The appearance of a fully automatic driving car is "within 6 months" and Tesla's Earlon Mask CEO tweets

Tesla Motors CEO Eulon Mask replied, "Maybe within 3 months, certainly within 6 months" against the question tweet that "When the fully automatic driving function is about to appear?" As soon as possible, a completely automatic driving car will appear in the first half of 2017.

Tesla to transition from 'Enhanced Autopilot' to 'Fully Self-Driving' as soon as '3 to 6 months', says Elon Musk | Electrek

Tesla's Electric Vehicle (EV) can add functions and improve functions by updating software like a smartphone. For example, "semi-Autopilot"Is also a function provided by software update, so the car owner can evolve EV through software update even after purchase.

In the near future, Tesla has declared that it is equipped with level 5 "fully automatic operation" function that can be operated automatically without any driver's operation, and NVIDIA boasts a performance 40 times faster than before in anticipation of fully automatic operation computer"Drive PX 2"And eight hardware cameras, twelve ultrasonic sensors, etc. All hardware EVs produced since October 2016 correspond to hardware II It was. Of course, it is possible for the owners of old cars to update to this new hardware.

And on January 22, 2017 Tesla released a software update of "Enhanced Autopilot" that further evolved the autopilot function. It is now possible to deal with getting on and off the highway.

An update of Enhanced Autopilot has appeared, but many people's concern is "fully automatic operation" function. Tesla mask CEO "may be within three months, response certainly within six months" response to the tweet "When is the appearance of fully automatic driving function?" As planned, Tesla seems to release fully automatic driving function in 2017.

According to Tesla "The safety of fully automatic driving is more than twice that of a general human driver" "If you get into Tesla and tell the destination, you do not need to do anything later. If you do not say anything, check the calendar I will go to the assumed destination and if I do not have any plans on my calendar I will take you to my house. " The realization of the future drawn by Tesla is approaching at hand, but the law maintenance concerning automatic driving has not kept pace.

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