Nintendo, Wii remote control protective cover "Wii remote control jacket" free of charge

From today Nintendo, a protective cover for the Wii remote control "Wii Remote Control JacketIt will start offering free of charge.

In addition, from mid - October, a jacket will be bundled with Wii body etc.

Details are as follows.
Announcement about "Wii Remote Control Jacket"

According to this release, Nintendo has developed a protective cover for the Wii remote control "Wii remote control jacket" as a part of research to use the Wii safely, he said that he decided to offer it free of charge.

"Wii Remote Control Jacket" is not only to make it easy to hold the Wii Remote firmly, but also to be a cushion when dropping it or touching it by any chance.

In addition, "Wii main unit set", "Wii remote control (single item)" "first Wii pack" will be shipped from the middle of October, "Wii remote control jacket" will be bundled, and users currently using Wii We will accept free of charge on the call to the call center or the following "Wii Remote Control Jacket" reception page.

"Wii remote control jacket" reception page

Now you can play with Wii with confidence.

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