Nintendo releases "Wii mobile connection kit" that can be played anywhere with 1 Wii

Nintendo will be able to play anywhere today with one Wii Peripheral device "Wii mobile connection kitWe released the.

It is a very useful item for users who want to play Wii in multiple environments such as living room and their own room.

Details are as below.
Wii Mobile Connectivity Kit - Peripherals - Wii

According to the official page of Nintendo, "Wii mobile connection kit" is released today from April 20th today.

"Wii mobile connection kit" is a peripheral device composed of Wii dedicated AC adapter, Wii dedicated AV cable, Wii dedicated sensor server and Wii dedicated sensor server stand, and when playing by moving one Wii in two rooms It is aimed at. The price is 4,200 yen, it is said that it is limited online sales.

The recommended retail price when purchasing single item is 3000 yen for Wii AC adapter, 1000 yen for Wii exclusive AV cable, Wii dedicated sensor server and Wii dedicated sensor server stand is 1785 yen, so it is more than purchasing separately To the calculation that it is reasonable about 1585 yen.

This is a usage example of "Wii mobile connection kit". Users who want to play the Wii in multiple environments can purchase the "Wii mobile connection kit" in advance and install them on the TV, just by carrying the Wii main unit and the remote control.

Although I actually had the experience of carrying Wii to play in a different room, although the Wii main body is small, it is easy to carry, but the AC adapter is big even compared with those for laptop computers, etc. Moreover, the Wii Having a remote control, sensor server and AV cable in hand ... ... it was quite troublesome.

And especially considering that it takes time and labor to install the sensor on the TV set, it may be useful to set such a setup that allows you to play with Wii smoothly in another room just by setting it up in advance .

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