"ONE micro" realized "complete wireless 5.1 ch surround system" which lost both speaker cable and power cord

"5.1 ch surround system" consisting of 5 speakers and 1 sub woofer is an acoustic system that can enjoy a powerful sound like a movie theater at home, but speaker cable and power cord are required for each device There are many things, there is a disadvantage that the room is covered with cables. It's like "you need a power cord, but you do not need a speaker cable"Partial wireless 5.1 ch home theaterAlthough it is also appearing, in modern technology it has been considered difficult to realize complete wireless for several reasons. A complete wireless 5.1 ch surround system that breaks such common sense, achieves 5.1 ch surround with ultra-small speaker, can also carry, even power cord has been wirelessized "ONEmicro"Starting Kickstarter's campaign with the aim of commercializing it.


You can see how ONEmicro is a product by seeing the following movie.

The movie "Star Wars" is playing.

The powerful sound was being played from the notebook PC how. These speakers placed around the PC are "ONE micro". I can see that the cable is not connected at all and it is refreshing.

The subwoofer on the desktop with the explosion sound is broken and vibrates.

When finished using the six speakers can be tidied up to drawers etc at the desk.

Take six speakers to another place ......

Four speakers in front of the TV

I set two speakers behind the room.

The output etc of each speaker can be adjusted from dedicated application.

Even though it is 5.1 ch, six speakers are needed because it will be one center speaker with two ONEmicro speakers. Since there are no cluttered cables, it is possible to prepare the environment of 5.1 surround in a blink of an eye in a blink of an eye.

The subwoofer is a twin driver type with two drivers in front and behind.

If you have ONEmicro, from a powerful game play ... ....

You can enjoy TV · DVD · Blu-ray and 5.1 channel compatible content of Netflix.

Even if you are not satisfied with PC speakers, you can also convert PC sound to 5.1 ch with simple settings.

Each speaker is battery-powered, and you can play 20 hours of music per one. You can check the remaining battery level from the dedicated application.

In addition, these speakers are grouped together with only one small base unit.

You can also use the base unit as a local media server by inserting a 16 GB to 256 GB USB memory storing music data.

You can also synchronize your smartphone via Wi-Fi.

Because it is wireless, it is also ant to bring out only small speakers and enjoy a powerful sound outdoors.

The connection method is "optical digital cable (TV)" "USB cable (PC)" "Wi-Fi (mobile device)" "USB memory (local media server)" "USB dongle (outdoor iOS / Android device)" There are five types.

According to ONEmicro's manufacturer · ONEaudio, in making the 5.1 ch system wireless, Bluetooth is low power but not compatible with multi-channel, Wi-Fi is crosstalked, speakers can not synchronize well,WiSAThere are two walls "Battery" and "Synchronization of Multichannel" that power consumption is so intense that it can not be used to drive a battery. ONEaudio can synchronize 6 channels, a standard that achieves low power of 1/10 of Wi-Fi speaker and 1 / 20th of WiSA speaker "DECT 1.9 GHz method"The problem was solved by adopting these two problems.

In addition, ONEmicro is seeking investment with Kickstarter, and it has already collected the investment of more than HK $ 440,000 (about 6.4 million yen), exceeding the target investment amount of HK $ 100,000 (about 1.47 million yen) at the time of article creation . Investment plans are as follows.

· HK $ 1856 (approx. 27,000 yen):2.0ch kit (2 speakers, base unit, optical digital cable) ※ Can connect your own subwoofer
· HK $ 2948 (approx. 34,400 yen):5.0ch kit (speaker × 6, base unit, optical digital cable) ※ Can connect your own subwoofer
· HK $ 4586 (approx. 67,500 yen):5.1 ch full kit (speaker x 6, subwoofer, base unit, optical digital cable, USB stereo dongle, OTG cable) * 50 people only

Shipping to Japan requires a separate shipping fee of HK $ 155 (about 2300 yen) to HK $ 995 (approximately 14,600 yen), the shipping time will be around June - July 2017. The deadline of investment is until noon on February 27, 2017 (Monday).

World's only 5.1 surround without speaker wire & amp; power cord by ONEaudio - Kickstarter

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I tried the Petit cinema experience with the speaker "ONEmicro" which realized the wireless 5.1 ch surround system with the world's first power supply

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