Silicon Valley Billionaire to prepare for survival toward the "Last Judgment Day" visited by the evolution of AI


The last thing that Billionaire (billionaire) who succeeded in business and gained tremendous wealth and reputation finally got it may be "a place of rest." The success of Silicon Valley seems to be preparing for preparation in preparation for a major mutation in the coming society.

Silicon Valley billionaires are 'prepping' to survive in underground bunkers - Recode

Among the Billionaire who got everything in this world, there are many people who prepare to safely protect themselves also in the future "Doomsday Day (future Judgment Day)" I call such a person "preppers" by "prep" which means "prepare" in English.

According to Reid Hoffmann, co-founder of the SNS site "LinkdIn", the reason why the preppers movement is developing in Silicon Valley is to prepare for a major social change due to evolving remarkable AI (artificial intelligence) Thing. Although AI has already undergone considerable evolution, the pace of evolution will be further accelerated in the future and will exceed human capabilitySingularity(Technical singular point) comes, it is predicted that society will come in such a way that human beings' intelligence is far from ideal.

ByDidier Mathieu

Nobody can predict exactly what kind of change will actually occur at this time, but it is almost certain that the world will reach singularity. Preppers looks forward to the coming of such a society, and seems to steadily advance the making of an environment to live safely no matter what kind of change occurs.

It is said that popular among such preppers is to buy the facilities used by the military once and then remodel it for residential use. A Billionaire once said that he was asked to buy a missile silo that had stored an ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile) from a broker in the house. Military facilities that were constructed as the essential part of national defense have enough defense capability to withstand nuclear attacks, and facilities for continuing to live for a long time without leaving outside in case of emergency prepared It is done.

Another Billionaire says that the owning helicopter is always full of fuel and possesses a basement with air purification equipment. Even the person himself is preparing to be "extreme example", but still he has prepared a self-defense gun and a bike for escape to keep actions such as storing gold coins to protect assets It seems that people who take it are no longer unusual.


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