A vehicle equipped with Tesla's "fully automatic operation hardware" eventually appeared on the public road

On 20th October 2016, Tesla Motors announced that it will install the necessary hardware such as cameras and sensors necessary for realizing fully automatic operation for all vehicles produced by the company. It seems that vehicles equipped with such hardware are beginning to run on public roads for the first time.

First look at Tesla's new self-driving Autopilot hardware in the wild | Electrek

Cameras, sensors and dedicated computers started by Tesla are collectively referred to as "Hardware 2" or "HW 2" and are installed without changing the appearance of conventional vehicles. Mr. Sterling Anderson, who is in charge of the autopilot program at Tesla, puts the model X produced early and the model X equipped with the latest model and HW 2 side by side and tells "Which is which?" With an image and tweeted doing.

By the way, although the answer is not clarified, it seems that the left model X is a vehicle equipped with HW 2. It seems that the camera described below is installed in the part where the part of the emblem between the front wheel and the front door is black.

The picture below shows another part of the car that shot the part with built-in camera. It is taken of the vehicle that actually started running on the public road.

Camera built in the emblem part. Two pieces are mounted on the left and right.

The camera is also built in the part between the front door and the rear door, so-called "B pillar". This also uses 2 cameras on the left and right. From the shape of B pillar, it seems that this vehicle is model S.

Three cameras are built in the top of the windshield. In the case of Model X, the windshield should be continuing up to the head of the driver, so it is likely that the model S's HW 2 equipped vehicle will be taken still.

Three cameras are built in the top of the windshield. While capturing the whole image of the "main" camera, the "wide" camera of the fisheye lens with a viewing angle of 120 degrees captures traffic lights, interrupted vehicles, objects in close range, focuses on distant objects "narrow "It is designed to grasp how the camera is up to 250 meters ahead.

And the eighth camera is mounted around the rear license plate.

In addition, it is said that each camera has built-in heater to prevent freezing. Tesla plans to release software that fully supports automatic operation in the future, and rumors that December 2016 will introduce "Enhanced version" software which evolved the current automatic driving function. In addition, the company's CEO Eulon Mask announces the idea of ​​traversing from the West Coast of the United States to the East Coast on a fully automated vehicle within 2017.

Automatic operation | Tesla Japan

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