"The Vamp" that connects to an analog speaker and allows music to be played with high-quality sound from a smartphone or tablet

There are many portable speakers that play music by connecting with smartphones and tablets, but there are few ones that can play music with high sound quality, and the price is also expensive. That is why I was born out of the idea of ​​restoring traditional analog speakers, playing music with high sound quality, using recycled items etc. to reduce costs as wellThe Vamp"is.

The Vamp - Bring Back the Sound by Paul Cocksedge + Paul Cocksedge Studio ™ - Kickstarter

You can see the actual situation you are using from the following movie.

The Vamp by Paul Cocksedge on Vimeo

The old speakers that are no longer used The items that can be revived as the current one are "The Vamp". The name was taken from the word revamp (improvement).

Since it has built-in Bluetooth, it connects to a smartphone, tablet, notebook PC, receives data, and streams music from the connected speaker.

Although it is OK even if it is placed on the top of the speaker, it is also possible to stick to the side because it has a magnet on the inside.

I tested it with a speaker 30 years ago I bought at a recycle shop for 2.5 pounds (about 350 yen), but I heard that I could listen to music even at a loud volume. The Bluetooth connectable range is 10 m, the battery is rechargeable, it can be used for about 10 hours with 1 charge.

The connection method differs depending on the speaker, but The Vamp corresponds to any speaker. This is a type that plugs the cable into the terminal at the rear of the speaker.

It can also be used in a type that connects by exposing the conductor of the cable.

PC andHi-FiIt is also compatible, it can be connected to various devices and can be used.

Even if you do not have a device with Bluetooth, you can play without problem by connecting with a cable.

There are LED lights on the front, switches and microUSB ports on the back, connectors for connecting with the speakers, and 3.5 mm stereo plug connectors.

The Vamp is delivered in a box with a set of USB cable for charging and charging, 3.5 mm audio jack, metal disk for fixing.

Currently, The Vamp is collecting investment for commercialization and has already collected 53 thousand dollars (about 5 million yen) at the target price of 35,000 dollars (about 3.3 million yen), and commercialization It is certain. You can choose The Vamp from red, white, black from a 35 pound (about 3300 yen) investment, customize it by including your name in the main body if you increase the investment amount. In addition, when shipping outside the UK, 10 pounds (about 930 yen) is required as a shipping cost separately.

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The deadline is 12:50 am Monday, April 29 in Japan time.

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