I tried because Facebook supported 2-step authentication with USB security key

"Two-step authentication" is used as a mechanism to prevent unauthorized use of accounts, but it is cumbersome to check and enter the code that reaches SNS and mail. In such a case you can clear two-step authentication with one touch "FIDO U2FUSB security key like USB security key is very convenient, Facebook has corresponded to security key with 2 step authentication, so I tried it actually.

Security Key for safer logins with a touch

You can tell by hardware what kind of hardware the USB security key is, by looking at the following article.

I tried using the USB security key "FIDO U2F Security Key" available for 2-step verification of Google Account - GIGAZINE

FacebookUniversal 2nd Factor(U2F) compliant USB security key can be used with 2 step authentication, so I will try it.

First from the registration of the USB security key. While logged in to Facebook, click "Setting" from the arrow icon at the top right of the page.

Click "Security" → "Login approval" "Edit".

Click "Add Key" in "Security Key".

Click "Add Key".

You will be prompted to insert the security key into the USB port and press the button when the key flashes.

Insert FIDO U2F into the USB port as instructed and touch the flashing metal part.

Then I was asked to enter my Facebook account password. Enter the password and click "Send".

Click "Next".

Security key registration is completed with this. If you have not activated 2-step verification with Facebook security, click on "Turn on 2 step verification".

Click "Turn on".

Click "Close" to finish the work.

So, try logging into your account on a device that has never logged into your Facebook account.

Then I was asked to insert a security key as 2 step authentication.

The state of clearing 2-step authentication with FIDO U2F with one touch can be confirmed with the following movie.

Two-step authentication on Facebook supported the USB security key so I tried it with "FIDO U2F" - YouTube

USB security key for U2F compatible with FacebookType-C typeHas also appeared, it is expected to spread in the future.

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