Firefox OS fade-out program announced development end will be released

AlreadyFirefox OS which declared development end in December 2015About Mozilla announced OS fade-out program. Mozilla clearly redefines the developers of Firefox OS to different product development by June 2016 and pivots (turns over) from the OS for smartphone to the OS for IoT.

Firefox OS / Connected Devices Announcement - Firefox OS Participation - Mozilla Discourse

According to Mozilla, development of Firefox OS has been completed with version 2.6 release. After June 2016, all development members of Firefox OS will be relocated to different projects. He seems to have added 30 or more Web APIs to the end of the development of Firefox OS, so that it turned out that the Web has flexibility to support not only smartphones but also other terminals such as television . In addition, as a result of learning about the value and strength of Mozilla by entering into a competitive market, he says that he is finding a direction for developing software for Connected Device (IoT) in the future.

Regarding correspondence at the market place, we will terminate the application for Android, desktop, tablet version of Firefox on March 29, 2016, and delete all applications that do not support Firefox OS. In addition, the Web Runtime will also be deleted, and applications of the Android version and the desktop version can not be installed or run newly.

However, porting Firefox OS to other smartphonesFoxfoodingThe program is expected to continue, and detailed contents of the foxfooding program will be announced by the end of March 2016.

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