'Apple and Google are too close to China,' accused PayPal founder and prominent investor Peter Thiel


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In recent years, the conflict between the United States and China has become more serious, and the US-China trade war has been fought, as the United States has imposed export restrictions on Huawei and other companies, and China has also enacted a law to strengthen export control measures. It's getting worse. However, it seems that it is difficult for American technology companies to completely separate from China, and PayPal founder and prominent investor Peter Thiel said, 'Apple and Google are in China. It was reported that he was accused of being too close. '

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One of Silicon Valley's most influential ' PayPal Mafia ', Tyr is known to be a conservative libertarian. Mr. Thiel has been involved in political activities since he was a student, such as launching the conservative student newspaper 'Stanford Review' while attending Stanford University.

Even after becoming a millionaire with the launch of the electronic payment service PayPal, Mr. Thiel has been active as a rare conservative in Silicon Valley. While making large investments in early Facebook, the U.S. military is aware that the approach PayPal used to combat fraud can be adapted to other situations, such as fighting terrorism.・ We have established Palantir Technologies , a data analysis company that deals with institutions such as the Department of Defense, FBI, and CIA.

In support of Donald Trump in the 2016 US presidential election, he appeared at the ceremony when Trump was nominated as a Republican presidential candidate, saying, 'I'm proud to be gay.' I made a statement and called a topic.

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Mr. Thiel appeared as a guest at an online seminar on 'Conservative Realism and National Security' held by the Richard Nixon Foundation on April 6, 2021. During the session, Thiel accused Apple and Google, the leading US tech companies, of being too close to China.

'Apple has a serious structural problem because the entire iPhone supply chain is made by China,' said Thiel. 'Apple has a genuine synergy with China.' He pointed out that it is a supply chain problem that is close to China. Tyr also said he worked with the US government to put pressure on Apple's dependence on China's supply chain.

Tyr also criticized Google's efforts to collaborate with Chinese universities on artificial intelligence development projects. 'Google is working with the Chinese army, not the US army, because everything in China is a fusion of civilian and military,' said a person inside Google saying, 'China steals inaccessible technology. Because of that, Google thought it would be better to provide the technology head-on rather than that. '

A Google spokeswoman told CNBC, a news broadcaster, 'Mr. Thiel's allegations are groundless and we are not working with the Chinese military. We are with the US government, including the Department of Defense, We are proud to have worked together for many years in cybersecurity, recruitment and healthcare. '

He admitted that he was a 'bitcoin proponent' investing in bitcoin-related companies, but pointed out that bitcoin could be a financial weapon for China that threatens the US dollar. Bitcoin may function as a valid reserve currency because the less dominant the US dollar is, the less influence China will have on the policies of the US government. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo under Trump also acknowledged that cryptocurrencies could be used for international transactions to evade US government sanctions.

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