Mozilla abandoned the development of "Firefox OS", and neither smartphone nor smart TV got a share

Mozilla decided to withdraw from the development of "Firefox OS" for smartphones, tablets and smart TVs, and found out that 50 employees were dismissed from Firefox OS related departments.

Firefox fail: Layoffs kill Mozilla's push beyond the browser - CNET

Mozilla gives up on Firefox OS, lays off 50 | Ars Technica

Mozilla has developed "Firefox OS" as an open source platform for smartphones, and even from Japan, auSmartphone with Firefox OSIt is on sale. However, Android can not deprive the market share of the smartphone market, only two years after release Mozilla announced in December 2015, Mozilla will end deployment for Firefox OS smartphones.

Mozilla announces "finished deploying Firefox OS for smartphones", and in just two years from release the Firefox OS smartphones will disappear - GIGAZINE

Then from Panasonic4K smart TV with Firefox OSHas appeared, and made clear the intention to deploy Firefox OS for IoT, but it seems that it could not have had a big impact on the IoT market including smart TV. Mozilla dismissed 50 employees is the development division of the device that connects to the Firefox OS and Mozilla also acknowledges the employee's dismissal.

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