of subsidies to non-governmental organizations supporting artificial pregnancy abortion Presidential Decree on Immigration Policy has received great criticism from opponents, especially topics all over the world. If this draft is also enacted, it is likely to bring about a big debate.

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